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2016’s Top 5 Chicago rappers (so far)

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 12 Jun 2016

This year has proven to be another great year in Chicago music and it’s only June! Many big named Chicago artists, such as Chance the Rapper and Kanye West have been releasing top notch music. Chicago music has always been known to shake the industry up, and this era is no different. In this list, we didn’t name the obvious juggernauts from Chicago. This list consists of rappers from Chicago that are releasing great music, gaining tangible and social fan base, and representing the city in their own way. This was voted on by our staff and trust me it was not taken lightly. And of course we attached a playlist with the artists recent sounds and hits. Make sure you check these artists out and stay tuned for live show details.   5. G – Herbo   G Herbo is one of Chicago’s most well known rappers outside of the city. He also has a loyal fan base here at home. I see longevity in his career because his subject matter isn’t strictly drill with violence. He proves that he has a conscious side and that he is human. This allows his fans to connect to him on a …

Mixing Lemons x DJ Stain

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 14 May 2016

We here at Lyrical Lemonade are broadening our horizons to start covering DJ mixes, in an effort to shine a light on the growing producer and DJ scene here in Chicago. The first featured artist of the Mixing Lemons feature series is none other than hometown kid DJ Stain. He has been on a tangent, doing numerous shows with RedBull Sound Select artist WarholSS and other Chicago heavy hitters like Vela Seff and Brent Rambo. The two mixes below include the Chance the Rapper and Alicia Keys mix that has been doing numbers on twitter. He also drops off a Chance and Aaliyah mix that features Lost and One in a Million respectively. The mixes are great and we hope you keep in tune for more Mixing Lemons releases!

Can Not Go – [$ike] Ft. [Warhol.SS]

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 10 May 2016

$ike is back at us with “Can Not Go.” The bouncy drill sounds mesh very well with $ike’s flows and autotuned vocals, while O$O FYE handles the productions on this track. The keys give off a happy vibe that reminds you a bit of the Sicko Mobb run back in 2013. Warhol comes in on the second verse adding his own personal flavor to the sounds. This track comes right in time for those summer day parties, bump the track below and let us know what you think.

Mixed Reviews: Views x Drake

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 10 May 2016

Drake will go platinum, again. Drake put out a great album. Views will be heard through several streaming services, lonely nostalgic nights, summer kickbacks, and several radio stations throughout the world. Many music critics and praises will follow the album, but something from this album is missing. In a world where a die hard social media fan base acts more like an army defending its leader than an actual fan base, it is tough to oust such opinions without an incredible backlash.  But I’m here to say it. Something is missing from the album. In the past year and a half or so since he announced that he was working on Views, Drake has kept very busy. He seemed to cover all bounds of rap stardom; from being involved with his home basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, to his recent rap beef with Philadelphia heavy-hitter Meek Mill. He went on a tangent with the Sprite commercials as well as releasing the club anthem diss record “Back to Back.” As a long time Drake fanatic, Drake of YE old seemed to be on the rise. No one complains about Drake, but one thing people have picked at him for in the …

Femdot Q+A

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 9 May 2016

Chicago native Femdot has had an excellent start to the year. At the end of the year he made our list of artists to watch for 2016, and he has been no disappointment. After the release of his critically acclaimed Fo(u)r EP, Redbull and Fake Shore Drive announced that Femdot had been added to the underground star studded Redbull Sound Select artist roster. Femdot also has a few shows coming up and is always working on new music. I got a chance to catch up with Femdot this past weekend to chop it up. We had talked a few times in the past year, so it was more of a catching up than an interview, and Femi seemed to enjoy the process. Check out the Q+A below and be sure to check out Femdot’s latest project.   LL: What’s your name and where are you from? FD: My name is Femi Adigun but literally everyone calls me Femi or some variation of Femdot. I’m from the south suburbs and the north side area.   LL: How’d you get that nickname? FD: Its a family nickname actually so it’s probably best to ask them.   LL: How do you feel about Chicago …

5 Songs That Made You a Fan: Lil Uzi Vert

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 16 Apr 2016

Lil Uzi has nonchalantly burst his way into sauce rap stardom in the past few months. From collaborating with Young Thug to touring across the country, Uzi has been building his legend in the music industry. I, like many, was excited when Lyrical Lemonade announced his first live show in Chicago on April 28th. Uzi has built a fan base through peculiarity and flows unheard before. His hair, cut in a high top dread style and often dyed vibrant colors of green or purple. Though being from Philly, Lil Uzi embodies all that is trap/drill while his flows are very easy to point out and the level of catchiness immediately gives hype vibes. Fans also have known him to roll his eyes while spitting quick, sticky rhymes. Overall, I believe this may be Uzi’s summer but until then, here are five songs that made you a fan of Lil Uzi.  

Warhol.SS Q+A

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 11 Apr 2016

Warhol.SS burst onto the scene last summer and has been grinding ever since. Best known for his collaborative efforts with BrentRambo, 808mafia, and DJ Stain, Warhol has made a name for himself by growing his fan base tremendously, as well as rocking shows in Chicago, Minnesota, and Missouri. At only 18 years old, Warhol also graced a few stages at South by Southwest this year. Lyrical Lemonade writer Jake Millan and I caught up with Warhol SS for a quick Q+A session discussing his origins and his big plans going forward. We here at Lyrical Lemonade are proud to bring you Warhol SS first interview ever. Be sure to hit us with comments and don’t forget to check out Warhol SS’ latest BrentRambo produced track “Supaboof!” below. LL Q&A: WarholSS   LL: So, what’s your name and where are you from? WH: Man, look.. My name is Warhol,  3200 Warhol, Warhol SS, whatever you wanna call me. I’m from the Land, Chicago, over east.   LL: What’s the personal meaning behind the name? WH: Growing up, I was a real big part of art. My grandfather paints, and my mother is a fashion designer. I used to draw, i still paint, …

NAVY – [Jayaire Woods]

By Bryan Snow, Jr. // 10 Apr 2016

This past week Woodside representative Jayaire Woods dropped off some new sounds titled “NAVY.” Jayaire seems to be gearing up for a hot summer with new music and a few live performances under his belt. The guitar driven track produced by Dexter is very warm and bouncy. It reminds me of a simplistic early 2000s beat, and of course Jayaire’s trademark sing-song flows go perfect over it all. Jay spits about his newly owned vehicle to begin the track, but eventually discusses his new love interest. These new things cause him to question and take in the changes that come with his new life as a famed artist. As with most of Jayaire’s impeccable music, “NAVY” is very relatable and you’ll catch yourself singing it around the house before you know it, check it out below and be sure let us know what you think in the comments.