Ten Toes/Imma Ball – [Cartier Shamar]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2018

An artist named Cartier Shamar is making his first appearance on our website this afternoon with his brand new tune titled “Ten Toes/Imma Ball”. Once the instrumental started I wasn’t sure what direction he was about to take this one, but once the snare and bass kicked it thirty seconds later and he jumped on the beat with his sing/rap combo I was more than impressed. Listen to this brand new song below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Cartier by giving him a follow on Twitter here!

Smile Again – [Hish]

By Elliot Montanez // 19 Nov 2018

Moments ago Hish blessed us with a brand new offering titled “Smile Again” and it’s not anything you want to miss out on. The start of this song is a slow building and silky smooth tempo set by Hish, before he flexed his unmatched vocal abilities, telling a story about one of his past relationships with the with a ton of emotion. A large part of the success of this record was thanks to producer Jake Stevens, together the duo created something to be satisfied with, do yourself a favor & dive into this new tune below!

Play King – [Dre Izaya]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2018

A Chicago based artist that goes by the name of Dre Izaya recently released a new song titled “Play King”, so i thought why not share it with our audience? I was impressed how Dre just steeped up to the plate right away and didn’t hold back i the least but, once he got a grip of this self-produced instrumental he found the perfect pocket and rode it out for the duration of the track. I wasn’t very familiar with Dre Izaya before coming across this new release on Soundcloud, but I liked what I heard and I will be checking out his future releases, take a few minutes of your time to listen to this new cut below.

Paper Crowns – [Brittney Carter]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2018

Brittney Carter was featured on our website once way back at the start of 2017 on a track that she was featured on, but today she is making her solo Lyrical Lemonade debut with her brand new offering titled “Paper Crowns”. She joined forces with producer Mike Jones who constructed this laid back instrumental, and she took a couple minutes to bless us with a display of lyrical excellence, rhyming about everything from her fears to just how she got to this point. Listen to this sensational new record below and if you like it be sure to give her a follow on Soundcloud here!

Ready For A War – [Qari]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2018

I believe out of all of the great music that has been coming out of Chicago this year, Qari is in the conversation for having one of the strongest years, and tonight he is back with the release of his brand new song titled “Ready For A War”. Once I clicked play and got a glimpse of the addicting production from Mulatto I knew Qari was about to snap based on their history, and sure enough he beat up the instrumental with some viscous rhymes, showing off his gifted lyrical ability on his way to making this awesome track. Stream this brand new tune below and if you like it visit Qari’s website here to learn some more about him!

Airplane Mode – [Forever Band]

By Elliot Montanez // 18 Nov 2018

Chicago native Forever Band is making his solo Lyrical Lemonade debut tonight with his brand new offering titled “Airplane Mode”. Forever Band has been making some serious noise around Chicago as of late, doing everything from performing on a nationwide tour alongside Taylor Bennett, to doing some shows around the city and even featuring on Chance The Rapper’s song “Wala Cam” alongside Supa Bwe. He linked up with Lyrical Lemonade favorite producer CEO Beatz who provided him with this fascinating instrumental andForver Band took full advantage of it, creating a undeniably catchy tune that is sure to be in rotation for the rest of the year at least! Stream this brand new record below and if you like it be sure to keep up with Forever Band’s future releases by giving him a follow on Spotify!

Count It Up – [RonSoCold] x [The Good Perry]

By Elliot Montanez // 16 Nov 2018

Lyrical Lemonade favorites RonSoCold and The Good Perry are making their way back on our platform tonight with the premiere of their brand new offering titled “Run It Up. RonSoCold has been a favorite of mine due to his ability to seemingly create hit records at the snap of the finger, when it comes to gracefully floating over bouncy instrumentals Ron is unmatched, and this new joint only furthermore proves that point. The feature on the back end of this one from Atlanta native The Good Perry made this track that much better, he complimented both Ron and the beat very well & I believe I speak for all of their fans when I say that I hope to see these two work together more in the future. Listen to this brand new tune below and if you like it be sure to keep up with RonSoCold by giving him a follow on Twitter here.

Beautiful Smile – [Saba] ft. [IDK]

By Mike del Ro // 16 Nov 2018

Following the release of “Stay Right Here” last week, Saba keeps the new music coming with yet another single. Titled “Beautiful Smile”, the Westside wordsmith takes us to the more dismal side of his discography, offering a bleak confrontation of certain aspects of his current place in life. Saba touches on how his life has changed in recent years, the shifting of relationships with people around him and the friends and family he’s lost with a level of vulnerability he’s proven masterful at time and again. His verses unfold like a screenplay, turning stories from his past and present into raps that spawn into vivid images in a listener’s mind. IDK, who dropped his exhilarating ‘IDK & Friends :)’ project just last week, absolutely demolishes his verse as well, making for a natural compliment to Saba. It’s no doubt been a big year for Saba, with the release of ‘Care For Me’ earlier this year bolstering the Chicago native’s status as one of the game’s current strongest lyricists. On “Beautiful Smile”, he keeps things unflinchingly real, making it clear he has no intentions of switching up anytime soon. Stream the new song below and catch Saba at the 2nd annual …



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