8BitJ Feat. Johnny Polygon – “Fake”

Coming out of the Bay Area, 8BitJ is creating music solely for himself and his fans that can relate to his emotions. Deeply influenced by 2Pac, Kanye West, Quest Mac Miller, Jay Z, and others, 8BitJ is an old soul who enjoys music with a message. Ever since he realized that he had the power to create music that people enjoyed listening to, music was no longer a hobby but a career that he decided to take seriously.

Earlier this year, 8BitJ released his latest album titled Tokyo 8. The 17-track collection is a diverse collection of hard-hitting,up-tempo music. His intense raps and trippy flow throughout his album were amazing to hear. Like a true lyrical storyteller, the rising artist takes a deep dive into self-reflection and becoming a better person.

“The album is cohesive. It’s very similar, but not – everything ties into each other. And getting a new perspective is good,” He told Upcoming 100. “The cultural shock of Tokyo is where everything changes. Getting away from home for something so different from what you’re used to is good.”

With songs like Yakuza, an old-school funk rhythmic pattern, and Haneda which speaks about self-reflection, Tokyo 8 has something to offer everyone. Another popular track from this album is Fake featuring Johnny Polygon with the visuals to match. Directed by Andres W, this was a trippy video that feels like an abstract portrait of a drug trip while roaming around Japantown in San Francisco.

This year we can expect a bunch of new music from 8BitJ.

I have a few things in mind,” he shared. “I don’t want to spoil too much, but what I can say is I’m trying to show out when it comes to straight bars on my next joint.

Check out his latest project below.