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News – [Lil Mexico]

By Jack Gregory // 8 Apr 2020

South Carolina rapper Lil Mexico is back with another electric visual for his new track “News,” and this video is yet another installation in an already stocked catalog that Mexico has built for himself over the past year. “News” is an electric guitar-driven track that shows off all of Lil Mexico’s outstanding vocal talent and range that goes from spitting more traditional trap bars to being able to deliver captivating melodies. He is showing zero signs of slowing down and is improving with every single new release, and that is truly the mark of a great artist. Lil Mexico absolutely has the potential to become a household name and it is only a matter of time until his notoriety translates from his region to the entire country. I keep finding myself more and more impressed with this track after each listen and I am very excited to see what else Lil Mexico has up his sleeve.


By Jack Gregory // 30 Mar 2020

Nashville’s Eddy Niz is back with a new Topper Atwood produced single entitled “Custy,” and this is yet another example of the remarkable chemistry between Niz and Atwood that only gets stronger with the more music they collaborate on and release together. Eddy Niz continues to flex his incredible lyrical ability on this latest track and it is clear that very few rappers can rival his punchline abilities and the more I listen to “Custy” the more sly references or double-entendres I catch, and that makes listening to Eddy Niz continually entertaining. I am excited to see where Eddy Niz goes next and am eager to hear a full body of work from him in the near future.

Frontline – [Slimelife Shawty]

By Jack Gregory // 30 Mar 2020

Atlanta’s Slimelife Shawty returns today with an emotional new video for his track “Frontline” directed by Reefa Filmz. Powered by an emotional instrumental bolstered on by a high-pitched vocal sample, giving Shawty a perfect backdrop to spit his melodic bars. Recently Slimelife Shawty appeared on Lil Gotit’s latest album intro-track and has been providing a steady stream of music videos to make his art even more personable. Keep an eye on him as the year continues to progress, as it seems that he is poised to take a big next step towards stardom in 2020. I am very, very excited to see what else Slimelife Shawty has in his bag and am very excited for him to drop new music.

Harold Harper discusses his Lil Uzi Vert placement, his dream collaborations, and production influences

By Jack Gregory // 30 Mar 2020

Now that the internet has become the prevailing conduit for music connections and communication on both the actual production and administrative fronts many barriers to entry have been removed and past restrictions like geography or relationships (or lack thereof) have now been proven irrelevant. Almost every day I see a tweet from some famous rapper begging his followers to send beats to some random throwaway Gmail account that will likely only be logged into once or twice, and yet, thousands of producers have made their fortunes off of this very process. These stories are always fascinating to me as the amount of luck involved makes each case seem like nothing short of fate itself intervening. I am sure that many of our Lyrical Lemonade readers can remember the numerous instances over the past year where Lil Uzi Vert took his search for instrumentals to Twitter and struck gold. Harold Harper was one of the hundreds who sent his pack of production over to the Philly superstar but was the lone producer to actually land a placement on Uzi’s already legendary recent project, Eternal Atake. Now to many of you Harold Harper is somewhat of a familiar name and is revered by many …

4 Headed Goat – [Breadwinna Gdawg]

By Jack Gregory // 29 Mar 2020

Florida rap music has developed into something of its own sub-genre over the past ten years and the distinct bounce and southern drawl that Florida rappers have made so famous are only continuing to morph into something even cooler. Presently, Breadwinna Gdawg (which is easily one of the best rap names out) is holding it down for his home state and the Palm Coast native is only strengthening his vice grip on the region with each new releases he gifts fans. Most recently Gdawg unloaded his 4 Headed Goat mixtape that showed several different sides and skillsets of the budding artist and he left zero doubt about his natural rapping ability, as he spits his impassioned and genuine lyrics across all of the sixteen tracks that are apart of this project. Breadwinna Gdawg can flat out rap and while he may not be doing lyrical gymnastics on the beat, he still brings unique flows and non-recycled lyrics to each beat he hops on. 4 Headed Goat has but three guest verses, but the artists included are all heavy-hitters in their own right, featuring fellow Floridians 9lokknine, Yungeen Ace, and Lil Poppa. I was quite impressed with this project and while Breadwinna Gdawg is still …

Y.O.U – [Reggie Becton]

By Jack Gregory // 28 Mar 2020

Since first hearing Reggie Becton’s track “Rainin’ in LA” I was completely sold on the PG County, MD artist who has since moved to Los Angeles to chase his musical dreams, and with each new release or teaser that I have encountered since from Becton has left me just as impressed as that first listen months ago. Most recently Becton has unveiled a new visual for his track “Y.O.U” off of his 2019 EP My Beanie’s Orange and this is another great look at his skill set, showing off all of his overflowing soulfulness and velvety vocals simultaneously. Another facet to Reggie Becton that I always appreciate is the writing ability that is transparent and relatable and has enabled him to captivate his growing fanbase. I am very excited to see where Reggie Becton goes next and would highly recommend checking him out if you aren’t familiar already.

Misunderstood – [Yak Yola]

By Jack Gregory // 26 Mar 2020

Philadelphia rapper Yak Yola is back with a new eleven-track debut project titled Misunderstood that is a chaotic and genuine picture of Yola’s personal life and street tales from a city that is plagued with violence. He opens the project with his high-octane cut “All In” that establishes the fact that Yak Yola refuses to back down from any challenge or challenger. “Demon Flow” is my favorite song from the project and Jakfor4’s fast-paced beat set Yola up to spit his impassioned bars, and on the project’s outro, he remixed the aforementioned track with the help of New York heavy-hitters Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow. “Trap Boy” is another memorable record and is a distinctly drill-tinged track produced by Khroam and I would love to hear Yola hop on more beats around this pace. I really enjoyed this project and it was certainly a promising debut and I am eager to see Yak Yola only continue to develop artistically.

Keeping Time – [PG RA] [Jetsonmade]

By Jack Gregory // 26 Mar 2020

South Carolina’s PG RA and Jetsonmade, whose ‘Oh Lord, Jetson made another one’ tag is sure to ring bells if this sounds unfamiliar, are proving to be one of the most prolific and underrated producer/rapper duos in the game, and their latest song and visual for their latest cut “Keeping Time” is another brick in their already towering wall. PG turned in a decidedly emotional direction for his last release “Made It” that dropped only a couple of weeks ago, but as we sit back into this time of social isolation, PG RA has made it abundantly clear that he refuses to take his foot off the gas. Jetson’s instrumental is bolstered on by his trademark 808s that sound like they were dropped out of the sky, paired with an uplifting piano melody and this sets the stage adequately for PG RA to attack the beat. I am really, really excited to see what PG RA will drop next and I would highly recommend taking a listen to his 2019 project Blowing Candles if you have not already. Watch the Young Chang directed video at the link below.