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Premiere: U4EA-[Four AM]

By Sam Morrison // 13 Jan 2021

Hitting the page of Lyrical Lemonade today is an up and comer who I’m so pleased to welcome. If you haven’t heard of Four AM, then today is the perfect day to become introduced to an artist who is wise beyond his years when it comes to making music. As a writer, I’m always looking for people who are trying to push boundaries and create art that has yet to be made my the masses. It’s very rare to find that often, but when it comes to Four AM, it’s very evident that he’s pushing the needle when it comes to what he’s making. The California based talent is appearing on our page today for the premiere of his song, “U4EA”, one of the many entries that welcome listeners into the Four AM universe that sonically differentiates form anything else you would hear in the mainstream. I’ve gotten the chance to speak with Four AM on numerous occasions and I’m always so blown away by his meticulous nature and detailed approach to his music. It seems as if he’s mastered every aspect of his artistry in the way that seems pleasing to him. From his delicate vocal talents to the …

Ain’t Enough-[Drelli]

By Sam Morrison // 8 Jan 2021

If you haven’t heard of Drelli yet, allow this article to be your exclusive look at an artist who you will be hearing a lot from this year. If you’re an Insecure fan, then you’ve probably heard his music on the popular hit tv show, but that’s just the beginning of all of the cool things he’s going to accomplish this year. After inking a deal with Solo Brightest in partnership with 10K Projects, the up and comer is making his appearance on Lyrical Lemonade for the debut label release of his new song, “Ain’t Enough”. The upbeat and honest, “Ain’t Enough” will get stuck in your head as soon as you listen to it. Throughout the verses, Drelli is being honest and transparent about his life in a way that allows all of us to take a deep breath as he reassures his listeners that we’re all just trying to figure this life out. I was able to grab a quote from Drelli about the track and he explained, “This is really my first sad song. When the world shut down, I thought it was the perfect time to write ‘Ain’t Enough’ with lyrics like ‘I got a check …

annie-[Tyler Lauren]

By Sam Morrison // 7 Jan 2021

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today is up and coming artist named, Tyler Lauren. If you’re a fan of all things R&B and honestly just good music in general, then it’s imperative for you to pay attention to this article very closely. I stumbled on Tyler’s music this past weekend and since the moment I took my first listen, it was evident that she was going to be someone I keep my eyes on for the remainder of the year. When you come across talent that’s just undeniable, it’s important to latch on to it as soon as possible; that’s the case with Tyler and her recent song “annie” boasts an energy and intrigue that will make you an instant fan. Based out of the Karkin/Patwin Indigenous lands in Vallejo, California, the up and comer is no stranger to music as she explained to me that it’s always been a part of her life since growing up. This has directly impacted the maturity and confidence that the 23-year-old sings with which completely enhances the music quality. She has a gift and it’s such a blessing getting to see it up close and personal. I got the chance to ask Tyler …

Ranch Water-[Story Slaughter]

By Sam Morrison // 6 Jan 2021

Story Slaughter has got to be my favorite surprise of the past few weeks. After a year full of artist discovery, my mind was feeling  crowded by the very thing I claim to love, which is finding music. Once you reach a certain point though, there’s only so much music you can listen to before everything begins to sound the exact same. Going in to the winter break, I was determined to take a break from music and not dive back into it until January; My plans completely changed though when Story made it onto my radar during the last week of December. I get a lot of music sent my way and one night, while mindlessly scrolling through a playlist, I stumbled on “Ranch Water”, the pop-country tune that completely took my attention and hasn’t given it back since. From the moment I pressed play on this one, I knew there was something special about the artist who made it. My excitement could not be contained as I immediately hopped on Instagram to DM Story and learn more about her as an artist and a person. The 27-year-old Dallas, Texas native explained that she grew up singing in church …

sushi-[Cole Tindal] + [Paul Russell] & [TROSSTHEGIANT]

By Sam Morrison // 5 Jan 2021

Cole Tindal, TROSSTHEGIANT and Paul Russell are making it onto our pages on this Wednesday afternoon for the release of their brand new song called, “sushi”. If you’ve followed my writing, then you’re definitely familiar with TROSSTHEGIANT but now it’s time to dive deeper into two other artists who are making their debut on one of my articles. Cole and Paul are two very important up and comers who need to have all of your attention. I took time to go through both of their respective discography’s and it’s so dope to see both of their individual styles meshing on this track. Both rappers have a distinct vibe that you can only get from them personally which will make them coveted acts in this industry pretty here soon. This new offering “sushi” is nothing other than a vibe. From the production to the flow on the verses, you’ll find your mind at ease while you bobbing your head contagiously. As always, you know what you can expect from TROSSTHEGIANT as he adds his unbelievable lyricism and infectious energy to round out an already impressive piece. These dudes really hit the ground running with this one and I can’t stress it …

in case (there’s a change of heart)-[Max Leone]

By Sam Morrison // 4 Jan 2021

If you need a soothing tune to start your week off, I’ve got the perfect one for you. Max Leone made it onto my radar last year and I firmly believe that 2021 is the year that he goes from household name to superstar status. I’ve had the chance to listen to all of his music and it’s extremely evident that he’s creating music that’s going to be around for a long time. Before the music industry went dark, Max released a YouTube/SoundCloud exclusive back in December that is worth resurfacing for some extra love on our page. The offering called, “in case (there’s a change of heart)” invites you into a different side of Max’s artistry; A side that highlights his effortless songwriting capabilities and beautiful voice at the same time. The gentle yet statement-making ballad wastes no time in utterly captivating every one of your senses. Max just had a way of mesmerizing anyone who listens to his music and I’m more than confident that we’re witnessing someone who is slowly but securely coming into his own as an artist. Like I said, the song is available on YouTube and SoundCloud, so make sure to check it out …

Sour Cherry-[Dallas]

By Sam Morrison // 4 Jan 2021

One of the best songs that you’ll hear in this first full week of the new year is brought to us by an artist who goes by the name of Dallas. I stumbled on the 22-year-old’s stellar music this past weekend and my excitement to get her on our pages has reached an all time high. When I listen to music for the first time, I can usually tell if I’m going to like a song within the first 5 seconds; and today, I’m hype to announce that the record has been shattered. Dallas’s newest song called “Sour Cherry” was an immediate favorite of mine after checking out the first 3 seconds of it. From the moment you press play, you will instantly notice the dark ambience that’s created by the dynamic and intentional production.  I was able to get some insight from the Toronto native, and she explained to me that she first began writing songs at the age of 6 which was nothing more than a hobby. After not really wanting to take music seriously, Dallas began doing musicals in High School which re-sparked her interest. From then on, she lived/studied musical theatre in NYC before heading back …

Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis-[Jacob’s Blue]

By Sam Morrison // 4 Jan 2021

For my first few articles of the year, I really wanted to take the time to unearth some up and coming talent that I discovered via twitter/email submissions. As a writer, it’s very easy to give priority to friends and publicists, but at the same time, its equally important to reach out to the artists who may not have the same resources to pitch to huge media outlets. One of the standouts from the submissions was an artist who goes by the name of Jacob’s Blue.  Jacob Medure aka Jacob’s Blue is a 22 year old artist who split time between Jacksonville, Florida and a myriad of other places around the Country. After spending the last 4 years in Flushing, Queens, NY at St. Johns University, Jacob just moved out to Denver, Colorado which is now home base. With a lot of new beginnings taking place around him, it’s the perfect time to introduce him to our pages for his latest project called, Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis. The 7 song offering is an experimental collection that immediately sparked my interest after hearing the dynamic production and unique vocal talents of Jacob’s Blue. When you listen to his …