OKAY – [poorstacy]

By Brodie Harvey // 17 Apr 2019

There aren’t very many producers out there that have been able to build and foster talent quite like Nick Mira. An artist that has been working with Mira heavily as of recent is poorstacy and what they have been releasing has caught the attention of rap fans across the globe. “OKAY” dropped a few days ago on poorstacy’s SoundCloud, which is the only place to find his music at this time. The single begins with unassuming strings that takes a drastic turn as the 808 kicks in and the beat goes super saiyan. Throughout the song, poorstacy shows his ability to craft self-reflecting lyrics, then deliver them in a somber yet energetic way. Although this is poorstacy’s first post on Lyrical Lemonade, don’t be surprised if you see this name pop up more frequently. There is a reason Nick Mira works this closely with only a handful of artists, he can spot talent and has definitely found one with massive potential. Stream “OKAY” below and be sure to check out the other tracks on his page.

Dangerous – [NojokeJigsaw]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Apr 2019

Today we have another Toronto MC who is making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade. NojokeJigsaw is an above average melodic rapper that can keep up with any beat and deliver on a consistent basis. The Toronto-based MC recently caught my attention with the way he brings a distinct sound to each song he finds himself on, and furthering this, “Dangerous” is a street ballad that perfectly showcases NoJokeJigsaw’s ability to sing smooth hooks and create memorable melody-heavy verses. In the past few weeks, NojokeJigsaw has been incredibly active in Toronto, working with a number of talented artists out of the city and flexing his ability on each track he’s featured. That said, be sure to look out for new music from Jigsaw soon and in the meantime, stream the new single below!

Grammy Freestyle – [Lil Tecca]

By Brodie Harvey // 16 Apr 2019

Few artists have caught fire as quickly as Lil Tecca. A Lyrical Lemonade favorite, Tecca has been garnering some serious attention due to his ability to deliver unique flows and turn any beat into a bouncy anthem. On his latest release, “Grammy Freestyle”, Tecca raps about how he feels like he won a Grammy the way his career has exploded in the past few months. As it stands now, Tecca could well be on his way to winning a Grammy at some point in his career with the way he has been able to deliver hit after hit on his path to becoming a major player in the hip-hop landscape. With the strength of his past few releases, I would highly suggest following Tecca as you won’t want to miss on anything he is teasing on his socials. Stream the new single below and be on the lookout for new music soon! Produced by HolyOne

Stay – [Vory]

By Brodie Harvey // 15 Apr 2019

Vory is an artist who has been making some serious strides as of late. He possesses the ability to bounce back between singing and rapping, a skill few utilize as well as the Kentucky native. As soon as Vory comes in on his latest offering, the song is kicked into 5th gear as he uses all aspects of his vocal range. “Stay” is a melodic single that I think most listeners can relate to, falling for somebody and being a little too upfront after some drinking. The signs are clear that Vory has been putting in work, releasing an impressive slew of singles in 2019 and killing any feature he finds himself on. It’s likely we will get a full-length follow up to his 2018 EP Lucky Me, a project that made it clear Vory is an extremely talented artist looking to become a headlining act in the near future. Stream the new single below and be on the lookout for new music from Vory in the coming months!

4AM – [Nue]

By Brodie Harvey // 14 Apr 2019

Making his Lyrical Lemonade introduction is an artist out of Toronto who has been steadily growing since dropping his debut mixtape and becoming the first Canadian signed to 300 Records. The artist is Nue, and his latest single, “4AM,” has been on repeat since it dropped this past week. A video for this wavy track was released earlier this month, and as expected, the visuals are on point and match the dark atmosphere the song creates. Nue’s raspy voice rides the dark moody beat produced by Danny Phntm and Ambezza, allowing the Toronto talent to fully display his skills as an artist. This is the first new song Nue has dropped this year, and it’s a good sign that we will soon get a follow up to 2018’s u met me at a strange time — a project that I highly recommend getting familiar with if you aren’t already. Watch the visuals for “4AM” below and stream the song on all platforms here!

Pop Out – [ILLYMINIACHI] & [Eva Shaw]

By Brodie Harvey // 12 Apr 2019

On occasion, there will be a beat that within mere seconds you know what follows will be nothing short of incredible. As soon as the strings begin on the Eva Shaw produced single, the tone is set for an action-packed track that’ll amp up anybody who presses play. ILLYMINIACHI provides the vocals to this song and utilizes his signature wordplay, all leading up to a hook that keeps the momentum rolling between verses. “Pop Out” is a single that would play well in any club or an intense workout, any venue that needs the energy turned up a notch. Over the past few months, ILLYMINIACHI has been releasing increasingly greater projects that show his growth as an artist. After a single like this, ILLY is making it known he’ll be delivering nothing but quality music for the rest of 2019. Ideally, we’ll get to see this pair work together in the future as the collaboration played to the best of both of their talents. Stream below. Stream the single below or find on all platforms here.

Never Know – [LocoCity]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Apr 2019

There has been no shortage of talented artists coming out of Toronto in recent months. One artist, in particular, has gained traction fast is LocoCity. Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut, LocoCity has been consistently dropping heat during the tail end of the cold Canadian Winter. What stands out about this artist is that he always seems to bring a certain level of realness to his melodic tracks that allow listeners to have a glimpse into his experience in the streets of Toronto. “Never Know” is a song that captures life in Toronto, with rising levels of violence and lost youth that create an emotional connection for anybody who presses play. LocoCity has been gaining serious attention with his recent videos and singles taking off in Canada and beyond due to the overall quality of his music. Be on the lookout for more music from the budding artist in the near future as there are no signs that he is slowing down any time soon. Watch the music video “Never Know” below!


By Brodie Harvey // 11 Apr 2019

Today, we are introducing an artist out of Vancouver named Quamon who has been quietly dropping some noteworthy singles over the past few months. His latest single, “GUAP,” features a stuttering hook that blends seamlessly over a bubbly beat that almost feels like it was taken straight out of a video game. All three singles released by Quamon have been produced by the talented young producer Joseph L’étranger, who has worked extensively with XO’s 88GLAM and recently became a member of Murda Beatz’s Murda Gang. Quamon always brings a high level of energy to his music that pairs perfectly with Joseph’s upbeat production style, and further, he’s been on my radar for some time now, improving his lyrical and melodic abilities with every new release. There is no doubt that the pair will work continue working together, creating underground hits as both of their profiles continue to rise. Check out “GUAP” and other singles from Quamon below.