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DJ Tay James Interview: A Prime Example of Staying Down Since Day One

By Lee Mcintosh // 6 May 2022

“I can make certain calls and tap in with a certain DJ in another part of the world and know what’s being played over there. I can make calls and ask who the hottest new artist or producer is. I don’t think the DJ role will never be obsolete because an algorithm can’t think like a DJ.” -DJ Tay James Since it’s inception, the art of being a DJ has been something that has always been fascinating to watch. Coming from the old days of having to own actual vinyl records, and then transitioning to an all-digital deck, it’s been amazing to see how many DJs actually move along with the times and are able to master a new craft, when their old ways are shifting away. One could argue that the job of a DJ is one of the more important roles in the music business. At a party or event, it’s the DJs job to control the mood and the overall vibes, and listening to the crowd’s visual cues and body language is key. For DJ Tay James, he’s been able to maneuver through many avenues and kept up with the times for many years, and he is …

WAIT FOR U – [Future] feat. [Drake] & [Tems]

By Lee Mcintosh // 5 May 2022

It’s been some time, about two years to be exact, but the Future takeover has officially begun. The last full-length album that we have received from Future would be High Off Life back in 2020, and he has not dropped since. Of course, we received a handful of features in the meantime, but we all know that album-mode Future is an entirely different breed. The manner in which he takes to put together a great body of work, alongside great visuals, and clever album titles, Future’s solo offering always hit differently. After the release of his highly-anticipated album I NEVER LIKED YOU, Future wasted no time to release some visuals for the album. With “Keep It Burnin’” already released, Future came right back to deliver a chilling new visual for his album cut, “Wait For U” with Drake and Tems. Just in time for the summer, Future was able to deliver one of the songs that have immense potential to be considered the song of the summer. In “Wait For U”, Future discusses the conflicted and difficult feelings that he has for a love interest, as well as going expressing the vulnerability he has while under the influence. Produced by FNZ and …

Crush EP – [Amira Jazeera] & [Papi Beatz]

By Lee Mcintosh // 22 Apr 2022

After taking her hiatus to perfect her sound last year, Amira Jazeera vowed that 2022 would be the year for her and that she would begin to take over the pop scene and show the world just how much she has grown musically, mentally, and spiritually. Still thriving in the success of their February hit “Nowhere To Run” which garnered over 30,000 streams in just two months, Chicago natives Amira Jazeera and Papi Beatz are back with another hit just in time for the summer. Utilizing Amira’s soothing and sultry vocals and Papi Beatz’ uptempo and melodious production, the duo is back with yet another single and EP pack, titled “Crush”. “Crush is about the overwhelming and sometimes obsessive emotions we feel while being in a relationship.” -Amira Jazeera & Papi Beatz For those who are familiar with Amira Jazeera’s music, then you know that she is very expressive about her feelings and emotions, and has no issue with letting it all out in the music. While “Nowhere To Run” spoke on the aspect of going through a breakup and reflecting on the aftermath of it, “Crush” takes an opposite approach to the aspect of love and the feelings while …

Ricky Bobby-[Krown Vic]

By Lee Mcintosh // 1 Apr 2022

For a while now, I have been indulged in the Virginia music scene, and it has never failed to amaze me with the talent that emerges from there. With some regions of the country, you can kind of assume what sound each city has as its signature sound. However, coming from Virginia, you never know what you’re gonna get. That element of surprise is what shocks the listeners as they may go into a song with expectations, and leave with those expectations completely surpassed. VA native Krown Vic is fresh off of the release of his Hourly Profit tape, in which the cover pays homage to Lil Wayne’s Dedication series, and is wasting no time with the visuals. Making a debut on the Lyrical Lemonade platform, I introduce you to Krown Vic as he drops off his visual for his album cut “Ricky Bobby”. Produced by Hocus, this song really shows the importance of an amazing producer tag. As soon as you hear the “Hocus got that magic, boy”, the beat drops and bleeds instant craziness. What caught me off guard in a great way, was the pocket that Vic got into in this song. Hearing a beat like this, you can almost …

