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DON’T NEED [Frank Leone]

By LL intern // 5 Aug 2020

Los Angeles based artist Frank Leone returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a unique new single titled “DON’T NEED,” serving as a follow up to his related song “DON’T HIDE.” Frank’s birthday was this past Monday, announcing DON’T, which is his upcoming and latest album since 2015. Each and every single record off the LP (including his newest track) was entirely produced and orchestrated by Leone. In Frank Leone’s words, “This song, along with the rest on my upcoming album, I made on my own little quarantine last year. I was living in the California countryside – sunny as hell, broke as hell, and in a really broken home; just smoking weed listening to Brazilian [music] all day.” Frank stated that his newest album was crafted during his incubation period, resembling an emotional, nostalgic purgatory. Filled with anger and loneliness, these feelings resulted in a false sense of comfort for Leone when creating new music. Ironically, the pandemic has brought upon a similar circumstance. On the bright side, Frank Leone was not only able to finish his next four bodies of work, but overcome his trials and tribulations in the process. For these reasons, Leone is grateful for the adversity he once 

Closer to You – [Ruti]

By LL intern // 4 Aug 2020

If you haven’t heard of Ruti, an English based singer & songwriter, allow me to introduce you! Full name Ruti Olajugbagbe, she impressively won the seventh series of The Voice UK, deservedly increasing her following ever since. Ruti is just one of the accomplished artists that is a part of “DSTNCT SPACE,” an independent, London based Music PR company. “Dreams,” the cover single that she performed (in 2018) for her audition, reached #1 on the UK ITunes store, along with a #14 debut placement on the UK singles chart. Now 2020, arriving a year after the release of her (2019) chart topping, phenomenal debut EP ‘Racing Cars’, Ruti returns with an addictive, vibrant record titled “Closer to You.” The track’s subject matter is reflectively intimate, with a neo-soul twist for perfection. The song is produced by ‘producer to the stars’ and pianist Wayne Wilkins, most notably known for his collaboration(s) with BeyoncĂ©.  A self-described “seasonal individual,” Ruti’s laid-back summer-infused jam exudes confidence, offering a rich soundscape for her leftfield melodies and soothing soprano. Excitingly, the single is the first of a four track EP to be released later this year, enabling Ruti’s name to sit comfortably among fellow talented artists Celeste, Pip Millett, 

T’nah – [Moxy]

By LL intern // 31 Jul 2020

T’nah is a sacred treasure. Previously known as T’nah Apex, the former Pro Era artist out of Brooklyn, New York released her debut album titled Voice of Reason in July of 2019. Containing eight phenomenal tracks, I can confidently vouch that T’nah’s versatility is as impressive as the Lauryn Hill’s and Erykah Badu’s of music. If you don’t believe me, check out the dope visual for her song “Act Rite,”produced by Hajino. What makes T’nah’s skill-set so special is that she often effortlessly interchanges between hip-hop and r&b, firing off high level lyricism in the most harmonious fashion. It is almost as if T’nah converses with her alternate self in a parallel universe, finding ways to avoid dissonance for synchronicity. If T’nah were to recite the lyrics of an N.W.A. record, the message(s) would somehow be construed from a serene standpoint, as a result of her alleviated tone. T’nah’s ear for production is equally as elegant, selecting beats that she naturally floats over with her soothing voice and confident bars. One year later, T’nah has gifted fellow listeners with “Moxy,” which is a bonus track off her debut release. Produced by Sidewalk Kal, the vibrant single can be streamed via Bandcamp, and 

Max Subar – [Max Subar]

By LL intern // 31 Jul 2020

One of the perks of being a writer is that you’ll receive submissions from extraordinary talent(s) that you hadn’t known before. Such is the case of the talented artist Max Subar, a Chicago, Illinoisan with an alt-folk edge. In 2019, Subar opened up for Quinn Christopherson, aka the NPR Tiny Desk winner. Subar intends to craft songs that illuminate the unseen, intimately expressing his inner self. As a result, Subar places honesty at the forefront of his creative process, extending an invitation of companionship to the listener. Subar’s third and latest release titled Max Subar is a six-track EP, produced and recorded (in 2019) with contributions from close friends. The project juxtaposes his solo songwriting with a single guitar, along with a wider palette of instruments and sonic landscapes. To Subar, the making of the EP served as personal trials for clarity. Since some songs were written long before others, each track provides its own unique moment(s) and/or realizations from relationships, as well as how Subar relates to others. The collective result very much influences how Subar visualizes himself, connecting pieces for self-understanding. From start to finish, the entire project offers a refreshing ambient sound; Subar’s chilled vocals soothingly align with the gentle and organic instrumentation. In 

