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New World Order – [First Class Bee] feat. [Rockie Fresh]

By Lee Mcintosh // 13 Feb 2020

One thing that goes without saying is that Chicago seems to be delivering new talent every single day. Being one of the cities best known for its innovation, creativity, and fresh new ideas, we can always count on an artist to emerge from the city and shake up the game. That being said, Chicago native First Class Beemakes his official Lyrical Lemonade debut with his latest single “New World Order” featuring fellow Chicagoan Rockie Fresh. The visual for the DJ O-Zone produced cut finds the Windy City natives flexing iced out chains, designer coats, and some luxury vehicles while trading bars detailing their lavish lifestyle. Despite living the flash lifestyle, FCB still remains humble and is well aware that the grind has just begun. “I gotta get to this money, I take it one day at a time” he raps, well aware that this lifestyle can be over at any time, so he keeps that hunger and that lionhearted mentality when it comes to remaining successful in the realm of the rap game. It’s always an amazing thing when two Chicago natives can come together and collaborate on a track and match each other’s energy with such ease. When asked about the creative process …

Meet The Woo 2 – [Pop Smoke]

By Lee Mcintosh // 10 Feb 2020

A few weeks back, we covered the latest single by Pop Smoke titled “Christopher Walking”–and at the time, a project was nothing more than a rumor. Here we are a few weeks later and that has officially been put to bed, for Pop Smoke is ready to bless the streets with the release of his new project Meet The Woo 2. To say that Pop has been buzzing lately would be a major understatement. To speak to the amount of impact he has been leaving on the game is one that we only see ever so often, as far as saying that you cant look anywhere on any social media app and not see or hear what Pop Smoke has been up to. For those in the New York area have been well aware of the chaos that has arose since the summer, the rest of the nation is just beginning to get hip to the wave coming out of the east coast. On Meet The Woo 2, Pop Smoke does not stray away from his usual drill/UK grime sound that he originally delivered on his debut single “Welcome To The Party” this past summer. Many people may have an issue with …

YELL OH – [Trippie Redd] feat. [Young Thug]

By Lee Mcintosh // 7 Feb 2020

If there’s one artist who we can definitively say is sitting on a plethora of unreleased music, it would be Trippie Redd. To have only been in the rap game since 2017, we already have six full-length bodies of work and an abundance of guest features that Trippie has released for us to digest. Coming off the major success of his first number one album A Love Letter To You 4, Trippie almost immediately teased the release of a deluxe version of the album that would come sometime in the near future, full of tracks that didn’t make the final cut. One track in particular was teased in a since deleted Instagram post was the Pierre Bourne-produced song “YELL OH”–now accompanied by a Young Thug feature. It’s been amazing to see the relationship between Trippie and Pierre Bourne begin to flourish once again because whenever these two come together, the magic that they create is beyond amazing. This time around, Trippie continues that dark and gritty vibe that he has been known for since the beginning of his career. The distorted bass and the stuttering effect on the dark piano on the production side really brings out that alternate ego side of Trippie …

S’mores – [dopeSMOOTHIES]

By Lee Mcintosh // 22 Jan 2020

If there’s one region on the map that is extremely slept on when it comes to delivering fresh and groundbreaking artists, it would be the DMV. As much as we like to credit Atlanta with running the game as of late, every once in awhile the DMV blossoms in a new wave of creatives waiting to take over the rap game in every way they can. In an era where a majority of the music sounds a certain way, it can be very refreshing to hear something that you can simply just put on and catch a vibe too. That being said, DMV artist dopeSMOOTHIESis making his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his newest single and visual for his track titled “S’mores” featuring SMII Much. Produced by Gekkoh, this track is the embodiment of what feel-good music sounds like. Everything from the classic sample of Cal Tjader’s “Invitation” in the rear of the track, to the slowed breakbeat in the front– dopeSMOOTHIES glides over the track with ease while maintaining his laid-back flow–creating a pocket of his own. The visuals are edited amazingly which is always adds to the overall aesthetic of the track as well. The video shows dope and SMII galavanting through an …

