2nd Chances – [Dolly]

It may sound presumptive to say, but there is truly no one working as diligently and as prolifically as Dolly is at this very moment within not just the rising next wave of pop music, but practically also within the grander music landscape as a whole. There is no hyperbole in those statements whatsoever, and if that fails to speak to this once-in-a-generation type talent, then nothing else will. 


For those that are able to realize this fact in its fullest and most telling effect, then it is nothing new to point out how Dolly is able to take on essentially any sound she pleases while placing her own spin on whatever that may be — with the results always coming out as an utterly of its own sound that only she could ever lay claim to.


These facts are yet again put on full display with her latest release via the Helix Tears collective entitled “2nd Chances” — a track that is nothing short of a brief, yet ridiculously gripping offering that once again proves that Dolly can do anything and everything she wants and only see magic coming out as the end product. 


Though this track is short and not quite as resounding in its sound as perhaps some of her other offerings are, that does not take away from the sheer bliss that results from listening to a track like this. What is given here is a remarkably catchy and appealing offering that sees her ever-so-characteristic vocal inflection being placed in yet another new light — this light being an equally joyous instrumental provided by 1ktekk, with its steady rhythm that does nothing else but softens itself in the mix to let Dolly do her thing for the song’s entirety. 


Again, a track like this does not ask for much, but Dolly has proven that even the littlest of tasks can become the most profound of experiences when she puts her unreplicable take on whatever is given to her.