3AM (Remix) – [E BLEU] feat. [Derez De’Shon]

““I’m big on things happening organically. It started with Derez genuinely liking the song and showing me love just off that. I stopped in ATL for a promo tour a few weeks back and the rest is history. We left the studio at like 8am. Bro is one of the most solid people in this music thing.”

-E Bleu

Houston-native E Bleu has been making some solid moves within the industry as of late. Recently hitting over 30 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and his smash single “3AM” getting almost 200k streams on the same platform, it’s safe to say that his time is near. Making another appearance on our site, E Bleu is back with a remix to his smash “3AM”, this time featuring a guest verse from Atlanta-native Derez De’Shon. If you happened to miss the original release, E Bleu speaks on the creation of it and said, “I’ve always been a night owl. The energy at night is just different to me. I remember being in an Uber on the way home just mentally recapping the night and feeling like it’s somehow a pattern I fall into every night”. Continuing that same sentiment and vibe here, it’s more fitting now more than ever. With the country gearing up for a reopening, those 3AM late-night drives are bound to happen sometime this summer amongst all of us. Dropping this remix right before summer hits was an amazing move by E Bleu, and I do believe that this song will guarantee to hit different now that we can begin to go outside.

Stream the remix to “3AM” below!