Danny Adams
Danny Adams
7 May 2020

Lil Durk is ready to release his forthcoming and highly anticipated project Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 tomorrow, and fans could have higher hopes, especially after all the singles he has dropped thus far. After releasing the tracklist just yesterday, it appears as if the brunt of the project is going to be handled by the Chicago Drill legend, but he will have a couple of collaborators to help him out such as G Herbo, Polo G, Lil Baby, and Gunna, who seems to have a guest spot on any and all new Rap projects as of recently. In order to give fans one final preview of the album, he recruited fellow Chicagoan Polo G along with a taste of the south in Lil Baby for one more single entitled “3 Headed Goat”.

Three goats are exactly what this song features, and I love the different worlds these artists live in while also sharing common bonds over certain topics. Durk is the OG of the group who helped bring Drill music from Chicago to a much larger audience. Polo G is the rising young Chicago icon who has truly made waves thus far but still has a lot to prove to the rest of the music industry in certain aspects. Finally, Lil Baby is the young phenom who has blown up in popularity way beyond any expectations that ever could have been imagined, and although he’s from a different region of the country when compared to his counterparts, he shared a very similar upbringing in the streets of Atlanta.

The distressing production of this song is made up of reverberating synths, chattering percussion, and somewhat quiet yet sneaky drums. Lil Baby takes on the hook, complimenting the poignant and somewhat haunting beat pretty nicely. His voice sounds a bit uncertain and even somber to an extent, as if a situation is about to unfold, which plays up the topics he mentions throughout his part. He mentions things like evading the cops when they tried to bust his crew’s operation, not caring about what haters have to say because he’s richer than them, and living a lavish lifestyle while also remembering he’s always going to be about the street life. Durk’s verse starts out in a shadowy place and his words seem to pierce right through you, as his delivery is less melodic and more assertive, which reminds me of his older style. About halfway through, he does get a bit more animated and harmonious, but only for a few bars before returning to his original ways. Polo G comes in for the final verse and he goes totally off the rails. His tone of voice might not sound like he’s putting a ton of effort into his flow, but his consistent rapid-fire cadence would suggest the complete opposite. He follows suit with similar narratives as the other artists, discussing his drug-dealing past, how he’s a different person when he’s angry, and the fact that someone has a better chance at winning the lottery than surviving after messing with him or his crew.

It goes without saying that before even listening to the song, you knew it was going to be a hit just because of the artists featured. They truly are three of the greatest Rappers in the industry right now, and although they do share similarities in storytelling abilities and life prior to music, each artist has their own individualistic style which makes this song that much more impressive. I absolutely can’t wait for Just Cause Y’all Waited 2 to drop tomorrow, and I know I’m far from the only one feeling this way. It’s unbelievable how long Durk has managed to not only stay relevant in the music industry but also break down barriers and continue to release masterpieces time and time again. This album is set up to be a success once again so be sure to tune into that when it drops, but for now, “3 Headed Goat” will surely hold you over until then.