Watch Joey Purp’s brand new interview with Sway In The Morning

By Elliot Montanez // 15 Oct 2018

Chicago’s own Joey Purp made his way back to Sway In The Morning recently to catch up with Sway, Tracy G & Heather B about everything he has been up to. You will find the four of them speaking about plenty of interesting topics such as his brand new album titled QUARTERTHING, his homie Vic Mensa, the creation process of the intro record titled “24k Gold”, performing with a live band, getting betrayed by his best friend, putting together different types of sound, how he got his name, growing up in Chicago, and he even blessed them with yet another dope freestyle with fellow Savemoney affiliate KAMI! Take some time out of your day to check out this brand new interview below & if you like it be sure to give Joey a follow on Twitter here! Photo by Cole Schwartz

Watch Reese LaFlare’s New Interview With Open Space

By Seamus Fay // 12 Oct 2018

Reese LaFlare is one of the most influential names to come out of Atlanta in recent years, and in 2018, he was sure to prove this prowess with the release of his highly-impressive self-titled debut album. Today, all eyes are back on Lil Skate, as he returns to our pages with a brand new episode of Mass Appeal’s Open Space. Speaking on topics such as the atmosphere of Atlanta, skateboarding, Donald Glover, skate sponsors, inspirations, style, and much, much more. This interview is definitely a must-watch for all fans of LaFlare and his effortlessly cool style, so be sure not to sleep. Show some love to Atlanta’s own and be sure to click play on the brand new interview at the link provided below!

Watch Jack Harlow’s New Interview on Open Space

By Seamus Fay // 12 Oct 2018

Jack Harlow is one of 2018’s finest budding stars, and by way of natural charisma and his unforgettable, Lousiville-charmed personality, this rising talent is becoming well-known all over the country, and deservedly so. Today, he’s here to keep the stocks rising after the release of his stellar new album, Loose, with a video interview for Mass Appeal’s ever-important Open Space series. Keeping it honest and keeping it fun, Harlow speaks in this interview about strip club experiences, Louisville, stage-diving, his father, “Eastern Parkway”, his fans, and even more. Jack Harlow is an easily likable personality, so put a face to the great music and check out his new episode of Open Space at the link below

Watch Sheck Wes’ New Interview on Hot 97

By Seamus Fay // 9 Oct 2018

Fresh off of the release of his unbelievable debut album, Mudboy, Sheck Wes is one of the hottest topics in rap right now. His story, personality, unforgettable adlibs, and energetic deliveries all mesh together to form an absolute star of an artist, and today, he’s here to take us a bit further into the journey with a brand new interview alongside the familiar faces over at Hot 97. Nearly 30 minutes long, this video acts as a comprehensive look at the mind and life of the 20-year old, Harlem-bred artist. He speaks on his father working for Dapper Dan, basketball, being a rapper, his upbringing, NYC, fashion, being sent to Africa, Harlem, and much, much more. If you’re a newer fan of Sheck Wes, this is a must-watch interview, so be sure to click play at the link below. Additionally, if you haven’t listened to Mudboy yet, then stream the project here!

Watch Chance The Rapper on The Joe Budden Podcast

By Elliot Montanez // 8 Oct 2018

One of my favorite podcasts out is definitely The Joe Budden Podcast, the dynamic between Joe, Rory & Mal is an awesome one & on their latest episode that had Chance The Rapper in their studio! You will find the four of them speaking about plenty of interesting topics such as his 3 hat, his Good Ass Job project with Kanye, their thoughts of Tha Carter V, being a father, his relationship with Quavo & Drake, tuna fish, all of the positive things he has been doing in Chicago, being an independent artist, Andre 3000, his relationship with Kanye, the time Chance almost dissed Joe, the time Chance spent living in LA, being one of the top rappers in the game, why Joe dislikes Tyler, his relationship with Apple, taking a break from acting, marriage & therapy and so much more. Take a few minutes out of your day and watch this brand new interview below.

Watch Father on Open Space With Mass Appeal

By Seamus Fay // 8 Oct 2018

Mass Appeal’s interview segment, Open Space, has held a number of incredible musical guests in the past, and today, they add to the list with a brand new episode featuring ATL-bred artist, Father. Fresh off of the release of his incredible new album, Awful Swim, the Awful Records representative is the subject of all the headlines right now, and this interview shows exactly the way he’s living as well as the pace at which the success is rolling in. He speaks on Adult Swim, his recently-signed record deal, Atlanta, Donald Glover’s Atlanta, having free time, making music, video games, and so much more. The music is magnificent, Father’s personality is easily lovable, and all in all, Awful Records is having one of the best years of its existence right now. That said, click play on the new interview below and if you haven’t already, listen to Awful Swim here!

Watch Nardwuar’s interview with Denzel Curry

By Jacob Lusted // 4 Oct 2018

In Nardwuar’s latest segment, we may have witnessed someone who could actually keep up with the Human Serviette as Florida’s Denzel Curry took to the hot seat. Keeping to the same routine of humorous dialogue & multiple freakouts due to Nardwuar’s extensive knowledge, both parties carried out arguably one of the most entertaining segments yet on old Florida-based rap crews, his childhood friends from his block and meeting SpaceGhostPurpp from the Raider Klan. It’s no secret that both Nardwuar & Curry happen to be familiar faces on our platform so to see them finally in the same room for an interview, it had to be immediately moved on. Be sure to check out Denzel Curry’s discussion with Nardwuar below and no, we’re not going to let it slide that they’re wearing the same pants.

Watch Makonnen’s brand new interview with No Jumper

By Elliot Montanez // 1 Oct 2018

Makonnen has been pretty quiet over the past year or so but lucky for us Adam22 over at No Jumper brought him in for an awesome in-depth interview! You will find them speaking about plenty of subjects such as when he first blew up, dealing with personal issues, the Atlanta scene from a few years back, getting blessed with a Drake feature early on, being on house arrest before the fame, becoming a mainstream artist & having more structure, creating music for the feeling, the new record with Lil Peep & how he met him, the one time he spoke to XXXTentaction, how the “soundcloud rap” artists have grown into some of the biggest artists, being controversial in a sense when he first came out, not dropping a project in a long time, creating music & visuals like art, the last time he spoke to Peep, loving music festivals and much more. Check out this dope new conversation below!



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