Over the past few months, ILLYMINIACHI has been releasing some of the best music of his career. With a unique voice and approach to his music, there has never been any question that ILLYMINIACHI stands out amongst the pack. His laid-back delivery matches perfectly with complicated production that lines up for something that sticks with you after listening. As we move closer to the release date of his highly anticipated project CAMPAIGN, ILLY blessed us with another single titled “13 G’s” which is another upbeat banger that is set to test the bass in your speakers. The last time we heard from ILLY, he was venturing into new territory with a UK Drill influence. On his latest release the Vancouver artist performing at his best, riding the pocket over astronomical production by 13Graeme.

While the past year has seen travel come to a standstill, ILLYMINIACHI has spent a good portion of his time in Nigeria working on music. ILLY has always been one to pull from a multitude of influences, going back home is sure to have unlocked some different sonics that we will hear in the not-so-distant future. To accompany the single release, a video was released to bring the song to life. Shot in Lagos, he gives a glimpse of what his life looks like when he touches down out there. With each release topping the last, ILLYMINIACHI is most definitely going to turn some heads with his upcoming full-length project that will is sure to include all the elements that make him one of the best acts coming out of Canada.

I recently caught up with ILLYMINIACHI to see how the past few months have been and preview his upcoming project. Read our conversation below, but be sure to check out the visuals for “13 G’s” prior to reading to get the full experience.

Stream “13 G’s” on all platforms here!

LL: How has the pandemic been treating you?

It’s had its ups and downs but we still here.

LL: Has it been a struggle to stay motivated over the past year or has the world shutting down make you get more focused?

It definitely made me focus a lot more. Not just on music but on all aspects of my life. I’m highly motivated right now and excited for the future.

LL: What’s been inspiring your music lately?

Real life situations have always been the most inspiring to me. I try to paint pictures or convey emotions with my songs of the things I go through in my life.

LL: You’ve been rolling out your CAMPAIGN project all year, this is some of your best music. Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming project?

Yea, the project is my best work to date. I put a lot of time and effort into creating this tape. Every song on there is different but still me. The title ‘Campaign’ signifies the journey I’ve been on and everything along the way. That is really what this project feels like. It’s 20 songs of Miniachi at his best

LL: Tell us a little back story on your new video for “13 Gs.”

Yea so once I made the song I held on to it for a bit cause I wanted to shoot the video overseas. I linked up with my guy Laboomz out in Africa on a recent trip and he followed me around with his camera for a day.

LL: Where was the video shot?

Lagos, Nigeria

LL: You’ve spending a decent amount of your time between Vancouver and Nigeria, how have the 2 locations been impacting your music?

I hold dual citizenship so I’m very connected to both places and consider them both to be my home. The impact on my music from these places have been there since day 1.

LL: How do you feel the scene in Vancouver has progressed over the last few years?

It’s a beautiful thing. I love where it’s going. There are more opportunities for artists than ever before.

LL: Can we expect an ILLYMINIACHI campaign tour once the world opens up again?

Yes, I’ve been itching to start doing shows again and I think this body of work will be the most fun to perform.

LL: What should people expect from you next?

People should expect great music. I am always looking to further my craft and explore new sounds. They should also expect my mixtape ‘Campaign’ in the coming months