Slip N Slide – [Brandon Bill$] X [Milian Beatz]

By former writer // 31 Jul 2019

The most beautiful thing about music, especially Hip-Hop, is the different and unique collaborations that are formed both inside and outside of the studio. Miami-native, Brandon Bill$, has been been climbing his way into the game for a minute now. With several projects released, the up and coming rapper is back on the scene with his newest banger, “Slip N Slide.” The song comes after several big assists from artists such as DaniLeigh and Soulja Boy. This is undoubtedly one of the hottest singles to come out this summer. The catchy hook as well as the melodic verses make each moment of the song easy to remember and sing along too. Bill$ collaborates with the Milian Beatz, whom many refer to as the producing “King of Kiev.” The young producer has been on a Kanye-like beat making spree since the first day he moved to the U.S. from Ukraine. For this track, Milian puts his acoustic abilities to use and combines it with his distinct 808 and drum production. Bill$’s one of a kind performance is nothing to lose sight of as well. The rapper has been on the mic for over 10 years, and you can definitely hear that …

Handouts – [Kai Ca$h] ft. [Pusha T]

By former writer // 31 Jul 2019

Recently appearing on Hot 97 and Sway in the morning, New York native Kai Ca$h has recently released an impressive stream of singles. Following up his success with a project, Birth in the Borough, the rapper prides himself on the city he comes from on his single, “Handouts.” With a rare assist from Pusha T, this track is the obvious standout song of the project. Lyrical in his delivery, Kai makes it clear that he does not want any pity and he certainly does not want any handouts. With tremendous grit in his voice, the rapper knows his worth and proves it with his lyrics: “They wantin’ me to sign, too low, huh I’m not near selling my soul, huh My eyes wide open, stay woke, uh And stack, I ain’t going back broke.” Throughout the track, Kai walks you through the essence of what it means and feels like to be from his borough of New York, something not too many artists are capable of making a listener feel. Fluently showcasing his ability to flow with the best in the game, the young emcee has gotten head nods from Hip-Hop legends such as King Push and Diddy. “Handouts,” produced …

All I Want – [Jitsu Gaiden]

By former writer // 29 Jul 2019

When we think of cities that major Hip-Hop artists come out of, we don’t think of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. But coincidentally, that is where Jitsu Gaiden, my newest discovery, is from. Jitsu Gaiden’s “All I Want” is one of the several standout tracks from the recently relocated rapper’s latest project Timeless Hyrdoponic Chamber. This record falls into a rare and risqué sub-genre of conscious strip club bangers. The emcee spits with an authentic southern drawl and smooth vocal tone that is reminiscent of the legendary Tennessee rap group, Three 6 Mafia. Throughout “All I Want,” Jitsu displays honest and hard-hitting flows, expressing his lust as he repeats the lyrics, “All I want’s a big booty bitch to throw a fit,” on the catchy, memorable hook. In today’s ever-changing Hip-Hop scene, the pimps and players have faded to the background, but still, Jitsu Gaiden is holding it down for all the playas out there. Stream “All I Want,” here:   Words by Barry R

Golden Boy – [Trust’N] X [Bkwds]

By former writer // 29 Jul 2019

Madison, Wisconsin is a city most famous for its beer and cheese curds, but the ever-growing underground hip-hop scene is finally starting to see the spotlight. Two up and coming Madison emcees, Trust’N and Bkwds, recently linked up for a collaborative project called Lapse. The EP has a number of standout tracks including my personal favorite, “Golden Boy.” Driven by soft melodic layered harmonies softly bouncing atop vibrant grand piano keys and trap drums, “Golden Boy” elegantly combines feelings of modern trap and neo-soul. The result is a beautiful record that will appeal to a wide variety of hip-hop fans across the endless spectrum of subgenres. Thus explaining why the album charted on iTunes in the Top 20 Hip Hop releases as well. The 21-year-old Trust’N, and 16-year-old producer Bkwds have been working together for quite some time now. With a bright future ahead of them, the two have already accomplished what many dream to do. Expect more music from Trust’N and Bkwds soon. Stream “Golden Boy” here: Words by Barry R

