Black Balloons Reprise- [Flying Lotus] ft. [Denzel Curry]

By LL intern // 4 Dec 2019

Although Black Balloons is typically a trademark of Denzel Curry’s, Flying Lotus decided to borrow the idea and run with it in his latest visual for “Black Balloons Reprise”. He didn’t leave the South Florida hanging though and invited him to spit the bars over his always impeccable production. The single has a 90’s-heavy sort of sound with the boom-bap percussion, but FlyLo adds his own spice to it with different melodies and sound effects that only he knows how to masterfully use. The visual is completely black and white, adding to the dark aura that consumes the lyrics Denzel is spurting. Literal black balloons can be seen in almost every shot, and bad omens like a black cat help contribute to the messages expressed. One of the most powerful parts of the video was when Denzel sat down to write a message in a notebook, and the pen was directly hooked up to his bloodstream. It made me picture that he’s literally writing with every ounce of his being, whether it’s lyrics for his music or maybe another message he’s trying to convey. This visual for “Black Balloons Reprise” is very well shot, clear and concise, and it’s definitely …

Up to Sumn- [909Memphis]

By LL intern // 4 Dec 2019

It’s about time that 909Memphis makes his long-awaited but well-deserved debut on Lyrical Lemonade. I’ve been paying close attention to the moves that the Virginia native has been making for over a year now, and he’s impressed me the entire way. The approaches he takes to manipulate his vocals are truly one of a kind, and his talents along with the unique sound of his voice allow him to trade-off between musical love poems of sorts, dance anthems, and everything in-between. Most recently, Memphy delivered his latest single called “Up to Sumn”. This track is an intimate ballad that truly shows off the singer’s versatility. I say this because the song’s producer, Woodpecker, lays the groundwork for 909Memphis to speed up his cadence at times but slow it down and stretch out some notes for a very raw and emotional feel during other moments. He does this with slower piano portions which allows for Memphis to hum and almost add another instrumental layer with nothing but his voice. Then out of nowhere, smooth percussion hits, picking up the song’s pace before eventually cutting out once again, giving an interlude sort of feel to the record. Overall, “Up to Sumn” offers …

Yallwhadinthere & Salsa Verde – [MFnMelo]

By LL intern // 3 Dec 2019

MFnMelo has been on a roll ever since he dropped his project Everybody Eats. The impressive offering from the ascending star is a success without a doubt, and that’s before all of the additional videos to accompany it. As I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, I was pleasantly surprised to see Melo had released a video for one of my personal favorite tracks off the project “Yallwhadinthere”. It wasn’t until I clicked on the link that I got even more excited to see that it was actually a double feature video including a visual for “Salsa Verde” as well. This was undeniably unexpected, but more than welcome in my opinion, and it’s actually something I think artists should do more often. During the “Yallwhadinthere” portion, Melo is in a restaurant with a collection of clones, some working the counter, others serving, and he himself sitting at a table, spitting his bars over the bouncy and wispy beat of the track. This part of the video was really amazing to me because all of the colors and people surrounding him fit right in with the atmosphere that the song brings to the table. Seemingly out of nowhere, the film cuts …

Bakkwoods – [9lokknine]

By LL intern // 1 Dec 2019

9lokknine is by far one of my favorite talents coming out of Florida. You can tell he’s talented and unique the moment you hear his music, but he also knows how to have fun and keep things fresh which can be a struggle for some rappers in the industry. His Florida drawl has had him compared to Kodak Black, and although this comparison is valid when it comes to their sounds, they’re two autonomous artists making their own distinct moves. 9lokknine is back and better than ever with his latest song and accompanying video for “Bakkwoods”. The song itself boasts jarring 808’s and other rapid percussion that is something new and uncharacteristic of the artist, but he absolutely smashes it. There are spurts throughout the track that just flow so well together and it seems like he might not even be breathing, which is always extraordinary when a verse can sound as smooth at 9lokk’s. The visual is simple but appealing, drawing inspiration from some classic rap videos with a few tweaks. The setting is mainly in an apartment complex as well as in front of a brick wall that has graffiti-strewn about, and this allows for 9lokknine to flaunt …

