Nick Mueller
Nick Mueller
18 Jun 2019

It’s always something special when one of my favorites, prettyboyshav, releases new tunes. Today, he returns to our pages with a brand new offering titled “4runner”, a complete masterpiece from top to bottom. Following his previous release titled “ultraviolet”, shav delivered this record just in time for summer as he teamed up with Mike Irish once again.

Over a fun, energetic production, the New York native unleashes a staggering melody accompanied by an undeniable tone to secure this song’s spot as shav’s second official single. Shav tends to bury his experiences within his records, and after speaking with him this time, that became very clear.

“4runner captures the feeling of feeling something new and shiny that makes you feel brand new”, shav says. “A new ride, a new pair of kicks, a new job, a new friendship, or a new relationship.” Furthermore, he explains that “it’s a feeling that has you dancing in the streets or sticking your head out of a window with your tongue out because you know you’re shining.” Lastly, shav depicts his personal connection to the song, where “for me it was finding balance in my life and discovering the magic that was shifted recording.”

One of the most impressive things to me about who shav is as an individual is that he doesn’t try to be something he’s not. He’s honest, open, and sincere within his music and all of those traits are beautifully showcased throughout the entirety of this record. Be sure to stream shav’s magical new single titled “4runner” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

Art by Harshy