For Summer/Fall 18′-[pat junior]

By Sam Morrison // 17 Jan 2019

A little while ago, an artist reached out to me about being featured on Lyrical Lemonade and today, he’s finally making his well-deserved debut on our site. Patrick D. Mix Jr., AKA pat junior. is an up and coming, yet polished musician from the great state of North Carolina. The writer/rapper/producer has been making music for 6 years now, with 2 of the latest years being completely full time. If you’re familiar with Xavier Omär, then it’s about time you took notice to pat junior, since he is under the same management as Xavier at Moon Artists Management.  That said, the talented east coast native just recently put together a 12 song playlist of his own work that absolutely blew me away. Generally, with that many songs, it’s easy to not pay attention to all of them; but when it comes to pat junior, each one of these 12 tracks demands to be heard! Throughout these full songs and carefully crafted instrumentals, you get a really good feel for pat’s mature production and confident lyrical flow.  I could go on and on about how dope this project is, but this is just something you’ll have to judge for yourself. I’ve attached …


By Seamus Fay // 16 Jan 2019

Poised with the ability to bring any of his creative ambitions to life, YOUNGFACE is, without a doubt, one of the brightest up-and-coming artists out of Massachusetts right now. His art acts as a direct function of his versatility and talent, and as a result, the rising artist never fails to push the ball forward with each successive release. Today, we see YOUNGFACE experiment with his abilities in a new compilation project filled with various demos. 5 tracks long, this quick, almost 7-minute mini-project gives fans a taste of what the MA representative has on the way in 2019. As always, he seems to be expanding the palette of flavors that his music has to offer, and naturally, this will be a huge selling point for fans both old and new. YOUNGFACE never settles, and as his career continues to trend upwards, the sky is the limit with this mentality in mind. Stream the new demos at the link provided below and peep the tracklist in the description on SoundCloud!

Twothousand Nakteen – [Na-Kel Smith]

By Seamus Fay // 14 Jan 2019

From his career as a famous skateboarder to his stellar role in the 2018 film, Mid90s, and his legendary verse on Tyler The Creator’s “Trashwang”, Na-Kel Smith is the definition of a renaissance man. Whatever he decides to put his mind to, he succeeds at, and beyond natural talent, it’s the 110%-at-all-times attitude which he employs that makes him such a hard-working and successful young man. Today, following up some loose singles released throughout the past year or so, Na-Kel is here with his debut project, Twothousand Nakteen, proving once again that just when you think he may have ventured into uncharted territory, Smith pleasantly surprises yet again. That said, the debut from the California native captures exactly what it means to bring real energy to a project. His deliveries, regardless of what emotion they convey, are relentlessly enthusiastic, and further so, his lyrics are quotable in the kind of way that makes a lasting impression in any listener’s head. Needless to say, Na-Kel Smith’s latest creative venture is an exciting one, sure to turn the heads of skateboarders, film junkies, and rap fans alike. Stream Twothousand Nakteen at the link provided below and let us know what you think in the comments!


By Mike del Ro // 4 Jan 2019

New York rapper CLICHE made waves in 2018 with his debut ‘Robot Jesus’ project. The EP introduced listeners to a rapper with a style marked by animated, imaginative lyrics delivered with a seemingly endless supply of bubbly energy. On his surprise mixtape ‘BUTTA !’, CLICHE keeps that same vibe going into 2019 and assembles in a tight roster of features to help him out. CLICHE continues to build upon his penchant for ridiculously catchy hooks on ‘BUTTA !’, stringing together new ad-libs that stick in a listener’s head instantly. The production on this tape also serves to amplify his presence, filling in gaps with 808s that act like springs for CLICHE’s natural bounce. With that said, the rising artist proves to thrive best off beats that are minimal in instrumentation—this becomes clear on standout tracks like “These Days !”, a beat built from almost nothing but drums. CLICHE chooses one collaborator for each track on this project, and his selectiveness ultimately pays off with new names like LATASHÁ, BIGG DOGG and more helping to make the mixtape feel more vivid.

