When it comes to bringing unique soundscapes to life, no two artists compare to the eccentric work of 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf. Not only are they each a force to be reckoned with on their own, but they also make up one of the strongest producer-artist combos in rap right now, as seen on songs such as “Mazi Love” and “Spaceship“. Today in a Jordan and Pippen-caliber joining of forces, these two hit machines are linking together to bless the music world with a brand new joint mixtape titled 6 Wolves. 7 tracks long, we receive a collection of absolute anthems on this one with only one feature from Yung Bans, establishing a strengthened chemistry in each track while illustrating the way that the 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf match up perfectly in regards to sound and style. The beats are trunk-rattling, the melodies are as futuristic and out there as we could have hoped for, and all in all, this tape exceeds the already-high expectations I had for its release. 6 Dogs and Danny Wolf are undoubtedly going to be superstars soon, so be sure to show some love and listen to 6 Wolves at the link below!