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No Wonder – [Billy]

By Lucas Garrison // 20 Mar 2019

Billy came across my radar thanks to two spots on Kevin George’s 2018 standout EP, Fortina, and he’s been impressing me ever since. A diamond in the “rough” Billy’s sound is lightyears ahead of where you would think he is. There’s so much more to the game than having great music, but as evidenced on his latest cut, “No Wonder,”  it’s only a matter of time until “the rest” catches up. With a vocal effort that weaves between singing and rapping with an emotional, atmospheric filter, “No Wonder” will certainly resonate with rap fans. While he excels in that realm, ultimately it’s the pop undertones he sneaks into the music–here it’s in the productions drum-driven backbone–that gives him that irresistibly catchy, pop-centric sound. Get in on the ground floor while you still can! Extra credit: “Heart Breaker” 

Light You Up – [Cesar Santalo] ft. [Twelve’len]

By Lucas Garrison // 18 Mar 2019

The art of the feature is definitely underappreciated. Pick someone with a completely different style, and the song will lack cohesion and consistency. On the other hand, what’s the point of putting someone on the song who sounds exactly the same? You gotta get the proverbial porridge just right to make a feature verse successful. Cesar Santalo hit the (feature) nail on the head, earning his debut on here on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade with “Light You Up.”  Establishing the mood, Santalo kicks off the track with his silky smooth crooning that jumps out atop the atmospheric production from Prenda. Keeping things in the Sunshine State, Santalo recruits Twelve’len, who adds a more raw feel to the cut, serving as a great contrast to Santalo’s lighter, clean approach, but still maintaining the soulful vibe. Needless to say, “Light You Up” is a stellar release for these reasons and more, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!  

PSICODELIC – [Sunni Colón]

By Lucas Garrison // 17 Mar 2019

California crooner Sunni Colón hasn’t slowed down since releasing his Satin Psicodelic EP back in August of 2018. Keeping the stellar, soulful album alive, he has performed on the ever popular Youtube series, Colors, has a four-stop nationwide run planned, and now, has created a beautiful, unique visual experience entitled “PSICODELIC.” The self-directed video combines pieces of three of the EP’s standout cuts — “Mornin Dew,” “Baby I Don’t Mind,” and Technicolor” — into one, visually-stunning video. Blending three songs into one, five-minute video without it feeling choppy is no small task, but Colón makes it look easy thanks to the soulful bounce in each of the cuts and a cohesive feel in the video, rich with color and life. A visual that will resonate with fans already familiar with his style, but also give new viewers a taste of his sound and direction all while maintaining artistic integrity (just in time for the tour by the way), Colón’s vision and execution here are exemplary. Check out “PSICODELIC” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy – [Kevin George]  

By Lucas Garrison // 17 Mar 2019

At the risk of becoming a think-piece that the internet doesn’t want and most certainly doesn’t need, SXSW has become such a shit show, sometimes I wonder if anything good comes from it at all (aside from Instagram worthy flexes of course). This year, however, at the very least, we got a short but sweet cut from rising R&B crooner Kevin George out of it, so SXSW 2019 was officially a success. Last night in Austin with a lot on his mind, while most were “networking,” Kevin George was writing, recording, producing and directing the visuals for “Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy.” Coming in just over two minutes, the effort is short but sweet. Atop some light keys and with those silky smooth vocals, the budding superstar reflects with all that comes with emerging as one of the game’s freshest faces as he rolls, (and apparently eats?) a blunt. Made in less than 24 hours — likely as just a spur of the moment loosie — “Memoirs Of A Lil Drunk Boy” has a ton of heart and feels like a complete effort; an impressive display of George’s immense talent. That said, don’t sleep on Kevin George and his incredible new offering. Watch “Memoirs …

Sweet Thang – [Kye Colors]

By Lucas Garrison // 17 Mar 2019

If you listen to the latest effort from Kye Colors and only hear a cut that sounds like it should have been released last month on Valentines Day, then you ain’t listening close enough. February 14th may be for lovers, but we don’t need a holiday to celebrate the finer “thangs”… the classic combo of weed and liquor. Disguised as a love song, “Sweet Thang” is an ode to the intoxicants packed by Kye’s unique style. With a laid-back, sung-rapped approach, Kye definitely has a current sound, but there’s a fuzzy, cushioned atmosphere to the self-produced effort that gives it a throwback feel as well. He uses said style to delivers anode to his favorite intoxicants–weed in the first verse and liquor in the second–with the clever guise of personification. No official word on if this attached to anything larger, but Kye has hinted at a project on the gram so stay tuned and peep “Sweet Thang” below!

Sore Loser – [ripmattblack]

By Lucas Garrison // 16 Mar 2019

ripmattblack made his Lyrical Lemonade debut last November with “Winnebago,” a track that left quite the impression on me thanks to some wild visuals. Signed to Alamo records and armed with a crossover sound, I’ve been interested to see what the Florida-based artist would come back with; today, fans finally get to see, as ripmattblack returns with another intoxicating, pop-centric offering in “Sore Loser”. Hit-making duo Take A Daytrip (who are behind cuts like “Mo Bamba” and Juice WRLD’s “Legends”) bring their magic yet again, creating a beat that has a light, pop feel but still has mass. It’s perfect for ripmattblack’s crisp, sung-rapped approach where he adds just a little bit of a slurred drawl to match the intoxicant-laced, erratic persona he puts on in the lyrics and the accompanying visuals. This is yet another fantastic release to add to ripmattblack’s catalog, so be sure to check it out at the link provided below!

Bulls On Parade (Triple J Like A Version) – [Denzel Curry]

By Lucas Garrison // 16 Mar 2019

Meshing hip-hop and rock, crazy ass live shows, and lyrics that still resonate today, Rage Against The Machine were truly ahead of their time. With that in mind, a culture-wide re-appreciation of Rage Against The Machine is long overdue and I nominate Denzel Curry to spearhead the movement. Bridging the gap between Rage and the new generation, last month, Denzel Curry performed a cover of “Bulls On Parade” for triple j’s dope series, “Like A Version.” This month, after over 3 million views, the song has made it’s way to DSPs and is more than worthy of an LL post. Known for that raw sound and his unbridled energy, Denzel is the perfect stand-in for Zach De La Rocha. Obviously, Curry’s energy from start to finish is absolutely insane, but what really impressed me is how surgical he is on the verses. It’s nearly impossible to be so precise and keep that energy on 10, but he never misses a step making this one of the best covers I have heard in a long time. About to head out on a nationwide tour, I hope this makes it into his setlist; hearing this live would be insane! Click here to stream the cover on Apple Music and …

Phantom Of The Opps – [Dot Demo]

By Lucas Garrison // 13 Mar 2019

Dot Demo has been dropping nothing but gems and you’ve been doing nothing but sleep on him. Reminding you of his album, Delirium, which dropped in January, the South Bronx native returns to our pages today with a video for standout cut, “Phantom Of The Opps.” Directed by Cole Eckerle, this video does a great job of capturing the track’s essence, placing Dot in a snow-dusted field equipped with a bottle of liquor and a cigarette. Even with the minimalist approach, the visuals never feel empty thanks to the striking setting of a thawing-winter feel and the beauty of the setting sun. Sonically, Demo showcases a number of flows, each one hitting the pocket in a different way, but keeping a similarly almost-whispering delivery that hammers home the grungy, sinister vibes of the effort. Watch “Phantom Of The Opps” below and if you dig this one, be sure to check out Delirium and his other project from 2018, Nahforreal’!