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I'm a recent college grad with a passion for music and exotic fruits. After working with Travis Scott for his Grammy performance, I started writing for outlets like Pigeons & Planes, Ones To Watch, Fashionably Early, Mostley Music, StereoVision, Sheesh Media, and more. When I'm not working at the studio, I'm wading through my DMs listening to pitches or in the trenches of Soundcloud. Hit my line and let's link!

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Poland – [Lil Yachty]&[F1LTHY]

By Carter Fife // 5 Oct 2022

When you look at music’s history of celebrated singers, names like Barbara Streisand, Beyoncé, and Celine Dion decorate the pantheon of artists who wield their vibrato-laden voices like the noble King Arthur with his sword, or the troubled Van Gogh with his paintbrush. Joining these legendary singers today is none other than Atlanta singer/songwriter Lil Yachty with his newest release “Poland” – produced by none other than F1LTHY himself. Synthesizing seasoned and dulcet vocal tones with a modern rage flair, “Poland” sees Lil Yachty at his strongest since the halcyon days of “One Night” and “Minnesota”. Lil Yachty sings “woooOOOooOOOOOOooock” in a manner resembling a sweet whisper fading into the wind’s infinite majesty, every moment a sacred gift from one of the best artists alive at present. It leaves me without speech, and yet I type. Perhaps there is nothing left to say about “Poland” aside from the simple fact that it once again establishes Lil Yachty as not only a permanent fixture in modern music’s cultural canon, but a generational force of creative brilliance that mankind may never see again. Check out Lil Yachty and F1LTHY’s newest release “Poland” below:    


By Carter Fife // 3 Oct 2022

ATL-based rapper LOCS returns to us this week with the long-awaited release of his newest EP ARRIVAL – a painstakingly polished collection of high-energy and forward-thinking bangers primed for your weekly rotation. When we last heard from LOCS, the young artist had just dropped “Younging”, a warping and hypnotic track that was easily one of the most electrifying tracks to grace our pages in a minute. With the release of ARRIVAL – and the accompanying visual for “D4TC” – LOCS makes a strong case for 2022 being his year with a project that showcases not only his affinity for clever writing, but a high-octane energy that needs to be heard to be believed. After my first listen of ARRIVAL there were a few key takeaways that became immediately apparent to me. The first, and perhaps most significant, is how unrelenting and consistent LOCS’ delivery is. This statement rings true across all of his releases, so this should not come as a surprise to those already initiated to his music, but there were several moments on this EP where I found myself astonished at LOCS’ versatility and aggression. I found myself rewinding back to hear specific verses or lines once more, whether it was …

SWIM – [Chloe Tang]

By Carter Fife // 23 Sep 2022

As I’ve grown older I’ve learned that life is best lived as flexibly as possible. People that do not fixate on society’s rules and norms tend to be much happier, moving like water in a world that demands details and organization. Due to my special affinity for overthinking and #panicattacks, I am unfortunately not one of these people – but I have always envied those who can move through life untethered without care. Among them is LA-based singer/songwriter Chloe Tang who returns this month with her new bop “SWIM” – a track that even though I may be a bit late in covering (sorry lol), it still sounds just as new and refreshing as it did 3 weeks ago. Rejecting the rigid hegemony of labels and romantic relationships, Chloe Tang opts to go with the flow on her new ambient-R&B-flavored banger. Between Chloe’s vocal harmonies and Adam Boukis’s fluid production style – “SWIM” is the perfect song for both cuffing season AND reflecting on summertime memories at the pool or beach. With more music likely coming down the pipeline before the end of the year, “SWIM” needs to be on your radar as the leaves start to change color and …

Forever – [Pretty V]

By Carter Fife // 23 Sep 2022

As Fall turns the corner, many of us are scrambling to assemble the perfect lineup to start our fall rotations and playlists. Though September has already been a month flooded with high-quality releases, none are perhaps more deserving of your attention than rising UK rapper Pretty V who returns with his latest project Forever. Though it’s been a minute since V (FKA Voldy Moyo) released his last project Liberty City in 2020, his past few singles suggest that he hasn’t taken a day off since. Preceded by singles like “Uh uh” and “OBAMA” – Forever is a tightly-woven collection of psychedelic and cloud-rap tracks that showcase a rarely-seen side of England’s cultural canon. From the lurching bass signals of “DROGBA” to the nostalgic soul samples of “There’s Always Something For You To Get Over”, Pretty V uses Forever to not only showcase his unique futuristic sound, but also to showcase a talent and versatility that is just as uncommon as it is understated. With eighteen tracks making up Forever‘s tracklist, fans of V old and new are sure to find something to enjoy across the project’s diverse tracklist. While I’m hoping that V treats fans to some new visuals or tracks before the year ends, ultimately …

