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What up, I'm Alexis a senior in high school. I'm really into all genres of music and enjoy sharing my opinion on it. Send me anything you think is dope!

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Yours – [maye]

By Alexis Ramon // 16 Feb 2021

The first time I heard Maye’s music I knew she was something special from her exquisite voice and her sublime beats. After her single, Tú landed on Barack Obama’s 2020 Summer Playlist, she has had an influx of popularity as her music reaches more and more people. Her newest single, Yours dropped on Friday and once again delivers the sensation of delight and euphoria that is typically associated with the genre of bedroom pop. With the track being mostly in English, it’s an excellent introduction to the talented songwriter hailing from Venezuela. The record itself is incredibly produced with alternating instruments weaving themselves into the lyrics. The vocals feel whimsical and dreamy as she sings over lost love and trying to find her perfect love. Check out the new track down below. Produced by Patrick Howard, Fernando Belisario

Calling My Phone – [Lil Tjay] x [6LACK]

By Alexis Ramon // 12 Feb 2021

While New York has always been a hub for hip-hop and upcoming entertainment trends, I have been really excited about the progression of how many young rap acts have come through in the past couple of years from the late Pop Smoke to exciting prospects like Sheff G and Fivio Foreign. However, someone who has really caught my eye in the past couple of years has been Lil Tjay, his fusion of R&B elements and NY Drill have allowed for an incredible style that is unique and memorable. Off a successful EP entitled, State of Emergency, Lil Tjay returned on Friday with a new single, Calling My Phone accompanied by the silky-smooth gift of 6LACK’s voice. The vocals are layered by an incredibly peaceful instrumental that seamlessly blends together piano keys. The song itself is coated with the story of someone who is lost in a relationship and trying to forget about what he once had, a tale widely shared by many. The record was accompanied by a stunning music video which I believed to be full of incredible euphemisms and symbolism like the scattering of a plethora of phones and only having one available emphasized the idea that while …

See Red – [Pooh Sheisty]

By Alexis Ramon // 11 Feb 2021

Pooh Shiesty’s growth not only as a rapper but as an artist has been nothing short of exponential. Hailing from Memphis, 21-year-old Shiesty started his career with an early cosign from Gucci Mane but has quickly blown up to be one of the most promising new names in hip-hop.  His debut project, Shiesty Season dropped earlier this month and has slowly captured the attention of charts and critics who laud the project for its gritty rhymes and versatility. A stand-out track, See Red received the music-video treatment and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the emotion portrayed throughout the track. The intro of the song begins with an alternative feel but quickly shifts into Shiesty’s signature style as the video shifts back to him. While the video has the common cash in hand, exclusive cars and women what most impressed me were the different hues presented through the video. The neon colors and the fading videography really give the video a psychadelic feel that seems to work well with Shiesty’s rhymes. Check out the new video down below. Produced by PopNick,TP808•Directed by Jordan Spencer

Gravity – [Brent Faiyaz] x [DJ Dahi] ft. [Tyler, The Creator]

By Alexis Ramon // 1 Feb 2021

Brent Faiyaz has slowly grown from an underground staple to becoming one of the pioneers of the new wave of R&B. Coming off his commercially successful album, Fuck the World last year, a lot of people were excited to see what else Faiyaz could offer. Returning with his newest offering, Gravity he delivers an ethereal track that brought me in as soon as I heard that first spine-tingling bass drop offered by the incredibly-talented DJ Dahi who is widely considered to be one of the best producers around. The track is embedded with sounds of Lo-fi, R&B, and a sublime feature from Tyler, the Creator really wrap this project around for what I consider to be one of the best singles of the year so far. Take some time and listen to the record down below

Clinton Hill – [KOTA the Friend]

By Alexis Ramon // 19 Jan 2021

KOTA The Friend is someone who has slowly ascended into a position where he is the writer of his own destiny. Having amassed a large following and critical acclaim for his previous album, EVERYTHING. Kota finds himself still an independent artist who has no chains on his creative boundaries. With the limitless possibilities he finds himself with, he decided to drop a new project entitled, “Lyrics to GO, Vol. 2” on Sunday. An embodiment of sentiments, the album provides introspection into Kota’s mind while keeping a short runtime, clocking in right around fifteen minutes with ten songs a part of the project. These shorter musical endeavors allow him to say exactly what’s on his mind without anything extra. Alongside the project, he released the first visual component of the album, in a video for Clinton Hill. Kota keeps along the lines of his previous videos for the Lyrics to Go Project, with a single still accompanying the record playing. It’s not always that less is more, but in this example, the video really allows for his message to shine as he talks about being a role model for the children in his neighborhood and having to stay humble now that he …

Goosebumps (Remix) – [Travis Scott] x [HVME]

By Alexis Ramon // 19 Jan 2021

Travis Scott is someone who needs no introduction, a grammy-nominated artist, and someone who has topped the charts for the latter part of the last decade. Serving as an inspiration to thousands who seek to express themselves through music, Travis is certainly someone who will long be remembered long after this era of rap is gone. HVME however is someone with who I just recently became familiar. Hailing from southern Spain, his incorporation of Southern European rave culture into his music is incredible and took me aback on my first listen of the remix of the 2016 hit, Goosebumps with HVME’s EDM fusing through Travis’ vocals. To hear something so familiar be completely changed while keeping the original integrity of the song is awe-striking. In a non-covid world, I can see these songs perfectly-placed beat drops tearing through clubs and festivals. The rising tempo feels perfect for a party or even just a kick-back with friends. Take some time and listen to the new track right here.

Having a Good Time, Sometimes – [Bakar]

By Alexis Ramon // 26 Dec 2020

Bakar’s artistic talent has always astounded me since the first time I listened to Big Dreams on a video game soundtrack. His extensive musical range and melodic voice always leave his fans in for a treat and he did not disappoint on his newest record. Completing a trilogy of singles, Bakar returned today with his newest single, Having a Good Time, Sometimes. The ethereal instrumental really allows Bakar’s vocals to shine through the somber lyrics. His varying vocal pitches throughout the track left me in awe as he switches between the chorus and the verses. The mellow rhythm of the song seethes through giving it a very laid-back feel. Kick back and enjoy the new single down below. Produced by Zach Nahome

Coco – [24kGoldn] ft [DaBaby]

By Alexis Ramon // 4 Dec 2020

Having proved himself with a viral sensation earlier this year through City of Angels and another hit, Mood reaching the #1 spot on Billboard’s Hot 100, 2020 has proven to be 24kGoldn’s year. He has had an astronomical rise from attending USC to being one of the biggest names in the music industry, it’s clear that 24kGoldn is here to stay. He returned on Friday with another hit accompanied by DaBaby (who has also had an incredible 2020 with two albums) to drop Coco. The energetic track delivers an upbeat feel juxtapositioned with lyrics riddled with relationship issues. This leads to one of the most interesting tracks of the year that is catchy as it is real. DaBaby delivers high-energy rhymes that perfectly fit between 24kGoldn’s chorus establishing their undeniable chemistry together. Make sure to check out this future hit down below or check out his interview with Lyrical Lemonade here Produced by Omar Fedi and 94Skrt