By Lane Cowherd // 29 Nov 2018

The always energizing tandem of Brian Warren and Quentin Branch, otherwise known as ANGRY BLACKMEN, have just released their latest track, “USA!”  The track starts off with what sounds like someone trying to go Super Sayain, but then Quentin really hits the ground running once the base drops.  With every new drop, you can really hear the growth of ANGRY BLACKMEN and where I heard it the most in “USA!” was with Quentin. This is probably his hardest verse he’s had so far in his young career. Now that’s not a knock on his partner, Brian who’s already been spitting hard verses since I started covering these two, it’s just that Quentin just really stepped it up on this one. “USA!” Had what a lot of listeners look for nowadays which is, heavy bass drops, creative and catchy lyrics, and tons of energy so if your someone who looks for these things in a song, waste no more time and press play below! Prod. By Wendingo Cover photo captured by Joseph Torres

Drip Too Hard – [Lil Baby] & [Gunna]

By Lane Cowherd // 10 Sep 2018

I think that it’s safe to say that we have all been waiting very patiently for Lil Baby and Gunna to drop their collab mixtape, ‘Drip Harder’ and today we have received the first official single from the tape. The track is titled “Drip Too Hard” and it’s just as fire as you were expecting it to be. The two Atlanta artists definitely  lived up to the hype and this teas has me even more excited for their project. Until we get that project tho, listen to “Drip Too Hard” below.  

It Gets Deeper – [AJ Bank$y]

By Lane Cowherd // 6 Sep 2018

AJ Bank$y is back with the follow up to his “The Surface” EP, and it is titled, “It Gets Deeper.” This project comes in with 7 tracks produced by either Talen Ted, Donato, or Hanzo. There is one main purpose to this entire piece and that is to get to know who exactly AJ Bank$y is, and what he has went through in his life. Throughout the 7 songs, you will hear all of his trials and tribulations, his highs, and his lows. Of course, no Bank$y project is complete without some features from his fellow artists, Indigo, Gwai Mak, and Robolu. ‘It Gets Deeper’ is available on SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, so go to whatever streaming platform you prefer and start listening asap!  

Benz – [Navvi Upside]

By Lane Cowherd // 23 Aug 2018

“Benz” is Navvi’s latest joint, and it may be one of his best. He took a different approach to this song than he normally does and you’ll notice that immediately once you press play. “Benz” is fun, upbeat, and something that I hope that Navvi continues to do in his music in the future. Press play below and enjoy, “Benz” by Navvi Upside.    

Second Son – [AJ Bank$y] ft. [Gwai Mak]

By Lane Cowherd // 17 Aug 2018

Once again, AJ Bank$y finds himself on our pages here at LL and this time it is for his new song/video, “Second Son” featuring, Gwai Mak. Man, thinking about when I first was introduced to Aj Bank$y to now hearing this track, his development as an artist has been crazy. This is easily his best track to date in my opinion, and there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be listening to this more than once. He went brazy on the Talen Ted beat. Getting the visual to go along with this track just puts the icing on the cake. Press play below to enjoy to latest offering from AJ Bank$y and be sure to put your friends onto AJ too because he’s got more fire music on the way! Soon he will be dropping his full length tape, ‘It Gets Deeper.’ Produced by: Talen Ted Mix and mastered by: Apollo      

ROMANS 4:7 – [Aj Bank$y]

By Lane Cowherd // 4 Aug 2018

“ROMANS 4:7” is the latest track from Lyrical Lemonade regular, AJ Bank$y. This time he goes crazy over a Gnealz beat. This song comes in anticipation of his forthcoming EP, IT GETS DEEPER. Be sure to be on the lookout for that to drop but for now, peep his newest joint, “ROMANS 4:7” below.  

Beam – [Rich Brian] Feat. [Playboi Carti]

By Lane Cowherd // 23 Jul 2018

Just from looking at the people involved in making this track, you should already know that this is gonna slap. With Murda and Southside handling the production, it is almost guaranteed that this song will be a hit, but Rich Brian and Carti both deliver impressive verses to compliment the production and really bring together this whole track. There is no doubt that you’ll be head banging to this track as soon as the bass drops so waste no more time and press play below.   Produced by Murda Beatz & Southside

Shades On – [KoVu] ft. [A.Barb]

By Lane Cowherd // 22 Jul 2018

If y’all don’t know who KoVu is, you need to get familiar because he is one guy who consistently puts out solid music. It may be some time between releases, but every time he drops a new track, I have it in rotation for a couple weeks because I can’t get it out of my head, and that’s the case again with his latest song, “Shades On.” This is something that you’re gonna want to throw on when you’re at a function and you need to turn things up. This upbeat production accompanied by KoVu and A.Barb’s killer verses will have anyone T’d in an instant. Hear for yourself what I’m talking about though by pressing play below.