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Trippie Redd Showcases All Sides Of Him On ‘A Love Letter To You 4’

By Lee Mcintosh // 29 Nov 2019

“I wasn’t necessarily looking for happiness, just less pain” – Trippie Redd on “Leray” Having been an avid fan of Trippie Redd’s music since his debut project, A Love Letter To You, released back in 2017, his musical journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Not only speaking on behalf of the emotions that he puts into the craft, but for the fans, as well. While the first project in this series is what many fans will call a classic, the second project, A Love Letter To You 2 was a big disappointment for many fans including myself due to the fact that it seemed rushed, coming just five short months after his first project. Taking almost a year off, Trippie took time to perfect his craft for his debut album Life’s A Trip in 2018 which ushered him back in the great graces of fans and really showed his growth as an artist. On top of that, we also received the third installment in the Love Letter series which fans grew to love. 2019 was a year where it seems like everyone was releasing so much music, and in the midst of it all, Trippie came with his second album titled ! (exclamation mark) and the fans …

Heartless – [The Weeknd]

By Lee Mcintosh // 27 Nov 2019

Very seldom do we get an artist that can go ghost for weeks, months, sometimes years, and be able to come back with a single and shake up the entire industry. Out of the few that do this, The Weeknd is one of them–and he is back right before the years closing with a single “Heartless”. This week was the three year anniversary of his last full-length album Starboy, and the last we have seen of him since then was his EP in 2018 My Dear Melancholy, and his feature on “Lost in the Fire” with Gesaffelstein. Since then, he’s been relatively quiet in the realm of music due to the fact that he was filming a new movie with Adam Sandler. Alongside that, he had his breakup with Selena Gomez to deal with, and his on and off relationship with supermodel Bella Hadid. Amidst of everything going on, The Weeknd has been locked in and in album mode for a long time, and what we are witnessing is the very beginning of what he and fans call Chapter VI. Produced by mega producer Metro Boomin’ and day one collaborator Illangelo, The Weeknd sets the tone high on this one with an uptempo …

WYA – [Lou Era]

By Lee Mcintosh // 27 Nov 2019

Lou Era has been killing the underground scene in Chicago for a very long time now, and he’s back with another single and visual for his new hit “WYA”. The vibe this time around is reminiscent of a laid back, yet energetic type of feeling–where Lou is showcasing his lyrical ability with his use of clever metaphors and catchy hooks. “I aint worried bout who feelings that I hurt today” Lou raps–letting the rap game know that he’s coming with full force and not concerned with who stands in his way. His energy on this track reassures that he is destined for greatness and he will for sure achieve that in the near future. While we wait for his full length to drop, watch his new visual below! Directed by Movisuals and Richy Reel

PARTYNEXTDOOR Is Back With A Two Pack “The News” and “Loyal”

By Lee Mcintosh // 25 Nov 2019

PARTYNEXTDOOR for as long as we can remember has always been the type of artist to live in the shadows. Since his initial emerging into the music scene, he has released a handful of albums and twice as many EPs. A point can be made that Party is partially responsible for the sound of current R&B and has inspired many after him. As far as 2019 goes, he has been relatively silent when it came to releases. In fact, he has not had a full length release since his 2016 release of P3. In between time, Party released two EPs in 2017 Colours 2 and Seven Days, but fans have been anxiously awaiting a full length album ever since. With the success of his writing credits on Rihanna’s “Work” and “Wild Thoughts”, the internet joke has been that Rihanna is keeping him held hostage creating her next big hit—however, he is back in 2019 with two new singles “The News” and “Loyal” feat. Drake. The News  Produced by Hoskins and Bizness Boi, Party returns with his usual sounds and flows on this one. This time around, Party is speaking about a woman who hurt him and treats him in a bad way. “What’s news to …

Melly vs. Melvin – [YNW Melly]

By Lee Mcintosh // 22 Nov 2019

Despite his current circumstances, YNW Melly won’t let anything (not even bars) hold him back from blessing his fans with new music. Rumors spread months ago of a mixtape that would drop on Melly’s birthday—which did come out but fans felt it was not an official release. Nonetheless, here we are as we approach the years closing — Melly is back with his second release of the year with Melly vs. Melvin. Tapping into the cover art, we are shown a happier side of Melly alongside his “evil” counterpart, Melvin. This isn’t the first time Melly has alluded to his split personalities. He previously spoke about how he has two personas—not only speaking on behalf of his actions, but musically as well. One side of his is a more personal, soothing side. The other being his savage and uncontrolled side. On Melly vs. Melvin, we see the perfect mixture of both sides of him. The backwards “E” on the cover art is reminiscent of Eminem whom also alluded to his double personas Slim Shady and Marshal Mathers. Another comparison would be the T.I. vs. T.I.P. album as well. Sonically, there’s something here that will surely satisfy all angles whether you are a …

Tory Lanez Hits A Major Nostalgic Nerve With ‘Chixtape 5’

By Lee Mcintosh // 19 Nov 2019

“Everything is 2000s-inspired–Everything is inspired by the times when things were golden for us. I think all those pieces and everything that we’ve come out with has been all about nostalgia. I’m about to take you on a whole journey musically.” -Tory Lanez, via Billboard The concept of nostalgia– something that has been a huge conversation as of late. With all the talks about the new Disney Plus streaming service bringing back old shows and movies, this is something that we latch onto and that brings a sort of happiness and excitement. In Tory Lanez perspective, his highly popular Chixtape series has been nothing less than a nostalgic journey through the years of great music. The concept of making an entire project and taking classic R&B records, sampling and flipping them into a modern version seems like something that even Tory himself is “surprised that no one has thought of yet”. Sampling has been dominant in the music industry since it’s inception and without a doubt is one of the most popular production trends in music. Tory may not be the first to sample and reimagine songs, but he may be one of the best yet to make entire projects of the …

Woah – [Lil Baby]

By Lee Mcintosh // 11 Nov 2019

It goes without saying that Lil Baby has been one of the hottest artists to rise over the last couple of years. Ever since his signing with QC, he has been on fire and has yet to be put out. That being said, Lil Baby is back with another hit “Woah” produced by his frequent collaborator and super producer Quay Global. This time around, Lil Baby is back with another anthem not only for the streets, but for everyone to dance to as well. Coming alongside an Instagram Triller vid, this will be strictly a joint that can be put on and will be guaranteed to go off at any party, riding in the car, or for any personal enjoyment. Lil Baby is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated album My Turn. QC has been extremely active all of this year with all their newest signees and releases, so no doubt in mind he will deliver and give the fans exactly what they expect from him. Stream “Woah” Below!

The Juice, Vol. II – [Emotional Oranges]

By Lee Mcintosh // 11 Nov 2019

The soulful & mysterious LA duo Emotional Oranges is back with full force on their second full-length release of the year The Juice, Vol. II. Since then, they have begun their World Tour, released a handful of visuals, and have become much more visible since their initial burst onto the scene. The original idea of them covering their identities to the general public is starting to be pulled back–which ties directly into their music. As they progress throughout their career, do more shows, and release more music, we begin to really see who they areas individuals all throughout the lyricism and the sound waves of the music. Coming in at eight tracks long, The Juice, Vol II feels much more of a continuation of what we previously were premiered with back in May when the first project was release. However, this time around, their sounds have changed tremendously for the betterment of their skillset. The best part about the project, is that it is very difficult to put in a box. Creatively, this album pushes all boundaries that ever existed in the realm of R&B and raises the bar lightyears above what we have been accustomed to thus far. In just twenty-six minutes, we …