Against all odds” is a term that I’ve always paired with Chicago native Femdot’s music. He manifests his own destiny in every sense of the words, he achieves goals that most people would scoff at if they heard, and he acts as an inspiration to everyone out there who, in any capacity, has been told they can’t do it.

Femdot is living proof that you can do it — and for that matter, we all can.

Born the first generation son of Nigerian immigrants, this Lyrical Lemonade favorite has been conquering his hardships and raising the stakes for himself since the early stages of his childhood until today. Just earlier this year, he spoke into existence a performing spot at the famed music festival Lollapalooza, fulfilling a dream that only a year ago, I’m not sure if anyone would have deemed to be a realistic statement. Proven through this, Fem is able to attain success on any scale, and by the way the stocks are rising, it seems as though this will provide a limitless roof of potential for the Chicago native in the future.

Femdot is the king of outlining his goals, figuring out exactly how he’s going to there, and seeing the job through no matter what circumstances might get in the way. He’s relentlessly positive, determined as ever, and in the context of music, bound to be a star quite soon. Don’t believe it? Just wait and see. Fem preaches the power of words when supplemented with action, and if there’s anyone who has proven the concept to be true, it’s none other than himself.

That said, however, just like any hero, Femdot also isn’t immune to the mistakes and mishaps that can occur in the face of struggle. He, too, encounters obstacles that appear far too great to overcome, and by translating these struggles — no matter scale they occur on — into themes that connect on a universal level, he’s able to speak to listeners through his music at an eye-to-eye level. It’s commonly said that “music is a universal language”, and through the scope of Femdot, this saying rings true.

– – – – –

With Fem’s latest project, delacreme 2, this is exactly the essence of character that listeners are able to see. Femdot takes a step-by-step tour through the years of is life, looking back on impactful moments that made him who he is. It’s cohesive, sharply-cut, and candid to a conversational extent, feeling as though the listener is sitting across a dinner table from Femdot as he proclaims the lessons he’s learned and the life he’s lived over a bed of soul-stricken instrumentals. In this way, delacreme 2 uses nostalgia as a function for planning soon-to-come successes, and both lyrically and sonically, the execution is seamless.

Met by my numerous listens through this project, one song has always stood out as the most triumphant and inspirational of the collection: “0’something”. If there exists a soundtrack to speaking dreams into existence just as Femdot has so frequently done, it has to be this song.

“Life’s short get some bands / Life short get some friends, then get rich with all them” is a thesis for those working toward their wildest dreams, and bar after bar, Femdot keeps his confidence close to home while expanding his reach onto a global scale. Trunk-rattling bass kicks and booming melodies help to hammer this lesson of determination in, making for an anthemic offering that deserves to played back not only for its stellar musical presence, but also for the very lessons which it so effortlessly makes known to listeners.

Today, marking quite the occasion for Femdot, we’re here to unveil a brand new set of visuals for the song as directed by LL’s own, Cole Bennett. Considering the way that Cole has spoken his own destiny into existence with Lyrical Lemonade, these two are the perfect match, and the “0’something” music video should act as direct proof.

Just remember: if there’s one thing to learn from Femdot, it’s never to second guess yourself.

Watch “0’something” at the link provided below and if you haven’t already, stream delacreme 2 here!




Delacreme 2 seems to be an exceptionally personal project, filled with looks into the day-to-day of your life. With that said, in the context of the project, what does “0’something” mean to you?


A: 0 something was a reflection of how we felt growing up, we these 02, 03 and like 04 make cars. We would ride around in cars made in the early 2000’s and feel like we can do anything. No gas. nowhere to go, we drove. Tape adaptors for the aux cord. Those rides made a “0’ something” feel like a Bentley or something. So I wanted to put that feel on wax.


How did the creation of this song come about? What does your creative process look like?


A: Really I had the idea for a while but then Charles Lauste played the record for me and the words starting coming and we laid it down I think a week later. It was super easy to make actually. I usually just need the right beat to bring the words out of me. 


When and how did you and Cole link up and decide to shoot the video?


A: Cole is like a brother to me. I have known him for years man. I’ve been around from early on, so we have been talking about shooting another video for awhile now. We worked out the logistics and got it done. I super appreciate him man. 


If listeners take away just one piece of advice from listening to delacreme 2, what should that piece of advice or wisdom be?


A: Best way to grow is to learn yourself.


Lastly, delacreme 2 reflects the relentless work ethic that you have. Deservedly so, thanks to all of this hard work, 2018 has been an enormously prosperous year for you. What has been your proudest moment of the year and why?


A: My proudest moment had to be the delacreme release. I been working on it for years so to know it was actually finished and out was crazy to me.