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By Brodie Harvey // 7 May 2021

Over the past few months, ILLYMINIACHI has been releasing some of the best music of his career. With a unique voice and approach to his music, there has never been any question that ILLYMINIACHI stands out amongst the pack. His laid-back delivery matches perfectly with complicated production that lines up for something that sticks with you after listening. As we move closer to the release date of his highly anticipated project CAMPAIGN, ILLY blessed us with another single titled “13 G’s” which is another upbeat banger that is set to test the bass in your speakers. The last time we heard from ILLY, he was venturing into new territory with a UK Drill influence. On his latest release the Vancouver artist performing at his best, riding the pocket over astronomical production by 13Graeme. While the past year has seen travel come to a standstill, ILLYMINIACHI has spent a good portion of his time in Nigeria working on music. ILLY has always been one to pull from a multitude of influences, going back home is sure to have unlocked some different sonics that we will hear in the not-so-distant future. To accompany the single release, a video was released to bring the …

ST LGND 94 – [Jay Worthy & St. Ides]

By Brodie Harvey // 6 May 2021

There are very few artists out that have put in the work like the living legend that is Jay Worthy. The independent hustler has never let something like a pandemic slow down his growth, with real street rap seeming to be as popular as ever Worthy is at a very interesting turning point in his career. He has an established reputation as your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper and it’s well earned. P Worthy is a timeless artist, he has stayed true to himself and consistently brings a different level of storytelling to a new generation that often lacks to look back further than a decade when it comes to music that stands out. His sound is west coast rap at its finest, laidback music that hits best in a convertible playing as loud as possible. He recently dropped a mixtape in partnership with an iconic brand that further cements himself as one of the biggest hustlers in independent music. This is a must-listen for any reader’s craving the gritty nature of ’90s rap and Where Worthy excels most is as a storyteller though, both in his lyrics and in conversation. He’s a true student of the game, picking up knowledge …

LIVE – [Heath240]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 Apr 2021

There’s always a moment when you first discover a new artist where everything kind of just clicks. Was ecstatic to recently discover Heath240, an outstanding new artist out of Boston that is a prime example of how a strong vision is really all you need to evolve into an act listened to by the masses. Heath240 recently dropped a perfectly timed laid back summer song titled “LIVE” with some stellar visuals that are sure to turn any casual viewer into a fan. The hazy production matches perfectly with Heath’s melodic delivery, he is able to stay nimble throughout the whole track by using various cadences to keep listeners intrigued from the first line to the last. What really set’s this single apart is the self-directed visuals, which are as bright and sunny as the song is. With immaculate framing and color scheming it feels closer to a short film than your average music video. The underlying story plays out with Heath going about his day before getting kidnapped and well you’ll see how it ends. While Heath240 is still very much in the early days of his career, this is a strong indication that he’s somebody we’ll be seeing a …

No Saints on Knight Street – [MANILA GREY]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 Apr 2021

When it comes to music out of Canada’s West Coast, very few artists encapsulate the sound of the region better than MANILA GREY. The duo consisting of vocalist Soliven and emcee Neeko is an absolute powerhouse, impeccable sonics paired with an international fanbase that has been waiting patiently for the release of their highly anticipated project No Saints on Knight Street. Their most recent album brings something for new and old fans alike, their signature sound has blossomed to something that feels like it could easily be the soundtrack to a dystopian action movie filled with neon lights, something out of Blade Runner.  With their single “Backhouse Ballin” shooting up the charts in the Philippines, it’s only a matter for MANILA GREY to become a global phenomenon. What MANILA GREY does exceptionally well is using a multitude of influences from both Eastern and Western cultures to make music appealing to people on either side of the Pacific Ocean. The childhood friends have always had a passion for sharing their unique perspective through music, over the years they have remained consistent with an output of incredible tracks but it seems like with this release they are at a point they could …

Zero Tolerance – [Pacman da Gunman] [Nipsey Hussle] [Mozzy]

