Pity Party – [Curtis Waters]

By Brodie Harvey // 18 Feb 2020

Valentine’s Day is about as romantic of a day as it gets, couples around the world are expressing love and Instagram is littered with lengthy captions proclaiming their feelings for each other. For a single person, the entire weekend serves as a reminder of just how alone you are, all the love being on full display for your lonely eyes to scroll through. Anybody who related to that last sentence, you should probably give Curtis Waters’ sophomore album Pity Party a listen. The North Carolina by way of Calgary based artist has recently dropped 10 perfect songs for anybody out there who needs a beautifully constructed album to get you in your feelings. Curtis is an artist I have proudly covered over these past few months as he brings so much authenticity to his music, touching on topics and themes that hit home with his fans in a real way. Even though the tempos change drastically, the themes and introspective tones tend to stay the same throughout the project. Tracks like “6Pills” and “Better” appear bouncy off the top but when listening to the lyrics the juxtaposition between Curtis’ outward personality and the internal struggles he faces. Moving towards the album, …

Supreme On Fairfax – [Lunitik Novae] & [T-Wayne]

By Brodie Harvey // 11 Feb 2020

Houston quick spitter Lunitik Novae has been putting in some serious work to start the year off hot. Releasing a flurry of ice-cold bars on his Instagram over the past few weeks, Lunitik Novae has been putting his lyrical ability on full display. He recently linked up with fellow Texas native T-Wayne for a head thumping, gritty bass banger. Music from that part of the country has always been meant to make speakers thump and this new single lives up to all those expectations. The pair made a banger titled after an iconic Supreme location with production supplied by Fred On Em, who has been providing beats for some of Houston’s hardest as of late. Lunitik has a crazy work ethic, his output of music should increase drastically with the work we’ve seen him put in as of late. Listen to “Supreme On Fairfax” below!

hoodie – [marcos g]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Feb 2020

Florida has produced some of the most exciting singer/songwriters as of late, the past few years have seen an explosion of this particular style that seems to resonate with people across the globe. One of Lyrical Lemonade’s favorite to emerge out of the area is marcos g, an artist who weaves beautiful imaginative stories together on each and every release. If you’ve been reading our site over the past few months, it has been well documented how marcos g is an exceptional songwriter but on his latest release, he takes this ability to new heights. His most recent single “hoodie” is a song that almost anybody who’s had a hoodie stolen by an ex, a metaphor for that person taking much more than a comfy piece of clothing from marcos. The emotion can be felt transporting you to an emotional place getting caught up thinking about all of the hoodies that have left your closet and the people who are gone with them. True connection to occurrences in your own life is what makes music such a therapeutic device for people to understand the issues they face on a daily basis. It seems that marcos g is leveling up with …

Drought – [KILLY] & [16yrold]

By Brodie Harvey // 10 Feb 2020

Some producers and rappers just click in a different way and bring some of the craziest energy out of each other. Canadian rockstar KILLY has linked back up with producer 16yrold, who seem to have formed a more official partnership under the name 16KILLZ. They recently dropped visuals for their recent track “Drought” which to nobody surprise is an electric banger. 16yrold is a producer that has some of the hardest-hitting 808s in the game, this sets the perfect stage for KILLY’s voice to cut through like a katana. Their first record together together “No Romance” was one of KILLY’s biggest records early on, seeing the two returning to the studio to put out a healthy stream of new music is something all rap fans should be hyped about. Watch the new video for “Drought” below and listen on all platforms here! Directed by Gravel Site Visuals by Orazio

Greed – [Shreya]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Feb 2020

Houston singer Shreya is an artist that has always stood out due to the sheer power of her voice. Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut, Shreya is next up out of all the wildly talented R&B artists we’ve seen emerge out of Texas in the past 12 months. Shreya is currently in the process of rolling out her debut EP, with “Greed” being quite possibly the strongest single yet. Her upcoming project is titled The Seven Deadly Sins and each track touches on a sin and how it relates to her journey through life. “Greed” is without a doubt a hustler’s anthem. The intro is unassuming, the calm before the storm, which is all instantly erased as the hard-hitting keys come in and the energy of the song is felt. This is one of Shreya’s most hip-hop influenced tracks to date, with a lot of her past releases beautifully merging R&B with her South Asian roots. This is sure to be an empowering song that will have everybody nodding their heads and yelling the hook alongside Shreya. Take a listen to what Shreya has to say and be on the lookout for her debut LP The Seven Deadly Sins due February 26th. Stream “Greed” …


By Brodie Harvey // 6 Feb 2020

How artists bring their music to life via visuals is something that really separates those who are committed to presenting their music as art vs falling into common video tropes. F L A C O is an artist who has always brought insane amounts of energy to his insightful yet frantic singles. Today we are highlighting an incredible video for his song “NAMELESS KING”, the hectic visuals put us in the perspective of a canvas as F L A C O begins his artistic onslaught. From start to finish this video encapsulates the feeling of a troubled artist, a common theme amongst rising artists trying to find a way to get paid from the art they create. F L A C O has always output some visual masterpieces, this is yet another in his catalogue. Watch the video for “NAMELESS KING” below!

Spokesmen – [Scarfo Da Plug]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 Feb 2020

An artist that is injecting wild amounts of energy into the trap genre is Scarfo Da Plug. Over the past year, Scarfo has dealt with his fair share of obstacles but has constantly risen above and stuck to the script, now he is returning to releasing music in a major way. His new single and video dropped yesterday, titled “Spokesmen”, Scarfo is declaring himself as the spokesperson for the trap. A title fairly deserved by an artist who has been grinding for years to have a platform to share his story in full. Scarfo’s voice combined with his above-average flow is what really sets him apart in a genre that can begin to blend together. Scarfo Da Plug is ready to go for it all this year, pay attention to the music he continues to drop throughout the year. Stream “Spokesmen” on all platforms here and watch the video below!

A-Team (You Ain’t Safe) – [Zaytoven] x [Lil Yachty] x [Lil Keed] x [Lil Gotit]

By Brodie Harvey // 31 Jan 2020

The A-Team has reassembled, officially announcing their upcoming collaborative project that is set to drop at the end of next month. Towards the end of 2019, Zaytoven, Yachty and Keed blessed us with “Accomplishments” one of the year’s most energetic anthems closing the decade out on a high note. The second single from their upcoming collaborative album features all 3 rappers and some of the finest keys I’ve heard in some time provided by Zaytoven. Each artist comes in hot building off the previous one’s energy, all returning back to an incredibly hard hook from Keed. With the artwork being set in a museum, there’s no surprise that this came together sounding so historic. With the last release, the 4th member of the Atlanta Super Team was yet to be announced but now that Lil Gotit has filled the spot it will be exciting to see what they have in store for their upcoming project. Each emcee on this project is poised to have an incredibly big year individually, coming together with the most legendary producer the city has ever produced will be a perfect introduction to their following projects. This single seems like its a call to action, letting …