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How TF – [Deante’ Hitchcock] x [6lack]

By Jaxon Brown // 8 Apr 2020

Deante’ Hitchcock, a well-known Atlanta artist, pairs with fellow ATL mogul in 6lack, with their latest track, “How TF.” Off the rip, Hitchcock provides a line that immediately allows the audience to grasp what themes this song will undertake. “How TF am I supposed to tell ya I love ya, when I just really discovered what love is.” The mysterious side of love and relationships that Hitchcock and 6lack have ventured deep into so many times through their music is prevalent again in this track, and the two combine flawlessly with relaxed but vibrant vocals as well as philosophical insight on all things love. The visual constructed for this piece shows Hitchcock in a mental hospital, wrapped in a straightjacket and being tended to by doctors and nurses as he attempts to escape their hold. If there’s a deeper-rooted meaning of the video, one could easily tie in the fact that Hitchcock may feel restrained by love, and how that correlates to his feeling of being trapped. Eventually, when 6lack enters the track, the song takes over a somewhat different tone, with a stoic demeanor that gives off energy of distaste – as the video takes a turn and 6lack …

Bad Habits – [Tay Keith] x [Fast Cash Boyz] x [Murda Beatz]

By Jaxon Brown // 8 Apr 2020

As their much-anticipated album gets set for release in May, Tay Keith and the Fast Cash Boys have released their newest track, “Bad Habits,” a fiery and uptempo joint co-produced by two of the hottest producers in the game in Tay Kieth and Murda Beatz. The dreamy, but vivacious instrumental constructed by the two allow the Memphis-bred Fast Cash Boyz to spit some of their best work, in which I find myself bobbing and weaving to through its entirety. “Addicted to the hustle, on my mother’s son.” The group obviously has their mind right, making a brilliant single such as this as a precursor to what only can be a masterpiece of a project this coming May. “Bad Habits” is an ode to some of the patterns and customs we as individuals can’t seem to break out of, though in this instance the group seems to somewhat embrace these habits as they continue to live life freely and joyously. As the group continues to amplify their name and brand with the help of big-name producers such as these two, expect only bigger and better things to come in the near future. Stream, “Bad Habits,” below!

BTS: Day in the Life with Gunna, Lil Baby, Turbo, & Wheezy (Episode 3)

By Jaxon Brown // 7 Apr 2020

As many readers of this site fit under the mold of hip-hop connoisseur just as I do, we look for new and inventive ways to fulfill the need of musical influence and entertainment daily. Some of the most entertaining and intriguing media to me is behind-the-scenes footage; whether that be studio work, shopping, house tours, concert video, or anything else of the sort. Ndoh, a videographer, was able to get exclusive behind-the-scenes access with Gunna, Wheezy, Lil Baby, Turbo, and more in this video that was shot originally before the creation of Gunna and Lil Baby’s joint album Drip Harder which was released all the way back in late 2018. Even though the music being created in the studio sessions are somewhat outdated, it never gets old to be able to watch some of the best upcoming artists perfect their craft organically. Additionally, this video portrays elegant shopping sprees with the squad, in which we’re able to see just how much new-age rap money can buy, as well as interactions with fans, and lastly a concert performance. It’s unbelievable to see just how different famous artists’ schedules are from the day-to-day average person, and that hint of an insight into their lavish …

W – [Tory Lanez]

By Jaxon Brown // 7 Apr 2020

As The New Toronto 3 awaits its inevitable release, Tory Lanez continues to be the entertainer, businessman, and savvy entrepreneur that he has solidified himself as over the last decade, with his continuous weekly releases of banging singles to lead up to the album release, which is coming later this week (April 10). Two weeks ago, he released the song and visual to “W,” an introspective and fluid joint that lasts all of only two minutes, but a hearty two minutes it is. A light, key and vocal heavy instrumental provides a loose energy that Tory is able to expound upon however he so chooses, in this instance with soft-spoken lines of how day-to-day operations work for a superstar, and how he came to be that superstar. The visual, created by Tory’s company One Umbrella or Forever Umbrella, depicts the Canadian mogul driving through a dim-lit city in a Rolls Royce, draped in priceless garments and living as lavish as one can only dream of. As the hype continues to build for his upcoming album, Tory has continuously dropped singles, such as “W,” that only has increased his stock price and legend status. Watch Tory Lanez – W below!  