Weekend – [Ashley Mehta]

By Carter Fife // 23 Sep 2022

If Ashley Mehta has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Ashley has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Ashley has one fan, then I am THAT fan. If Ashley has no fans, that means I am dead. Though the world of TikTok singer/songwriters is filled with undeniable talent and people trying to stand apart from the crowd – nobody does it quite as well (or as effortlessly) as Ashley Mehta. This month our savior returns with “Weekend”, an energy-filled and optimistic anthem about romantic rumination and internal tension. Though Confucius said that desire is the root of all suffering, Ashley Mehta can’t help but “want it better than the weekend” – and I don’t blame her. Between an affinity for songwriting that is just as clever as it is understated, and a knack for vocal harmonies that could rival many of pop’s modern titans – Ashley Mehta is a powerhouse ready for pop music’s upper echelon. Preceded by July’s single “Facetime Freestyle”, I’m praying that “Weekend” is not just a banger primed for our weekly rotations, but also a harbinger of more music to come. Until the time for another new single comes, …

WAIT ON YOU – [Blession]

By Carter Fife // 16 Sep 2022

Synthesizing electric pop futurism with vintage R&B ingenuity, this week Blession makes his mark on 2022 with his debut single “WAIT ON YOU”. Zimbabwe-born and England-based, Blession’s unique background is just as noteworthy as his undeniable affinity for clever songwriting. From “WAIT ON YOU”‘s nostalgic synths to its dulcet-yet-emotive vocals, Blession’s debut is a rare example of an artist pushing the culture forward while also moving with a deep reverence for the past. His voice is soulful and intimate – effortlessly flowing on the perfectly polished 80’s adjacent mix that “WAIT ON YOU” is built upon. Just like his background, Blession’s debut is a seamless blend of two styles and cultures that unite in perfect harmony to create something entirely brand new. If you’re anything like me, Dawn FM left you fiending for more futuristic R&B with a retro feel – and luckily Blession scratches that itch and then some. With more music slated for release soon, few artists are deserving of your eyes and ears like Blession.   Check out Blession’s debut single “WAIT ON YOU” below: 

SURFIN – [Kojima Plus] feat. [ZAYALLCAPS]

By Carter Fife // 16 Sep 2022

Though the world of upcoming artists is decorated with an endless roster of undeniable talent and boundary-pushing music, few artists get support from me like Kojima Plus and ZAYALLCAPS. Carter Fife devotees (my mom) might recognize Kojima Plus from the TikTok favorite “snow elf” or LL coverage for his last project SKYLINE UNLIMITED – an EP decorated with futuristic and genre-blurring bangers from one of LA’s best kept secrets. On SKYLINE UNLIMITED there exists a bop known as “SURFIN”, an atmospheric and hypnotic R&B-meets-hip-hop-meets-DnB anthem featuring two of underground music’s most cherished darlings. Enter Kojima Plus and ZAY: together they unite to amplify each other’s undeniable artistic spirit and charisma on what is possibly the best song of 2022. This month fans are treated to “SURFIN”‘s long-awaited visual, a hazy and melancholic masterpiece filled with 203 seconds of raw and film grain sunset vibes. Directed by SEBCUBILLE – shots of the beach and airplanes flying overhead are juxtaposed against shots of Kojima and special guest ZAY simply doing their thing. If the visual leaves you ravenous to see this song performed live – you’re not alone, but you’re also too late. The duo recently performed this track together at LA’s Jojank & …

elvira – [jssr]

By Carter Fife // 13 Sep 2022

While taking a mental health ~hiatus~ away from the music journalism rat race, I’ve been able to reflect on the things that I feel are most important to me. Among them are the sacred community of friendship, the fortune of good health, and the music of jssr. This isn’t the first time he’s graced the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, as previously jssr made his mark on this site alongside che for their genre-warping pluggnb banger “feel”. Since then I’ve done a bit of a deep dive on jssr – but luckily this month our hero returns with the three-track EP elvira. Perfect for fans old and new, elvira presents listeners with three finely-tuned bangers laced with jssr’s eclectic and boundary-pushing blend of plugg, trap, and experimental electronic bliss. Take the standout track “day with me” for example – jssr’s perfectly-polished autotuned distortion finds perfect harmony alongside hard-hitting percussion and layered synth patterns. Self-produced alongside Maxwell4k, “day with me” sounds like an unholy mix of che, SBTRKT, and midwxst all rolled into one, but though comparisons can be made between jssr and many of his contemporaries, he truly stands in a lane of his own. The other two tracks – the EDM-touched-yet-also-somehow-hyperpop-adjacent …