Five Excellent Beat Projects Pt. 3 – [Cookin’ Soul] x [Jazzinuf] x [Leavv] x [Hazy Year] x [Elijah Nang] x [Figub Brazlevič] 

By LL intern // 27 Jul 2020

Producers/beatmakers are often unfairly overlooked because of artists. Truth be told, producers are artists themselves, as every instrumental requires its own unique form of craftsmanship, and a precise vision to execute the idea. Without producers, your favorite hit single would simply not sound the same, yet alone exist! Comparable to the clientele work of an artisan or sculptor, when producers craft beats for artists, they must put themselves in another’s shoes to innovate. However, the music of production pioneers Nujabes and J. Dilla demonstrates that instrumentals are entirely separate and complete bodies of work. Applied rapping or vocals are not complements to production, but instead honorary elements that create an alternative version. Therefore, to an extent, the artist serves as a guest feature over the producer’s original creation. To effectively shed greater light to the creative brilliance of producers, I’ve chosen to start a monthly series titled “Five Excellent Beat Projects,” which will highlight five instrumental works that I consider exceptional. This is the third installment of the series. Cookin’ Soul – Carribean Bites – Despite being a Grammy award winning group, the Valencia, Spain based production duo (Big Size & DJ Zock) still somehow seem underrated. With production credits 

The Long Road – [Archy Moor] x [Osquello] x [GAPTOOF]

By LL intern // 24 Jul 2020

Nigerian born, Dublin raised rapper Archy Moor releases his first single of 2020 titled  “The Long Road,” featuring the rising North London artist Osquello. The single succeeds Moor’s previous releases, titled “Moonboy,” “Soft Pink,” “Flutterfly,” and “Worldwide Drugs” respectively. Each of these releases received attention from i-D, Lyrical Lemonade, Dummy and Spotify. His latest record, “The Long Road,” is a soundscape of modern meets classic, with both Archy and Osquello’s lyricism intertwining between the jazz-infused backdrop. The track is produced by the skilled producer GAPTOOF, who is known for his work with Kojaque, Kofi Stone, Finn Foxell and Lord Apex. The smooth saxophone production amplifies the elegant bars rhymed throughout, providing a raw 90’s feel. Stream “The Long Road” below!

STEPPIN’ – [B.Z.A] x [Dut Bol]

By LL intern // 20 Jul 2020

B.Z.A, (also known as Brianna Bugeja) is an emerging twenty year old rapper from Australia, who has garnered local recognition and acknowledgement for her records and stage presence. Bugeja often delivers meaningful, emotive flows backed by a slightly darker style of rap. At just eigteen years of age, B.Z.A opened for the crew ‘Thundamentals’ at the ‘Adelaide Fringe Festival’ (2018), and has worked with ‘Golden Era Records’ (known for the ‘Hilltop Hoods’ and ‘K21’). B.Z.A has rocked live performances at multiple local (Adelaide and Melbourne) venues, including: ‘The Sesh’n (HQ Nightclub)’, ‘The Exhibition’ (‘Dad’s Warehouse’), ‘Corruption by Momentum’ (HQ Nightclub) and ‘The Poison Tape EP Launch’ (Zhivago’s). B.Z.A is signed to Georgii Speakman’s OUT.LI.ER Records – a talent management, record label and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, who have recognized her potential for the global stage. For a proper introduction, read no further by listening to her latest single titled “STEPPIN,’ featuring fellow Australian artist Dut Bol below!  Words by Brandon Washington

Pop Out – [Birdd Luciano]

By LL intern // 19 Jul 2020

 Birdd Luciano returns to Lyrical Lemonade with another summer banger titled “Pop Out.” The ominous, bass-bumping instrumental matches the classic gangsta feel, while Luciano showcases his grimey side. The eerie performance and scenes in the music video reminds the streets of who he is and where he comes from, not putting on a false pretense. While the visual is certainly dominated by its street edge, it also establishes Birdd as a young boss within his own right, showered with earned luxury. “Pop Out” sounds nothing like the follow up to his biggest single “Top Shottas” ft. VH1 LIHH Miami Artist Hoodbrat. Whether it be dance-hall or trap rap, Birdd Luciano has discovered his unique formula to make strides in the music industry. Watch the music video for “Pop Out,” directed by AquinasVisions below! Words by Brandon Washington