Enough’s Enough – [Paris Shadows]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

I get super excited every time I get more content from Paris Shadows and as I was scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions just now I stumbled upon a brand new upload from Paris for his single Enough’s Enough just minutes ago. He always brings amazing storyline and emotions to his visuals and let alone music so I immediately stopped what I was doing and clicked the video. The video was directed by Casper Masi who has now done his last two visuals. He captures Paris losing control of his emotions and drinking wine next to his toilet in an extremely hurt place. I love how relatable and vulnerable Paris makes his art. Not hiding what someone might go through on a daily basis but instead sharing and helping. This is extremely important to share in music and it seems like it is becoming more and more transparent. The 300 Entertainment artist has been on a single roll-out and now has a video for each single on his YouTube page. Paris just finished a packed out European tour at the end of 2019 where he traveled all over the continent as well and that’s without dropping a project since 18’ so …

Mashallah – [Skinny]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

I first heard Skinny on SoundCloud a couple years back and was immediately hooked. He gives hard ass lyrics with dark, ride in the whip type melodies with the perfect music to vibe to in any type of environment. And that’s what we get in his new music video for “Mashallah”. The video hit 400k views in just a week and is the 7th video from his extremely successful album Thank You For Nothing. Skinny has been blowing up in the Middle East in countries like Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, UAE, Sudan, Turkey and more. Though he resides in LA, Skinny is global and is making his mark all over the world. He’s showing you don’t have to just gain immense traction where you live to be successful in music. In the video catch Skinny cruising in the whip and a scene with a beautiful ocean view backdrop. Jonas Picasso, the director of the video, did a great job of capturing Skinny’s personality and giving him a bold appearance. I’ve seen great progress in Skinny’s marketing since I’ve been following him and I’m excited to see where his career is going and what accolades he will achieve. Watch the new video …

Get Money (Take Money)- [Pouya] ft. [Boobie Lootaveli]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

With less than a week since Pouya and Boobie Lootaveli dropped their hyphy song “Bitch, Park Backwards”, the duo is back with a similarly groovy track called “Get Money (Take Money)”. The dynamic is very reminiscent of their first release of the year, as they recruit Spock once again to produce this banger. He creates a Bouncy instrumental with high-pitched, West Coast-inspired synths and club-like bass, paving the way for the two wordsmiths to both brag and talk about struggles that each of them faces in their daily lives. Boobie handles the hook and although it’s very simplistic, the repetition and delivery of the lyrics are so catchy that they’re inevitably going to linger in my head for at least the duration for the day, if not longer. His flow is smooth and sounds so natural and effortless, which is vital for a suave beat of this nature considering I’ve heard others try and force verses on similar beats, ultimately leading to failing results. Pouya once again proves that he can body any verse over any beat he is given to work with. Although the themes he discusses are a bit bleaker than the production would suggest, he mentions topics …

Summer Reign – [Rick Ross] ft. [Summer Walker]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

Rick Ross is clearly the king of Miami, and anyone who claims he’s not must be in denial. His multi-million-dollar mansion has literally been used in movies to demonstrate the wealth of the characters portrayed, but Ross lives that reality in his everyday life. He never raps about lies or tells false stories, so you know if he mentions thousand-dollar bottles of champagne and million-dollar timepieces, he owns them. I know this is a bit of a rant, but his latest visual for his song “Summer Reign” reminds you that he is the most powerful man in almost any room he’ll enter for the rest of his life. The song on its own reminds me of the classic Rick Ross style, considering Summer Walker’s heavenly singing adds the perfect opposition to Ross’s deep voice and smooth lyrics. His braggadocios bars aren’t too different than lyrics we’ve heard previously, as he talks about expensive luxuries that he doesn’t even have to think about buying. He also mentions how he wants to move his significant other to be with him and shower her in whatever jewelry, designer garments, and anything else she could even dream of. The video is full of bright …

Swivel- [EARTHGANG] x [Dreamville]

By LL intern // 24 Jan 2020

EARTHGANG has been one of my favorite duos in recent memory, and for good reason. Their ability to switch their styles is unbelievable, ranging from turnt up trap songs to meditative stories of their personal lives. They just have a way of almost trying to one-up each other on every song in a friendly yet competitive fashion, but the end result always comes out as an extremely cohesive piece of music. Their most recent treat for fans comes in the form of a music video for their song “Swivel” off of their project Mirrorland as well as the Grammy nominated album Revenge of the Dreamers III. The song, which I’m sure most people have heard by now, boasts a boom-bap type beat with an extremely deep and heavy bassline. Both verses are beyond dreary, full of hazy mumbles that are still comprehensible. Some of the topics they mention include friends who have passed away due to drugs and various violent encounters as the GANG wishes they would’ve just stayed home and out of the trouble they eventually had to face. They also mention that these hardships didn’t occur when they were kids, but rather started when they grew older. The …

Loyal – [PARTYNEXTDOOR] ft. [Drake]

By LL intern // 22 Jan 2020

A few months back, Toronto singer PARTYNEXTDOOR mentioned via his Twitter that he has a new album called Club Atlantis on the way, and it’s coming out this very month. Although the date hasn’t been mentioned yet, he’s getting some buzz based around his most recent release, a video for his single “Loyal”, featuring fellow Canadian and international superstar Drake. Although the song has been out for a couple months at this point, it definitely still hits the same. The beat is simplistic and driven by crisp snare drums which puts the brunt of the melody on the singing voices of both PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake, who both kill it. The song is very meaningful, describing how the two artists are going to remain loyal to the people who they respect and vice versa. They’re going to stick to this mindset until someone gives them a reason to change their minds, which can be demonstrated in the video. Although this visual is a bit out of the box, it sets a scene that gets the point of the lyrics across. Set in a Claymation world, William Child who is the artist and director, paints a vivid and extremely wild picture. The …

Say Whoop- [Sada Baby]

By LL intern // 22 Jan 2020

Sada Baby hasn’t been around for an extremely long time, but the amount of work he’s put in during his brief career thus far would make you think otherwise. He has had massive success in basically a year’s time and has remained true to himself even with all of the recognition he’s been receiving. I’m not sure if he blew up due to his spin on otherwise classic drill-inspired music, his infectious flows, or the sheer amount of music he keeps putting out, but either way he’s getting the job done and making some hits. Rather than putting out music videos for any of the songs off of his latest project Brolik, he decided to move forward and drop a new video for a song called “Say Whoop”. In the video, there are red themes throughout going from his jacket to his cup, to his bandana, and obviously even his hair. All the other colors seem to be washed out as he is the main focus of the video, dancing around and just having fun with his crew at night. Taking turns going inside and out, there’s a mixture of frozen breath and smoke filling the air which is a …

IDGAF- [Rico Nasty]

By LL intern // 22 Jan 2020

One of the most fascinating artists in the game right now has to be Rico Nasty. She has an addictive personality with an out of this world style, and she is unapologetically herself which isn’t always easy for someone when they’re in the public eye. All of her music gives off the impression that she just wants to have fun and entertain herself when she walks into the booth, and the rest of the magic just naturally ensues. For her first release of the new year called “IDGAF”, she’s back proving once again that she’s going to be herself and obviously doesn’t care what other people think. With an almost R&B sounding piano that offers a feeling of being elevated up into the clouds, Rico provides a lighthearted, layered hook that literally spells out the meaning of the acronym that the song is named after. She continues with the same message and style going into her verse, expressing her viewpoint that she has excelled far past her competition and she’s going to continue to outshine them for as long as she has the opportunity. Once you listen to the song, it’s almost funny how the overall vibe and relaxed, carefree …