By Brodie Harvey // 31 Mar 2021

Last week Crenshaw’s Pacman Da Gunman blessed us with a collaboration that the entire West Coast has been excited to release for some time. Pacman joined forces on “Zero Tolerance” with Sacramento’s Mozzy and the legend that is Nipsey Hussle, who passed away almost 2 years ago exactly. LA has never really been able to fully recover after the passing of Nip, not only a once-in-a-generation emcee but a stand-out human being who has built an empire for his family and friends to triumphantly continue his legacy for centuries to come. All Money In No Money Out has become an iconic imprint label that features some of Nip’s close friends and favorite artists, Pacman falls into both of those categories. Pacman Da Gunman is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He possesses a tremendous lyrical ability and a gruff voice that allows him to paint vivid pictures from his days in the streets. Nipsey saw his potential early on and this collaboration between them shows the special relationship they had before he passed. Now that Pacman is one of the main artists on All Money In, he is not taking that position lightly while looking to build on what Nip started …

Da’Shade – [BAINS.]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Mar 2021

Vancouver’s BAINS. is a man with a booming voice and a surgical lyrical ability. His songs have always been impeccably crafted, both his cadence and wordplay are above average for an artist most aren’t familiar with. Recently releasing his first track of the year, BAINS. shines brighter than he ever has previously on “Da’Shade”. An arpeggio of strings hit your ears before BAINS. begins to flex his vocal talents, venturing into unfamiliar territory for the rising artist. Switching between his witty verses and an incredibly smooth chorus, BAINS. is making it well known that he has leveled up his sound in a major way. To accompany the single, BAINS. also released some stellar visuals that impressed me a great deal. The video centers around BAINS. living as a Canadian Kingpin, ultimately leading to a bloody ending. The coloring of this video is what really made it memorable, the visuals were directed by Brock Newman. If you haven’t heard of BAINS. yet, this music video is an incredible introduction. Be on the lookout for a lot of new music from BAINS. this year, he’s ready to let the world know what he’s capable of. Watch the video for “Da’Shade” below!

Loser 2 – [Angst]

By Brodie Harvey // 17 Mar 2021

Vancouver’s Angst first caught fire with his 2018 album Loser that perfectly channels the war going on between his ears on a daily basis. This album was a brutally honest telling of the darkest feelings Angst has experienced, being so open about these themes made him an artist to connect with many on the internet who identified with his lyrics. Angst has long been teasing the sequel to his impressive debut, the time has come for the continuation of the saga unfolding from Angst’s bedroom on Loser 2. The project begins with an anti-love anthem “Hate U”, a complicated breakup song that is everything we expect from Angst. Brutally honest with the troubling thoughts that exist in his head. There’s often a common thread connecting Angst’s music, real self-reflection that lays his insecurities and doubts out on the table for all to see. This is very apparent on songs like “FML”, “Number 1”, and the triumphant outro track “I’ll be fine”. In Angst’s own words, he said this project has been his sole purpose over the past 2 years and acts as a window into his own life or a mirror into your own. As somebody who struggles with various mental health …

TRIP – [Boslen]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Mar 2021

It is the dawn of a new era for Vancouver’s Boslen. The Canadian emcee has always been a source for music that pushes boundaries in terms of energy and sound. He recently dropped his first song of the new year, it has been some time since we last got new music from Boslen but the wait has most certainly been worth it. The chill yet bouncy new single “TRIP” features all the elements that make Boslen such a special talent. We have seen what he is capable of in terms of providing crazy verses when he raps but this song is all centered around his outstanding vocals. We have seen glimpses in the past, but “TRIP” certifies that Boslen can really do it all. The single dropped a few weeks back but the visuals for the song are what really take things to the next level. We haven’t had a music video from Boslen in nearly a year and his latest is without question his best yet. The video starts out with Boslen rolling to a Vancouver mansion party before the night starts to get the best of him, leading to a full psychedelic, psychotic breakdown. This transition makes the …