8 Days – [Cold Hart]

By Seamus Fay // 20 Sep 2018

After the release of their stellar collaborative offering, Wish Me Well, a few months back, the lethal pairing of Cold Hart and Yawns has remained one of the most talented and entertaining duos in rap right now. Today, they prove this yet again with a brand new set of visuals for “8 Days”. Joining forces with Mystic Pimp to translate the song onto the screen, this video finds a unique comfortability in candid scenes of Cold Hart and friends performing music while enjoying the sights around them. It’s casual but true-to-self, matching the emotional power of the soft guitar riffs in ways that go far beyond just music. “8 Days” is beautiful in this way, so be sure to check it out at the link below!

East Atlanta Love Letter – [6LACK] Feat. [Future]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Sep 2018

You have to be living under a rock at this point to not have heard of the praise that 6LACK’s sophomore debut East Atlanta Love Letter is receiving. Capitalizing on the momentum, 6LACK has released the first video from the album, specifically its self-titled track. The video follows 6LACK and Future throughout Atlanta as they recreate the dark overtones that make the song both eerie and beautiful. Safe to say that this is the first of several videos we will receive from 6LACK as he continues to rise to R&B superstardom. Watch the new video for “East Atlanta Love Letter” below and tell us what you think in the comments!

Henny Therapy – [Brownboi Maj]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Sep 2018

After he first made his debut on our lemon filled pages last week with his release of “Lil Goddess”, Brownboi Maj is making his return today with his brand new music video for “Henny Therapy”. The Phoenix artist proved to me with his last single that he can easily cook up some memorable melodies, and after watching this new visual through a few times it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a fluke, he came through yet again with some addicting vibes. You will find Brownboi Maj singing his ass off on this one while also switching up his flows while he’s rapping, complimented by some amazing visuals from video directors @reelmattyj x @bootlegkev to put the cherry on top of this one. Go ahead and watch this new visual below and if you like it be sure to follow Brownboi Maj on Twitter here.

Sinner – [Ric Wilson]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Sep 2018

One of my favorite songs of the summer by far was Ric Wilson’s record “Sinner” off of his “BANBA EP“, and just minutes ago the rising Chicago star blessed his rapidly growing fan base with his brand new music video for the track! He connected with guys Strip Mall, who are without a doubt some of the best video directors in the city, and as you probably expected the final outcome was amazing. At the start of the year Ric was an artist that I expected to have a huge year, and surely enough nine months in he is thriving, I am excite to see what he does from here. Do yourself a big favor and check out this brand new visual below! Featuring Rane Raps, Nick Kosma and Kweku Collins

Bigger Than You – [2 Chainz] Ft. [Quavo] & [Drake]

By Jacob Lusted // 19 Sep 2018

Fans of 2 Chainz have been patiently waiting for his next project Rap or Go to the League and to briefly hold down the avid listeners, he has dropped the new visuals for his single Bigger Than You featuring Quavo & Drake. Taking it back to their days at elementary, the trio including the child-version of Murda Beatz can be seen turning up the school library to 100 while each taking turns with their respective verses between a rattling hook from Quavo that sets the tone of the track immediately. Mobbing hallways, tying up their teachers and causing all havoc, the Nathan R. Smith-directed cut comes packed with all the energy and entertainment you could ask for from a group of rap star lookalikes. Don’t believe me? Get in-tune with all the antics in the video for Bigger Than You below and let us know if you’ll be the first to stream the Rap or Go to the League tape following its release. Directed by Nathan R. Smith 

Front Door Back Door – [Soulja Boy]

By Jacob Lusted // 18 Sep 2018

Following his Cotton Candy record that kicked off the Summer back in June, Soulja Boy returns to our pages with the latest Worldstar-premiered visual for his new track, Front Door Back Door. Taking place in a mansion setting, the Chicago-born rapper can be seen flexing around the entire household while unleashing his cutthroat lyrics on hopping out of Rari’s, emptying clips and most notably the amounts of money he has previously made in a weeks time. Those numbers may shock you but most importantly, the video fits the tone of the song flawlessly and you’ll be soon to find that out after hitting play on Front Door Back Door at the link below while also leaving your thoughts in the comments section! Courtesy of Mannie B Productions  Via: WORLDSTARHIPHOP 

Healthy Fee – [Qari]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Sep 2018

Qari has been one of the most talented artists in Chicago for damn near five years now so it’s wild to think he’s still barely older than 21, and today the young Chicago star is making his return to our platform with the premiere of his new offering for “Healthy Fee”. I love whenever Qari puts out new material because he is truly one of the most unique artists that I have ever listened to both stylistically & sonically, and this video did a fantastic job at capturing that energy he obtains in large part thanks to music video director Amber Bas. Check out this dope new visual below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Qari by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Pressure – [Kiara Simone]

By Jacob Lusted // 18 Sep 2018

Virginia rapper Kiara Simone is making her first appearance on this side of the web today with the must-see visuals for her track, Pressure. You may remember her making headlines this past month after accusing Nicki Minaj of stealing her Barbie Dreams record and whether or not that’s the case, it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise as she can obviously produce instant hits such as this one right here. Directed by Avo John Kambourian, Pressure is brought to life with what looks like a kidnapping in the process as Kiara stunts with her crew while firing off her vicious bars on hanging with criminals, teaching these other artists and so much more packed into the 2-minute span. While I was less than familiar with her music beforehand, it’s safe to say I will be keeping tabs on Kiara Simone and you should too after peeping the brand new Pressure visuals below and letting us know what you thought about it in the comments! Directed by Avo John Kambourian 



Fr Fr - [Wiz Khalifa] & [Lil Skies]

Not only did we decide to bless our overly dedicated fan base with a brand new layout on our new website today, we also just released Wiz Khalifa's brand new music video for "Fr Fr" featuring Lil Skies! Wiz Khalifa and Lil Skies have grown to be solid friends over their tour that they have…

151 Rum - [J.I.D]

Since signing to Dreamville and dropping his breakthrough project ‘The Never Story’ just last year, J.I.D’s come-up in the rap game has been no small feat. Stakes are high for the for the 27-year-old rapper as he preps to drop his next mixtape, ‘DiCaprio 2’, and J.I.D gave listeners a peek of what to expect…

New Patek - [Lil Uzi Vert]

Fans of Lil Uzi have been raving ever since the video snippet surfaced of his next single New Patek and today, we have been given the new track in all its glory. Produced by Dolan Beats, New Patek comes as the first-look into Uzi's next project Eternal Atake and even before this one dropped in its…