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Hydro/Frozone – [Nolanberollin]

By Danny Adams // 29 May 2020

Just the other day, I wrote about Nolanberollin’s brand new EP called [g-tec club], and he’s back with a brand-new visual. As I said in the other article, there’s nothing normal or typical about Nolan, and this individuality is what has drawn me into his music time and time again. As for the music video, he mashed his songs “Hydro” and “Frozone” together to kill two birds with one stone. The interesting thing about this is, only the latter is off of the aforementioned tape, and the former seems to be off of an entirely different project called Gary Oak. This EP came out just a few months ago so it’s still relatively fresh, but it’s just interesting to see two separate works of his collide in one common place. As for “Hydro”, majestic, almost angelic synths combined with extremely minimalistic percussion and drums lay the foundation for the instrumental. This isn’t uncharacteristic of Nolan’s music as every song seems to utilize some sort of unique sound that pairs with his unbelievably deep, sometimes monotone voice in an always appealing way. After his quick chorus, the beat plays out for about thirty seconds before he comes in for his verse …

Both Sides – [Gucci Mane] ft. [Lil Baby]

By Danny Adams // 29 May 2020

It’s always really interesting when an OG and a new school rapper team up to collaborate with one another. I’ve been listening to Gucci Mane since his pre-penitentiary days and he truly knew what it meant to be a trap house icon. His music might not have been the most intricate or dexterous, but he has a quality about his sound and tone of voice that just made listeners believe every single word he spoke, no matter how intense it might be. Lil Baby, on the other hand, has taken the mainstream Rap world by storm and it’s clear why he blew up after listening to any one of his songs. His flows are insanely complex, his voice is unique, and he just carries himself in such a confident yet humble fashion. Although it’s definitely not the first collaboration between these two Atlanta stars, the duo teams up for the lead single entitled “Both Sides” off of Gucci’s upcoming unnamed album. The beat begins with some hasty xylophone notes mixed in with what sounds like some background pan flutes before hard-hitting drums and classic trap percussion come into the picture in order to set the fast-paced tempo of this track. …

Ride Out – [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Lil Yachty]

By Danny Adams // 29 May 2020

Shoreline Mafia is one of my absolute favorite groups out right now, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve been listening to them for years at this point, and their unapologetic attitudes mixed with some out of the box West Coast fueled beats along with innovative cadences and other unique experiments that always seem to work have constantly kept me coming back for more. They have such a unique way of being able to introduce certain gangster Rap themes into party anthems that are sure to turn any function up, and each member has an individualistic sound and persona that just contributes so much to the overall group. While they’ve obviously been exploding in the underground in recent memory, Lil Yachty has always kept his ear to the streets and hasn’t been one to shy away from praising or working with promising up and comers. It’s weird to even consider Shoreline up and comers anymore because of all their success, but I still think they could be considered this due to the fact that they don’t get nearly enough recognition or props for all of the success they’ve had in such a relatively short period of time. They’re not slowing …

iamlegend – [Flatbush Zombies]

By Danny Adams // 28 May 2020

I remember when I was put onto the Flatbush Zombies back in high school, I immediately became obsessed. Although I didn’t necessarily connect with all of their wild drug references or anything on that end of the spectrum, I was drawn into their gritty personas and descriptive personalities. Meechie Darko’s raspy, deep, and individualistic voice along with his ability to rap at different tempos and timestamps was always intriguing. Erick the Architect’s mixture of masterful bars and even more impressive production skills impressed me time and time again. Finally, Zombie Juice’s higher, more melodic voice was typically a nice opposing sound that evened the playing field, but he also had an aggressiveness while remaining playful, consistently drawing me in wanting more. I have to be honest, I lost touch with the group a bit in the last couple of years, but when I was scrolling through Twitter and noticed that they’re back with a new song, music video, and have a project entitled Now, more Than Ever on the way, so I was sucked right back into the wormhole that once consumed me years ago. This new single is called “Iamlegend” and it’s as eye-opening, dark, and hostile as ever …

