2010 – [Earl Sweatshirt]

To me, Earl Sweatshirt is so much more than a rapper. I first got into him over a decade ago when he was running with the Odd Future crew, and while everyone in that legendary group brought something unique to the table, Earl was just moving so much more differently than anyone else in the entire industry, let alone OFWGKTA. Since then, he has ventured off on his own, releasing more and more albums that seem to get more inventive each time, and while Doris is still a top 5 favorite project of mine, I think Earl has so much more left in the tank.

His experimental sound is nothing short of captivating, but the way he uses his words lets you know just how intelligent, creative, and all-around legendary that the LA-based emcee truly is. Simply put, you might not understand everything Earl puts out, but he creates his music in such an abstract way that I can have an extremely different takeaway than you might have, and that’s nothing short of magical, in my opinion.

Despite the fact that he has been featured on so many different songs since his last project FEET OF CLAY released back in 2019, he has been pretty quiet when it comes to solo releases of his own, but this luckily came to an end today with the release of his brand-new song “2010” as well as a wonderfully shot Ryosuke Tanzawa-directed music video. Produced by Black Noi$e, thumping drums, crisp percussion, and a synth progression that almost seems to be played in reverse just tickle your eardrums, providing us with a calm yet intricate foundation that allows Earl to all-out kill his verses like only he knows how.

As he spits, he remains calm, cool, and collected as his complex and elaborate lyrics just flow right off of his tongue effortlessly, something that never fails to captivate every last ounce of my attention. There’s just something about Earl’s serene disposition that consumes me, and even though he might not utilize vocal effects, over the top enthusiasm, or insane deliveries, his personality shines through with ease, and that’s one of the most underrated parts of his artistry, in my opinion. “2010” is one of the most insanely creative songs you’ll hear all month, making it a record that you need to tune into as soon as you possibly can.