Mindin’ My Business – [JAMS The Flava Child]

By Lee Mcintosh // 1 Apr 2022

Since the release of his 2021 album Made With Love, Chicago artist JAMS The Flava Child has quite literally been out of the way and minding his business. After the project was released. JAMS would then get right back to the grind to work on his next project. The art of staying low and going back to the drawing board is something that not many artists tend to do nowadays. It would appear that lots of artists want to be seen at all times and flood the market with as much content as they can. JAMS took an alternate approach, and he is gearing up for an amazing run for the year 2022. With his second release of the year, JAMS is back on the Lyrical Lemonade platform with his new single “Mindin’ My Business” To follow up his “Flowers” release, JAMS continues that laid-back flow that he has been perfecting over time. Produced by frequent collaborator and legend, Billy Hoyle, they continue the chemistry that they’ve built over the years and come out swinging on this one. “Been through it all, the real ones gon’ feel it/Sharing the losses, it feel therapeutic” he raps in the opening line of the …

From Buckhead With Love EP – [Will Hill]

By Lee Mcintosh // 1 Apr 2022

Georgia-native Will Hill really put an imprint on the game when he collaborated with Hollywood Cole for their joint album Bring The Bottles In. Wasting no time at all, Will Hill went right back to work to continue cooking up and staying inspired to create the best music that he possibly can. Sounding much different than the rest of the artists that have been coming out of the Atlanta area as of late, it’s been amazing to see the amount of growth that he has had over the last couple of years. Being as versatile and creative as he is, there was no doubt that he would get to this point, and he still is on his grind to the top. At last, here is Will Hill’s latest offering, From Buckhead With Love. Drawing inspiration from Dom Kennedy’s From Westside With Love, Will Hill took the same approach and remade the album title with Buckhead, where he would grow up in Georgia. Coming from a family who exposed him to such a vast array of music at an early age, Will Hill has been able to perfectly implement bits and pieces into his music from all the genres he grew up surrounded by. …

King Marie Interview: Rejuvenated, Realigned & Reborn

By Lee Mcintosh // 4 Mar 2022

“This music feels like the most me. I love my first EP The Prelude and I think it’s a great project, but with 222, I can feel the growth of me. The amount of confidence I have instilled in myself over the past two years, 222 is a dedication to my arrival. I am present and I am here. I’m exactly who the fuck I say I am.” -King Marie More often than not, lots of artists glorify the amazing parts of being musical artists. The studio sessions, having fun traveling and doing shows, music video shoots, so on and so forth. However, there aren’t too many artists that show the opposite side of that lifestyle. Those days as an artist when you get knocked down and have to pick yourself back up. When you have identity issues or question if this lifestyle is even for you or not. Having tons of music and scrapping it because the timing wasn’t right. These are all things that people never consider when it comes to being an artist, but for King Marie, she went through all of that, and then some. Born and raised in Chicago, King Marie was brought up in a …

Nowhere To Run EP – [Amira Jazeera] & [Papi Beatz]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 Feb 2022

Chicago artist Amira Jazeera has made an appearance on the Lyrical Lemonade platform a handful of times now and has even been featured on our Lemonade Stand series in February of 2021. Since her interview, she has put in tons of hours perfecting her craft, working on her sound, and overall finding herself as an artist.  Dropping music is all about timing, and when the time is right, you just feel it. That being said, starting 2022 off on a great note, Amira is back and ready to show the world just how much work she’s been putting into her craft and the results of it. Today, she is back with a brand new Single EP, titled Nowhere To Run, alongside Papi Beatz. Showcasing multiple genres and musical styles in her music, Amira Jazeera takes her artistry to another level on her latest offering. In an Instagram post, Amira stated that “’Nowhere To Run’ is the process of breaking up with the one that you truly love. A feeling a lot of us have gone through”. While the subject matter of the song may be on the more sad side, the instrumentation is where this record gains a lot of its shine, …