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A Prayer – [Token]

By Samantha De Leon // 8 Sep 2022

Coping with loss as we age is sadly inevitable; it’s an unavoidable part of the circle of life. While I can’t speak to losing a loved one, I’ve come to understand that everyone has their own way of processing grief. Of the many different ways to cope with grief, rapper Token turned to what he knows best–storytelling. Last month, Token released “A Prayer,” a cathartic open letter to his father who tragically passed away this year. Unlike his other songs that are powered by his sharp wordplay, crazy graphics, and head-turning hooks, he strips the song down to nothing but a soft guitar and melodic hook. His lyricism is raw and the music video evokes a strong emotional response. By just looking at the video’s 1.9K comments on YouTube, the song hits home for many of his fans who’ve also lost loved ones. The comments express nothing but support and some go as far as sharing their own personal stories of losing loved ones. In an interview with Token, he says throughout the years, his fans have come to know a lot about his life, but said nothing had really been this big. “It was a new thing for me of like I’m …

Paper Route–[NilexNile ft. Huey V]

By Samantha De Leon // 17 Aug 2022

Whenever I feel the need to get rid of ruminating thoughts of, “I don’t know what to do with my life,” out of my head, I turn to music. As cliché as it sounds, listening to music distracts me from this habit of overthinking and provides an escape from my mind. Despite studies that show listening to music is distracting, it’s never diminished my concentration to focus on the good. Reflecting on my recent conversation with NilexNile about his latest single “Paper Route” feat. Huey V, he reminds me of the importance of having patience and trust in yourself. At 25 years old, he’s found his craft (which is probably the most important quest in your life.) As an up-and-coming hip-hop artist, his dreams of being a positive change in music have come to fruition. Having just released “Paper Route” last Friday, the song made its way on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, one of the top radio stations in the city. “It’s been received really well, I got a lot of people hitting me up telling me they like the song… and a lot of people are starting to believe now that I’m actually becoming an artist that I always was meant to …

Lover Boy – [Zonk Rolan]

By Samantha De Leon // 12 Aug 2022

Popular throughout Latin America and the world, reggaetón is a powerful, growing force in the music industry that is taking over the globe. A musical genre that made its way over to Puerto Rico in the 1990s, it’s a flavorful mix between reggae, Caribbean, and hip-hop music. Puerto Rican icons like Daddy Yankee ( a.k.a the “King of Reggaeton”), Don Omar, Zion & Lenox, and Ivy Queen had my teenage self throwing it back like nobody’s business. Today, Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin are the top Reggaetón artists, but it might not be long before Zonk Rolan climbs his way to the top. Born in Humacao, Puerto Rico, and raised in Milwaukee, WI,  Rolan has leaned into his talent for making reggaetón music. After stepping away from making Spanish music for six years, a friend encouraged Rolan to make a reggaetón song again. “At first I was opposed to it. I was like ‘Nah, fuck that.’ I did that before,” says Rolan. Despite not releasing any music during his hiatus, he says something clicked. “When I made that reggaetón song [Acesina], something in me built my courage up enough to say fuck it. I’m gonna release it and see …

Imma Go Up – [Lil Omee]

By Samantha De Leon // 8 Aug 2022

It never ceases to amaze me how there’s always new music to check out. With so many talented artists coming up daily, I feel like I’ll never catch up on who’s releasing what and what I need to listen to in the now. Thankfully, Instagram has come in handy for finding new artists, and this week, “Imma Go Up,” by Lil Omee feat. AnDyKoolKiD and JackyJ has been on repeat. Released three weeks ago, the song has amassed almost 300K plays on Spotify, which I find pretty impressive for someone who broke into the music industry last year by producing his first single “Model.” A year later, “Imma Go Up,” is the perfect reintroduction track to who Lil Omee is as an upcoming artist and his newfound sound. What’s especially fun about his latest release is that the song is never stagnant. There’s a continuous flow and a unique variety of change-ups in less than 4 minutes. The first time I listened to it, I thought it wasn’t the same song– I even had to pause this song for a second to check. From start to finish, the beat is crazy cool and so is his ability to rap and write …

Please Don’t Tempt Me – Mati

By Samantha De Leon // 25 Jul 2022

In recent years, the Midwest hip-hop scene has steadily developed into a vibrant hub for up-and-coming artists. And in Minnesota, the Twin Cities is flourishing with new talent. Of the up-and-coming artists in the Twin Cities, singer and songwriter Mati released his latest single “Please Don’t Tempt Me,” in early July, and I have to say, I’m quite tempted. Since his release of  “Sweet Life,” last December, Mati has spent the last couple of months refining his sound to set a new standard for his future releases. When I first listened to “Please Don’t Tempt Me,” I was instantly hooked. The guitar lick in the intro sets this vibe/R&B centric song up for a smooth car ride with all the windows down. As soon as the beat and vocals drop, you’re cruising down the road with nothing but the music turned all the way up. After listening to the song for the 10th time, I can’t stop thinking about how well the beat and instrumentals work together in conjunction with his lyrics. Known for his ability to fuse creative melodies with poetic lyricism, Mati’s talent stems from his early stages of writing spoken word and poetry. In this song, he talks about …

Pigment – [Clayton]

By Samantha De Leon // 7 Jul 2022

You’ll want to add this song to your “intimate” playlist. As one of Milwaukee’s best artists, Clayton released his latest single “Pigment,” a song that exemplifies his ability to translate past romantic experiences into song. If you’ve listened to Clayton’s ensemble, then you know that he’s a sensual and passionate individual who lives and breathes music. You can hear it in his lyricism and see it in his music videos. For example, “Somehow Beautiful” and “2:22” are pieces of work that are not only visually stunning but a clear indicator of his ability to be a storyteller and creative. While this isn’t the first time Clayton has touched upon subjects of intimacy, “Pigment” almost feels like we’re getting flashbacks to intimate moments–you know, the ones behind closed doors. The intro starts out with an atmospheric beat that reminds me of one you’d find on Lofi Girl’s hip-hop radio beats on YouTube. With the dreary chords and background high hats, you feel this sense of nostalgia that brings you back to an intimate moment. Once the vocals hit, you’ll probably be enchanted by his lush harmonies and ethereal vocals like I was. And you’re right to guess that the song is about …