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Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Brandon is an entrepreneur striving to reshape the creative space for good. Along with writing for LL, he is 1/2 Co-Founder of Project FILO - a creative hub for and by artists. If there is anything certain about Brandon, it is that he does not limit himself to one particular craft, for he aspires to achieve mastery in as many trades possible.

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Brandon Washington

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Lot To Give – [Marlon Craft] x [6ix]

By Brandon Washington // 24 Nov 2020

Hell’s Kitchen hero Marlon Craft returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a sensational music video for his latest song “Lot To Give.” Produced by 6ix (with additional production from Travis Antoine), the song poses the question of what true success looks like in a complex modern world. The song title creates an anaphora for the beginning stanza while Craft alternates between associations with a lot (lotta) and got (gotta).    The current philosophical perspective from Craft revolves around gratitude, with understanding that it’s quite easy to overlook one’s good fortune. “It’s hard to reach objectives when it’s all subjective. I think success is feelin’ blessed with all that you been blessed with…” Craft further elaborates on his stance by emphasizing the addict-like behavior when it comes to dopamine injection; both in a literal and metaphorical sense. Highlighting a hedonistic society, many individuals of today rely on pleasure or instant gratification for fleeting moments of happiness. Like most of Marlon Craft’s discography, the level of transparency while expressing his vulnerabilities and emotional state(s) humanizes the record as it relates to a wide audience empathizing with him. For instance, Craft ponders whether he should take the vengeful path by calling out all the …

Thousand Pills – [Boldy James] x [Real Bad Man] x [Stove God Cooks]

By Brandon Washington // 23 Nov 2020

Veteran emcee and Griselda member Boldy James is the epitome of consistency. Already having released three quality albums this year, James recently announced a fourth full-length release titled Real Bad Boldy. The new LP is set for a December 11th date, with entire production from Real Bad Man. For a fitting preview, the duo recently released “Thousand Pills,” which serves as the first single off the awaited project. Featuring the established Stove God Cooks, Real Bad Man crafts an inconceivably ill hip-hop instrumental that couldn’t be more fitting for James and Cook’s exchange of immaculate bars. With crisp dominant drums and an eerily mellow melody, the theme of “Thousand Pills” reminds me of iconic works such as “Scarface” and “Breaking Bad,” with the lyricism painting a picture of a risky, yet profitable drug business. I can confidently vouch that this track is one of/if not the hardest single(s) of 2020, which undoubtedly builds great anticipation for Real Bad Boldy. Stream the record below!

Downtown 81 – [Roc Marciano] x [Jake One]

By Brandon Washington // 23 Nov 2020

New York hip-hop legend Roc Marciano recently released an iconic new Jason Goldwatch visual for his song “Downtown 81,” produced by Jake One. The music video is the first off Marciano’s new album Mt. Marci, which can currently exclusively be purchased through his website. Taking inspiration from Japanese culture, Goldwatch incorporates a 90’s esque video effect to reflect the year of 1981. The song title  mirrors the 2001 feature film “Downtown 81,” which starred the legendary late artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as he basked the lively downtown NY art and music scene of 1980-1981. Unsurprisingly, Roc Marciano weaves clever lyricism to emphasize the motif of the number eighty-one. For instance, Marciano references Kobe Bryant’s famous 81 point game against Toronto in 2006: “Made your ankle roll, did you dirty like Kobe did Jalen Rose.” Moreover, Roc flexes his Gucci frames and states that they were made in ’81, followed by a bonus acknowledgement that he’s driving 81 mph in a flashy Mercedes-Benz. Before this line, Marciano states that “the all white Alfa Romeo looks like yayo,” giving off his best Tony Montana impression. Although this fact wasn’t mentioned in the record, it is worth noting that the international dialing code of Japan …

RIP SMOKE – [AKTHESAVIOR] x [Powers Pleasant]

By Brandon Washington // 20 Nov 2020

Hardly a week after releasing “Be Back Soon,” AKTHESAVIOR keeps the ball rolling with another banger titled “RIP SMOKE.” Produced by Beastcoast legend Powers Pleasant, “RIP SMOKE” is a record paying homage to the late Brooklyn artist Pop Smoke. Pre-release AK also released a chilling visualizer to pour one for Smoke. While it’s completely expected for a Powers beat to be flawless, sonically it’s incredible how fitting it is as a true Pop Smoke-esque record. Although the song is sure to leave fans bittersweet while imagining how Smoke would sound, AK unsurprisingly holds his own solo by shredding the instrumental with his signature surgical flow. Proclaiming Brooklyn as his home, AK puts the world on notice that he’s more than willing to uphold the city’s chariot while honoring Pop Smoke and all the fallen soldiers of New York.  “RIP SMOKE” marks the second single of AKTHESAVIOR’s upcoming mixtape Almost Home, with one more track expected to drop before the project’s release. Stream the offering below!

