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3AM (Remix) – [E BLEU] feat. [Derez De’Shon]

By Lee Mcintosh // 2 Jun 2021

““I’m big on things happening organically. It started with Derez genuinely liking the song and showing me love just off that. I stopped in ATL for a promo tour a few weeks back and the rest is history. We left the studio at like 8am. Bro is one of the most solid people in this music thing.” -E Bleu Houston-native E Bleu has been making some solid moves within the industry as of late. Recently hitting over 30 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify, and his smash single “3AM” getting almost 200k streams on the same platform, it’s safe to say that his time is near. Making another appearance on our site, E Bleu is back with a remix to his smash “3AM”, this time featuring a guest verse from Atlanta-native Derez De’Shon. If you happened to miss the original release, E Bleu speaks on the creation of it and said, “I’ve always been a night owl. The energy at night is just different to me. I remember being in an Uber on the way home just mentally recapping the night and feeling like it’s somehow a pattern I fall into every night”. Continuing that same sentiment and vibe here, it’s …

Wrong N*gga – [Arsonal Da Rebel] feat. [NLE Choppa]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 May 2021

Bridging the gap between generations is something that can often be easily done. As a matter of fact, most that attempt this feat often find themselves coming up short. This is something that is important in today’s society where it appears that the young generation does not rock with the generation before it, and vice versa. Today, that is not the case for the Jersey-native Arsonal Da Rebel, as he recruits the Memphis-star NLE Choppa for their collaboration “Wrong N*gga”. Produced by Dinuzzo, Arsonal taps into NLE’s world with a hit that sounds like it was straight out of his own playbook. “Play with me, you got the wrong n*gga” Arsonal raps throughout the hook, reassuring that he is not the one you want to cross. NLE also delivers a stellar verse and delivers at the caliber he is used to performing at. The visual is recorded outside of a venue in Pennsylvania back in April right before the two hit the stage together, and the chemistry blends together perfectly. At first glance, many could mistake them both for a rap duo that does this on the daily, and that’s just how perfect both of them sound together. Blending true …

Get Up (Remix) – [MC Tres] feat. [Reggie Son]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 May 2021

As rough as the past year and a half has been for us, we can all admit that we are ready to not be down anymore. With the direction of the music industry pushing toward full swing pretty soon, it’s time for us to get back on our feet. That being said, the urge to listen to music that is motivating, uplifting, and inspiring is at an all-time high right now. Music fans all around the world are looking for music to make them feel good, make them get up, and make them feel great again. St. Louis-native MC Tres is coming in hot with a brand new remix of his song “Get Up” feat. fellow STL-native Reggie Son. Coming off of the release of MC Tres’ Late Night Flights project, the remix to “Get Up” will soon find its home on the deluxe version of that same project. “Get Up is a hustler’s anthem.” says Tres, as he speaks on the motive behind the record and what it aims to achieve. Produced by Young Badger, Tres & Reggie exchange verses about getting back up and getting it again, which does serve as amazing motivation for anyone who may still feel …

Retail (Remix) – [Cam Wallace] feat. [Wiz Khalifa]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 May 2021

“Wiz always brings the ultimate vibes to any record he’s on. When I heard his approach to his verse, I was like ‘oh this is perfect’. He literally added another layer of cool to the record.” -Cam Wallace Coming fresh off of the release of his high-energy track “We Made It”, Houston-native Cam Wallace is back with another record to showcase just how diverse his armory is when it comes to all that he can deliver. This time around, he takes it down a notch over a smooth instrumental giving off a chill vibe. Tapping in the Taylor Gang head honcho and rap game legend, Wiz Khalifa, Cam Wallace is back with another hit, titled “Retail (Remix)”. “I just lift the doors up, then lit the ‘dro up” Cam raps, as he continues to spew out more chill bars and match the beat perfectly. Obtaining the legend that is Wiz Khalifa was amazing to hear on this record since this is the vibe that Wiz can effortlessly float on. Following the lead of Cam Wallace, Wiz does exactly what Wiz does, and does it well. Cam is now 2 for 2 when it comes to hit records, and I’m super excited …

