666 Central Ave. – [They Hate Change]

My attention span music-wise has gone down since quarantine started. Why that is scientifically, I have no idea, but what I do know is that I’m loving short projects where artists aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound a bit.

They Hate Change is back with their first EP of 2020, titled 666 Central Ave., and it’s another great one. It’s clear Andre & Vonne have been working hard this year and their growth has been inspiring to watch, with this project featuring some of their most impressive production yet, along with great chemistry and energy as usual.

The standouts on here have to be “Burn My Sh*t” and “Screwface,” the latter of which features production that wouldn’t sound out of place on the last clipping. record. These tracks, along with the rest of this project, feature the duo’s tightest and catchiest flows yet, and they also continue to flex their impressive, professional-sounding mixing ability, which really stands out this time around.

Check out this EP now on Spotify down below and other streaming services here.