4 Thangs – [Freddie Gibbs] ft. [Big Sean] & [Hit-Boy]

I’ve talked about it before, but sports play such an important role in Rap culture just like Rap music plays a huge role in the world of sports as well. While winning championships might give you rings, trophies, notoriety, and wealth, there is a similar form of winning in music that brings similar things into your life, and the celebrations that athletes and artists experience are very similar to one another, so the correlation is uncanny.

This is as evident as ever in the brand-new Nick Walker-directed visual for Freddie Gibbs’ song “4 Thangs”, which also features Big Sean and Hit-Boy. In fact, they decided to play the part of a team that just won the NBA championship for the 4th time, taking us with them to the post-game press conference and into the locker room where they celebrate the success they had, acting as if they were the one’s playing in the games, while also paying homage to the Lakers’ recent NBA Finals victory.

Starting with the press conference, Freddie is waiting at the podium for Sean, who shows up late, prompting Freddie to give him a hard time about his tardiness. Bubbles pop up underneath the two talents with statistics from the finals, showing that Freddie had 50 points per game, no assists, 10 rebounds, and 14 technicals while Sean also had 50 points per game with no assists and 10 rebounds. They answer some questions, joking about how neither of them passed the ball, how even though they’re co-MVPs, they’re not going to share the title with one another either and mentioning how they did drugs before the games while drinking champagne and smoking cigars.

Hit-Boy takes a seat next to Freddie eventually as we find out he’s the coach of the year, boasting about how he’s not surprised and how they did their thing and became champions. After the press conference, we’re taken into the locker room where they recite a chant and pop bottles of champagne, spraying them around in the air with some of the lovely cheerleaders and truly celebrate the way champions do.

Finally, the song starts up and the two rappers begin trading off their parts, reciting their lyrics into the camera as the celebration continues behind them. The song cuts out only once more, as Hit-Boy answers more questions from reporters for a short period before we go back into the celebration which continues unfolding. As the song comes to an end, still shots show the three talents, and a message is shown for each of them, telling viewers what they went on to do for the rest of their careers, eventually bringing us out of the video once and for all.

After so many years of music videos, certain visuals seem to get repetitive and monotonous because we’ve seen pretty much everything at this point. So, when someone comes in and creates a video like this that’s unique, creative, and unlike anything else I’ve seen in the past, I can’t help but applaud their efforts. I’m not surprised, though, because Freddie has been on an absolute roll when it comes to music videos recently, and each and every visual is as distinct and inventive as the previous ones are. This just elevates his already incredible talents on a microphone that are basically unmatched by anyone else in music, and I can’t help but tip my cap to his infectious skills. Whether you’re a Lakers fan or not, you’re sure to enjoy the most recent offering from Freddie Gibbs featuring Big Sean and Hit-Boy called “4 Thangs”, so peep the visual as soon as you get the chance.