4MOODss – [SEBii]

Ever since the internet pretty much took over the music world and made it possible for anyone to drop a song, the world was forever changed. At first, I didn’t love the accessibility in all honesty because it seemed to flood the market with wannabes and copiers, but after seeing first-hand just how many talented people have gotten the opportunity to shine thanks to the digital age of music, I have definitely come around 100%.

SEBii is one artist who I have talked extensively about thanks to his one-of-a-kind sound that doesn’t mimic anyone else for even a split second, and even though it could be an acquired taste for some novice listeners, he’s undoubtedly changing the game and bringing so much individuality to the world of hyperpop, even though it’s already a subgenre full of uniqueness. Obviously, if you know anything about SEB, it’s the fact that he is very tapped in with social media, constantly interacting with fans, dropping snippets, and posting memes, amongst other activities.

So, it was only a matter of time before he took a meme and brought it into his music. After seeing a meme that described the 4 moods of men, he then posted an alternative to the series of photos with pictures of himself in order to match the descriptions used, eventually bringing everything full circle with a song entitled “4MOODss”. Produced by aywhat, yoon, and kimj, we are introduced to a beat that is very familiar to fans of SEB, thanks to bubbly, vivaciously electric synths prior to punchy 808s and glitchy percussive notes that set him up perfectly.

As he sings, his minimally altered high-pitched vocals are just addicting, and I found myself humming along before my first listen was even finished. The best part about this track, in my opinion, is the way he incorporates the 4 different moods, not just using the meme as cover art but specifically getting into his own personal experiences when regarding each of these states of mind. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until the rest of the world catches on, but SEBii is truly an innovator and I’m beyond glad to witness his growth and creativity first-hand, making “4MOODss” yet another amazing hit that you’re not going to want to sleep on.