1985 – [Freddie Gibbs] & [The Alchemist]

By Danny Adams // 28 May 2020

The Alchemist has always been one of my favorite producers of all time, and I know that’s not an unpopular opinion. He just has a wild way of approaching beat making from an outsider looking in perspective, using various samples and old school sounds combined with other off the wall noises to create some of the most complex yet impressive instrumentals in the game. Freddie Gibbs has also impressed me and many others for around a decade at this point, and he hasn’t slowed down whatsoever since entering the scene. His deep, suave voice mixed with his insane lyrical abilities have kept him on the radar of any sane rap fan since his inception, and it appears as if he’s not even close to finished. He and Al decided to join forces for an entire mixtape entitled Alfredo, a loose mashup of the duo’s names, that’s set to release tomorrow, May 29th. Although this is brand-new news to me, I instantly became excited because I already know how insane this collaborative effort is going to be. In order to support the hype that is going to escalate ever so quickly since this announcement, the tag team decided to drop a …

YND – [KEY!]

By Danny Adams // 28 May 2020

For quite some time I’ve been a massive fan of KEY! He’s obviously an underground legend, but I feel like some people forget just how deep his roots run considering he’s been an integral part of the Atlanta Hip-Hop scene for quite some time at this point. He’s the voice behind Kenny Beats’ “Woah, Jenny” ad-lib, and that’s obviously not the most impressive thing he’s done in the slightest. His next album I Love You, Say it Back is set to release next week on June 4th and I legitimately couldn’t be more excited. I’ve covered a few of his other singles off the project and they’ve gotten me so eager to hear what else he has in store for us that this week is going to feel like an eternity. “Sugar & Rice” specifically has graced my speakers at least three to five times per day since it released just because it’s such a feel-good, bubbly anthem. After letting his previous singles breathe for about a month or so, thankfully he’s back in full album promotion mode with another single entitled “YND”. Rotating, affectionate synths mixed with what sounds like some organ keys create the framework for the production …

1Minute – [9lokknine]

By Danny Adams // 27 May 2020

The Florida Rap scene has long been blossoming, yet it seems as if people don’t respect it nearly as much as they should. Although it appears that it’s only taken off in the last half-decade or so and prior to that there were only a few mainstream artists to emerge from this region, now more than ever this part of the country deserves its moment in the spotlight. The underground scene is booming partially due to the fact that the sounds they create are unlike anything else in the country, but it can also be because of their unique deliveries and flows which are always something to behold. 9lokknine has been on the scene for quite some time at this point and although he has drawn comparisons to Kodak Black due to their similar voices, he has done so much to differentiate himself and prove that he’s not a clone whatsoever. His most recent song “1Minute” just received a music video treatment, and I couldn’t be more excited. The track itself features old school tropical hits, rapidly chattering percussion, and speaker-busting drums that pave the way for 9lokk to not only spit some great bars but also show off his …

Lightspeed – [BBY GOYARD]

By Danny Adams // 27 May 2020

It’s about time that North Carolina starts getting a lot more respect for the insane amount of talent that’s coming up out of the underground. This is probably the most under the radar parts of the country when it comes to Rap music considering there’s so much genius hailing from this region, but so many of these artists are still considerably underappreciated. Some of the many artists you’ve almost surely heard of coming from this state include RONSOCOLD, BIGBABYGUCCI, 2kthagoon, and of course, BBY GOYARD. I’m not sure what the obsession is with all caps in the majority of their names, but it could be metaphorical in the sense that each of their individualistic music screams uniqueness and it’s all something that just needs to be paid attention to. All of these artists are making some of the most distinctive, original music in the entire industry, and yet none of it sounds remotely similar to one another. The only possible comparative quality is the fact that the beats and vocal effects used typically come so randomly that each song sounds nothing like any of its predecessors. Take BBY GOYARD for instance. Sure, he was born and grew up in Maryland, …