Careless – [Katya Mila]

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Aug 2020

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readers to one of the most impressive new voices in R&B who goes by the name of Katya Mila. She recently dropped her debut single “Careless” a few weeks back, even though this was her first release it has already caught the attention of many. This is largely because Katya has one of the most sultry and smooth voices I have heard in some time. She creates beautiful soundscapes outlying troubling relationships with people in her past that have left her feeling a little emotionally numb. A feeling many can identify with, having to turn your emotions off due to the scars you pick up throughout a lifetime. With the song starting off incredibly hot, Katya followed up for some stunning visuals to accompany “Careless”. Katya is left on her own to reflect on her life, the video give us a glimpse into the headspace she was likely in when writing this beautiful song. Even though her career is only just beginning, her attention to detail is extremely apparent when it comes to the visuals. This year has made everybody spend more time with themselves, allowing them time to dive deep …

The New Normal: A Conversation w/ Glaive

By Brodie Harvey // 7 Aug 2020

Whether you have caught on yet or not, North Carolina’s Glaive is one of the quickest rising artists out right now as each of his releases adding fuel to the raging fire that is his catalog. His music is nearly impossible to put into one genre label but with 5 songs under his belt he has had one of the most impressive debuts, all of that falls on his originality. As this new genre dubbed “hyperpop” continues its slow takeover of the charts, artists who have been creating music without having to worry about any particular stylistic labels has created a new sense of freedom for people to be truly creative again. This is likely why SoundCloud has once again become a breeding ground for some of tomorrow’s biggest stars once again. Glaive has had a strong impact on this sound, his first few releases took off and got the attention of curators who saw the talent, giving him a much larger platform to be heard. Seeing artists get these placements while independent is something that is still rare but becoming more commonplace, this should be a testament to the creative talents of Glaive. He isn’t an artist who puts …

Blue Vegeta – [MANILA GREY]

By Brodie Harvey // 5 Aug 2020

It wouldn’t really be summer without a strong new track from one of Canada’s most prolific duos MANILA GREY. The group made up of emcee Neeko and singer Soliven have been featured on our pages heavily but with each and every drop it seems like they level up their sound by building off of their previous success to show how vast their range is. This evolution is exactly what I love to see from a group that has always been pushing the boundaries of their genre, making R&B that sounds like its straight out of the year 2030. On their most recent single “Blue Vegeta”, both members go full Super Saiyan in terms of flexing their respective talents. This song feels like a statement to their fans who have seen their careers take off in recent years, Soliven boasts about flexing like his Lolo or Neeko creating a monsoon of blue banknotes. Producer Azel North always sets the duo up perfectly for sonics that allows each artist to shine. This is the lead single to their highly anticipated album No Saints on Knight Street, with the rollout officially underway it seems that they are fully on go mode before the album …

Process – [HANZ]

By Brodie Harvey // 4 Aug 2020

Today we are introducing the Lyrical Lemonade readers to an incredibly talented artist by the name of HANZ. Following the release of PRAYLUDE, a formative look at what’s to come from the promising New Jersey emcee, he takes us on a new adventure with “Process”, a galvanizing official single for his upcoming debut Lakeside Vagabond. The unapologetically independent rapper/crooner gives us a new taste of what he’s made of atop a sea of daunting synths and carefully arranged percussion by producer Flaire. Garbled square leads and clanky drum kits create an atmosphere that feels like you’re cruising through the apocalypse in a clean Cadillac. HANZ has mastered the art of weaving indisputably intense lyrics that express a keen awareness of political and social phenomena into a track that still gets your feet moving. “White girls in here wasted / F*ckin’ smell like MAGA” and “If it’s 40 acres under me I’m with that / Heard my government been ringing up the dispatch” are both standout lines from a plethora of invigorating and animated poetry that HANZ delivers seamlessly. If PRAYLUDE hadn’t already pushed us to the edge of our seats, “Process” has left us anxiously awaiting the anticipated Vagabond. Listen …

Jungle – [Paris Price]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Aug 2020

I recently discovered the music of Paris Price, his most recent single “Jungle” has been picking up steam and for good reason. Its rare that one single from a new artist converts me into a fan but with this bouncy song packs a real message behind it. The DMV based artist is incredibly talented at crafting verses, each one packs above-average wordplay and is able to make listeners think about what he’s saying while nodding their head. Paris is an active duty military, which has not stopped him from getting his music career off the ground, giving Price a very unique perspective for the stories he tells in his lyrics. Paris has been constantly impressing people with his lyrical talents, with “Jungle” being his first song to really take off it seems as if its only the beginning for this talented emcee. Stay posted for music from Paris Price soon! Stream “Jungle” on all platforms here!

The feelings tend to stay the same – [Curtis Waters]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Aug 2020

Breakout star of the Millenium Curtis Waters has returned to bless us with another stellar song that shows yet another side of his versatility. Building on the success of landing the song of the summer “Stunnin’”, the North Carolina based artist just dropped a new song that will fit in perfectly with lazy summer afternoons spent relaxing and contemplating life. The song is called “The feelings tend to the same” and its most Curtis’ introspective song to date, it revolves around a painful memory with a girl that ended abruptly which left Curtis with lingering feelings of despair. Everybody has that one relationship that ended in a way that leaves a lasting mark, just try not to think about it when you listen. While leans on the sad side, the video he released alongside it contrasts that beautifully. The bright and bubbly visual give us a glimpse into the dream world Curtis has inside of his head. The story follows Curtis and his trusty companion on an adventure through visually stunning landscapes while encountering a few surprises along the way. With his newfound fame, Curtis finally has the resources to bring all of his creative ideas to life. What makes …

Fight Club – [Yurms]

By Brodie Harvey // 3 Aug 2020

Over the past few months, we have seen some of the most exciting music come out of the SoundCloud underground just as many had begun to write it off. It seems to be back and better than ever as a hotspot for some of the most unique talent we’ve seen this year. One artist who has begun to stand out is Yurms, who recently dropped an incredibly personal track that touches the troubles he faces on a daily basis. The song is adequately named “Fight Club” as the song is based around the constant battle people feel just to function in a society that feels like was not made for them to fit in. Yurms has a serious talent to craft stories, the lyrical content of this song dealing with watching his friends blow up to wanting to go back in time to when he grew up in Mexico. You can feel the frustration build throughout the song as he continues laying out the internal struggles Yurms faces, something that isn’t always easy to open up about yet he does a great job of conveying what it feels like when anxiety takes over. Feelings many can relate too, especially with …

BraniacMusic – [eLVy The God]

By Brodie Harvey // 31 Jul 2020

Today we have an artist making his debut on the Lyrical Lemonade by the name of eLVy the God, he recently dropped a strong new project in a year that has seen him quickly rise to prominence. The artist has begun to make some real waves out of Chicago since releasing some impressive street anthems that will keep your speakers thumping all summer long. His lightning-quick delivery and often violent lyrics pair perfectly on each track on his most recent project BraniacMusic. One aspect that makes eLVy stand out his is ability to bounce back from creating melodic hooks to verse that shows how many tools he has in his arsenal to absolutely dismantle a track. Songs like “High Speed”, “Win”,  and “2HARD” are all examples of how eLVy can take any production and create something that sounds different than the track before it. The strongest showign of his lyrical talents is the electric “Mobbin’ Up” which is sure to increase your heart rate. The name eLVy The God has begun to pop up more and more, he seems to be on a hot trajectory so keep your eyes on new music soon from the Puerto Rican Rockstar! Stream BraniacMusic on all platforms here …