1,2,3,4 – [SNLDRE]

As much as I love finding out about a new artist and doing a deep dive to find out anything and everything I can about them, sometimes that’s just not entirely possible. There are emcees I come across that may not have a massive following so they don’t have countless interviews or bios out that are easily accessible or existent in the first place, so as much as I prefer knowing more about a musician, I have to look at it as a glass half full scenario. I say this because it allows me to go into someone’s music with completely no knowledge whatsoever, so there’s no chance for my bias to show or judgments to be made outside of the music itself.

This is how I approached SNLDRE’s song “1,2,3,4”, a track that was sent my way from one of the homies and it certainly was a pleasant surprise. Over an instrumental that boasts an intensifying piano progression, punchy drums, and a menacing melody that gets your head bobbing and your heart pumping. SNLDRE comes in with such an even-keeled demeanor, never really getting too far ahead of himself and just letting his lyrics flow out of his mouth in an effortless, unforced manner.

While I do tend to appreciate off-the-wall flows from most rising talents, I feel like this is an exception because SNLDRE is able to really prove that he doesn’t have to try and be someone he’s not because his true, authentic self is more than enough to get listeners intrigued and fans flocking in his direction from every which way. It turns out that this single is actually featured on one of his projects that dropped earlier this year entitled MONDRE!, so even though I was introduced to this track singularly, I am certainly looking forward to checking out the other 12 cuts on the effort to see what else SNLDRE has in the tank, and I suggest you follow suit!