Time – [Why Cue]

By Jaxon Brown // 6 Apr 2020

Why Cue, the talented and highly-touted artist who’s racked up impressive view counts on nearly every streaming platform, is backfiring on all cylinders with his newest track “Time,” which is accompanied with a self-directed, eye-pleasing visual that’s already doing crazy numbers. With editing assistance from Nick Nat Media, the visual enhances the energy radiated by the track. Immersive effects and transitions make the video feel polished and fluid, while simple cut scenes allow for the listener not to be overwhelmed by too many optical effects. The dark, mystique setting of the video show Why Cue posted, smoking and drinking with a stoic demeanor as the track exclaims messages of how he has changed and matured over time through his music and hustle. The song contains a solid flow paired with a distinct voice – which is just how the track has already amassed 10’s of thousands of views. Watch (World Premiere) Why Cue – “Time” | Music Video | Prod. Roswell Gray below!

Only The Team [Lil Tjay] x [Lil Mosey] x [Rvssian]

By Jaxon Brown // 6 Apr 2020

As no surprise, Lil Tjay released yet another flawless verse and hook, this time partnering with featured Lyrical Lemonade artist and rising superstar Lil Mosey and another promising producer in Rvssian. The trio created a masterpiece in their latest track, “Only The Team,” in which Lil Tjay provides one of the more creative and fluid flows I’ve heard in recent memory. He pairs ridiculous opening bars with an even more elegant and catchy hook. Mosey is not to go unheard – as his earworm vocals seemingly can fit any piece of production. “Only The Team” is also accompanied by a visually-pleasing visual matching the intensity and energy of the song. The video takes place in an abandoned tropical setting, with serious and vigorous themes being portrayed both by the environment and the faces of the artists. This motif is present throughout and further amplifies the energy of the piece. See and hear for yourself just how good these young artists can be. Watch Rvssian, Lil Mosey & Lil Tjay – Only The Team (Official Music Video) on YouTube below!  

Private Dancer – [Tank God] x [Kai Ca$h]

By Jaxon Brown // 25 Mar 2020

Tank God, a Manhattan-born and largely successful producer, teams up with the wildly talented Brooklyn native Kai Ca$h in bringing their latest wavy piece, “Private Dancer.” The melodic ability of Kai Ca$h paired with the brilliant keys laid down by Tank God combine for a fluid, head-swaying track that left me mesmerized for its 2:45 entirety. The versatility of both artists, in this case, allows their talents to truly shine, as Kai Ca$h continues to release heat in multiple genres of music and particularly in the East-coast drill scene, and Tank God continues to make masterpieces as a member of Sony/ATV music. The visual, directed by Whipalo, is a polished project with abstract, ambient scenes that match the energy the artists were attempting to portray with the track. Psychadelic, fast-paced visuals with mind-bending effects and transitions ride the wave of the song throughout its entirety. “- can’t play my game, ain’t got no coach, you think you gon’ take my wave, you smokin’ dope.” The two are clearly on a different wavelength with this gem of a track, accompanied by the eye-pleasing visual that was just released Monday. Watch Private Dancer (feat. Kai Ca$h) below!

My Bro’s A Legend (Official Video) – [G Herbo]

By Jaxon Brown // 23 Mar 2020

“My brother, he a legend, he in heaven now.” Herbo and his signature flow encapsulate a flawless track, “My Bro’s A Legend,” in tribute to his friend and Chicago legend Juice Wrld. The two met and began working together just within the last couple of years – however the work, bond, and friendship they created was monumental in establishing a new era of greatness in the Chicago hip-hop scene. This track, off his second-to-latest project, Sessions, was released in late 2019, though the visual to the track was just uploaded to YouTube this morning. The video gives throwback energy, with granulated and cropped clips that make it almost seem like a home-video, pointing to the fact that Juice was like family to Herbo. The visual captures in-studio and on-stage experiences, with implemented short clips of Juice. The organic nature of both G Herbo’s work, and himself as a person, is reflected in this short, simplistic, but appropriate portrayal for this heartfelt piece. As the hip-hop community continues to reflect on the life and work of Juice Wrld, G Herbo was able to make a brilliant track and visual in tribute to one of his best friends and work partners that will live …