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By Barry Rosenblum // 19 Jul 2019

Jay2 is back with yet another new single, less than two weeks after dropping the Monte Booker-produced “Dedication.” This week, he and PRODXVSN link up on a record called “King Louis”, and this one sounds like it’s coming straight out of the Zero Fatigue playbook: skittering hi hats and a warm melody lay a bouncy foundation for Jay2 to flow so naturally that it sounds like the syllables are falling naturally off his tongue. There’s a moment during the song when he flows eerily similar to label mate Smino, with what sounds like a St. Louis drawl (though Jay2 is from Chicago), and the switch up serves as a nice difference in tone before his typical warm vocal tone returns for the refrain: “She want me” is an ear worm that won’t be easily escapable this summer. This isn’t the end for Jay2 this summer either: he’s dropping an EP called “4 Tha Wait” on 7/24, and he describes the EP as a “prelude before the album.” Needless to say, he’s not slowing down. Tweets by Jay2AintShit

Bad Habits  – [Blac Papi]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jul 2019

When an artist is from Philly, you can hear it. With different styles and flavors, I always find artists coming from Philadelphia have a sound with an edge and overall hunger in their tone. Blac Papi embodies what it means to be a Philly rapper, and he displays that in his recently released video for his new song, ‘Bad Habits.’ In the video, the rapper is seen walking through his hometown and chilling with the same people he grew up with. Throughout the song, the rapper articulates the struggles that success brings with lyrics such as, ‘I made it, I ain’t did enough. Ain’t satisfied til a hundred up.’ The catchy hook combined with the hard-hitting production done by Zachary Gayden, make this song an absolute Philly banger. Watch the music video for, ‘Bad Habits,’ here:

IDNT – [Wafflejax]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jul 2019

Fun, energetic, young, bouncy. I recently discovered Florida-based rapper Wafflejax. I’m not sure what it is about Florida, but there is an extreme amount of actual talent coming out of there. Not only is there a lot talent, there’s an exceptional amount of very young talent. Listening to Wafflejax, you’d imagine that you’re listening to a seasoned 20-something-year-old rapper, but in reality, you’re listening to a seasoned 17-year-old rapper. “IDNT” is essentially a short, concise track with an important message: don’t take life so seriously, enjoy, and have fun. What really impresses me about Wafflejax is his incredible control of his flow. Drawing comparisons to XXXTentacion, Busta Rhymes, and more, the young rapper is about to make a gigantic splash in the hip hop scene. Produced by MarvinTheMartian, the song has a captivating sample and a powerful kick, providing Waffle the perfect platform to spit on. He is a “must” on my list of artists to keep up with. Listen to “IDNT” here:

Luh You Not – [Ion Lil Gut]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jul 2019

Ion Lil Gut is back with yet another tear-jerker with his newest single, “Luh You Not.” The singer’s voice alone is enough to get anyone in their feels. Layered with emotional strings produced by frequent collaborator, Illa Da Producer, the song holds sentiment and easily evokes emotions. With lyrics such as, “She want me cuz I am the man. Can’t love you I just love them bands.” Throughout the track, Lil Gut discusses how his business (trapping) has made it difficult for him to find the right person. Not only are women constantly trying to gold dig and finesse the up and coming star, he does not have the time to commit to anyone. He knows what the lifestyle he chose comes with, and he deals with those consequences in “Luh You Not.” Make sure to stream, “Luh You Not,” here:

im so happy – [Monica Riskey]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jul 2019

It’s only been a month since I last wrote up Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter Monica Riskey. When I found out she was releasing new music, I was excited, to say the least. Her latest offering, “im so happy,” is a reflective ballad discussing the ups and downs of moving forward after a breakup. With moving and relatable lyrics such as, “I’m so happy, yet so sad. All of these emotions, I don’t understand. Think I’m good, then go bad. Sent you a text, but never got one back,” Monica makes it easy for her listeners to understand where she’s coming from. We’ve all gone through a breakup, thought we had our lives figured out, and than saw a picture of our ex sending us into an emotional vortex. Monica was able to articulate those feelings in a short, sweet 2:38 single produced by Ryini Beats. Self-engineered in her bedroom, the recent Binghamton University has seen a tremendous amount of success with her music over the last few months, and continues to have her foot on the gas. With more on the way, make sure to follow Monica Riskey and stream “im so happy” here:

Stay Flyy – [M A E S T R O]

By Barry Rosenblum // 18 Jul 2019

If you haven’t heard the bouncy, summer new single, “Stay Flyy,” from rapper M A E S T R O, you are definitely missing out. The rapper has recently released a music video to accompany the self-produced banger. Everything about this track screams summer and the video compliments that perfectly. Distancing himself from the norm, viewers watch as M A E S T R O has an older woman waiting on him, making him pancakes in the morning, and giving him an allowance to hit Melrose for an afternoon shopping spree. Unusual, but definitely fun to watch. Removing himself from his previous role in the hit show, The Wire, the rapper, singer, actor and producer, is making an impact on the rap game and that is evident with summer smashes such as, “Stay Flyy.” With more on the way, don’t sleep on M A E S T R O. Watch the music video for, “Stay Flyy,” here:

Fanta! – [KISH!] X [Matavelli] feat. [Brando, Jayrichie, Dxynemills]

By Barry Rosenblum // 16 Jul 2019

There’s no doubt that UK rap scene has successfully made its way over to the US. As a big UK fan, discovering up and coming out of that part of the world is always something I enjoy doing. Up and coming rapper KISH! has an incredibly lyrical and vibey track only a British rapper could deliver. “Fanta!,” a song off of his recently released project, Crybaby, is a feature-heavy, high energy headbanger. With dynamic assists from fellows UK rappers Brando, Jayrichie, Dxynemills, “Fanta!” displays the pure talent coming out of the area. Produced by Matavelli, the song boasts a complex, yet familiar drum pattern that allows its listeners to move too. All in all, KISH! has a special project on his hands. The rising star is definitely someone I will be keeping an eye on. Expect more from KISH! soon. Listen to “Fanta!” here:

Racks On Me – [Hoodrich Pablo Juan]

By Barry Rosenblum // 16 Jul 2019

Atlanta star Hoodrich Pablo Juan is back with an exciting new visual for his song, “Racks On Me.” The catchy bop is the first song on the tracklist for his recently released project titled BLO: The Movie. Founded by Gucci Mane, the young artist has proven his legitimacy to the world after putting out a stream of bangers throughout the last few years. “Racks On Me,” is an undeniable summer banger, and the music video shot and directed by Ndoh exemplifies that. Pablo Juan pulls out the vitals to making the music video exciting: twerking, jacuzzis, and flexing. In short, the rapper is definitely living his best life at the moment. Watch the visual directed by Ndoh here: