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Pontiac Made DDG: From YouTuber to Rap Star in the Making

By Lee Mcintosh // 23 Oct 2020

“People still talk shit now about me being a ‘YouTube rapper’ but I feel like its undeniable at this point. I’m on the radio, I got songs that are gold and getting tons of streams—like what else can I show them?” -DDG Gaining success on YouTube has become more and more of a common thing in the current generation of creatives. There are tons of people who make a living from their YouTube career. Even while gaining tons of views, subscribers and followers, there seems to be a stigma about when YouTube influencers begin to branch off into other business ventures. Lots of people think it’s not a genuine fanbase, they only succeed because their subscribers will support anything that they do, and they don’t think its fair to those who may be starting from the bottom. For DDG, he has seen it and heard it all before, and he isn’t letting that stop him at all. DDG (also known as Pontiac Made DDG) earned tons on success on his multiple YouTube channels which all currently have over 9 million subscribers combined. Being no stranger to what the fame may feel like, DDG decided to venture off into the rap …

Vibin, Slidin, N’ Connivin – [Oz Sparx]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Oct 2020

“Poundside pop … rocky …. diamond st keem …oz sparx….. sim Santana … Za sosa…. I might be forgetting some but they the young’s catching they waves right now” -Meek Milll on the next artists coming up from Philly, via Twitter Any artist will tell you, that getting that co-sign from one of the biggest artists in your own city, is one of the best things to happen early on in your career. No greater feeling can be felt than getting your art noticed by someone who is known for putting your city on the map. That said, Philly-native Oz Sparx got exactly what he needed when Meek Mill shouted him out last year on Twitter. That was all the fuel that he needed to ignite that fire in him and continue to go crazier than ever before. Here were are, with the release of his latest project, Vibin, Sliding, N’ Connivin, and he is proving he is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to creating a vibe, or setting the tone for a night out with the gang. Being inspired by the modern greats such as Future, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti, Oz blends many genres and touches on many topics …

Phone Off – [Corio]

By Lee Mcintosh // 12 Oct 2020

It’s no so often in this current climate that we are blessed with much musical talent that comes out of Kentucky. With the success of Louisville megastars Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow, they have been bringing that energy to the state, and is inspiring plenty of up and coming artists from there. That said, Kentucky-based artist Corio is coming for his spot in the game, and has been showing some very promising signs of potential very early on in his musical career. Making his debut today on the platform, Corio recently released his soothing single “Phone Off”. Adding a little bit of backstory, Corio has been closely working with Nemo, the A&R that has been working with Jack Harlow. That being the case, we can assure that his sound will be developed to its full capacity. Produced by Juicebox, “Phone Off” is the perfect balance between a late-nigh cruising song, and a record to throw on at the function when things are winding down and those conversations are beginning to take place. Corio sings about a situation where he feels that his love interest is partaking in multiple relationships at once. Disregarding that, Corio sings to her and tell her …

When It’s All Said And Done – [Giveon]

By Lee Mcintosh // 2 Oct 2020

During our conversation back in May of this year, the Long Beach-native Giveon gave the readers tons of insight on exactly how his creativity works and how he crafts his art. He mentioned that he treats his projects like movies, spoke in confidence in the formula that him and his Isla Mgmt/Not So Fast team has created, and noted that he didn’t have a time frame, but was very eager to get back in the studio and do it all over again. While his breakthrough EP Take Time was such a success and gained him so much notoriety as a newcomer in the game, fans became antsy and eager to hear more of what he had to offer. Being an artist who isn’t super active on social media, and only goes live on Instagram every once in a blue moon, Giveon has always been focused on taking his time with his efforts, and coming back out when the timing feels right. That being said, here we are six months after the release of his last project with yet another amazing offering, When It’s All Said And Done. If you were unfamiliar with the last project, Take Time was an EP that tells the …

Lemonade (Remix) – [Internet Money] feat. [Don Toliver] & [Roddy Ricch]

By Lee Mcintosh // 30 Sep 2020

By now, we have all been familiarized with the earth-shattering single “Lemonade” provided by the Internet Money collective. The original video shot by Lyrical Lemonade’s own Cole Bennett has already racked up over 22 million views on Youtube, and is going crazy on all U.S. and International charts. As the crept up on us, “Lemonade” is easily a top contender for Song of the Summer as well, despite us not being able to feel this songs energy out in the clubs and functions. That being said, it was already destined for success in the long run. Don Toliver was having nothing short of an amazing run this year, Nav received amazing praise from all over, and Gunna has been consistently over achieving as Young Thug’s protégée. The cohesiveness that exists amongst Don Toliver, Nav & Gunna on this record was like no other, and it truly shows with just how well this song has been performing thus far. Taz Taylor, Nick Mira and the Internet Money team have been going crazy ever since the release of their album B4 the Storm in late August, so it was no surprise that they would come back adding more gasoline to the fire. As if …

A Conversation w/ A$AP Ferg: ‘Floor Seats 2’, Being An Innovator in Rap, Hustlers vs. Artists & More

By Lee Mcintosh // 22 Sep 2020

“We care about challenging the listeners ears. They may not like it right now, but in a year or so, they may end up developing a taste for it. We are planting seeds, and that’s something that I want to continue to do as far as being an innovator.” -A$AP Ferg In a world where it can be difficult to come up with fresh and current ideas, it can be hard when trying to be an innovator in your craft. Especially in the rap game–it seems as if everything has already been talked about, every beat has been rapped on, and every city has had their shine. Despite the landscape being far more focused on mimicking others, we always have a handful of artists who’s main goal is to stay as fresh as possible–delivering new flows, cadences and instrumentals for us all to learn to love. The year is 2011, and a brand new rap collective emerged from Harlem, NY which we all know and love now, known as A$AP Mob. A$AP Rocky, the first to blow from the group had all eyes on him, but there was a second member of the group that would follow right behind him, …

Lord Have Mercy – [Losk33]

By Lee Mcintosh // 15 Sep 2020

As someone who is always looking deep into the underdog cities for amazing emerging artists, I possibly can’t deny the run that Virginia currently is having right now. Every region has its shine every now and then, and currently there are tons of artists blossoming from the state at an alarmingly fast rate–all with distinctive sounds as well. The latest artist who is seemingly traveling on their rise to fame would be Losk33. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, he is premiering his latest single titled “Lord Have Mercy”. Losk33 started taking music seriously around the age of 13, and has been heavily influenced by some of the greatest legends alive, such as T.I., Jeezy & DMX. Produced by the ATL native Mercy Beatz, the production boasts a super grimey and slightly-distorted 808 that sweeps you off of your feet. Being able to find the perfect balance between catchy vibes and authentic street rap, Losk33 refers to his music as “Testimonial Turnup” music–being able to land right in the middle of the two. One thing that is so appreciated right now in the rap game, is the artists that are able to blend multiple aspects of hit making and being able …

A Conversation w/ Kaash Paige: Debut Album ‘Teenage Fever’, Musical Influences, Crafting a Signature Sound & More

By Lee Mcintosh // 2 Sep 2020

“I just got to be myself at all times and always speak about how I’m feeling regardless of how it may come off. You have to be vulnerable in your music at all times.” -Kaash Paige If there’s one thing thats for sure, is that the women are on the rise right now in the music industry. Competing in a world that has been predominately ran by males is something that many have struggled with for a long time. That is, up until this year. In 2020 alone, we have seen many more female rappers and singers emerging and gaining enough momentum to make it onto peoples radars. One of the biggest stars to blossom this year, would undeniably be the Texas-native Kaash Paige. With the success of her ever-so-popular “Love Songs” record blowing up with over 15 million TikTok clips, as well as over 725 million streams, Kaash Paige was destined for success right from the jump. The “Kaash” in her name standing for “Kill All Arrogance–Stop Hatred”, she is one of the youngest R&B stars in the game now that is no stranger to showing the world just how creative she is and can be. Collaborating earlier this …