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BACK UP [Morgan Gold]

By Brandon Washington // 16 May 2022

“My inspirations derive from the complexity of human emotion and spirituality. The way we are, and the things we can achieve are part of something so much larger than life as we know it” – Morgan Gold LA-born and Chicago based artist Morgan Gold makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a chill new song titled “BACK UP.” Serving as the first and only single off her upcoming debut album, MIDAS, the track was produced and engineered by Morgan’s longtime collaborator and fiancé, Jamie Sumner (730Skylar). With a pop and R&B fused palette, Morgan has coined her sound as “Ethereal R&B;” a genre that’s both euphorically genuine. In 070 Shake-like fashion, Morgan Gold smoothly glides over the soft, ambient instrumental with her own unique celestial flow. Peep the official music video for “BACK UP,” directed by Eddie Supa below!


By Brandon Washington // 2 May 2022

Palmdale, California artist ihateyouALX makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a chilly new track titled “Defrost.” Inspired by the likes of Smino, Isaiah Rashad and  J Dilla, his dual rap and production capabilities expands his fanbase by default. On this particular offering, the Buckley produced instrumental provides a sleek bounce as ihateyouALX sports a poised controlled flow to remain on beat at all times. Moreover, while the artist’s vocals aren’t the focal point, they certainly make do for a catchy Spanglish hook. With consistency in release quality and a brilliant team in his corner, the future is bright for ihateyouALX. Listen to “Defrost” by ihateyouALX below!

Self-Conscious-[Tullis] x [Donnie Durag] x [Roddy]

By Brandon Washington // 2 May 2022

“I’ve been trying to remain present, and not lose sight of the whole reason I do this. This one is for all of you when you doubt whether or not you’re great, YOU ARE!⁣” – Tullis Phoenix, Arizona native Tullis returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a brand new banger titled “Self-Conscious.” Featuring Flatbush, Brooklyn’s Donnie Durag, in my opinion this is undoubtedly Tullis’ best single release to date. Produced by Roddy, the song opens up immediately with a glorious melody sample moments before Tullis showcases his signature introspective flow. On Durag’s short yet excellent verse, Donnie takes a slightly more optimistic approach; making money off misfortune for instance. Alluding to his difficulties as an artist, Tullis’ sky-high ambition of “being the greatest there ever was” contrasts with his current social standing. The predicament and/or burden of being ‘underrated’ can mentally drain artists; especially  independent ones as they tirelessly push for placements to elevate their own discographic stature. Like any worthwhile endeavor, creative inspiration is hard to maintain without some form of earned recognition. Hence the ever-importance to always remain ‘self-conscious’ of one’s talent(s), which can never be denied no matter public opinion. Support the track and listen below!

under your weather-[dyl dion]

By Brandon Washington // 2 May 2022

“‘under your weather’ is about how things are temporary and sometimes don’t last as long as we think they will. I think that a lot of the song is me reassuring myself that whatever is happening now, whether it’s good or bad, is not here to last forever. To me, this can be hopeful, or a reminder to cherish what is happening in the moment. I think that the line, “not mad about the clouds floating over my head” is me basically saying how no matter what is changing in my life, whether it’s good or bad, the best thing I can do is welcome these changes. I think the reason for this line and a lot of lines in the song is for me to be reminded that I shouldn’t be afraid of the future, because there is no stopping what is meant to happen” – dyl dion Wilmington, North Carolina artist dyl dion makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a cloudy bedroom banger titled “under your weather.” At just seventeen years of age, I am highly impressed with dion’s maturity from a personal and musical standpoint. Very much thriving in the bedroom indie pop category, dyl’s vocals seamlessly …

.Grab The Wheel!-[Reno Shakur]

By Brandon Washington // 2 May 2022

Atlanta, Georgia artist Reno Shakur returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a statement offering titled “.Grab The Wheel!” Produced by AyoNicky, the song serves as a single off Shakur’s upcoming album titled By Any Means Necessary, which succeeds his debut EP .Up! For Dayz. Intentionally leaving the opening eight seconds as a moment of silence for his lost childhood friend and a few others, AyoNicky’s beat craftsmanship eventually kicks in to align with Reno’s energetic flare. With a multi-assortment of confident, ambitious flows, Reno Shakur continues to make the art of rapping seem effortless. Stream “.Grab The Wheel!” below!  

wish i never-[Kehlani]

By Brandon Washington // 2 May 2022

Oakland, California superstar Kehlani has released one of the best songs of the year; arguably decade, titled “wish I never.” Serving as a notable song on her impeccable new album blue water road, the track masterfully samples Slick Rick’s classic “Children’s Story” record. With Co-production from Pop Wansel and Rogét Chahayed, “wish i never” immediately kicks off in stunning modern R&B fashion. Kehlani dazzles over the elite instrumental with a variety of upbeat flows in order to emphatically speak from a regretful storytelling lens. From start to finish my head was nodding to the ridiculous amount of bounce this offering has, as it maintains a fast-paced rhythm while simultaneously aligning with Kehlani’s varied vocal speeds. I truly am at a loss of words with how creative and brilliant this song is, which is just one of the many standouts on blue water road. Listen to “wish i never” below!  

Tu Me Ha Cambiado – [jame minogue]

By Brandon Washington // 27 Apr 2022

“It [Tu Me Ha Cambiado] explores the transformation that happens when you accept what love is and all of the beautiful delicacies that come with it” – jame minogue Dominican-Irish artist jame minogue makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a smooth, heartfelt Spanish love ballad titled “Tu Me Ha Cambiado.” Accompanied by a warm, romantic beachside visual, there are strong Bossa Nova vibes led by Omar Tavarez’s elite co-production. minogue’s vocals are skillfully soft, and the lyrics predominantly being sung in Spanish provide an authentic listening experience that befits the artist’s identity. Each and every word sources from pure emotion coupled with qualities of felt sensualness. The song’s pacing is the very opposite of rushed, as the soothing acoustic guitar-led melody gradually leads to an eventual electric closure. “Tu Me Ha Cambiado” is an absolute gem with plenty of mainstream appeal from  a hit-record perspective, but more evident is the fact that jame minogue is one hell of a musician. Peep the Camila Noriega / Paulo Crichton directed visualizer below!

Just A Man – [Ajna]

By Brandon Washington // 26 Apr 2022

Westside LA artist Ajna makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a bar-filled track titled “Just A Man.” With a soulful sample, the artist speaks his truth as the production gradually picks up in pacing. Serving as the first single on his upcoming project entitled lifelines, this offering thematically provides a glimpse of Ajna’s maturely humble lyricism despite his young age. Along with a strong conviction to make money off of his music, listeners are able to grasp the genuine passion that stems from Ajna’s musical resolve. “Just A Man” is a title that speaks for itself; Ajna knows he is no better than anyone else as a human being, but he also knows how capable his talents are with the right mindset. Have a listen below via Soundcloud!