Hunnit Bands – [G Herbo]

By LL intern // 29 Nov 2019

With G Herbo’s upcoming album PTSD on the horizon, he’s recently been teasing and pleasing fans of his by releasing some hits. On his latest release “Hunnit Bands”, Herb proves his worth yet again by sharing some braggadocios bars over some superb production from the one and only DJ Victoriouz. Although his assertive lyric delivery is present in this track along with most of his other music, he brings out a sort of charismatic side of himself that shows a bit of duality for the drill rapper. I’d be lying if I said I believe that this song is going to go down as one of the best songs he has ever created, but I also added it to my playlist as soon as I heard it so that should hopefully say a lot. His energy is infectious as always and he’s as consistent as ever in his booming career, so PTSD should continue boosting his status without a doubt. I can’t say I’ve ever met a rap music fan that isn’t a fan of G Herbo and “Hunnit Bands” is another example of why his music is so appreciated and popular, so be sure to give it a listen. …

Snake – [Lil Keed]

By LL intern // 27 Nov 2019

Lil Keed has taken the rap world by storm this past year and I couldn’t be more pleased with his success. His one of a kind voice that he manipulates and experiments with is reminiscent, but not a replica, of Young Thug who’s a living legend, so the young star is bound to have a bright future. One of the first songs I ever heard from Keed ever since being put on to him was “Snake” and it’s still one of my favorites, so I was super ecstatic to see that he made a music video to accompany this hit. Along with his slimes, Keed takes to the wild west with an old school revolver as he follows a storyline like that of a western, which compliments the vibe of the song flawlessly. He hits up the saloon to talk with some women and finds himself into a bit of a scrap which leads to a bounty being put on him. This brings him to the jail where he’s locked up and interrogated before eventually being freed and going on his way. Keed got extremely creative with this visual and being a big fan of westerns in the first place, …

Jay Leno – [Valee]

By LL intern // 26 Nov 2019

Valee is without a doubt one of my favorite rappers not only from Chicago, but just in general. His uncharacteristic flows, unenthusiastically entertaining tone of voice, and simple yet well thought out lyrics have drawn me to his music ever since I was put on to it. He’s back again with another offering thankfully, this time in the form of a music video for his song “Jay Leno”. Although the track is only about a minute and a half long, it packs a punch for sure. Valee takes some exotic cars to what looks like an underdeveloped part of the city, where he bounces around, smoking and nonchalantly reciting his verse for the camera. Considering the enormous car collection Jay Leno has, the title definitely fits the video and some of the references within his lyrics as well. This visual is such a metaphor for his music in my opinion. This is considering the environment he’s physically in is nothing very special, but he brings the cars and makes himself stand out amongst others. This is in comparison to his music where he might not have too much enthusiasm or flash within his voice to a casual music listener, but …

Tip Toe – [Roddy Ricch] ft. [A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie]

By LL intern // 26 Nov 2019

Roddy Ricch has been turning heads and opening ears for some time now, and his newest visual for his song “Tip Toe” featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is no different. This is undoubtedly a banger by all definitions of the word, and it is most likely going to be all over the radio within days, if not sooner. Roddy goes to work over this extremely catchy instrumental, detailing some life experiences and struggles he vividly tells so incredibly. A Boogie comes in with dual personalities of sorts, and the camera helps emphasize this point. This is done well through the rapid spinning rotation of the camera as A Boogie takes turns calming down and then lashing out again. Beyond this, some really unique animations can be seen as Ricch’s flooded out Rolls Royce/Roddy Ricch logo chain looks as if it literally transforms into liquid before shapeshifting yet again into an actual Rolls Royce car. This music video has some elements that are reminiscent of every other rap video you might see, but then it utilizes some very cinematic moments that completely elevate it to another level. This is such a spectacular music video to complement an even more perfect …