Control [DEJA] x [Corey K]

By Brandon Washington // 17 Nov 2020

Solihull, Birmingham native DEJA makes her (solo) Lyrical Lemonade debut with a vivacious new single titled “Control.” Now residing in West London, the singer gathers inspiration from a variety of R&B/soul icons such as Stevie Wonder, Destiny’s Child, Aaliyah and Usher. Her sound has been crafted to align with a unique form of Pop infused R&B, which has garnered the attention of The Jacksons, Stormzy, Emeli Sandé, Macklemore, Etta Bond and Ady Suleiman through various performances/show openings. This year, DEJA’s debut EP titled Intro is in store, which intends to serve as a fiery introduction to her untapped audience. Speaking on her own track, DEJA provided greater context into the theme of “Control”: Corey K and I were discussing an alternate reality where women were and always had been the ones in power. For me, a recurring topic of conversation is the power of a woman; emotional, sexual, physical. Corey lay down a beat and these lyrics came to mind. “Get money, I’m good with it. Come ‘n let me show you what to do with it.” “I honestly believe the world would be a better place if women took the lead.  Regardless of your opinion on DEJA’s stance, it’s undeniable and non-negotiable that women …

Mother of Pearls [Willie The Kid] x [V Don] x [Eto]

By Brandon Washington // 17 Nov 2020

Willie The Kid returns to Lyrical Lemonade with another gem titled “Mother of Pearls.” Featuring the legendary Eto and produced by the consistently excellent V Don, the record is the first single off the upcoming album Detutsche Marks II. Despite just releasing his Capital Gains LP, Willie The Kid made his plans clear that he’s far from done with 2020 as far as the music and entrepreneurial space is concerned. “Mother of Pearls” serves as a very strong opener for the second offering of V Don & Willie’s esteemed classic, with Eto’s verse solidifying the sheer quality of the collaboration. V Don’s production is crisp for perfection; the beat layers a daunting melody that’s only suitable for genuine emcees. Per usual, Willie The Kid flaunts heavyweight lyricism such as “Fu** a buzz longevity my testimony, consistent, my ni**** focused no recidivism, nevertheless you can still become a shooting victim.” Eto of course matches in merit, spouting off ridiculous bars such as: “Pastor asked me why am I standing up I told him the prayer’s bigger than a kneel.” I was already hype for Deutsche Marks II, so this offering only amplifies my excitement for the full release. Listen to “Mother of Pearls” below!

Wilderness – [Malz Monday]

By Brandon Washington // 13 Nov 2020

If you’ve always hated Mondays, hear me out; you’re going to want to give Malz Monday a chance. Malz Monday is an independent artist hailing from upstate New York. Monday recently released his debut album Thank God It’s Monday, with the deluxe version possibly on the way. Aside from his unique rap moniker, Malz Monday’s ability to switch from a traditional gritty NY sound to a modern 808-filled banger is a key factor for his rising artist trajectory. His latest single “Wildnerness” is a prime example of the latter; with seemingly breathless flows, Monday has achieved mastery in matching the pace of any beat he touches. Although the record contains the vibe for a Friday, it’s only right that you also bump it on a Monday. Check out the track below!

B2in1s – [Hannah Rodríguez] x [Hobbes Duende]

By Brandon Washington // 12 Nov 2020

The phenomenally gifted Project FILO singer/songwriter/producer Hannah Rodríguez returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a dazzling new single titled “B2in1s.” The record follows Rodríguez’s popular song “Medicine,” which was a sleek acapella record. Arguably her best record yet (certainly my favorite), the production from Hobbes Duende is a luscious jazz instrumental that perfectly captures Hannah’s dreamy romantic vocals. Although the track is a little over three minutes, the runtime feels more like one, which will leave the listener craving more auditory bliss. While Hannah frequently draws comparison from the iconic Amy Winehouse, this particular offering of hers is perhaps the most suitable. Checking the boxes of passionate lyricism, jazzy vocal chords, and confidence in expression, regardless of her Winehouse resemblance no one can deny that Hannah Rodríguez has all the makings to be her own superstar. Stream “B2in1s,” the latest offering from Hannah Rodríguez below!