Danny Adams
Danny Adams
19 May 2020

At the end of last week, there was so much great new music that released, I had no idea where to even start. Between a new project from Future, a Yung Lean album, a full Polo G album, and more, choosing where to begin gave me more anxiety than I could’ve ever imagined. Of course, these are all completely different vibes, and each has something totally unique to offer, but I had to begin with Polo G’s album THE GOAT because he’s been one of my favorite Chicago emcees in recent history, so I knew this project would be a treat. I was correct of course, but that’s not a surprise when considering just how talented he has proven himself to be time and time again. THE GOAT had 16 songs and only 4 features, making the young Chi-town legend prove himself on his own once again, which he did effortlessly as he took listeners on a sonic journey through his past struggles, current blessings, and future endeavors. Although I think calling himself the goat might be a little premature, if he can continue releasing projects similar to all of his previous offerings, I don’t think this idea would be too farfetched down the line.

One of the most notable songs on the album came almost halfway through in the form of “33”, which somewhat honors, or at least mentions, the legendary Chicago icon Scottie Pippen. This track begins with very emotional and moving piano keys as Polo goes into the chorus, boasting even more expressive notes as he sings, stretching out his autotuned words to get the full effect he was aiming for. After a short introduction, somewhat delayed percussion and poignant drums enter the scene, adding some very attractive movement and bounce to the song. He somewhat ditches his singing to rap his first verse, but there is still a hint of harmoniousness in his voice as he spits some very intricate and telling lines about his intense and eye-opening past. He also uses some very interesting, unique flows as he progresses throughout this song, bringing his skills to the forefront and putting them on full display. Capalot goes right into his second verse from the hook, making the parts come together as if they weren’t actually two different portions of the track. Throughout this hit, a plethora of different themes are discussed including a plea to a girl to take a chance on him and let him prove to her that he’s different, his violent past in the streets of Chicago, and how he’s now living the life that he has always dreamed of.

I’m talking about “33” specifically in this article and not the album in its entirety because luckily this standout track now has a visual to pair with it. Very clear camera shots take us around the city of Chicago, to begin with, giving a sort of introduction to some of the areas that raised the young artist. Polo and his crew take over a few different scenes throughout, one in an alley and another in a parking garage. In the alley, the group dances and vibes along with the rapper as he recites his lines. In the parking garage, however, they spread themselves out in, around, and on top of a few different all-black cars as the emcee spits even more bars. As the visual progresses, Polo busts out stacks of hundred-dollar bills and makes sure his flashy jewelry is on full display for everyone to look at and admire. There are a few minimal effects throughout that change the color of certain settings or objects, but all in all, this is just a crisp visual to come along with the brand-new album.

After listening to THE GOAT in its entirety, it’s clear that Polo G is a lifetime ahead of most other rappers his age. He knows exactly what his prerogative is and executes it every single time he gets a chance. While he enjoys the more lavish things in life now that he’s able to, he never gets carried away and always makes a conscious effort to remember his past and the events that shaped him into the person he is today. He does this because he knows without these memories, he wouldn’t be in the position he’s currently in, living out his dreams and providing a better life for his family and loved ones. THE GOAT unsurprisingly blew me away and I can’t wait to continue listening to it on repeat, but the latest visual for “33” is an appealing new visual to accompany the album, so be sure to peep it as soon as possible.