3 AM – [Junior Mesa]

As a writer, it’s always interesting to watch an artist grow into their art, creating and maintaining a clear creative vision while constantly developing themselves with each release. One perfect example of such is Junior Mesa. Having stumbled upon Mesa quite some time ago, I always felt like he had something special, and now, with his two most recent offerings — “All Or Nothin” and the latest, “3 AM” — to attest, it truly feels as though Mesa has gained his footing, making the best music of his career thus far with even better visuals to match. Today, we’re here to highlight Mesa’s latest and greatest, “3 AM.”

Representative of this full-circle artistic moment, “3 AM” is a release marinated in Mesa’s undeniable character, all the way from the ingrained groove of the bassline to the infectious glee of the instrumentation. Quite clearly, Junior Mesa is the kind of artist whose personality bleeds into the art that he makes, and by all counts, it works, as he looks and sounds like a natural both on and off the mic.

With this, “3 AM,” in particular, blends an earworm hook with a slew of guitar riffs that don’t just sound good, but feel good. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the release also comes packaged with an outrageous set of visuals, watching Mesa embark on a medieval journey to save a princess. Meshing these two elements together with equally captivating allure, “3 AM” feels like the one.

Junior Mesa is incredible, and his latest is perhaps the budding talent’s finest example to date. Check out the “3 AM” music video below!

Directed and Produced by Dylan Calder Stein