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Somebody – [ No1 | NOAH ]

By Jaxon Brown // 17 Nov 2019

No1 and his signature vocals are back with a brand new, wavy piece titled “Somebody.” No1 has been around the music industry for over half a decade, and has amassed an impressive following across platforms. His common themes of troubled relationships and inner demons cause for listeners to be consumed by the raw emotion of every track. No1 has stuck to what he knows best, which is a modern-day R&B flow that is taking over the hip-hop music scene. However, No1 also has profound lyricism in his music, which only broadens his spectrum of listeners and allows his music to cross genre boundaries that are already so blurred in hip-hop today. “Hey, its N-O, the one you always say is sentimental, talkin’ ’bout the women that played him, ‘talkin ’bout the bitches that slayed him.” You can’t help but get emotionally attached by the pureness and honesty of this track. This masterpiece released yesterday on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and the Soundcloud release has already gained 6,000 plays in that short time. “Somebody” will be a track to hold over the avid listeners of No1 until a project releases in the future. Stream “Somebody” below!

Blame – [Bryson Tiller]

By Jaxon Brown // 26 Jul 2019

The iconic Kentucky artist Bryson Tiller is back with a new single, “Blame,” which everyone and their auntie has been waiting to hear. The face of R&B music disappeared for quite a long time and after rumored albums and releases Tiller finally gave his fans some content to hold them over. “Blame,” like other Tiller tracks speaks mantras of love and struggles of relationships. The piece is barely over two minutes and you can feel the relief the work provided Tiller – it seems as if he needed to get thoughts off his mental and you could hear the pain and emotion coming through his lyrics. “All the things I did for you, times I made a trip, ‘cause I know you hate the distance.” As the R&B community waits for another project from Bryson, “Blame” is a beautiful track that may take the edge off. Stream “Blame” below!

Cold At Night – [Slayter] Ft. [G Herbo]

By Jaxon Brown // 26 Jul 2019

In late June, NYC artist Slayter released a track with Chicago legend G Herbo titled, “COLD AT NIGHT.” It instantly did numbers, and has collected nearly 40k streams in just a few weeks. The track has a raw, genuine feel that matches both artists’ styles to a “T”. They tell stories of the streets and portray their power with lines of incomprehensible realities about vengeance and mortality. “And I ain’t satisfied ‘til his killer flatlines, lay him in the ground trace him with them white lines.” Last week, WORLDSTARHIPHOP released an accompanying visual, with staggering numbers accumulated in just under 10 days. The video is precisely how I thought the song should be depicted, with the artists posted up in front of corner stores, their blacked out SUVs, and in the dim-lit streets. It matches the energy you get from the song off the rip and instills a vibe that carries throughout the video and the song’s entirety. Watch Slayter ft. G Herbo “COLD AT NIGHT” by WORLDSTARHIPHOP below! Directed by No Future


By Jaxon Brown // 25 Jul 2019

While I continue to practice the proper pronunciation of his name, THOUXANBANFAUNI has seen a drastic rise in followers and listeners as of late, with much of the help coming from his hit song “DUMMY BOY.” The Chattanooga, TN rapper has drawn staggering numbers on this last track, and the visual which released just two weeks ago has already piled up 135k+ views. Though rappers like UnoTheActavist and Playboi Carti have assisted in putting him on, THOUXANBANFAUNI has made his own corner of the rap game and ran with it. His codeine-infused, dreary trap sound gives an odd energy that many people find unique and intriguing in its own odd way. The visual supplements the track by clips of low-lit & dark settings blended with trippy transitions and hallucinogenic effects — making the alienish sounding track come to fruition through video. Watch DUMMY BOY – THOUXANBANFAUNI below!

Watch Xanman Going Crazy in the Studio With Illroots

By Jaxon Brown // 24 Jul 2019

I’ve always been fascinated with the intricacies of music, not just the product of music itself. The recording, the shows, the behind-the-scenes footage, and the people as well. In this seven-minute clip given presented to us beautifully by Illroots, we are able to see a little bit of all those things when they sit down with rapper and producer Xanman in LA for a studio session. It begins with Xanman explaining a little about himself and goes more deeply into the “why” in terms of his reasoning behind him making music. He states no matter the profit, he will always be 100% committed to music, because for him the music is his passion and no matter the fortune he gains from it he will always be invested into the culture itself. “I ain’t talking too much, I get good money, but that’s not the motivation – because like I previously said, I love it.” It feels nowadays this mindset in music can somewhat get lost, with many artists seemingly making it big overnight, and suddenly then falling off. This idea from Xanman is refreshing, and brings back a motivational, organic side to music creation that many might miss. Xanman then …

Worth – [Chansa]

By Jaxon Brown // 23 Jul 2019

Music sometimes has the power to make you take a look at yourself and your life from a different perspective, which is what I genuinely felt with Chansa’s single, “Worth.” He takes a step back and seems to analyze himself and his life, relating to the overall struggle that has come from his upbringing and his past situations. He’s seemingly trying to find the solutions to questions about his self-worth, career, and other life aspects after his struggle has brought him down so often. The visual which was created by Nate P., pictures Chansa all over his hometown of Minneapolis – on the cold streets in the winter months, in a church searching for answers, laying on a bed of roses, and with a therapist spilling his thoughts and emotions looking for guidance. The raw emotion that comes from the song is well depicted and represented in the visual, and you can feel Chansa’s energy that he wanted to portray in the video itself. Chansa’s wavy vocals mixed with the sheer emotion and passion that went into the track causes for a deep, soulful track that any viewer can tell is genuine and meaningful. Watch the new visual for Chansa’s …

Pull Up – [Mikey100k]

By Jaxon Brown // 23 Jul 2019

Most artists find a niche in one certain aspect of music, whether that’s producing, singing a certain genre, songwriting, or something else of the sort. However, North Carolina artist Mikey100k has built his reputation as a multitalented creator as both a singer and songwriter – a rare talent that not many possess. His latest single “Pull Up” is a beautiful track released in response to his followers continuous support while they wait for a project from Mikey. He has all the talent and traits of a successful R&B artist; with smooth and rangy vocals, consistent romantic themes, and catchy hooks. “If you need a hand baby slide on me, brand new watch that only mean that I got time on me.” Mikey expects more singles to be released soon in preparation for the completion of a new project in the near future. The Raleigh native continues to gain an audience as his consistent supporters keep coming back for more and new listeners are entranced by his work. Stream “Pull Up” below!

Watch KEY!’s New Freestyle for Kenny Beat’s “The Cave”

By Jaxon Brown // 22 Jul 2019

The intriguing mini-series on Kenny Beat’s YouTube channel has assembled hundreds of thousands of viewers and only keeps growing – with multiple appearances on the LL site already. From Earthgang to Zack Fox and Lil Yachty, Kenny has made acquaintances with some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Additionally, Kenny adds his own dry sense of humor and combines that with the organic antics of each musician he hosts, which allows for some of the most entertaining content hip-hop YouTube has to offer. This week he hosts the hilarious and talented KEY! who is freshly into a hangover – making the episode even more relatable and amusing to the viewer. Kenny and KEY! discuss their relationship, early successes, and other random nonsense including a phone call from 03 Greedo who is currently incarcerated. KEY! hops in the studio with nothing written, and delivers a smooth but hysterical freestyle over a New Orleans themed bounce instrumental. Lines like “Japanese – denim on, you ain’t know about it til I put you on” show insight to the mind of the multi-talented artist and just how natural his studio sessions are. The beautiful layout of this series gives fanatics and supporters alike an …