Modus Vivendi – [070 Shake]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Jan 2020

Authentic and in a lane of her own words that I can definitely use to summarize when speaking on behalf of the New Jersey-native rapper/singer 070 Shake. Most of the world began to become hip to her music from her features on Kanye West’s ye album, and her vocals on Pusha T’sDaytona album as well. Since her signing to G.O.O.D. Music, fans have been waiting eagerly for a full-length release from her. She has been growing tremendously since I first discovered her shortly after the release of her Glitter EP, so it’s been nothing less than amazing to see the amount of progression I have seen in not only her vocal capabilities, but her creativity as well. About a week ago, she released the first single “Guilty Conscience“–an 80s-themed, synth-heavy track about her catching her significant other in the act of sleeping around–all while her hiding the same situation happening to her and watching karma work its ways. As soon as I heard this track, I told myself that if there was anything like this on the album, then I’d be all in. Turns out, her album delivered much more of this and then some–that album being Modus Vivendi. The title derives from a Latin term which translates …

P*$$Y Fairy (OTW) – [Jhene Aiko]

By Lee Mcintosh // 20 Jan 2020

Many of us may look at Jhene Aiko as the soft-spoken, soul healing queen of R&B–and would not be wrong for those depictions. However, very seldom do we see the other side of her–the side where she becomes more in tune and expressing her sexuality and intimacy within her music. Of course, we all remember the “groceries” that went viral, and her 2017 track “Maniac” in which this is when we first caught a glimpse of the luscious side of Jhene. Now that we have seen both sides, there’s no telling where she will go, what subject matter she will speak of, or the direction she will go on her next full-length project. She has been releasing music and features pretty frequently, but just a few moments ago she debuted her newest single titled “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW” (stylized for the sake of cleanliness I’m sure). In this song, we receive much more of the lusty side of Jhene Aiko as she sings about her intimate interactions with her love interest. “You can’t get enough of me, well I guess it’s looking like you stuck with me” she sings–speaking to whomever she has sprung on her love at the time. Of course, …

Music To Be Murdered By – [Eminem]

By Lee Mcintosh // 17 Jan 2020

“If I was half as good as I was, I’m still twice as good as you’ll ever be.” -Eminem on “Premonition (Intro) Currently, there aren’t too many artists that are afforded the luxury of being able to release an entire full-length project with no warning what so ever. Come to think of it, there aren’t even many legacy acts that can release albums in this matter. Being active for well over 20 years now, a lot of us can agree that Eminem has had a project or two that have stuck with us during our upbringing. As of late, he hasn’t been getting the recognition that he deserves, due to the lackluster outing we received on his 2017 album Revival. Feeling dismayed by the responses of that album, Eminem came right back in 2018 with the surprise album Kamikaze in which he strayed away from the pop sound of the last album and went back to more of his Hip-Hop roots. Better critically received this time, yet still received some backlash for his means of dedicating the entire album replying those who dissed him over the years. Here we are in 2020 and Eminem seems to put the nail in the coffin and …

Christopher Walking – [Pop Smoke]

By Lee Mcintosh // 16 Jan 2020

Regional impact is a concept and a subject that I frequently speak of here on the site, and it is something that will always amaze me in the realm of music. Ways in which a certain artist or song could be elevating in one city or state and not the rest of the world yet is and always has been mind-blowing to me–especially now in terms of how fast the internet works. In terms of Hip Hop, New York native Pop Smoke has been making moves for a while, and many New Yorkers would agree that he had the song of the summer when he released “Welcome to the Party” about 7 months ago. Since then, he has been on the rise and has yet to hit the brakes yet. Many of us may be getting hip to him as of late due to his feature on “GATTI“–the feature he provided for Travis Scott & Cactus Jack album Jackboys back in December of last year, but just know that he has been making noise all throughout New York for a while now. Nonetheless, he recently released his new single and visual for the track “Christopher Walking”. Staying true to his usual sound, Pop Smoke …