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Move Like a Boss – [Fivio Foreign] ft. [Young M.A.]

By Danny Adams // 9 Jul 2020

New York has always been one of the main hubs for Rap music, and they’ve set some of the most massive trends in the entire industry for decades at this point. Although some people think that it isn’t the same place it once was in terms of music, the newer generation of artists thinks otherwise. Obviously, people like Joey Bada$$, Pop Smoke, Lil Tjay, and more all have different styles and characteristics, but they all make some of the greatest music out right now. I found out about another NYC emcee, Fivio Foreign, through his work with Pop and I’ve been a fan ever since. Young M.A., although she’s been in the scene for quite some time now, I have honestly paid less attention to, but I do understand exactly how talented she is as well. Although this duo’s song “Move Like a Boss” came out last month, they decided to team up and shoot a music video, thankfully. First and foremost, the song itself begins with production comprised of an angelic choir singing mixed with heartfelt piano keys. Eventually, chattering percussion and banging 808s enter into the instrumental and create an up-tempo foundation that is right along the lines …

Come & Go – [Juice WRLD] ft. [Marshmello]

By Danny Adams // 9 Jul 2020

I can say with the utmost confidence that Juice WRLD was a one of a kind musician that only comes around once in a lifetime. While he might’ve started out humbly as an underground rapper and singer, his rise to fame was unlike anything I’ve seen in my life. It seemed like I was listening to him and showing friends his music for roughly six months ever since I had first found out about him and then in the blink of an eye, he was an immediate sensation. Obviously, he was beyond talented and shared messages that so many people could relate to, but there was just something deeper that isn’t quite tangible, and I’ve always had trouble putting my finger on it. Maybe it’s what some people consider a star factor or something like that, but either way, he had something that most artists, even most superstars, lack. Eventually, his music ended up transcending the Rap and Hip-Hop worlds and entered into various other genres where he once again was able to prove his dominance and talents to even wider audiences. This is clear as day with one of his most recent releases called “Life’s a Mess” which featured …

Square Bitch – [MadeinTYO] ft. [A$AP Ferg]

By Danny Adams // 9 Jul 2020

MadeinTYO is a bit of a mysterious figure in the Rap world, from my perspective. It seems like he has been known to virtually disappear for somewhat extended periods of time and then come back out of nowhere with brand-new music. While we know he’s still alive and thriving due to his extremely active Twitter account, it seems like he might’ve been able to capitalize a bit more and take additional steps to truly become a superstar after “Uber Everywhere” and “Skateboard P”. Nonetheless, he has managed to piece together a pretty formidable career, and considering he’s still so young, it seems as if he has set himself up for success and a beyond comfortable life for the foreseeable future. Maybe this is just me, though, because I haven’t paid super close attention to his music recently, so maybe he’s been dropping left and right and these releases have just gone under my radar. Either way, he’s back with a fresh new track today and he even recruited A$AP Ferg to accompany him for this laid-back record. The name of the song is called “Square Bitch”, and although it might not be TYO’s most impressive offering, it still hits hard …

Slim Peter – [Wiz Khalifa]

By Danny Adams // 8 Jul 2020

Sometimes it seems when certain artists blow up beyond a status that is even comprehensible, they somewhat lose touch with reality and forget about the fans that got them to that level of success in the first place. Luckily, Wiz Khalifa, although a massive, household name in the Rap world, is not one of these people and he has been known to interact with fans no matter how successful he becomes. Most recently, he created a Discord in order to get in touch with his supporters and even asked for name ideas for a brand-new single off of his freshly announced mixtape Big Pimpin’. While fans seemed to be trolling a bit considering they suggested that the name of the track be “Slim Peter” in reference to cartoon icon Peter Griffin, Wiz went with it and played into the joke. Other users went above and beyond to create cover art for the single as well, and the results seemed all too comical for the legendary rapper. Nonetheless, he listened to the fans no matter how much they might’ve been joking, and the song was fire regardless, so I guess the name and the cover art are the least important parts …

