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Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon is an entrepreneur striving to reshape the creative space for good. Along with writing for LL, he is 1/2 Co-Founder of Project FILO - A creative hub + artist incubator for and by artists. If there is anything certain about Brandon, it is that he does not limit himself to one particular craft of expertise, for he aspires to achieve mastery in as many trades possible. For all LL related submissions please email [email protected] For all Project FILO related submissions, please email [email protected] All submissions will be equally considered. Please respect the writer's limited time and understand a response is not guaranteed due to sheer volume of emails. To support Brandon, consider donating via any contribution amount at projectfilo.com/donate

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It’s Depression – [Anna Shoemaker] x [Middle Part]

By Brandon Washington // 25 Oct 2021

Brooklyn, New York based artist Anna Shoemaker makes her well-deserved Lyrical Lemonade debut with her new song “It’s Depression.” I recently got into Shoemaker’s music by peeping her Everything Is Embarrassing EP, which was an incredible listen from start to finish. My favorite record of hers at the moment is “I Need Ya,” but truth be told there’s plenty of variety for listeners to choose from. Other brilliant songs in her discography, such as “Silver Cowboy Boots” contains plenty of personality and emotional content which provides insight into the perspective of Anna’s worldview. Featuring Middle Part, “It’s Depression” is a unique indie-rock anthem veiled under a despondent mental health lens. Shoemaker self-diagnoses her depressive state while detailing heartbreak; the lyrics from the chorus “tell me that you want me back” represent the improbable yet hopeful wish for her former relationship to be restored. Sonically the drum-led percussion and guitar instrumentation creates an upbeat anthem for Anna to somberly sing over, which Middle Part mirrors for a brief moment before the hook resumes. Not only is the song addictive, but it’s relatable lyricism fantastically highlights not only the tremendous burden of depression, but also the occasional agony of love. Listen to “It’s Depression” …

.Up! For Dayz [Reno Shakur]

By Brandon Washington // 25 Oct 2021

“.UP! For Dayz” is my breakthrough EP. I started working on this project during a stage of depression and writers block. At this point in my life a lot of reality started striking me all at once and I was upset. I started this project and made several songs and ended up not going with most of them. I took a break and came back in a much better head space and that was when things started to align better. I probably only had one song I was for sure using at that point. Once I got all the songs done for the tape I just sat back and analyzed them for months and perfected them until I knew it was time for their release. I came up with the name “.UP! For Dayz” because of two reasons: My passion and dedication to my craft leads me to stay up for long periods of time without rest, just as I was up for hours creating this project. But also, the term, “Up for days” represents my future success. The fact that I know that one day I’ll be somewhere high in the rap industry. Also, cleverly at the beginning of …

Lose myself – [Cece Maravilla] x [Heartgaze]

By Brandon Washington // 20 Oct 2021

“This is the beginning of building my own world. The journey feels isolated because the further you go into it the more isolated you feel from the people that used to understand you/understand you from what’s outside of your art. “I think about music as it’s my only option because it’s the only place I’ve ever been allowed to be myself. I say shit in my songs that I don’t even like to admit to myself out of it” – Cece Maravilla Madison, Wisconsin native and Chicago based artist Cece Maravilla returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a introspective single titled “Lose myself.” Featuring frequent collaborator Heartgaze, his rap verse provides a refreshing twist for a unique record that’s essentially genre-less. Despite being just nineteen years of age, Maravilla’s sound and words are naturally mature. Sonically the record contains a silky-smooth instrumental melody, which Cece calmly floats over before passing the musical baton to Heartgaze. Given that the track was co-produced by the talented pair, it’s no surprise that Maravilla and Heartgaze’s chemistry shines brightly. Moreover, with their friendship bond holding even more weight, subtle yet underrated aspects such as flawless transitions and mutual understanding of style(s) comes naturally to them. …

Where Were You – [FELIVAND] x [Chris Mazuera]

By Brandon Washington // 18 Oct 2021

“I wrote this song after realizing someone wasn’t there for me in a way I thought they would be & this song was a huge outlet for me and that feeling” – FELIVAND Brisbane, Australia’s star artist FELIVAND returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a dazzling new single titled “Where Were You.” The singer, songwriter and producer returns from her well-deserved hiatus following the release of her impressive (2020) Nerve EP.  “Where Were You” is accompanied with a Jennifer Embelton directed music video; the picturesque visuals beautifully capture FELIVAND’s emotions as she comes to terms with a distressing reality. Sonically her vocals are refined as always, and the drum-led instrumentation is met with harmonious co-production from Chris Mazuera. The chorus is sung with a signature level of elegance that’s universally present in her discography, and each lyric seems to receive an equal amount of emphasis to lay out the song’s theme. As one of my favorite artists, I couldn’t be more satisfied with this offering and look forward to hearing whatever else FELIVAND has in store for the remainder of this year. Peep the visuals for “Where Were You” below!

