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Don’t Go Summer – [Tha God Fahim]

By John Matraia // 18 Sep 2019

Summer is over, and while Tha God Fahim isn’t happy about that fact, he’s ready to face the reality of it on his new track “Summer Don’t Go”. This is the second track he has recently released that is produced by Earl Sweatshirt, and this producer-MC combo proves to be killer once again. The sentiment of this track consists of Fahim’s deep admiration for the warmer months, as he reflects on his summer lifestyle as it comes to a close for the year. The hook here is such a great embodiment of his feelings, as he lays out all of the different seasons and how he tries to embrace the feeling of summer no matter the month. He wishes that summer would stay in the fall, and come sooner in the spring. In the winter, he tries to channel that warm sensation despite winter and summer being at opposite ends of the climate spectrum by dancing in “summer flames”, as he raps. The production here is primarily a pretty simple loop, with a nice piano melody and subtle bassline that compliments Fahim’s flow well and fits the warm, nostalgic mood of the track. His delivery is top-notch as always, and …

in and out – [Ladon Alex]

By John Matraia // 18 Sep 2019

Most of the population can’t say they are talented in even one sector of the arts, so when someone that dabbles in multiple facets and is actually talented, they deserve all the praise they can get. This is how I feel about Ladon Alex, who has been blessing my twitter timeline with aesthetically-pleasing visuals for quite some time, and now on top of this, has caught my ear with his new track “in and out”. Cover art is as important as ever, and Ladon is completely aware of this reality, as the artwork here, which he designed himself, reflects the skeptical and reflective nature of the track. The production here is handled by masked man, who brings a somber instrumental with some cool details included that coasts under Ladon’s raps and guide the song well. “in and out” consists of just two hooks and a verse, but it comes together nicely and says everything it needs to in just one minute and forty-four seconds. The hook reinforces the sentiment that the verse relays about trusting the process, and growing as life comes at you, realizing that everything happens when it does for a reason, despite how it seems in the …

Juices Run Clear – [They Hate Change]

By John Matraia // 16 Sep 2019

They Hate Change is no stranger to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade at this point. It was only a matter of time before they were discovered by a larger audience, and it’s been a treat to watch them gain some well-deserved attention over the past month or so. This past Friday, the duo released a new EP titled Juices Run Clear, and further proved that they can only go up from here. Andre and Vonne are more grounded than ever on Juices Run Clear. At this point, they’ve developed the skills to understand their strengths, and put them on full display for the world to hear on this project.  The beats throughout the project, which are all produced in-house, feature bouncy drums with ear-catching synthesizers and vocal samples that guide the tracks from one to the next. Each track on here features an outro of some sort, usually something pretty ambient that serves as a transition out of the track, and it’s a nice inclusion that allows the listener to get a bit of a breather before diving into the next song. Andre and Vonne are at the top of their games delivery-wise, their personalities shine through their witty bars …

All My Heroes Are Cornballs – [JPEGMAFIA]

By John Matraia // 13 Sep 2019

JPEGMAFIA’s new album All My Heroes Are Cornballs is finally here, and it is without a doubt an album of the year contender.  Cornballs proves that the sky’s the limit for Peggy. He reaches into pockets no one knew existed and pulls out sounds that shouldn’t work together, bringing together elements from genres ranging from noise to glitch hop and combining everything into a sound that is unique to him.  Lyrically, he’s blunt as ever, telling it like it is, and only like it is, and every track on here is full of quotables. His cadence and delivery is dynamic as ever, as he fits into every track with ease despite the way that these tracks will switch up on a dime.   Only time will tell how this stacks up to the 2018 standout Veteran, but this new record is the most cutting edge and off the wall form of JPEGMAFIA yet. All My Heroes Are Cornballs genius will appear even further with repeated listens, but it is already apparent that it’s something special. Enough talking though, check out the album for yourself on Spotify below and all other platforms here!

