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NYC-based artist Papi Shiitake drops wildly creative visual to his latest single “Punch Buggy”

By Jaxon Brown // 18 Nov 2022

My 2022 New Year’s resolution was to push my listening library beyond my comfortable norm, and NYC-based artist Papi Shiitake is helping me do just that. His latest release, and the first piece I’d heard of his, “Punch Buggy” (co-composed with Ryan Seilloff) is a light, hypnotic track that only exudes feel-good energy, much like the visual directed by Bill Dvorak McCormick does. Papi spoke on the easter egg-filled sci-fi production, saying “I love cheesy action movies and I always wanted to do a sci-fi video with aliens.” That vision and idea were fulfilled, with McCormick compiling a wildly creative representation of how this song should be accompanied visually. He incorporates references to Zelda and Star Wars while using a vibrant color palette to really make the retro, fun feel that’s portrayed. His latest album Wabi-Sabi just released as well, offering some already successful singles combined with brand new tracks to make up a 10-song project that features a wide spectrum of sounds. Papi’s style is one that’s hard to compare to others, with influences seemingly coming from all corners of the music industry. The variety in his musical influences is apparent the more you listen to his work, which will …

Detroit legend G.T. returns with “Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It.”

By Jaxon Brown // 15 Nov 2022

Detroit legend G.T. tags Icewear Vezzo, Curren$y, Babyface Ray, Larry June, and more on his newest LP, Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It. The 16-track project gives a vivid look into the genius of the storied MC in only a style that he can pull off. His unique delivery, top-notch production, and big-time features make for an impressive full-length album, one that’s only boosting his discography and status. With this nearly 40-minute project, listeners can only appreciate the consistency and hours put into its production, especially with a tracklist of this depth. Song for song, you can hear different creative deliveries, highlighting his versatility and ability to mesh alongside star talent while also killing the independent tracks. G.T. is already cementing his legend in his own city, though it seems his talent will undoubtedly reach far beyond the midwest with material like this. Listen to Money Counter Music Vol. 2: Born In It on Spotify below!

Bares makes his LL debut with “2 PHONES”

By Jaxon Brown // 11 Nov 2022

I’ve been listening to Bares for over a year now, and it’s been impressive to see just how much his sound has developed in that short time. Discovering your sound is something that can take years for an artist, and with his latest few tracks — specifically his most recent “2 PHONES” — I think he just might’ve found it. His LL debut, this Wisconsin artist has been meticulously crafting his delivery, combining styles and flows until something popped, which is exactly the case with his recent few tracks. I really started taking notice a couple of months ago with “Treacherous,” a nighttime cruise-type track that reminds me of Night Lovell, and did solid numbers both on YouTube and Spotify. Building off that success with his latest “2 PHONES,” I knew that he’d found the sound that will start to propel his name further into the scene. The instrumental is a beautiful string and key-infused piece that lets Bares’ raw, layered vocals float flawlessly. This joint just dropped last night, and I’m interested to see what type of numbers and momentum he can build going forward. He’s got a project in the works and an upcoming visual to this track …

Lucki blesses listeners with new visual to “GOODFELLAS”

By Jaxon Brown // 10 Nov 2022

With Lucki’s near-perfect project FLAWLESS LIKE ME dropping just over a month ago, it was only a matter of time before listeners were graced with some visuals to accompany it. His latest for “GOODFELLAS” just dropped last night, following the video to “LIFE MOCKS ART” which dropped last week. Directed by Lonewolf, this joint gives a perfect representation of the song’s feel. A cinematic piece, the title directly reflects what you’d expect to see; blood-colored tint, Tommy guns, dim-lit rooms, stacks of cash, and mob-dressed actors. This is one of my favorite tracks on the album, and this masterful piece was met with an equally flawless video. Go peep on YouTube below.

Yours Truly n’ Sincerely – [YTS Armani]

By Jaxon Brown // 10 Nov 2022

Maryland artist YTS Armani is making both a splash and his Lyrical Lemonade debut with his first EP, Yours Truly n’ Sincerely. A blend of pop and rap, Armani is crossing genre borders with this five-track project, utilizing his vocal skills and fantastic production by Lou Casanova and Yonni to create upbeat, catchy pieces that are increasingly more popular in the modern hip-hop scene. The opening track, “Like That,” has already done numbers, and showcases the style and talent Armani possesses, while other popular joints “Prada Me” and “Missin’ You” build off that foundation and show potential with catchy hooks and a melodic feel. Having opened up for stars like Tee Grizzley, Mir Fontaine, and Scorey, Armani has seen firsthand what it looks like to be a star in the scene, a status he’s determined to obtain. His journey is just starting, but with this project charting no. 3 on iTunes hip hop/rap charts, he’s made a huge leap forward already. Check out Yours Truly n’ Sincerely on Spotify below!

Brooklyn upcomer MaxxAP looks to shake up the industry with “LAMB CHOP”

By Jaxon Brown // 7 Nov 2022

The Bakery Studio cooked up a solid visual, directed by Midas, to Brooklyn artist MaxxAP’s latest joint “LAMB CHOP,” an uptempo banger that features a unique vocal flavor not many others can offer. I’ve never heard MaxxAP before, but when I was put onto this track it felt different, something that’s going to shake up NY’s scene. Intriguing flow switch-ups and a rangy melody are what had me interested, and I think others listening will feel the same. The video features MaxxAP and his crew posted with lavish whips vibing to the track with high energy that’s matched in the song. Great lighting, transitions, and cinematic shots make the visual pop, just adding more flavor. Check out MaxxAP’s song and visual “LAMB CHOP,” on YouTube below!

Back – [Lil Nei] x [Big Flock]

By Jaxon Brown // 7 Nov 2022

As I’ve expanded my listening library beyond my typical rotation, DMV artists have become some of my favorites. Distinct deliveries and consistent collabs between artists in the area are just a couple of things that have really stuck with me, and the loyal following and support that the area gives its artists are rare and refreshing. So is the case with two area stars Lil Nei and Big Flock, and their latest track “Back” shows exactly why they’ve got the DMV jumping. It’s a fiery track that lasts less than two minutes, but really that’s all you’ve got to hear. The song talks about getting back to the paper chase, as Lil Nei boasts a heavy hook that’s sure to have listeners bouncing, and is complemented with an equally raw verse from Big Flock. The video, directed by HousePartii, starts with a comedic skit that sets up the theme of the song and glides through the rest with seamless transitions and immersive angles that give a rhythm to perfectly match the track. Check out the visual and single “Back,” which already has reached 30K+ views in just over a week, on YouTube below!

Houston star Aaron May continues his rise with “Outside Looking In”

By Jaxon Brown // 7 Nov 2022

Firstly, I want to mention that my guy Brandon has already written up the opening track of this EP, “What It Take,” which happens to be my favorite joint on the project, so check out a more in-depth look at that piece here. Beyond that track, this EP just further reinforces the idea that this independent Houston mogul is on his way to mainstream stardom. Only four songs in length, it’s refreshing to see artists be selective in their tracklists, being that these four pieces are all absolutely perfect representations of his talent. A professor of rhythm and flow, Aaron May supplements those facets of his game with raw melodies and vocals that separate him from many of the artists we listen to on an everyday basis. Aaron is no newcomer to the site, and rightfully so. I wrote on the project prior to this one (No Recognition), a masterpiece that ballooned his following and solidified his status. This EP just adds ammo to his claim for greatness, and I’ll continue to be an avid listener. My favorite pieces on the EP were tough to decide on, but if I had to choose two to listen to first I’d say …