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All Summa – [DJ Ryan Wolf] x [Fresco Kane]

By Jaxon Brown // 12 Jun 2020

From the jump, the energy of this Summer smash, “All Summa,” creates an aura of joy and positivity surrounding the best time of year. DJ Ryan Wolf – a renowned DJ who has not only worked with the likes of MGK and DJ Scream, but was also the DJ for the Cleveland Browns – produced a beautiful, upbeat party track in this banger and found a perfect accompanying artist in Fresco Kane. Kane’s harmonious vocals mesh flawlessly with the Summer anthem, creating a piece that you can’t help but jig to. “Ridin’ through the city, top down, burnin’ rubber, we gon’ do this all summa.” From the first lyrics of the track, the listener knows what type of song they’re getting, and the vibes portrayed in the visual directed by Bangout Films match those feelings to a “T,” with clips of a pool-party filled to the brim with models, drinks, and smiles to comprise the feel-good production. It’s no wonder that the streams have impressively increased across all platforms in the first week of the visual’s release, which is now at roughly 40k views on YouTube. The perfect timing of the track’s release, and beautifully put-together song and visual will only …

PREMIERE: Dance On My Grave – [Blake Banks]

By Jaxon Brown // 29 May 2020

Just a few short weeks ago, LA based and increasingly popular artist Blake Banks released his single, “Dance On My Grave,” a track that gained huge momentum and did fantastic numbers. Just today, he released a visual (produced by iKilledKiki) to the track, in which delirium seems to be the main energy. The video shows clips of banks bloodied laying in a shower, performing a show, and walking among LA rooftops, all with filters and effects that create a nearly hallucinogenic energy that accompanies the mystical love song’s vibration. Not only has Banks continued to solidify himself in the industry (teaming up with the likes of Post Malone) and only seems to further his success with mixed-genre bangers such as this one. Be on the lookout for more work from Banks as he looks to release more music in an upcoming project entitled, Risky Business. Watch, Blake Banks – “Dance On My Grave” (Music Video), below! @blakexbanks

Bae Boo – [So Gaudy]

By Jaxon Brown // 19 May 2020

So Gaudy, a Las Vegas talent who recently released a project titled, SIN, is coming in hot with a put-together visual to one of his newest ear-pleasing tracks, “Bae Boo.” The video released just last week and portrays the artist posted up in a smooth crib with ambient and mellow-colored lighting that perfectly complements the mood radiating from the track. The song is comprised of a light, guitar-string melody with a slow-paced BPM that meshes well with the soft vocals So Gaudy lays down over it. The track speaks of relationship issues and challenges, specifically in this case pertaining to a woman who’s hiding another man from him. The dedicated Vegas artist looks to continue releasing work through the epidemic, with singles, visuals, and upcoming album, Vinny Vallacci, which he’s looking to drop come late summer. Watch, “So Gaudy BAE BOO,” below!

No Cuffing – [Cameron Airborne] x [Jackboy]

By Jaxon Brown // 10 May 2020

As South Florida continues to cement itself among one of the top hotbeds in hip-hop, Cameron Airborne looks to expand his name and brand along with it. His latest single, “No Cuffing,” is a South-Florida smash, featuring another rising star in Jackboy. As the title insinuates, Airborne and Jackboy spit lyrics of experience with women, and the unwillingness to cuff any of them – as there stardom and lack of trust increases. This summer hit is surely one to gain steam in Florida and beyond, and is accompanied by a bright, loud visual directed by Andrew Colton that complements the banger’s energy. The upbeat piece is a combination of the two artists’ strong-suits accompanied by a high-energy instrumental produced by Airborne in collaboration with K.E. on the Track that allow the two to put their talents to work. Be sure to be on the lookout for Airborne and Jackboy as their names and work continue to rise in popularity throughout their young careers. Listen and watch Jackboy & Cameron Airborne – No Cuffing (Official Music Video) below!    