Beta Male Strategies – [JPEGMAFIA]

By John Matraia // 11 Sep 2019

The final disappointment that JPEGMAFIA has been teasing for months is finally in sight. In just two days, fans everywhere will be able to hear his new record All My Heroes Are Cornballs in full. Before that though, Peggy has given us another single from the album, titled “Beta Male Strategies”, keeping up the trend of having the best track titles in the game. As the name implies, Peggy goes at haters of his that talk shit about him on the internet, rapping about the fact that they wouldn’t say any of the things in person that they say to him on social media, and just overall he picks apart the way they operate behind a screen. Production-wise, this track is pretty abstract, which isn’t anything new for Peggy. Despite the lack of heavy-hitting drums, the song still goes hard, with a powerful delivery from Peggy and a fierce guitar melody that is introduced about halfway through the track. On the front and back end of the song is a soul-sample based beat that eases listeners in and out of the track. With two singles as strong as these, All Me Heroes Are Cornballs is sure to be an album …

Dirty Laundry – [Danny Brown]

By John Matraia // 5 Sep 2019

Danny Brown is quite the character. More than that though, he’s one of the most talented that rap has to offer, and he refuses to be put into one box, which he displays once again on his new single, “Dirty Laundry”. His new album uknowhatimsayin¿ is set to drop on October 4th, three years after the monumental Atrocity Exhibition released back in 2016.  This new single is slightly more toned down than a bulk of what was heard on Atrocity Exhibition, but still features Danny’s ear for creativity and his ability to push the ball forward. The beat on here, courtesy of Q-Tip, features some wonky quirks in the production that match Danny’s delivery perfectly. Danny comes through with some of his funniest bars yet, along with great wordplay, as he raps his ass off for the whole track, all the while showing off his hilarious personality in the visuals down below. It’s pretty safe to expect nothing short of greatness from Danny Brown at this point, and this new single proves it. Be on the lookout uknowhatimsayin¿ next month, which features Blood Orange, Run The Jewels, JPEGMAFIA, and more, and stream “Dirty Laundry” here. Directed by Simon Cahn

Houthi – [Billy Woods] x [Kenny Segal]

By John Matraia // 3 Sep 2019

Don’t let it be forgotten that Kenny Segal and Billy Woods dropped a standout rap album earlier in 2019, the claustrophobic and cryptic Hiding Places. The project consists of top-notch lyricist Billy Woods handling the raps, with Kenny Segal on the production, and the two prove to be quite the dynamic duo. There’s a new music video for “Houthi”, which features a beat that stands out on the record, as it’s a perfect example of Kenny’s talent to catch the ear and draw the listener in, but allow Billy’s rapping to shine through and be the main focal point when it’s supposed to. The black and white visuals here capture the mood of the track, featuring some tasteful VHS static that adds to the aesthetic of the video and the personal theme of the track.  Revisit Hiding Places here, and check out the visuals for “Houthi” down below! Directed by jed i. rosenberg / @broodbabyjed  

Anak Ko – [Jay Som]

By John Matraia // 3 Sep 2019

For better or worse, we all need to face the fact that summer is over. It’s time to get back into the swing of things, and for some of us, that means stocking our closets to prepare for the colder months. However, it’s inevitable that you’ll sit back and reminisce on the warmer days for at least a little bit, and the next time you do, you might want to take Jay Som’s newest album, Anak Ko, for a spin. Anak Ko features a slew of guitar-heavy, dreamy pop tracks with angelic and catchy vocals. The production on here is just immaculate, with some beautiful arrangements that come together nicely and prove to make an impact upon first listen. It all starts off with “If You Want It”, the explosive intro that sets the tone for the rest of the tracks well. “Tenderness” stands out as one of the funkier tunes on the entire record, it’s a little lighter on the bright guitar riffs, and features a bass line that really carries the track, along with an infectious refrain. This album will function as the soundtrack to the magical summer you haven’t quite experienced yet, and if you’re lucky you’ll …