360 – [8matiklogan]

Whether you’re in the music industry yourself or you’re familiar with the ins and outs of this business, you know that not everything is fair for some artists. Signing a deal can be such a magical moment where you can finally sit back and see that all of your hard work, dedication, and workhorse mentality has officially paid off and you know you’ve made it, but things go much deeper than how they may appear. Depending on what kind of deal you sign, you may either have things made for the rest of your life, or you can find yourself in the middle of a pickle that you never even dreamed of. After taking a music business course many years ago in college, I found out that not all deals are even remotely fair, and 360 deals are definitely one of the most common types of deceiving contracts.

That’s why, when Chicago’s very own 8matiklogan signed a deal to a record label, it wasn’t totally clear at the moment that it was actually a 360, and this definitely threw a wrench into his plans from the start. Instead of dwelling on this, he just kept working hard to prove himself, and I was extremely grateful and intrigued to find out more about his situation on his latest track appropriately names “360”. The self-produced song features some heartstring-pulling piano keys that are joined by penetrating percussive elements and effective drums that allow him to speak his truth and share his experiences.

If you know anything about logan’s music, it’s the fact that he is always in attack mode with his words, eloquently spitting bars that get more intricate and expressive as his tracks go on, and this one is definitely no different, but it’s his message that truly gives me goosebumps. He expresses his own story best, obviously, sharing insights including the fact that when he was signed, he felt worthless like just another number on a long list of names, and this caused him to resort to drugs and other means in order to cope with the struggle including participating in other frowned-upon activities just to be able to put food on his table and provide for himself.

Obviously, this is never something an artist signed to a label should have to endure, and the fact that Logan never once thought to give up and just kept on grinding speaks insane volumes about his character as well as his passion for the music that he makes. I never felt as connected to 8matiklogan as I did after listening to this track, and “360” is yet another dope single that gives us even more of a backstory on the local legend. This record is also expected to appear on his upcoming project 1636: The Second Chapter later this year, so make sure you tap in with Logan’s latest song as well as the CVO Films-directed music video while we continue to build anticipation for the forthcoming tape that will hopefully be in our hands sooner rather than later.