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New Glock – [MT Twins]

By Jaxon Brown // 19 Jul 2019

A new single and visual to the track “New Glock” have arrived by courtesy of the Milwaukee duo MT Twins. The two have gained a heavy following in the Midwest and in Milwaukee specifically, and with this joint they’re looking to expand their audience. The visual (shot by Randollaa) catches the pair playfully pranking each other back and forth until it gets out of hand and suddenly one of them decides it got to the point where they need to purchase a new glock to get back at them. From there the plot somewhat disbands but it gives an entertaining intro that will attract the viewer for the rest of the video. Following that segment, the song begins and the rest of the video is of the twins dancing and rapping in a multiplicity of settings around Milwaukee; on the shoreline, in the street, near abandoned buildings, etc. The two look like they’re having a blast, and that’s the vibe that comes with the track as well. “Do my dance with the glock like I’m Steve Urkel.” The joint makes you wanna do exactly that, and I only expect the video (with 24k views in just three days) will keep …

Combos – [Cali Kev]

By Jaxon Brown // 19 Jul 2019

San Diego native Cali Kev is back with a new single that dropped this morning titled, “Combos.” The distinct voice and constant fighting and wrestling references allow for relatable vintage-feeling lines that often have me laughing to myself and enjoying the music even more. “Feel like stone cold in ‘96,” had me picturing the bald freak show in front of my TV back in my early childhood and I couldn’t help but smile. Cali Kev stays releasing tracks consistently and draws a following with his unique flows and different, organic voice. This is without a doubt a interesting & dope song in my opinion, but what you think about the song is really what matters here, so you might as well get in tune with him below.

Paid Everyday – [Soulzay]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2019

The Dallas up and coming star Soulzay dropped another vintage-feeling earworm today titled “Paid Everyday.” The instrumental is a slow BPM produced by Dragg, with an R&B influenced vibe and a beautiful sample from Brandy’s 1994 hit “I Wanna Be Down.” The groovy instrumental allows Soulzay to project his signature voice in a perfect manner that meshes perfectly with the energy. “Staying lowkey, and stack a couple of G’s, I’m diplomatic with my ways, stayin’ paid everyday.” Even the flow and lyrics bring me back to 90s hip-hop, and I couldn’t help but smile and jive to the smooth vibrations through the song’s entirety. Stream “Paid Everyday” below! [@soulzaytx]

The Judge – [Smooky MarGielaa]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2019

The 17-year-old Bronx phenom Smooky Margielaa recently dropped his latest track “The Judge,” and just yesterday released an accompanying visual shot by James Mackel. The A$AP Mob member likely released this track in response to the recent incarceration of fellow group member A$AP Rocky. “Ask the judge what he on, won’t let my n***as home.” The video comes with an action-filled plot in which Smooky is initially locked up and seemingly depressed. He gets his recess time out in the jail yard, and while outside, one of his homies pulls up in a helicopter and partakes in a firefight with jail guards. Smooky escapes into the side of the heli, fires off some rounds of his own, and flicks-off the far sight of the jail as the pilot flies off into the horizon.  He lands in the desert, where a convoy is waiting for him and drives him off to freedom. The young star who is surely beyond his years has consistently released heat since his come-up, and the A$AP Mob is in great hands with this adolescent prodigy still rising. Watch Smooky Margielaa – “The Judge” below!

PH 15 – [Chris Travis]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2019

Pubescent teenage life often consists of phases and raging hormones, and during that point in my own life I developed a liking to certain music I never thought I’d listen to, one of the artists in this category being Chris Travis. He, Xavier Wulf, and Bones all flooded my library for months in the years of 2014 and 2015 — but this was no phase like the others. This style, deriving from Travis’ Memphis background was there to stay, and to this day I am still a heavy listener. His newest track, “PH 15,” comes at a time where myself and other Chris Travis listeners alike were feigning for a new piece of work from the Tennessee product. His violent flow and oddly satisfying vocals make for a headbanger any time you listen, and even though the track only lasted 1:35, I found myself grinning and bobbing my head just like the old days. As we await another project from Chris, his latest banger “PH 15” will certainly fulfill the hunger. Stream “PH 15” below!

Kid Cudi (Remix) – [Xavier Wulf] x [Playboi Carti] x [Young Nudy]

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Jul 2019

At this point in the summer, if you’re any sort of rap listener – whether it’s casual or you’re an aficionado – you’ve likely heard “Kid Cudi,” (AKA Pissy Pamper) by Playboi Carti and Young Nudy. This track was leaked in late spring, and caught fire on both Soundcloud and YouTube, with Carti even performing it live at multiple shows. Many have attempted remixes of the brilliant track, but none have done so like Xavier Wulf in his latest release just a few days ago. Xavier comes in hot with his signature flow and energy, making anyone from your best friend to your grandma want to get up and move. ”At first I told her no, but now I think I’ll have a sip – ever since I got my money right I’m smiling like the Grinch.” I found myself cheesing to this head-banging line just like many of the Memphis native’s tracks have done in times past. The joint has already reached a staggering 280k streams in just three days on Soundcloud. Listen to “Kid Cudi (Remix)” below!

Pressure – [SwaggGod2X]

By Jaxon Brown // 16 Jul 2019

Chicago bred artist SwaggGod2X drops in hot with a visual to his latest track “Pressure.” The track speaks of reality coming out of the trenches, and what applying pressure really is. “Yeah I came up from the trenches, yeah I came from nothing.” Many people have flawed views of what life is like growing up in the gutter, and he’s trying to portray to those people the danger that he’s encountered and has to be prepared to act on. The video produced by DylanSatherVisuals shows SwaggGod2X posted in a garage with a piece, an abandoned fire escape, and an old stairwell showing the rustic, forgotten energy that SwaggGod’s trying to point out in the track. Watch SwaggGod2X – Pressure (Official Music Video) below!

Two Pills – [David Lee] x [PnB Rock]

By Jaxon Brown // 16 Jul 2019

David Lee, with recent success and a surge of followers on all platforms, decided to drop two tracks on his Soundcloud last night and they did NOT disappoint. One of the joints tagged “Two Pills,” features Philly superstar PnB Rock and is an instant hit, with the two going in back and forth on a beat produced by AudioJacc that seems like they were made to work on. The high-spirited uptempo vibe is unmatched, and I could easily see this track taking off – whether it be a club banger, an R&B hit, or a radio smash. As David Lee continues to revamp his resume track after track, he and PnB stepped in at a perfect time with this track. With the song already collecting thousands of streams in just 15 hours, and the potential market it could reach, I believe this song will be familiar in many libraries in a short period of time. David Lee has something special about his music and the connections to make it big – as for the world to see in this track. Stream “Two Pills” below!