4U – [Pi’erre Bourne]

Certain artists reach a level of fame where they literally can’t go anywhere without being swarmed by fans. For Pi’erre Bourne, his face might not be the most recognizable, but if he walked around with a sign on his back that had his producer tag on it, he literally couldn’t walk to the end of his driveway to get the daily newspaper without a horde of admirers running his way. Aside from this, Pi’erre has obviously solidified his name as a legend in the producer genre, and he’s been making a solid case as to why he deserves that label as a rapper as well.

While it seems like his actual individual rap efforts have been few and far between recently due to the fact that he’s been in the lab cooking up countless beats for some of the industry’s hottest artists, he’s back and ready to get back on track with his most recent release, the self-produced single “4U”. On here, Pi’erre utilizes some deep, sliding 808s that are complemented with some momentous and angelic synths which are eventually brought full circle with his soft, tapping hats that create an amazing trap foundation that’s perfect for Pi’erre’s vocals. As he spits, his words are almost whispered, and while he might not really elevate his enthusiasm to unthinkable levels, I noticed some appealing melodic qualities within his cadence that were definitely a nice little touch as he casually strolls his way throughout this nonchalant, relaxed record.

Aside from the song itself, we were also gifted a Hidji World-directed music video that accentuates the record wonderfully. Opening up, we’re taken to the outskirts of what looks to be a New York City apartment complex where Pi’erre is hanging out on a basketball court as a couple of people play a pick-up game. Aside from being on the court, Pi’erre walks around the area as the camera captures all the unique individuals that he seems to be familiar with, showing that even though he’s one of the biggest producers in the game, he still has a special connection with his city and the people who live in it. While certain inside clips are a bit more personal and intimate, the rest of the video pretty much takes us on a tour of his city, showing off some staples that wouldn’t necessarily be found in a promotional catalog or pamphlet.

As with most people, I first became a Pi’erre Bourne fan through his instrumentals, yet his rap offerings are also very appealing more often than not. I’d be lying if I said that the beats didn’t still carry the brunt of most of his offerings, but he is able to carefully select exactly which elements and instruments he wants to use to truly pair with his own vocals well, so I definitely think that producing for himself has more advantages than getting beats from other sources without a doubt. I’m not sure if we should expect more new solo efforts and even possibly another individual project in the near future or not, but regardless, make sure you check out Pi’erre Bourne’s latest track “4U” as soon as you can.