Jaxon Brown
Jaxon Brown
17 Jun 2019

Yesterday was Father’s day, and unfortunately the Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy spent it in jail – though it didn’t stop him from releasing a single. Youngboy has four children, hence the title of his new track “4 Sons of a King,” which has already reached the #2 trending spot on Youtube in less than 24 hours.

Youngboy cries out lines of strength and sadness to his children, with reminders to keep his head high through his toughest times. “I just talked to Kacey through an iPhone, I could’ve cried, I knew that look up in your eyes.” Youngboy has always been diverse through his music, but personally it seems he reaches his most heartfelt songs when it comes to his children, and you can tell it hurts him not to be there with them on Father’s day.

Youngboy’s unmistakable melody encompass a slower, piano dominated instrumental that adds to the sorrowing theme of his desires to be there for his four sons. Though the depressing reality of NBA Youngboy sitting incarcerated on Father’s day lingers with this track, the meaningful, positive messages toward his children provide a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

Stream “4 Sons of a King” below!