1 Night – [d1v and Buffalobang]

For those in the know, it should come as no surprise that the prolific collective Boysnightsout is continuing to come through with incredible track after incredible track from each and every single one of their outstanding members. Recognizing this becomes so vividly clear when one realizes that these forward-thinking and influential acts have been paving practically each and every lane that the new age of hip-hop and pop alike are taking on a day to day basis. 

But just because they have held this status quite longer than most may recognize, that does not mean that their peak is in the rearview whatsoever. It almost seems too good to be true in making this claim, but these acts have come to impress more and more as time moves forward, even despite their now-iconic status among esteemed fans of contemporary underground music. 

That fact has rung true yet again with the newest track from two of the collective’s most prominent members in d1v and Buffalobang, as “1 Night” is just another outstanding mark in their quite linear progression towards gaining the status of legends in their own right. 

The two deliver in stride here over an instrumental from the always-consistent Ddertbag that is equally atmospheric as it is down to earth and direct, creating a perfect setting for the duo to impress in the only way they can here. 

The emphatically catchy hook by d1v is surrounded by a verse from each of these two that encapsulates the seamless flow of this song in an effortless manner; the way these two build off of their admittedly adjacent styles does nothing else but work in their benefit due to how controlled and poignant the resulting product ends up being. These two are not concerned with staying from the lane they have worked to create over the years — their main goal is to simply perfect that very approach with as much pinpoint accuracy and attention to detail as humanly possible. 

This track accomplishes that feat in full, and it has truly been that way with each successive offering from both them and their respective collective, but at an exponentially higher rate each and every time. “1 Night” is just their most recent peak, but one that will undoubtedly be topped yet again with what comes next.