Jonesin’-[Worry Club]

By Brandon Washington // 14 Oct 2021

Chicago artist  Chase Walsh, better known as Worry Club returns to Lyrical Lemonade with one of his best songs yet called “Jonesin’.” Serving as the third single off his forthcoming EP, leading up to the release Chase stated that the track is completely different from any of the other records he’s made before; news flash, he wasn’t lying! Sonically the song opens up with an epic electric guitar line over a mellow drum-led melody. Worry Club’s words then kick in seamlessly around the fifty-four second mark to create an addictive indie anthem. It’s one of those offerings that’s equally enjoyable from both an instrumental and vocal standpoint, and I can only imagine how incredible it’d be to see Chase perform the track live. Listen to “Jonesin’” by Worry Club below!

Murallas [Centella] x [Heartgaze]

By Brandon Washington // 14 Oct 2021

“Murallas” is out now. This is a song that is many years old, in fact it was the first one I did during 2016 when this project was starting. At that time for me dealing with detachment, something that is perhaps super simple and broad, of course over the years it was taking an important role in my life and has become something perhaps much more complex, something about releasing negative things, because at the end we are alone in peace of mind and convictions are all we have” – Centella Santiago, Chile producer Centella makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with “Murallas,” an excellent song in collaboration with Argentinian artist Heartgaze. The track contains a smooth melody that’d be fitting for a classic film’s soundtrack such as Fallen Angels, while the VALPA created cover art reminds me of movie like Trainspotting. The synthetic production creates a mellow atmosphere fitting for a late-night slow dance with your significant other, and the vocals + raps align to mirror such romanticism. It’s an equally suitable vibe to spin for a late night drive or kickback, but regardless of circumstance this canción is worth your attention. Moreover, the organic guitar instrumentation toward the end tops …


By Brandon Washington // 12 Oct 2021

“Aletheia’s Calling is about finding your truth and fighting for the things you believe in. I crafted this project for a year and a half between France, Spain and Germany, and it has allowed me to discover myself in ways I would have never imagined” – Dirtsa Frano-Cameroonian artist Dirtsa makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a strong EP offering titled ALETHEIA’S CALLING. The short and sweet six-track offering contains plenty of variety with hip-hop, R&B, and even drill influences. Such versatility is displayed musically in every way from Dirtsa; her ability to sing with grace is equally as skillful as her arsenal to deliver a fire rap verse. Sonically the production is fresh with plenty of modern 808 instrumentation and organic twists, and each track completely differs from its predecessor. For these reasons it’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite track; the project simply gets better and better with each transition, and before you know it you’ll find yourself replaying it from the very beginning. Lyrically and conceptually Dirtsa’s words are both imaginative and insightful, as she often speaks from real-life experiences in some shape or form. For instance, speaking on the EP’s focus track, “Leon,” Dirtsa stated that “it’s an …


By Brandon Washington // 11 Oct 2021

“This Album is a journey of overcoming grief and an ode to personal freedom. I am truly blessed to be able to create and work on things that bring me happiness and none of that would be possible without the support from y’all. I want you to know that I pray that all of you are able to experience the joy of love and community that you show me regularly. Big shoutout to everyone who contributed to this album ya’ll my family frfr” – SoloSam Chicago’s own SoloSam returns to Lyrical Lemonade with his new album PRINCIPLES TO DIE BY. With eight songs total, each track contains its own layer of emotional depth and heartfelt expression. Don’t be fooled by the title, however. SoloSam revealed that the project is not about death, but instead a reflective process through several arduous stages of grief. Therefore, each acquired transformative principle has gradually strengthened SoloSam’s mental spirit, which is beautifully reflected through his music. Sonically the project contains a fresh variety of bangers as well as smooth joints, and the lyrical prowess doesn’t suffer whatsoever on either type. Despite the somber nature of the LP the cover art brightly blooms with an assortment of …