Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
7 Nov 2019

It’s true when they say that you’re only one song away, at all times. At the very end of last year, I covered a song called “Crazy For Your Love” from an artist named Johnny Utah. He was compelling, his sound was lively, and quite clearly, he had the personality to turn heads. Now, less than a year later, Utah’s life has entirely changed, he has a still-growing hit to his name with “Honeypie,” and he’s considered one of the most promising rising talents out right now. Wild. Unexpected, maybe, but equally as well-deserved.

Today, Johnny Utah is back with his first new song since the big break, “4Tounce.” Taking his time after the success of “Honeypie,” “4Tounce” isn’t rushed, and it certainly isn’t trying to be another “Honeypie.” Rather, the song finds a calmed Utah, crooning about his burning desire for love as opposed to a quick, one-night ordeal. It’s sincere, and more than anything else, it’s a hint that Utah won’t be defined by one hit song, no matter how great “Honeypie” may be.

With this, one commanding element of “4Tounce” is the song’s intimate sense for storytelling. One lyric after another, Utah refuses to hide his aptitude for love, and even goes so far as to weave such fervent emotion into the acoustic fabric of the production. Meshing these elements together, and topping “4Tounce” off with a playful ear for melody, Johnny Utah’s latest feels like the start of something big — and by all means, I can’t wait.

Stream “4Tounce” below!