Gimme Sum Money – [Ty Bri]

By Jaxon Brown // 8 May 2020

Cleveland artist Ty Bri has seen a wave of recent success after her talent has landed her a co-sign with one of the biggest names in hip-hop, Cardi B. This success looks to only continue and grow with her latest track, “Gimme Sum Money,” accompanied by a visual produced by Blaytr. Ty Bri began her career with freestyle videos and social media popularity, quickly grabbing the eye of big name artists. She went on to establish herself in the industry opening up for artists like Megan The Stallion and Lil Baby. However, with recent success and expansion of her work, Ty Bri looks to concrete herself among the newest and brightest names in the industry. “Gimme Sum Money” is a track that fits perfectly fits among themes of individualism and money-making, with Ty Bri flaunting cash and living luxurious in a beautiful mansion as she spits lines of her come-up and self-made-money, as well as pointing out her preferences and requirements romantically. Her style meshes flawlessly with the likes of Cardi, and it’s no surprise the attention and recognition she’s accumulated in such a short time in the game. Her visual, just releasing last week has already racked up nearly …

Lost Ones – [Westside Tut]

By Jaxon Brown // 1 May 2020

Bay-area-grown and upcoming talent Westside Tut seems to remain on track for stardom with his latest release, “Lost Ones,” produced by Mark Motta, and it’s accompanying visual which released just last week. The rising artist has worked brilliantly alongside some of the industry’s largest names including NLE Choppa, NBA Youngboy, and OMB Peezy. His impressive track record also includes touring with West Coast legend E-40. This track speaks on feelings of grieving and emphasizes losing people to incarceration or death. “My heart goes out to mommas with they lost sons, I’m knowin’ how it feels when you lost some.” The visual shows Tut strolling through a graveyard with a stoic demeanor that’s radiated throughout the song as well. Deeper meaning and somber lyrics make this track one you’ll feel, and one you’ll want to hear until its end. The Bay Area rapper continues to make waves in the industry, as he plans on releasing videos and music more consistently in the current times of uncertainty. Like most of the themes throughout his music, he preaches messages of perseverance and dealing with adversity in moving forward with his career, which seemingly has no bounds. Watch and listen to Westside Tut – Lost Ones …

Freak – [Meechie Bravo]

By Jaxon Brown // 22 Apr 2020

Meechie Bravo, an extroverted, energetic, and lively artist has dropped a visual to one of his latest tracks, “Freak,” a part of his recently released EP, RichPrettyGoon. The fast-paced party scenes depicted in the visual for “Freak” depicts exactly what the song portrays in its lyrics and energy. Girls, money, and lots of liquor and clubbing make up the majority of the video, which is exactly what both the song and Meechie himself were going for. This uptempo joint is great to throw on full volume at any function, and certainly will be a track that carries momentum through the Summer season as a party banger. Meechie’s individualistic, charismatic, and fun style is one that anyone can get behind. Hear and see, Meechie Bravo – Freak, for yourself on YouTube below!

DANCE ON MY GRAVE – [Blake Banks]

By Jaxon Brown // 20 Apr 2020

Blake Banks, a solidified artist based out of Los Angeles, recently released a certified banger with his track, “DANCE ON MY GRAVE.” This piece is a beautifully mixed and compiled piece, with harmony from Banks that few can pull off. “Girl you gotta kill me it’s the only way I’m leavin’,” Banks sings lyrics of struggle and anguish in regards to relationships while his light, storytelling energy cause for a track that draws you in from start to finish. Though the track may have messages of troubled experience, I found that I couldn’t help but connect with the song kinetically, finding myself dancing and bobbing along to the track. Banks’ previous work obtains high credibility, as his music has generated millions of streams across multiple genres, and has worked with the likes of Post Malone and G-Eazy. He dips from pop to hip-hop, and sometimes blends the two, to make beautifully constructed work that plenty of listeners have come to know and love. He is currently working on releasing his 6th album, which surely will do numbers as indicators show. Banks’ consistency and polished work will continue to bring him success, as he has found a niche in the music …