2 The Weekend – [Porsh Bet$]

Porsh Bet$ has made a resounding case for himself as one of my favorite new artists occupying the alt-pop space. The Harlem-native had me hooked from his debut single, “Apple Eyes,” and has since delivered nothing but top-tier songs that sway effortlessly between pop, rap, and R&B. His latest single, “2 The Weekend,” hits the mark again as another exceptional example of his genre combining-bliss that radiates with a warm glow through his voice and stellar lyricism that makes you feel like the main character in a coming-of-age blockbuster. Texturized by the subtleties of pop-punk instrumentation, Porsh Bet$ builds a world filled with angsty drums, defiant electric guitars, and his metallic voice that acts as the ringleader of this rebellious ballad. Not far from the release of his six-track I Used To Think Forever EP, Porsh Bet$ is making it look incredibly easy, delivering again and again. If his insane precision wasn’t impressive enough, let me remind you he is only a year and a few months removed from his debut single. If this is just the beginning for Porsh Bet$, I cannot even imagine what the next installments of this artist’s catalog will sound like, but if his previous releases are any indication – they will be spectacular. 

Listen to “2 The Weekend” by Porsh Bet$ below.