10%- [KAYTRANADA] ft. [Kali Uchis]

The different stories that KAYTRANADA is able to tell through his production alone isn’t an easy thing to do in the slightest. Although some of his songs have singers and rappers to help get his points further across, a lot of his music is purely instrumental based and shares different narratives and emotions in so many various ways. Last year’s incredible project BUBBA is a prime example because although he included a star-studded lineup of features on half of the album, the other half was his time to isolate himself and share his own feelings the way he knows best.

One of, if not the very best, songs on the album has to be “10%”. This single features Kali Uchis who brings a vibe to the song that is spellbinding but also kind of nonchalant. Throughout her hooks and verses, she talks about how she’s not being treated fairly and deserves her cut or her 10%. She continues on to say how she doesn’t care about anyone else and is keeping her thoughts and opinions to herself.

The groovy production that KAYTRANADA brought to life for this track paired so very well with the music video that he just released for it. Possessing a retro aesthetic, there’s a line of people out the door who are waiting to get into a party that the man himself is DJing. The room is full of people getting down with the music which is enhanced by a disco ball to light the space, smoke covering the dance floor, and colorful sparkles throughout to accent the wild outfits people are sporting. Throughout this visual, there are certain individuals who get the chance to show off their dance moves, which eventually leads to pairs and the entire group doing the same.

Towards the end, the whole group parts ways to clear space in the middle of the room for certain people to showcase their skills in front of everyone. Kali makes a few appearances throughout, first singing in the mirror of the ladies’ room while other women around her smoke. Apart from this, she can also be seen with a stack of money that she is throwing to people in the crowd. It turns out that this function actually ended up being a competition of sorts, and the winners who were spotlighted throughout the video show off the trophies they received for their moves.

I’m not sure how a song as marvelous as this could’ve gotten any other sort of music video to truly show off its vibe, but we don’t have to worry about that because it was demonstrated perfectly. From the wild dancing to the subtle appearances from both KAYTRANADA and Kali, to the colors and ability for it to bring viewers back a few decades, this video did the track justice and more. Considering the spotlight was more so on the party rather than the actual artists themselves, it really puts the single on a pedestal rather than the two talents trying to steal the show. “10%” is an already fantastic song that is just highlighted by an equally great visual, so check it out and see for yourself.

Words by Danny Adams • photo by Carys Huws