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A Conversation with Reece

By Sam Morrison // 16 Apr 2021

Virginia artist Reece was one of my favorite artists that I came across during quarantine and today he’s back with another song that is worth your listen. Instead of writing a regular article, I thought it was only fitting to sit down and talk to the talent about life and music! Continue scrolling to read this conversation with Reece. — Sam: Now that I know that you’re from my home state of Virginia, I’d love to hear about how you got into music, especially growing up in a place like Woodbridge. Reece: So, music for me was really a heavy part of my life growing up. My parents weren’t musical, but we listened to a lot of music, and I listened to a lot of weird shit as a child…and not weird, but just weird for a child to be listening to at the time. So I was introduced to a lot of different types of music and also I have a lot of older siblings and they would listen to some cool stuff too. Then 2012, I was in 10th grade and a lot of really cool music started coming out that year, like Channel Orange by Frank Ocean …

15 Minutes-[Julian Lamadrid]

By Sam Morrison // 15 Apr 2021

New York based up and comer Julian Lamadrid is no secret to the lyrical lemonade pages as he’s graced our platform on numerous occasions before. The first time I came across his music, it was extremely evident that there was a bright future ahead of him and it feels good to be living and experiencing the middle of this bright future first hand. Today, the bad to the bone rockstar is making another appearance on our publication for the release of his brand new song/video called, “15 Minutes”. If you ask me, this newest offering might just be my favorite piece by Julian as the video and song both highlight the best parts of his artistry. Julian is talented, fun and colorful and all of those aspects are brought to the forefront in this bright visual. From a vocal and lyrical standpoint, it is so cool getting to see the intentionality that Julian puts in his art. Ive been a huge fan of his for some time now, but 15 minutes, puts my excitement over the edge! I’ve attached the YouTube link down below, so check out the video and let us know what you think!

Premiere: This Life-[Fortuno]

By Sam Morrison // 14 Apr 2021

Fortuno has been one of my favorite surprises of 2021 even though they’ve been making music years before then. I remember I first came across their music back in 2018, remembering them for having a distinct and memorable style that I hadn’t heard from many groups. Fast forward to today and the three-piece just released an amazing song that might just be one of the first masterpieces that I’ve gotten the chance to write on this year. The new offering, called, “This Life” is the follow-up to the three stellar releases that they already have underneath their belts this year. This new one might just be an instant classic if you ask me. From the moment I turned it on, I was instantly drawn in to the captivating ambience that envelopes it. The group consists of Tobi, who writes and sings, and Ellis & Eli who compose and produce. Each one of these talented individuals do an amazing job of adding their own personal flare and style to an impressive piece. From start to finish, I can’t even begin to tell y’all how much I enjoyed this new offering by Fortuno and I know anyone who listens will feel the same …

Last Minute-[Sam MacPherson]

By Sam Morrison // 12 Apr 2021

Sam MacPherson makes it on to our page this afternoon for the release of his most recent song called, “Last Minute”. The brand new offering by the up and comer truly might be my favorite by him thus far. From the moment I turned on this offering, I knew that their was undeniable replay value. Sam does an amazing job of creating a relaxing ambience with his dynamic voice and soothing guitar strums. There is a deep level of nostalgia that finds itself latching on to the song which is why I love it so much. Music is subjective, but I firmly believe that there is such a thing as objectively great music and Sam MacPherson is creating just that; so much so that he has the streams and support to back it up. In only 3 days of the song being out, it’s already been played 50,000 times on Spotify alone, which is a testament to his innate talent and ability to make songs that will not get old. I got the chance to grab some insight from Sam about the track and he explained: “Last minute” narrates a romance between two people that unfolds just as their time …

Exless-[Kate Stephenson]

By Sam Morrison // 12 Apr 2021

Chicago native, Kate Stephenson crossed my radar during my nightly ritual of scrolling through tik-tok. I was about 20 videos deep, when I came across one that specifically caught my interest. With so much music circulating the industry that sounds the same, it’s refreshing when you come across a concept that is different than what’s being wildly consumed. In the world of love songs and break up ballads, Kate Stephenson took a chance to create an offering that is about neither and instead touches on the reality of never having an ex… To this day, the tik-tok has already amassed over 4 million views which speaks to the way in which people are connecting with the story and lyrical content. I was able to get some insight from Kate about the song and she explained: “It was just another day, and I was (per usual) crying about a boy that I didn’t date. Whenever I feel a strong emotion, typically I do one of two things: 1) I listen to music or 2) I write music. On this particular occasion, I was going through my playlists and skipping song after song because as someone who’s never dated, I couldn’t connect …

A Conversation with Cian Ducrot

By Sam Morrison // 7 Apr 2021

Up and coming artist, Cian Ducrot was one of quarantines greatest surprises and just last week, I had the chance to sit down with the stellar talent who has quickly become one of the industry’s brightest spots. After inking a deal with The Darkroom / Interscope, the Ireland born artist has his eyes set on stardom and it is nothing less than achievable! Take some time out of your day to check out the conversation we had last week and learn more about what makes him so special! — Sam: I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing, so I’d love to have a conversation about your life and how music fits into it; So tell me about how your upbringing introduced you to music. Cian: Yeah, so I was raised by a single mom and grew up with my brother. Music kind of just strayed into my life because both of my parents were professional classical musicians in fact; so I was born into music and I fell in love with. I can’t remember not being absolutely in love with music. I would just sit under my mom’s piano and we would sit there all day and all night. …

Boy With The Blues-[Delacey]

By Sam Morrison // 5 Apr 2021

If you don’t know the name Delacey, then allow me to introduce you to one of the brightest talents that this industry has to offer. For some time now, I’ve been a huge fan of the LA-based artist and today, I have the chance to write about her most recent song that’s been performing extremely well since it’s release. Delacey is an Orange County, California native who has had a knack for all things creative ever since she’s was a child. Referring to herself as the daughter who would always make her family watch her shows and plays, the super star is inevitably making her rise and it’s so exciting to see from an up close and personal perspective. Her newest song, “Boy With The Blues” is just the latest masterpiece in the impressive Delacey catalog. If you’ve had the chance to scroll through her discography, then you’d know that she does not miss. Every single one of her tracks connects on an emotional level which allows her to create fans from all different walks of life. “Boy With The Blues” starts off with a simple guitar strum and ultimately builds into a beautiful ballad that will have you rewinding …

Splash-[Wriss Parker]

By Sam Morrison // 2 Apr 2021

Up and coming artist, Wriss Parker just dropped a brand new single that’s worth a Lyrical Lemonade due to its strong production and the impressive stylings of the promising talent himself. I hadn’t heard of Wriss up until recently, but after hearing this new offering of his, I can confidently say that I’ll be tapping in more often with his releases. This new song called, “Splash” is just a fun track that I keep finding myself replaying over and over. I’m not sure if it’s the groovy ambience created by the production or Wriss’s compelling vocals and bars, but this thing just works. From top to bottom, there aren’t any low points, only highs as the song just continues to get better as it goes on. Wriss Parker is a fire artist and I’m so excited for people to peep this new one by him! I’ve attached the song link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!