Swipe Story – [Teejayx6]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 Aug 2019

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past few weeks then surely you’ve seen the name Teejayx6 pop up all over the place. The rising rapper out of Detroit has been making some serious waves after he has been very public with how he gets his money and quickly becoming the young king of scam rap. Coming off his first viral hit “Dark Web”, the master finesser has returned with an incredible new single and video that is sure to increase the mysterious legend of Teejayx6. The song is called “Swipe Story” and released only a few short days after getting arrested mid-show in LA. Without taking any time off, he drops a video detailing one of his many trips to Walmart to do what he does best. The LOUIEKNOWS directed visual brings to life what Teejayx6 has been rapping about and speaking on in recent interviews. His off-beat delivery combined with the content of his lyrics are all why people are looking at him as next up. There is always a moment right before an artist blows all the way up where the signs become clear and with everything going on in Teejay’s career there is …


By Brodie Harvey // 14 Aug 2019

One thing I’ve come to understand about ILLYMINIACHI is that he is most definitely not a normal artist. First hearing his music 3 years ago, the way he uses his voice to create unique cadences and flows unheard by any other rappers that immediately stood out above the pack. Ahead of his time, ILLY has always been on the cutting edge of genre pushing hip-hop. His latest single “Not Normal” is a perfect example of his talent, using witty lyrics to cruise all over the beat. The energy on this one does not stop moving, contrasted by ILLY’s laid back vocal inflection it shows how differently he approaches his music. This is the first song off ILLYMINIACHI’s upcoming EP titled Tha Campaign and has teased a video for this one as well. Can take a listen to “Not Normal” on all platforms here!

No. 9 – [ssgkobe]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Aug 2019

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade audience to a young artist that has been making waves in the underground for some time. His name is ssgkobe and less than a week ago he dropped an impressive 3-track EP titled THREETWO that features melodic flows, big energy, and intricate lyrics. Only a few short days since this release, ssgkobe has already returned with “No. 9” that has his melodic abilities on full display. His flows are definitely inspired by his upbringing in Louisiana but bring a completely different delivery than a lot of the other artist’s we’ve seen come from that area as of late. Be sure to get familiar with the rising artist, his name will start popping up more frequently in the coming months. Stream “No. 9” below! Produced by Woodpecker


By Brodie Harvey // 8 Aug 2019

At this point, it should be obvious how much I truly appreciate the eccentric energy AC brings to each of his releases. The young artist has dropped a new single and accompanying video titled “OVER THERE”, a bubbly track that includes elements of futuristic R&B with some slight pop notes. AC has shown his ability to make timeless music in a variety of genres, all the while keeping the same tenacious hip-hop attitude that is synonymous with his brand. This single is another solid addition to his growing catalog of bangers, he has been able to amass some quality records despite the fact he’s only 18. Watch the new video for “OVER THERE” below and find it on all platforms here! Directed by Aidan Ehsan

drip – [Chelji]

By Brodie Harvey // 8 Aug 2019

The face-tatted soulful songstress out of the UK Chelji has returned with a new single that shows off yet another side of her talent. Chelji’s first few releases have impressed me greatly as each song zig-zags from genre to genre, a skill that is becoming utilized more as artist’s no longer feel the need to be boxed into any one particular category. Chelji’s catalog ranges from hip-hop, R&B, pop, and alternative rock on her latest single “drip”. What really stands out on this record is the level of emotion Chelji is able to express over the simple strings on production. Chelji is an artist that captures people’s interest upon first sight, once people get more familiar with her music there’s no doubt her words will connect deeply with people across the globe. Stream “drip” below and get familiar with the rising British artist!

Daddy – [So Loki]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Aug 2019

Vancouver’s iconic rapper-producer are known for their larger than life online persona’s and a steady stream of hits over the past few years. For the longest time, they have been cruelly teasing their eager fanbase with the release of Planet Bando 2 which fans figured was locked away wherever they are keeping Eternal Atake hostage. With the release of “Daddy”, it seems as if we are edging closer to the project finally being set free. The energy on this one is turned all the way up with a thumpin bass provided by Geoff, who handles all production for So Loki. The ferocious nature of this track is matched by Sam, the emcee of the duo, as he serves up some of his wittiest bars to date. Something the pair does not lack is chemistry, being that they have tirelessly worked together on their sound the beat is aggressive but allow’s Sam to go all over the place changing his style of delivery multiple times throughout the track. Stream “Daddy” on below!

Slime In The Ice Machine – [Lunitik Novae]

By Brodie Harvey // 1 Aug 2019

Houston has been brewing some serious talent as of late, their distinct sound of the mid-2000s has branched into an amazing variety of rappers that bring their own unique take on the sub-genre. There has been an outpouring of talent, with TisaKorean really dropping his latest project alongside. Slime In The Ice Machine by Lunitik Novae. He first came on my radar earlier this year with the EP Lunitik On Blue Street with Majin Blue, a project I felt didn’t get as much love as it deserved. On his first solo project, Lunitik goes crazy in the way he flexes his ability to change his flow on a dime. Over the 6-song project, Lunitik Novae utilizes his wide range of vocal talents. He switches from using a gruff voice to deliver hype bars, then moving to a smoother R&B sound, this is simply a small sample size of what the artist is capable of. Two of the tracks (“Luve” and “Chill Pill”) feature another up and coming Houston legend Young Deji,  an artist that has been rising alongside Lunitik bringing his own flavor to the city’s growing scene. This project has me eager to hear what Lunitik Novae has in the coming months. Stream Slime In …

A Type – [Jade Monet]

By Brodie Harvey // 1 Aug 2019

On lazy summer days, nothing hits the spot more than a sultry R&B cut titled “A Type” from Canadian singer Jade Monet. Over the past year, Jade has been releasing some stellar covers, instantly it was obvious that she had some serious vocal talent. She has been teasing original music for some time and now she’s starting to release music that fully showcases her mesmerizing voice. Jade Monet also released stunning visuals alongside the single that perfectly capture the vibes set in the record. Jade is alone in a field with quick cuts and captivating imagery, elements of the song are built into the visuals to create a really complete feel to an already appealing record. Watch the video for “A Type” below! Directed by hindzsight