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Percs – [OG Louie The XIII] x [Sada Baby]

By Jaxon Brown // 19 Feb 2020

I found it clear from the first time I heard Sada Baby’s distinct vocals that his fame was imminent. Rappers such as himself with such unique style and delivery always seem to find a niche in the industry for themselves to concretely remain until a broader population warms up to their persona. In one of his latest tracks, “Percs,” in which he is featured by producer OG Louie The XIII, he vigorously attacks a quick, upbeat and rampant instrumental with harsh delivery and even more vivid lyricism consisting of an abundance of drug references and comical metaphors. The OG Films produced visual complements the short, sporadic track with vibrant color and imagery with intriguing depictions and animations that only a Sada Baby joint could bind smoothly with. OG Louie The XIII and his OG Music Group continues to impress with fire visuals, impressive features, and memorable tracks as he and the group continue to thrive in Los Angeles. Watch OG Louie The XIII – Percs (Official Video) ft. Sada Baby below! @oglouiethexiii @skubababy


By Jaxon Brown // 19 Feb 2020

As genre borders continue to grow today in modern hip-hop, various artists look to find their niche in the industry through further individualistic and unique work. Rap is starting to blend with R&B, which sometimes blends with alternatives, and etc. Finding a sector to thrive in the increasingly-expansive industry is unimaginably difficult, though HIDDENHILLS has seemed to find one. HIDDENHILLS, a Seattle native who has relocated to ATL in search of further endeavors with his music career, released a polished new track titled, “STAY DANGEROUS,” featuring Florida artist HRTBRKFEVER, whom he has worked with several times in the past. The two have brilliantly smooth vocals mixed with themes of relationships and personal struggle. The track produced by MoFlo has a high-paced energy to it, which though is out-of-character for the artists, was adjusted to flawlessly. The song lasts just under three minutes, though the outstanding melody and vibrations had me lost for what seemed like much longer. HIDDENHILLS has gained a consistent fan and avid listener through me, and the sky seems to be the limit as he continues to build his library. Stream “STAY DANGEROUS” below!

On The Way – [OG Louie The XIII] x [Azjah] x [Scotty]

By Jaxon Brown // 17 Feb 2020

LA producer and entrepreneur OG Louie The XIII’s latest work comes in collaboration with artists Scotty, who belongs to OG Music Group, and Compton artist Azjah. The EMPIRE label members banded together for their latest piece, “On The Way.” This immediate banger, sure to see large numbers, comes with the pair Azjah and Scotty complementing each other beautifully in an uptempo, melodic fashion as the premiere music video portrays high energy matched with LA vibes. Azjah and Scotty are depicted cruising through the LA streets, linking up with women, and posting up in a vibrant lounge, with all scenes perfectly accompanying the song’s theme. The video was shot by OG Films, also a part of the OG Music Group. The track-only lasts 2:41, but had me smiling and feeling the energy throughout its entirety. OG Louie The XIII has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Sada Baby, as his familiarity and fame continue to rise. Don’t fall oblivious to this sure hit, as OG Louie The XIII continues to impress among the LA hip-hop community. Upcoming work from him includes collaborations with Jim Jones and Ty Dolla $ign (dates unannounced). Watch OG Louie The XIII – On The Way (feat. Azjah & …

Codeine Dreams – [Baby Smoove]

By Jaxon Brown // 17 Feb 2020

The upcoming Detroit-based artist Baby Smoove has consistently released heat throughout his tenure, with his latest track, “Codeine Dreams,” next on the list. The name of the track speaks volumes; with the groggy, drawn-out track causing listeners to sink into their chair. “Make them believe in me, I’m high, off codeine dreams, my cups are red and pink.” Produced by Kid Hazel, the drug-induced sound and melody provides for a wavy, fluid track that meshes boundlessly with Baby Smoove’s flow. As Smoove continues to climb and make a concrete name for himself in the industry, his consistent work and popularity will further launch him onward, as most of his tracks surpass 50k streams on SoundCloud. Stream “Codeine Dreams” by Baby Smoove below!

