556 – [Comethazine]

After what seems like an eternity of hype and anticipation, Comethazine is back and better than ever with his brand-new project Bawskee 4, an incredible addition to the Bawskee series that he has been building on since he came onto the scene a few years ago. While it’s been abundantly obvious that there’s nothing nice or friendly about Comethazine, at least according to his music, his antihero demeanor is something that is as compelling as it is attention-grabbing. His one-liners are always well thought out and his attitude is just magnetic, at least for me, drawing me back in for every new song or project he puts out.

Although I want to give Bawskee 4 a deeper listen before getting more in-depth about it, he also decided to complement the project with the release of the very timely, creepy, JMP-directed music video for one of the tape’s standout songs “556”. As it opens up, Comethazine and a group of friends are inside of a somewhat eerie, haunting wooden house, and I’m assuming they were enjoying a night of fun before things took a turn for the worst. He has his back to the old-timey front door as someone pounds, seemingly trying to break in.

He eventually heads to some sort of secret room that’s hidden behind some shelves, and his eyes seem to light up as he sees a crossbow placed on the center of the table. One of his friends begins to board up the windows with long wooden planks, looking out the window at the strangers who are trying to intrude. The next scene shows Comethazine walking down some stairs with a lovely lady following his every move. She seems beyond frightened while Comethazine seems calm like he’s ready to go on a tirade.

He continues on to clear certain rooms of any danger before the attractive girl points a knife at an oncoming masked intruder. Comethazine shoots an arrow through his back, ending that individual’s night, but things don’t end there. Following this, a first-person camera view shows the crossbow making its way throughout the house, finishing every other intruder before they even have a chance to blink. After a few more meet their demise, the crossbow gets jammed, prompting one of his friends to come up from behind one of the figures and hit them over the head with a hammer, ending his night as well.

About halfway through, the song stops as a jock character and another girl are curled up on a couch, afraid of the unraveling situation. Comethazine calls them out for their fright, ultimately kicking them out of the house due to their uselessness. As they leave, another masked person jumps out from behind a tree to attack the fleeing couple, but Comethazine picks him off as well before going on another spree yet again. Comically, towards the end of the song, one of the strangers busts out and dances, proving to not be as much of a threat as his counterparts. To end things on a peculiar note, Comethazine unmasks one of the deceased people and puts the bag over his own head, seemingly turning him into another individual as he laughs in a pitched-down manner.

Once again, I have yet to listen to Bawskee 4 in its entirety, but after hearing and seeing all of the singles and preparatory music videos, I’ve got nothing but high hopes for the project cohesively. His Flows continuously rotate, his attitude is always at an all-time high, and his wordplays are as aggressive as they are entertaining. As for this video itself, it arrives at the absolute perfect time just before Halloween considering the plot and storyline share a hair-raising, unnerving story, even though Comethazine ultimately comes out on top. Whether you check out the music video for “556” before or after you listen to the project, I highly suggest you do both one way or another, because you’re definitely not going to want to miss out.