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Unk and Auntie – [Quez4Real]

By Jack Gregory // 9 Jul 2020

Atlanta’s Quez4Real is back with a new visual for his track “Unk & Auntie” which is easily one of my favorite tracks yet from the youthful rapper who started to bubble up from the city’s southwest and he has managed to capitalize on this initial attention, growing his following with every release to this point. He called upon Kollosal yet again for this track’s production and while it was a slower tempo than previous songs it was also much more sparse sonically and he left Quez much room to work and flow. Quez talks his shit as usual on this track but his delivery was noticeably more matter-of-fact on this track, oftentimes almost bordering on whisper-like, but nonetheless his rap voice, although still raw, is obviously special and distinctively Atlanta. I am really excited to watch Quez4Real continue to develop as an artist and find and develop his own sound more and more.

UUV – [Baby 9eno]

By Jack Gregory // 9 Jul 2020

Southeast DC rapper Baby 9eno is back with a new video for his track “UUV” which is another installation into his rapidly expanding and overall very solid catalog of music and while some other artists from SE may have overshadowed 9eno some as views and likes are concerned, there is no doubt that 9eno is nonetheless one of the most respected up and coming artists from the entire DMV. His flow is blunt and he makes no effort to masquerade his vocals into an overly-menacing tone but rather relies on his natural flow and tempo and glides over the Nams produced instrumental with ease, walking from bar to bar and talking his shit with each passing beat. I hope that over the rest of 2020 Baby 9eno is able to rise to the top of his native DC as he is without question talented enough to make this leap, but it will come down to his ability to remain consistent with his musical output and start to evolve his sound, as he has already carved out his own unique flow to begin with.

Julius Erving – [EBE Savage]

By Jack Gregory // 9 Jul 2020

EBE Savage is the latest artist in a long but relatively recent list of new rappers to be bubbling up in Alabama’s largest city and the teenage Birmingham native is here to prove that while he might be younger than many of his musical peers, his music certainly has the veracity and intensity to captivate the attention and imaginations of listeners, while still having all of the youthful swagger and enthusiasm that draws youthful viewers by the thousands to his videos. His tracks “Savage” and “4 AM” were his two standout tracks up until he recently teamed up with Krispy Kam to bring his turnt-up track “Julius Erving” to life. This is yet another addition to Birmingham producer Taz’s loaded catalog of Alabama hits. Savage delivers each line with a particular vigor that lets you know that he really means every single word he spits. EBE Savage has all of the God-given ability to be the next rapper to really take off from the ‘Ham and it will likely only be a matter of time until he is mentioned alongside larger artists like TLE Cinco or Lil Bam but I have a feeling that he will manage to hang around …

Red Rum – [Ola Runt]

By Jack Gregory // 7 Jul 2020

Atlanta rapper Ola Runt is back yet again with his new visual “Red Rum” off of his recent Beggin’ for a Body project and this TK808 produced song comes at a time of much chaos and upheaval in Ola’s home city and his native Edgewood has been making several headlines over the past month or two for their raucous, not-socially-distanced block parties and most recently a mass shooting during one of these said block parties over the Fourth of July as twenty-three people were shot and two, unfortunately, lost their lives. However even amidst all of the strife and chaos throughout Edgewood and the greater Zone 6, Ola Runt has managed to unite this area under his own unique and brash banner of support that was recently stamped for eternity when Gucci Mane made Ola his first signee to his revamped label “The New 1017” alongside other new street titans like Foogiano, Pooh Shiesty, and Big Scarr. Gucci recently even hopped on Ola’s breakout track “Feel Like Guwop” which paid homage to the East Atlanta legend who in many ways walked so Ola could run, and also musically bears many similarities even though the sound and culture have certainly evolved …

Racks In – [MexikoDro]

By Jack Gregory // 1 Jul 2020

Whether you know it or not, if you are a fan of trap music you are a fan of MexikoDro and if you don’t believe me then ask any producer you know. His fingerprints are literally laced all over the genre and was one of the producers to truly create and put the ‘plugg’ sound on the map that went on to wildly impact both the larger SoundCloud and ‘street’ rap scenes and unquestionably stamped him alongside Zaytoven as the true trap architect. However Dro has been through many ups and downs over the past few years and has spent a lot of time in jail and unfortunately that has hindered him from receiving the spotlight and flowers he deserves, but today Dro is a free man and is more focused than ever and has pivoted to focusing more heavily on his solo artistry which is so distinctly Atlanta, and in many ways is exactly what you would expect him to rap like, aside from that his voice might be gruffer than anticipated. On his latest track “Racks In” the flow he hits reminds me almost of Bankroll Fresh and the raspiness of his flow only cements that similarity. The …

Famous – [OTL Beezy]

By Jack Gregory // 1 Jul 2020

Louisiana’s rap scene is certifiably legendary thanks to the contributions of established cities with massive scenes that have been popular for years and continue to this day in New Orleans and Baton Rouge but thanks to the internet artists from other places that may not necessarily be on the musical map yet have the tools to get their names out there and one artist who has been climbing the underground ranks from Lafayette is OTL Beezy who recently unloaded a sinister new visual for his track “Famous” that was powered by a simple but very creepy instrumental from SosaPerrion and this is the perfect atmosphere for Beezy, whose whisper-like falls almost like horror-film ASMR over the ominous piano strokes. Keep an eye on OTL Beezy as he continues to release solid music and videos and I hope to see him begin to develop his sound and flows more in upcoming tracks.

007 – [Li Heat]

By Jack Gregory // 1 Jul 2020

The viral video pattern in the street rap universe appears, to me at least, to often go something like this. A young kid who is popular in his neighborhood or high school will record a track that will quickly turn to a viral hit amongst his friends and their friends and so on and so forth across their zip-codes and school districts until sometimes as quickly as a week and sometimes as long as several months the artist eventually gets around to shooting the music video and because of it’s local popularity it is not very difficult at all for them to get dozens and dozens of their friends and acquaintances to pour into the video’s set with the type of distinct high energy that can only be produced by teenagers, and in Birmingham, AL where our latest viral video for new artist Li Heat’s track “007,” there is an almost locker-room like energy after a big win amongst Heat and his friends as they shout the lyrics together in unison. This same trend seems to have held true in the case of Li Heat, with some notable differences I am sure, but he is certainly the latest youthful street …

Tony Shhnow and CashCache! tell us how they linked up, their latest joint-project, how CashCache got his tag, and much more in an exclusive new Q&A

By Jack Gregory // 25 Jun 2020

2020 has been a year of mass chaos and upheaval that has lead to a great many growing pains within our different communities as dissension increases more and more and on a much more microcosmic level, this has been reflected in many different music trends, specifically within rap, that have begun to take shape over the last twelve months that are certainly challenging sonic status-quos while also inspiring and grabbing the attention of new listeners every day who are tired of hearing the exact same type of boring song structure and production tropes continually. Atlanta in particular has been a hotbed for this rise of creativity and innovation within the ‘trap’ and ‘SoundCloud’ spaces that have given both artists and producers a blank canvas to essentially riff on the sounds and flows pulled off by their peers. It is innately collaborative and frankly beautiful to watch and while people may immediately point to artists like 645AR, whose squeaky-voiced flow has already enchanted millions this year, or even Kenny Mason who is beginning to work metal and shoegaze production tendencies into his music in a completely new way, unlike the tired and drab ‘rap-rock’ of previous years. However, neither of these …