Barbarian – [Calboy] x [Lil Tjay]

By Jaxon Brown // 17 Feb 2020

Calboy released his newest track, “Barbarian,” on Friday, accompanied by the Brooklyn native Lil Tjay. Both of the two have been magical as of late, with everything they hop on turning to instant success. The two young stars hop on a guitar-sampled instrumental, with Calboy taking the lead. He speaks of humbling experiences in the trenches with the trap game, and newfound success and fame from the music game, and the blurred lines between the two that so many who make it outcome to experience, along with also speaking on difficulties trying to make it out of troubled pasts while bringing his crew with him. “Used to live a nightmare I ain’t have no dreams, seen a lotta n****s die boy, what you think? If the crew ain’t right then the ship gon’ sink.” Tjay adds a fiery, unique spark to any track he hops onto, which many believe is why he is gaining stardom so quickly. To relate to the themes Calboy is going for in this track, Tjay proclaims the hardships of climbing the ladder of success so quickly. “N****s tryna put me in the news, missed your friend, I’m like why would you do that?” The combination …

Adapt – [Skotty Benz]

By Jaxon Brown // 12 Feb 2020

The first time I wrote about Wisconsin artist Skotty Benz was this summer with his track, “Pesos x Euros,” a money-making banger that was sure to make your head bump. This time around Skotty came with a new flavor of heat, with his newest track, “Adapt.” This piece is encompassed by a softer, melodic instrumental that Skotty praises wise words over in just a few short minutes. He talks of past experience, and life lessons learned from making something out of nothing. “Taught me how to break it down, stretch it out, make more. Never talk about your business keep your circle that small.” The video to accompany the track is a smooth, simple joint shot by cinedub that seems to put the song in perspective, echoing a message of growth and reflection with the closest people around you. Watch Skotty Benz – Adapt below! Prodcued by Big J On The Beat

Broke in a Minute – [Tory Lanez]

By Jaxon Brown // 11 Feb 2020

Tory Lanez further blurs the borders of his talent spectrum with his latest heat-seeking single, “Broke in a Minute.” The combustable energy that he brings to all of his work is fully expressed in this track, with a vibrant, jazzy but edgy instrumental (produced by Papi Yerr) that seems to form around every bar he delivers. “I ain’t no regular civillian – Red, yellow, green, look like my neck a chameleon,” Tory flexes his lavish, unique lifestyle in not only his lyrics, but the brand-new premiere visual that dropped the same day as the single. The video, directed by Tory himself, focuses on delivery and punch, perfectly tying to the song. He’s depicted in lavish settings with even more exquisite fits, cars, and merch. Tory and his wide-range talent has put him among the top artists in hip-hop, but with his latest work he’s slowly moving into elite company on a level only few can claim. With several recent singles, I expect Tory to be building momentum for a near-future album that is much anticipated by fans and hip-hop connoisseurs alike. Watch Tory Lanez – Broke in a Minute on YouTube below!

Somebody – [ No1 | NOAH ]

By Jaxon Brown // 17 Nov 2019

No1 and his signature vocals are back with a brand new, wavy piece titled “Somebody.” No1 has been around the music industry for over half a decade, and has amassed an impressive following across platforms. His common themes of troubled relationships and inner demons cause for listeners to be consumed by the raw emotion of every track. No1 has stuck to what he knows best, which is a modern-day R&B flow that is taking over the hip-hop music scene. However, No1 also has profound lyricism in his music, which only broadens his spectrum of listeners and allows his music to cross genre boundaries that are already so blurred in hip-hop today. “Hey, its N-O, the one you always say is sentimental, talkin’ ’bout the women that played him, ‘talkin ’bout the bitches that slayed him.” You can’t help but get emotionally attached by the pureness and honesty of this track. This masterpiece released yesterday on Apple Music, Spotify, and Soundcloud, and the Soundcloud release has already gained 6,000 plays in that short time. “Somebody” will be a track to hold over the avid listeners of No1 until a project releases in the future. Stream “Somebody” below!