Hopeless – [Cst Dizzy] ft. [Cst Truey]

By former writer // 29 Jul 2019

On the low, Milwaukee has been producing some real dope artists. I recently discovered Cst Dizzy via SideStream and I have been listening to him ever since. Cst Dizzy’s recent release, “Hopeless,” is an emotional, smooth, and melodic trap banger coming off of his project titled DIZZYGOHARD. The Milwaukee emcee puts his versatility on full display throughout this track, crooning his way through an atmospheric and lush instrumental with a-1 melodies and effortless flows. Uplifting, introspective, and motivational, Dizzy’s vocal delivery is comparable to artists such as YNW Melly, Young Thug, and other melodic rappers running the game. Assisted by a feature verse from Dizzy’s crewmate Cst Truey, “Hopeless” serves as an authentic taste of Milwaukee’s streets. Despite the song’s title, Dizzy remains hopeful in his lyrics, promising his listeners that he will remain focused until he makes it out of the hood. We’re rooting for you Dizzy. Listen to “Hopeless” here: Words by Barry R

Closer – [Pastel Papi] X [Half Moon Bay]

By former writer // 27 Jul 2019

If you haven’t heard of Pastel Papi, you’re about to. The South Central Los Angeles-based rapper, singer, producer, and photographer (there’s more that he does, but it’s a long list) gives listeners a savory and sentimental summer vibe with his latest offering, “Closer.” The song is the introduction to Pastel Papi as a character and an artist. Formerly known as ICreateShit, the first verse is from the perspective of a player (from the voice of ICreateShit). Whereas, the second verse is written from a more introspective, romantic, and poetic stance from the voice of Pastel Papi. Produced by Pastel Papi and frequent collaborator Don Diestro, the song contains reggae and tropical drum breakdowns that get any listeners swinging their hips. With a soothing and memorable chorus sung by Half Moon Bay, “Closer” is an absolute must-listen. Listen to “Closer” here: Words by Barry R

High Rises – [Chika]

By former writer // 27 Jul 2019

I say this a lot, but this is truly my favorite personal discovery of the summer. I mean, talk about well deserved. On the hustle for years, super lyricist Chika is a recent signee to Warner Records. The rapper has been on her grind for over a decade, and has released multiple projects. On the brink of superstardom, the female emcee gives the world her latest offering, “High Rises.” Vulnerable, yet proud of who she is, Chika does not hold back with discussing some of her biggest insecurities throughout the Gospel-infused Hip Hop track. “Round face, thick thighs Full waist, bright eyes, Wonders if they’ll judge her for her size, Doesn’t compromise, she’s Seen this world before, this child is wise Never busy But her mind is occupied, she used to dream of high rises.” The song comes with a beautifully directed music depicting the story being told by the brilliant rapper. With a children’s choir backing her in the video, Chika emphatically and deservedly spits the meaningful verses with passion, giving children across the world the hope they need to achieve their dreams. With incredibly uplifting and powerful production done by MXXWLL, “High Rises” is a summer anthem that …

Crush – [Max Wells] ft. [Foreign Forest]

By former writer // 25 Jul 2019

Indiana-based rapper has spent his last year traveling, giving him new perspectives. Bringing those newly found perspectives and angles into his music is an effort he has succeeded in. Currently stationed back home, the smooth artist has been locked in the studio and has recently released some of his best and most passionate music to date.  His latest offering, “Crush,” is melodic pleasantry for the ears. His extremely gentle and emotional vocal performance can be compared to other crooning artists such as Lil Peep and Post Malone. With a great feature from California artist, Foreign Forest, the song delves into the intricacies of relationships. With lyrics such as, “Shit can get weird, but it’s weird when it’s not,” the duo makes the message of the song very easy to relate to. Both glide effortlessly over the WHOISDRO production to make a summer love anthem you will have on repeat. Follow Max Wells, and stream, “Crush,” here:  Words by Barry R