7 Year Waitlist – [BRUHMANEGOD]

One of the things I love about the music industry is the fact that there is never any sort of shortage when it comes to creativity. One of the names that I was recently put onto is BRUHMANEGOD, a Bay Area native who has been honing in on his craft for about 6 years, beginning way back when he was only 14. With a diverse background of nationalities along with an even more diverse upbringing around music, BRUH has been turning heads more and more as he progresses in the industry.

Most recently, one of the songs that he put out that truly caught my attention was his track “7 Year Waitlist”, a brand-new spin on the glitchcore/hip-hop scene that caught me by surprise in a very interesting, captivating fashion. Opening up with the self-produced instrumental, BRUH utilizes some playful, electronic-sounding synths, crisp hats and claps, and other unique sounds that are tied together with some super hard-hitting drums.

As it begins, he seems to whisper some abstract phrases that are somewhat hard to decipher, but they lead us right into the bulk of the beat, but they don’t prepare us for when he truly goes insane in the coming seconds. When this happens, he seems to go completely off the rails as his lyrics are screamed at eardrum-shattering volumes that are even more energetic than the vigorous instrumental itself. This only lasts for a bit before he begins to calmly whisper into the microphone as his lines are chopped up making it seem like he’s stuttering or glitching as is typical for this style of music, keeping you entertained the entire way as he rotates through many other intriguing sounds.

While I might’ve just gotten into the glitchcore scene in recent months, I have realized that there’s no shortage of creativity whatsoever and BRUH seems to take this concept to an entirely new level. Mashing genres like Hyperpop, hip-hop, screamo, punk, and more, it seems like just when things couldn’t get any more unique, BRUH is here to prove the nay-sayers wrong. I have to admit that I was sleeping on him in the past, but “7 Year Waitlist” was just the wake-up call I needed, so if the same goes for you, let this be the sign you need to tune in as well.