PART DEAUXXXXXXX – [iLoveMakonnen]

By Seamus Fay // 31 Dec 2018

iLoveMakonnen is, and forever will be, one of my favorite artists simply due to the authenticity of his music. So few acts are able to capture candid emotion in such an undiluted, effortlessly beautiful manner as he does, and even so, the Atlanta-bred talent does it without blinking an eye, making him a force to be reckoned with that I’ll always be a fan of. Today, Makonnen hits the Lyrical Lemonade pages and keeps us on our toes with a new tape (from a few weeks back) entitled Part DEAUXXXXXXX, compiled of a few miscellaneous songs that act as an appetizer for new music hopefully on the way in 2019. Just 5 tracks long, this offering was posted to what is supposedly one of Makonnen’s burner accounts on SoundCloud, but needless to say, it brings out some truly great music that I know I’ll be playing all throughout 2019. Due to the up-front nature of his music, even Makonnen’s demos are worth listening to, as they shed a light on the ability of the highly-talented musician to freestyle something brilliant with ease. That said, Part DEAUXXXXXXX is a promising hint toward what’s to come in the new year, so give this one a listen below and pay attention …

Unleash The Dragon – [Swoosh]

By Seamus Fay // 31 Dec 2018

As you might be able to tell by his name, Swoosh is the kind of hitmaker that never misses. His music is anthemic in nature and melodic in delivery, and aside from being one of the most exciting sounds out right now, it’s also one of the most refreshing, as Swoosh always blesses the fans with just what they need. That said, today, Swoosh lives up to this high praise with a brand new project for the new year, Unleash The Dragon. 6 tracks long, this project acts as a thesis statement for the big moves that Swoosh has on the way in 2019. He doesn’t drop music too often, and for good reason, as he maintains quality control in his ouput, but as a result, when Swoosh finally does drop, people are always sure to pay attention. This is clearly the case with Unleash The Dragon, as this project should have fans ecstatic for the latest from the NY representative and his inimitable hitmaking abilities. All I can say is don’t sleep on the bright future that this rising talent has ahead of him — and don’t mind me while I keep this Matt Ox collaboration on repeat for the rest of the …

Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure – [Pi’erre Bourne] [Cardo Got Wings]

By Seamus Fay // 26 Dec 2018

If we’re talking about trendsetters in rap right now, Pi’erre Bourne needs to be one of the first names that come up in the conversation. He has been, and always will be, one step ahead of his competitors and then some, just as fans are able to see in Pi’erre’s latest, Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure, alongside fellow hitmaker and stylistic trailblazer, Cardo Got Wings — a tape which, all besides two songs, was recorded on Christmas Eve. 14 tracks long, this tape is most definitely the best gift I received for Christmas this year. The pairing of Cardo and Pi’erre is like putting LeBron and Jordan on the same team, and with the constant alley-oops between production and vocals, each song on this one will be sure to make its way into my heavy rotation. I could talk about the greatness of Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure all day long, but in this case, I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Oh, and by the way, in case you weren’t already excited enough, the next tape that Pi’erre has on the way is the long-awaited TLOP4. So we have that going for us, too. Get lost in the worlds of Pi’erre and Cardo by streaming …

On To Better Things – [Adé Hakim]

By Seamus Fay // 13 Dec 2018

Adé Hakim, or Sixpress, as some may know him, is the kind of artist whom you can’t listen to just once. Lyrically, he’s multi-layered and introspective, while sonically, his dusty instrumentals and slow-burning samples explore worlds of their own creation, all without compromising the themes of quality or honesty within Hakim’s catalog. Today, the rising talent puts this all on display with his latest project, On To Better Things. Admittedly, we’re a few weeks late on this release, but nevertheless, it’s worthy of attention, as Hakim’s soulful presence on the mic makes for a captivating project in all 34 minutes of its duration. On To Better Things comes to terms with the realities of life, and it presents these lessons learned in an engaging sonic atmosphere, allowing for listeners of all different interests to enjoy a project of such unrivaled authenticity. Alongside features from Cleo Reed, King Carter, Pink Siifu, MIKE, Alphonse, and Jodi, this project finds Adé Hakim at home in both sound and delivery, so be sure to show some love and stream the project below. Hakim’s got next.



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Mixed Personalities - [YNW Melly]

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Blue Lights - [Myazwe]

We have yet another artist who is appearing for the first time on our website today, this time around coming in the form of Myazwe's brand new music video for "Blue Lights". One of the main things that I enjoyed about Myazwe's sound was his crisp lyrical skills, he truly does not waste a bar,…