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A Conversation w/ J.I the Prince of NY: Returning to Music After Quitting, Current Brooklyn Scene, “Painless 2” w/ Lil Durk & Nav and more.

By Lee Mcintosh // 6 Aug 2020

“I really view myself higher than a prince to be honest. Sometimes I view myself as a king or a God when it comes to my music. I just know that I have more work to do to really get to that point and work harder towards the goals that I have.” -J.I the Prince of N.Y It’s safe to say that if you are a fan of hip hop, or even music in general, that you may have had those childhood dreams of becoming a superstar one day. You may be in your room rehearsing rap songs, or having daydreams of you performing on stage in front of a sea of fans reciting every lyric you spit. For some of us, those thoughts may not make it past that, but for others, that dream had the potential to turn into a reality. Being a young teen and dreaming of being famous and on TV is something that not many rappers can say that they have had the experience of living through. For the 18 year old Brooklyn-native J.I the Prince of N.Y, he turned that dream into a reality when he first appeared on Jermaine Durpi’s The Rap Game at …

World Ain’t Ready – [P1]

By Lee Mcintosh // 3 Aug 2020

By now, we are no stranger to the story of the young black male coming up in the streets, and they turn to music to tell their story of their upbringing. Regardless of if we think we have heard every story or not, there comes an artist that will come and talk about the world from their point of view. Hailing out of South Central LA, P1 is making a debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform with the release of his latest offering, “World Ain’t Ready”. To make a statement on the album’s title, it’s as straight forward as the saying goes. On this project, P1 is ushering in a new sound and a new vibe that has been coming out of California as of late, and he is sure it will resonate with the fans. One of the standouts on the project would be “Paranoid”–a song he created speaking about the fears of maneuvering through the streets and him constantly thinking of the worst. On top of the west coast styled production, P1 dabbles with both singing and spitting flows–creating the perfect mixture of melodies and pure pain rap. On “Still I Rise”, P1 raps about his hardships coming …

XXI – [Aubrey Omari]

By Lee Mcintosh // 3 Aug 2020

Transitioning from other areas of entertainment and blossoming into the music world is something that is very common. There is absolutely is nothing wrong with wanting to utilize your skills in a different manner. Art is art at the end of the day, and it’s all about expression at the end of the day. Actor Aubrey Omari Joseph starred in various television shows and on stage performing before his transition into music began. That being said, it was by no surprise that he would find a calling in music, for he is no stranger to the spotlight. Today, he is making a debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform with his project, XXI. I always give tons of praise to the artists first project of their careers for many reasons. One of the most important reasons of all would be the fact that the first project is usually the most concise, heartfelt, and honest project in artists discography. Theres a saying that states “you have your entire life to make your first album”, and that being said, Aubrey Omari puts his best foot forward and delivers on all areas of the project. The production is at a quality level, the subject matter …

Clap – [Don Toliver]

By Lee Mcintosh // 31 Jul 2020

Without a doubt, I have Don Toliver as the biggest artist to watch out for in 2020. Of course with the pandemic, some artists plans have been reevaluated as far as touring and appearances, but regardless, Don Toliver had managed to make sure that his name has been resonating with fans. With the success of his debut album Heaven or Hell, numerous TikTok trends taking off, and his contributions on features this year with Eminem, Nav, and many others, it’s safe to say that Don Toliver is making his imprint very fastly in his career. Today, he premiered a surprise release of his song “Clap”, from the Road To Fast 9 Mixtape. The Fast & Furious franchise has been around since many of our childhoods, and as of late, they have begun to have some pretty substantial soundtracks to go along with the films. With F9 currently in production, the team has put together a soundtrack of music that is either inspired by, or featured in the film. This film being the last in the franchise, it was important that they casted a stellar cast of artists on the soundtrack–Don Toliver being one of them. On “Clap”, Don Toliver sticks with his usual producers Wondagurl and Frank …

A Conversation w/ Nils: Working on ‘Legends Never Die’, Upbringing in Germany, Staying Humble and More

By Lee Mcintosh // 29 Jul 2020

When it comes to the pioneers of the vast sea of producers in the states, many of us can name a lot of them without even thinking twice. However, when it comes to producers making a name for themselves overseas, they may not be as openly recognized as they may like. The hurdles in which they have to overcome, and the barriers that they need to break, happen to be a bit tougher than it can be for those who may be born here in the states. The one thing about hip hop, is that it is accepting to all kinds, no matter what. We will accept anyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, heritage, native language, anything–as long as that musician respects the culture. Hailing all the way from Hamburg, Germany, record-producer Nils has been making a massive impact in the game, and has been working his way up to becoming a household name in the music industry. The German rap scene, or any foreign rap scene for that matter, is very different than what we may be used to over here in the states. Nils made a name for himself by learning and adapting to music at a very …

No Pressure – [Logic]

By Lee Mcintosh // 26 Jul 2020

“Already had a hard life once. Am I supposed to recreate it every album for you c*nts? -Logic on “DadBod” It was the year 2014 when Logic transitioned from the mixtape rapper and released his debut studio album–his first major release with Def Jam. Having that label behind him, as well as having the legendary producer No ID executive producing the entire project. From the jump, Logic was destined for success, and had the talent level to lead him there. Many Logic fans can agree that his Under Pressure album was his best body of work. He was young, hungry, and had a lot to prove. Of course, as rappers age and progress in their career, they create these cult classics and fans hold them to that standard for every single release thereafter. for Logic, he was beyond that. The ideology in Hip Hop that “you are only as good as your last body of work” is a tricky one, and one that I don’t particularly agree with. I will never doubt an artist or hold it against them if they want to progress their sound, try new cadences and flows, and find a different subject matter to cover. Jay Z said it …

By The Mornin – [Puku]

By Lee Mcintosh // 21 Jul 2020

Miami-native and emerging creative Puku has approached the year 2020 by the neck, and he isn’t letting up any time soon. This year alone, he has released a handful of singles, performed at the United Masters NBA All-Star event in Chicago, as well as landed a spot on the NBA 2K20 soundtrack with his single “Move Right Past”. His ambition has been nothing but enjoyable to watch as he maneuvers through the industry and lay the foundation before him to make his entry into the rap game a smooth one. Making another appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, Puku is back with his latest single, “By The Mornin”. Puku’s sound has been one that is right up my alley, for he is one of the few artists that I frequent that can deliver an entirely new vibe on every song. His sound can’t be aligned with others in the rap game right now, and he plans to keep it that way. On his latest single, Puku is reflecting on situations that happened during a night out. Often so, we may not be ourselves when we are under the influence. That said, a moment of clarity usually comes the following morning, …

Exotic – [GlitchMan] x [Pooh Shiesty]

By Lee Mcintosh // 21 Jul 2020

While Florida may have not always been the “hot state” when it comes to where people tend to look for new artists, it’s safe to say that this is beginning to change as of late. With so many artists emerging out of the state, it very quickly became one of those areas in the country that started to push out artists one by one and turn them into stars. One amazing thing about Florida artists is that they all yield a different vibe and sound. On top of the different sounds, many are capable of getting into different pockets and mastering them–providing another trunk-rattling hit for us all to enjoy. Today, making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, Orlando-native GlitchMan is here to showcase his latest visuals for his song “Exotic”. Growing up being inspired by the Chicago drill scene, it was inevitable that he would make it onto a Chicago platform. Loving artists such as Chief Keef, Speaker Knockerz, and Young Pappy, GlitchMan made a name for himself by taking inspiration from those artists, all while molding his own sound by blending that with his Florida roots. By doing so, he was able to craft a sound that he would begin …