City Lights – [Joei Razook] & [Kellbender]

By Brodie Harvey // 1 Apr 2020

While many artists have drifted away from using SoundCloud as a way to find quick success, it has left a ton of rare underground music that will hopefully live on as long as the site does. Artists that still use the platform as a focal point are often some of the most creative as the music they release is not often for large audiences but those that listen are hyper-engaged. A great example of this is a recent track from Joei Razook and Kellbender that was put out on the Daily Chiefers account. These kind of one-off loosies are what made SoundCloud such an exciting platform in terms of music discovery, this laidback distorted track reminded me of that. With many late nights spent chilling, this track is perfect for relaxing with your thoughts amongst the craziness of the world. Get familiar with Joei Razook and Kellbender, both artists have been gaining momentum as of late. This song is a perfect reminder that during these times digging through platforms like SoundCloud and finding new music is about the perfect way to spend a quarantine.


By Brodie Harvey // 26 Mar 2020

One of the most exciting artists in Canada right now is Boslen, who has been focused on his craft for some time and the dedication is all starting to show its dividends. With the release of his outstanding EP BLACK LOTUS last year, it seems evident that Boslen is on a clear cut path for international stardom. One of the most electric songs on the project was “LIGHTSPEED” and now we have some insane visuals that take the track to a whole other level. The scene is set with Boslen in the same interplanetary jumpsuit he wore throughout the rollout campaign of his last release, moving quickly into a high school setting that quickly dissolves into madness as the song’s infectious tempo begins ramping up. What has always stood out to me about the rising Canadian rapper is how much pure energy he brings to each of his songs. While it’s not something he leans on in every song, he is able to go from 0 to 60 in no time flat and that becomes clear when you see Boslen do his thing on the stage. With captivating visuals and an impressive start to this crazy year, it seems Boslen is only …

Get Loose – [Huncho Da Rockstar] & [Kblast]

By Brodie Harvey // 26 Mar 2020

If you’ve been reading our pages over the past few weeks you will have noticed an abundance of talent emerging out of Houston. With one of the most creatively unique cities in terms of musical output, there is a lane of almost every type of artist but one area that it stands constantly is the rap music that just makes you want to turn up. Two artists who leaped to the head of the pack are Huncho Da Rockstar & Kblast, who had an insanely impressive debut with this year’s viral dance record “The Mop” alongside fellow Gogetta TisaKorean. At no surprise, the duo immediately followed it up with “Get Loose”, another hit record that has already begun to go viral on TikTok. Chance the Rapper and Bronny James are two notable dancers that have already created their versions of the dance, Chance even filmed a dance video while in Houston with the artists on the iconic YouTube dance channel Jmoney1041. Last week, they released the visuals for single that bring this track’s bouncy energy to life. Once the beat kicks in, it’s almost impossible not to start moving along with the Huncho and Blast on the screen. If you’ve been …

mememe – [bbno$] & [Lentra]

By Brodie Harvey // 19 Mar 2020

First off let’s have a moment of respect for our friend bbno$ who was weeks away from embarking on his biggest tour to date that had dates all around the world. Being that the current state of things is affecting revenue streams for artists severely, being able to double down on releasing music and content has become essential to stay connected with fans. It’s no surprise that this time coincides with bbno$’s work ethic well as he is one that will most certainly come out of quarantine with albums worth of music ready to go. He recently dropped a new single called “mememe” that is one of his bounciest tracks in recent memory. Produced by global icon in the making Lentra, the two blend together perfectly as usual to create something that is incredibly funky and wildly unique. The visuals fit the light-hearted nature of this song well, following the tour life on his most North American tour he just wrapped up last fall. Don’t be surprised if we see a lot of creative and weird music come from bbno$ in the coming months, he’s also streaming quite often so if you’re looking for entertainment he’s got you in more …

Shot With Me – [Moe Young] Feat. [lilspirit]

By Brodie Harvey // 19 Mar 2020

If you’ve been reading our site lately, you’ll notice the praise we give to the artists who have been rising the ranks of the Internet Money family. Two of the most impressive stars in the making to come from the otherworldly production crew are Moe Young and lilspirit. Both artists have remarkable voices that capture the listener’s attention immediately, they are wildly different but are both some of the smoothest new voices to emerge as of late. Nick Mira has become the industry’s go-to hitmaker but watching him build artists up from the ground level is something that never seems’s to lose its cool factor. Moe Young and lilspirit are in slightly different lanes sonically but this song is able to highlight the talents of both artists in a completely unique way, a track that is as suited for the radio as it is for the clubs. With this being a simple SoundCloud upload, it is scary to think about the music both of these artists are loading up as their profiles continue to skyrocket. Listen to “Shot With Me” below! Produced by Nick Mira & Eli Brown

Around – [Gliiico]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Mar 2020

Musical talent can often be within somebody’s DNA. We’ve seen countless examples of musical families that have produced siblings that all end up finding stardom either together or in their own right. Today we have a band made up of the brothers De Torres, or as they’re known now Gliiico. Kio, Kai, and Nico are three brothers born and raised in Vancouver BC but recently made the move to Tokyo. Lead singer Kai had an opportunity to pursue modeling and change up everything he knew living in Canada. Shortly after his brothers joined him and they have spent time working on music as a band. The end product is nothing short of fantastic, with them debuting Gliiico to the world with their debut single titled “Around”. Their first song has come at a perfect time as it is a chill laid back track that is fitting for days spent relaxing in self-isolation. This track was inspired by emotions that he had been battling since moving to Japan and how much hold they had over his life, the writing of this song helped bring him closure and ready to start the next chapter of his life across the world. The visuals …

-30° – [QUAMON]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Mar 2020

Canadian artist Quamon has been a favorite of mine over the past few months. Each and every release is a big step in him becoming a global icon, his most recent drop is the first single from his debut project A MILLION BIRDS. In his typical fashion, Q delivers an effortlessly hard verse on “-30°” that doesn’t let up once he begins laying down his electrifying lyrics. Quamon’s chemistry with producer JOSEPH L’ÉTRANGER has only gotten better as the pair continue to pump out impressive singles leading up to the album. If the song name didn’t make it clear, this is one of Q’s coldest records to date and signs of him easing up are nonexistent so be prepared to watch this artist’s rise over the coming months. Listen to “-30°” below and look out for A MILLION BIRDS releasing May 1st.  

Not That Deep – [Cal Scruby]

By Brodie Harvey // 12 Mar 2020

If you are a fan of witty lyricism and intricate rhyme schemes, then you really need to start showing some love to Cal Scruby. Over the past year, Cal has been wildly consistent in dropping songs that feature some of the most well put together verses out of any rapper going. One of Ohio’s nicest, Cal has always had an extreme upper hand when it comes to his ability to weave stories together in his music. His latest single “Not That Deep” is one of my favorites from him thus far, featuring a bouncy beat and an infectious hook that will have people hitting rewind over and over again. By the time you hear John Hamm’s name, your head will already be in a severe state of bobbing. The visuals dropped this week and can only be described as mesmerizing, which perfectly matches the tone of Cal’s nonstop onslaught. Check both out and get familiar with Cal Scruby’s catalog, with how things are looking we can only expect more heat from him soon. Stream “Not That Deep” on all platforms here and watch the video below! Cal Scruby is currently on the UNSIGNED Tour, you can buy tickets here!  Video …