Tongue Demon – [SahBabii]

By Danny Adams // 8 Jul 2020

After being relatively quiet since his 2018 project Squidtastic, SahBabii seems to be all over the place recently with the anticipation that came about during the lead up to his long-awaited album Barnacles that finally released today. After giving it a brief run through to find out what all the hype was about, I can confidently say that Sah is undisputedly one of the most charismatic artists in the entire industry. His beat selection is absolutely amazing and each instrumental pairs seamlessly with his one of a kind voice. Although not every line is serious or meaningful, in fact, the majority of them are the exact opposite, he has this playful disposition and a clear aptitude for bringing certain comical themes to life through his animated deliveries. He has also been known to have some of the most out of the box visuals for his music, and the singles that received music videos on this project are maybe some of his wildest works yet. Along with the release of Barnacles, he also decided to drop off another visual for one of the project’s lead singles “Tongue Demon”, which first debuted just the other day. Considering the fact that we covered …

lone**w0lf – [Lil Xelly]

By Danny Adams // 8 Jul 2020

A lot of rappers claim to be the hardest working musicians in the world and will stop for nothing in order to make it to the top. If anyone tells me that, I can’t help but bring up Lil Xelly who, at one point in time, was putting out multiple mixtapes and EPs every week. Not just numerous songs, but I repeat, multiple cohesive projects. While I appreciated the sheer output he once produced, I also found myself not necessarily appreciating the music as much as I should have. It was hard to even find time to listen to everything, so I would tune in every now and then which led me to miss out on how diverse and truly skilled he actually is as an artist. Not only can he rap in the most intricate, eye-opening ways, but he can also sing a lot more impressively than I ever previously thought. His liveliness on every single track is infectious, and there’s really no way of ignoring him at this point because he’s going to turn your head and catch your eye every single time one of his songs is played. In order to understand how dexterous he is as …

Opium Dreams – [Yung Lean] x [Bladee]

By Danny Adams // 7 Jul 2020

For years, at this point, I’ve been listening to Yung Lean every now and then, but it wasn’t until I heard Starz that I truly started to appreciate his artistry. I always enjoyed his sound, but it was during random singles I’d hear, and I never really revisited too many full-on projects. This recent album just opened my eyes for some reason, and I’ve been constantly listening to the Swedish rapper every day since the album dropped. Although Bladee wasn’t featured on the album, he and Lean have been long time friends and collaborators, so I was also familiar with his work, and I’ve become a fan semi-recently as well. Luckily, the tag team decided to join forces once again for the first time in a while, from what I can remember, and released a music video for a brand-new song entitled “Opium Dreams”. As the title would possibly insinuate, a very psychedelic, trippy scene is set through some retro-sounding, buoyant synths, crisp, chattering percussion, and clean, concise drums. As Bladee begins to sing the hook, he almost comes off as if he’s out of breath, giving off a sort of perception that these words are taking every last bit …

OMNITRIX – [Reddot550]

By Danny Adams // 7 Jul 2020

One of my favorite parts about writing for Lyrical Lemonade is the fact that I get a chance to come across some of the most promising up and comers to date. This might not be as possible if I didn’t write for LL considering I probably wouldn’t dig as deep to find new and interesting music to write about, but I love discovering innovative artists that already have a formidable following and have laid a solid foundation for their careers. Beyond this, I truly enjoy giving these talents a moment in the spotlight with a simple write-up, because I know just how helpful and meaningful that can be to someone who’s still working day and night to make a name for themselves in this industry. The most recent artist I came across goes by the name of Reddot550 and hails from Broward County, a Florida region that is known to produce some of the best rappers in the entire country. After doing some additional research, it turns out that some people refer to him as the Tay-K of Florida because of the similar styles they both share, and this had my interest at an all-time high. His most recent project, …