16 – [Selina]

Portland-native R&B singer-songwriter Selina is back with another single that continues to grow my fascination with her gentle voice, introspective lyricism, and overall presence that feels communal. Her latest release, “16,” takes an equally emotional route compared to her previously released single, ”FORGET ME.” Her previous single carries a more upbeat production while simultaneously delivering emotionally charged lyricism, whereas Selina’s latest release is a more somber gradual descent into her memory. Reminiscing on her life at 16, Selina combs through the downs, ups, and unsettling feelings that have persisted. Backed by light guitar strumming, “16” feels like a true reflection of her inner consciousness, a melding of thoughts, feelings, and emotions mixed and individually highlighted by our memory’s flash-like spotlight. Selina’s proven duality, as shown through her most recent impassioned release and passed acclaimed album debut, Solace, illustrates an artist willing to bare her soul, growing our connection to her as fans. 

Listen to “16” by Selina below.