High Horse – [A.CHAL]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 May 2021

While some people may view it to be a bad thing, I personally don’t think that there is anything wrong with living on a high horse from time to time. Being confident in who you are, what you do, and what you bring to the table, sometimes it’s nice to just talk your shit and feel yourself. New York-native A.CHAL recently made an appearance on our platform with his single “Tappd’n”, and now he’s back with another fire visual for his follow up single “High Horse” “I’m on my high horse, I’m feelin’ Godly/The demons they on me, tryna strip me from my conscience” A.CHAL raps as he rides around the town yet again with a braggadocious demeanor. Sometimes you gotta let it be known how you’re feeling and when you’re feeling good about yourself. That feeling of being on top of your game and on top of the world is what we all aim to achieve, and that is something that A.CHAL is letting loose on full display in the Eli Sokhn-directed visual. Be sure to check out the stunning visuals for A.CHAL’s “High Horse” below!

When It’s Real – [Byron Juane]

By Lee Mcintosh // 28 May 2021

As much as we may think it should be common sense, love always feels better when it’s real. No games, no funny business, not uncertainty, just real vibes and real, genuine connection between two parties. North Carolina-native Byron Juane has been providing some really great R&B vibes, and his recent release is right on par with what I grew to expect from him in his recent body of work. Following the release of his stellar EP, Promise I’m Not Crazy, Byron is back with another hit, “When It’s Real”. Produced by WEARETHEGOOD, Byron’s energy flows perfectly over this beat that sounds super soothing, yet delivers a punch as well. Finding that balance between the two can be very difficult amongst R&B artists, but Byron pulls it off in what appears to be an effortless fashion. Speaking to a special someone who is currently coming out of a bad situation, Byron shoots his shot by offering what the other person was lacking in and speaks to how he will provide and be better than the last. In a statement about the record, Byron says: “When it’s real is a fun song about celebrating authentic and honest love while wholeheartedly embracing what it …

This Side – [Vory] feat. [Landstrip Chip]

By Lee Mcintosh // 24 May 2021

Dreamchasers founder and head-honcho Meek Mill has been doing an amazing job pushing the brand and the label forward as a collective. Showcasing many sides of talent, Meek has been able to capture all angles of rap, and now R&B, on one label. One of the most talented pens and vocalists in the game right now would have to be the Dreamchasers signee, Vory. The Houston-born and Louisville-raised artist started out making a buzz on his own before garnering the attention of many other artists in the game. He would then go on to receive a Grammy for his contributions on The Carters Everything Is Love album,  as well as contributing his pen on records from Bryson Tiller, Rich The Kid, and even Drake. Today, he is premiering his latest visuals for his song “This Side” featuring Atlanta-based artist Landstrip Chip. With the release of his self-titled album Vory that released in December of 2020 being so successful, Vory knew that he eventually had to push some of those bigger records off of there. That said, here we are with “This Side” being his single of choice and an amazing pick. The Sara Lacombe-directed visual takes place in the strip club, while Vory and …

MK XYZ Interview: Defining the Unknown and Living it, Unapologetically

By Lee Mcintosh // 21 May 2021

“A lot of people have told me that I was the first person that made them feel at home and made them feel accepted. I want to make people feel the most authentic and show the world the best version of themselves that they can be.” -MK XYZ Photo Credit: Jackson x Joshua As much as it may seem like common sense, being your true self and owning your own personality is something that seems like it’s beyond normal now. With so many people trying to emulate whatever the next trend is, it’s rare that we find those artists that are just true to themselves inside and out. Once we stumble across an artist like that, we hold them near and dear to us–as they could go on to be a trendsetter, a leader, and an innovator for those who follow after them. One artist in particular who stands on their beliefs high and proud would be the next R&B sensation, MK XYZ. There are plenty of things that make MK far more unique than the average R&B singer. First and foremost, she was raised by Filipino and Black parents, experienced two different cities coming up, and is someone who …