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Picky – [Teddy Swims]

By Lucas Garrison // 22 Jan 2020

This may be Teddy Swims’ first appearance on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, but based on the strength of “Picky” I’d bet my savings account that it won’t be his last. After coming across “Picky” I was floored. It’s dangerously infectious, soulful yet still fresh, original, and teeming with charisma. It’s one of those songs you can put on for anybody and will get a reaction. Paired with his unique image, Teddy has all the makings of a superstar. Of course a great song, a superstar does not make. However, Amassing over 150,000 views in a matter of days and about to embark on a sold-out, nation-wide tour, Teddy cleary has built a solid foundation and has a bright, bright, future ahead of him.

Alina Baraz – [Trust]

By Lucas Garrison // 21 Jan 2020

Alina Baraz was relatively quiet last year but she did drop off a stellar track in “To Me” which got me hyped for what she has in store ahead. No word on a full-length project from the elusive crooner, but today she dropped off a new single “Trust,” which is hopefully a sign of things to come. Always succeeding at building an entrancing, lush atmosphere, Baraz delivers yet again. Her feathery vocals are draped atop the string-based boardwork to create the signature ethereal feel. Though it feels delicate “Trust” still carries some punch with a crescendoing chorus and I really dig the progression of the track from the cascading, big feel to the soft, stripped-down outro.

Black Goat 2 – [Sonny Digital] x [Black Boe]

By Lucas Garrison // 20 Jan 2020

Last year, Sonny Digital really impressed me with “Work.”  The infectious cut was one of my favorite songs of 2019 so I was glad to see it find a home on his new, collaborative EP with Black Boe, Black Goat 2. A follow-up to the 2017 release, the two Atlanta ambassadors showcase their chemistry yet again with a dynamic, potent offering. There are certainly some more traditional songs, that have a deeper punch to them like “Life To The Edge” or “Up,” but the duo is at their best when they lean the other direction. The perfect example is the most experimental (and arguably strongest) cut “Psychadelic Earthquake” where the upbeat and colorful brushstrokes accentuate Boe’s glossy vocals perfectly and create a fresh, unique style. With so much energy and some really intoxicating cuts, Black Goat 2  is a really fun listen. Standout Cuts: “Work,” Squat,” “Psychadelic Earthquake”

Pointless – [Duñe] x [Crayon] ft. [Ichon]

By Lucas Garrison // 16 Jan 2020

“Pointless” the new single from French production duo, Duñe and Crayon, is a breath of fresh air.  On the single (taken from their forthcoming, debut album, Hundred Fifty Roses) the duo shows incredible chemistry cooking up a jazzy instrumental that emits with warm glowing feel. Joining Duñe on the mic, French emcee Ichon adds a verse and while you may not speak the language, his deep voice and the french bars, only add to the luxurious feel. The icing on the cake are the Alice Kong directed visuals, which actually star, Ichon. Like the song itself, the visuals are rich in color but still manage to grapple with the idea of vice and addiction and round out the fresh, out of the ordinary “Pointless” experience. I always enjoy getting to explore music from other countries, and given the strength of this cut, I’ll definitely be checking out more from the duo, when Hundred Fifty Roses drops in April.

You Know It – [Baby Ebony]

By Lucas Garrison // 14 Jan 2020

Baby Ebony has really impressed me in the past with some really stellar visuals. His latest offering, “You Know It,” is solely an auditory experience, but, still, it might be his strongest release yet. Though this is his first-time gracing the pages of Lyrical lemonade, it’s definitely not his first time rocking the mic. The Indianapolis product carries himself with the confidence and power of a veteran. Even with the off-kilter, edgy atmosphere that would swallow up the average emcee, Ebony makes his presence felt as he takes over with some avalanching bars and a growling drawl in his delivery. A super convincing, unique effort driven by his commanding presence, I’m super excited to hear more cuts like this from him soon.

Good News – [Mac Miller]

By Lucas Garrison // 9 Jan 2020

The biggest news of the week was, no doubt, the announcement of a new, posthumous album from Mac Miller. With Circles described by Mac’s family as a companion album to Swimming, set to drop on January 17th, the Miller family has released the visually-assisted, lead single “Good News.” Much like the album announcement–or listening to anything from Mac for that matter– “Good News” is beautiful, but comes with a bittersweet, almost haunting feel. A cushioned, atmospheric backdrop, Mac’s natural approach, seamlessly weaving between crooning and rapping, sounds warm and honest; listening to him just sounds “right.” It’s incredible to hear him again, but still, between the visual–which feature a visualizer sandwiched between studio clips– and lines like “I’m running out of gas/hardly anything left hope I make it home from work,” the song has an inescapable shadow looming over it. It’s as beautiful as it is hard to listen to. With everything that comes with it, the incredible music, the incredible emotions, Circles will no doubt be one of the more complex, albeit important albums we grapple with.

Sunset Visionary Vol. 1 – [Tom The Mailman]

By Lucas Garrison // 7 Jan 2020

As the sun rose on 2020, Tom The Mailman dropped off Sunset Visionary Vol. 1. Making his LL debut, the Atlanta native makes a strong statement, showcasing a fresh sound and some real personality in just 4 tracks. A really easy to listen to thanks to his colorful, pop-splashed approach, Tom still conveys a ton of emotion and carries melancholic tone all the way through the project. “Traveling Alone,” the final (and most impressive cut) is the perfect example. Wrestling with loneliness and isolation, Tom evokes a somber feel, but at the same time has an infectious melody and drums that you can’t help but bob your head to. A really strong (albeit short) output, hopefully, there are more volumes on the way soon.

Sanctuary – [Blue November]

By Lucas Garrison // 7 Jan 2020

I know it’s early January, but it’s still not too late to showcase the work of Blue November, who dropped a project in late December. I stumbled across Blue November’s latest album Stuck In The Swamp, and have been slowly making my way through the project, being impressed all along the way; particularly by standout track “Sanctuary.” Stuck In The Swamp is the perfect title because, throughout the whole project, The Orlando representative builds a dark, murky atmosphere with his gravelly voice and boisterous production. “Sanctuary” has a similar tone and feel, but what makes it highlight is the way November splashes it with light with some string-laced production and an agile flow. The blend of light and dark makes it a great sample of Stuck In The Swamp; if you dug this one, definitely give the rest of the album some time.