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Premiere: chamber johan + Phases (video)-[Johan Lenox]

By Sam Morrison // 11 Jun 2021

When you use the phrase generational talent, I believe the name Johan Lenox needs to be in any conversation that you might be having. The well established and well known artist is truly one of the most talented individuals in the music industry right now, and it’s about time that we took time to celebrate all of the genius that he possesses. I’ve witness this man take a song from 0-100 just by adding simple string elements to it and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed ever. I’m so hype to be bringing this legend onto our page today and if you’re reading this, you should be too! For a majority of his life, Johan has been fixated on classical music. That is until he heard “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” for the first time at a house party while on Acid. It was at this moment when Johan’s interests and taste began to change although he’s managed to stick close to his classical roots. From then, the musician began dabbling with the possibility of crossing classical music with other genres. The Massachusetts native then was off to the races as he began the composer of Yeethoven in …

Soda Stain-[The Golf Club]

By Sam Morrison // 9 Jun 2021

The Golf Club is a brand new act out of City Terrace, California that NEEDS to be on your radar if you’re looking for some great new music. The singer/songwriter pop duo is making their debut appearance on the pages of lyrical lemonade today, but I certainly don’t foresee this being their last time on this platform. Their new song, “Soda Stain” is a spectacular showing of who we’re dealing with when it comes to The Golf Club on a talent level. These guys are truly special. Their production gifts are off the charts as they’ve somehow managed to create a track that instantly captivates you as soon as the beat cuts on. With that. It’s important to take note that their lyrics and melodies are top tier in every sense of the word. I’ve been having a blast getting to listen to this track and I know that whoever heard it will feel the same way. The Spotify link is attached below, so make sure you listen and tap in with The Golf Club!

Rendezvous (Official Lyric Video)-[HYRA]

By Sam Morrison // 4 Jun 2021

If you’re looking fo an undeniable Pop-Punk Anthem, then make sure you pay attention to this article! If you havent heard of up and coming artist, HYRA, then you’re most definitely in for a treat as she is immensely talented and highly infectious. Today, the Miami raised singer/songwriter is making it onto our page for the release of her brand new video for her song, “Rendezvous”. The single itself just dropped yesterday and this new visual breathes a fresh breath on an already impressive song. Through the verses and the lyrics, HYRA is expressing her true emotions and feelings which make way for a transparent and exciting piece According to HYRA, she explains, “If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you will notice the song takes ownership of one’s existence as a side chick similar to SZA’s “The Weeknd.”  From start to finish, I was captivated by this showing by HYRA. She has the talent and the star qualities that will inevitably take her far in this business. I’ve attached the lyric video down below, so make sure you give this one a listen and let us know what you think!  

Premiere: Dimes (Official Music Video)-[Lyan Paris]

By Sam Morrison // 4 Jun 2021

As always, our neighbors up north continue to produce exceptional talent and the artists that are making an appearance on our page today just so happen to fall in line within that category. 19 year best friends Ryan and Luke hail from a small town in Ontario but are undeniably on their way to the big time. The duo stumbled on rap in High School and from then on, their fateful partnership was formed into what is Lyan Paris. Today, the infectious duo is just getting started as they turned to TikTok to cultivate a strong fan base. After posting freestyle videos, the boys quickly garnered 300,000k followers on the app as well as 10 million likes, which is just a testament to their captivating energy. Today, the duo is making their lyrical lemonade for the release of the video for their song, “Dimes”. From the moment I heard this track, I knew that it was an instant hit. There are layers of nostalgia that are present while the uptempo production brings this to a place that every one will love. Throughout the verses, the two rappers do a great job of weaving clever rhymes and one liners to keep …

Best Is Yet To Come-[Gryffin] & [Kyle Reynolds]

By Sam Morrison // 2 Jun 2021

Producer, songwriter and global superstar, Gryffin, has been on my radar for some time now. Since first stepping on the scene, it was evident that this guy had the knack for making hits and since then, he’s been on a tear lately, dropping effortless bangers time and time again. Today, he makes it on to the page of Lyrical Lemonade for the release of an upbeat and carefree anthem that’s just in time for summer time. The new song, called, “Best Is Yet To Come” is the next summer smash and I’m so excited to be showing it to y’all here on Lyrical Lemonade! The new offering features well known up and comer, Kyle Reynolds, which was the perfect inclusion as he adds his own flare to an already impressive track. I’ve attached this one down below, so make sure you give it a listen and let us know what you think!!

see u dance-[Hong Kong Boyfriend]

By Sam Morrison // 26 May 2021

Hong Kong Boyfriend is undoubtedly in the top 3 list of my favorite artists right now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Anytime someone asks me who I’m most excited for in the industry, he’s always the topic of that conversation. When it comes down to it, I think the reason he stands out in front of every other up and coming artist who’s doing the same thing is because of his consistency. It is so easy to put music out for the sake of putting music out, but, Hong Kong Boyfriend approaches every single song with same amount of care and intention as his first, which is just a testament to his true artistry. Today, the Mountain View, California native is making it on to our page for the release of his brand new song/video called, “see u dance”. From day 1, the HKBF video team has been killing the visuals and this latest presentation is just another home run. As always, Hong Kong Boyfriend’s vocals and storytelling remain top tier as he serenades his listeners with a voice that can only be likened to heavenly. I’m a fan, but not because I’m biased. HKBF is one …

A Conversation with Anna Sofia

By Sam Morrison // 26 May 2021

Canadian-based artist Anna Sofia is a bright light in this industry and this past week, I had an amazing opportunity to sit down and speak with her about life, space and everything in between! Today, the up and comer just dropped a spectacular song that is worth every listen! To get to know more about Anna Sofia, make sure you keep reading this conversation with her! — Sam: Tell me about your upbringing! I really want my kids to be involved in music, or at least have an appreciation for it and I think that helps when parents are musical as well, so tell me about your childhood! Were your parents musical/how did you stumble on what you do now as a career? Anna Sofia: Alright, so my story is weird. Nobody in my family is musical. not one person. No one can sing. No one can play any instruments. I’m like the outcast of the family. We don’t know how this happened, but my family was in the restaurant business; They still are today as well and we own some restaurants in the resort that I stay at, but we also own some in the city, so  I lived …


By Sam Morrison // 20 May 2021

BXB LOVE bursted onto the scene a few weeks ago and it’s not looking like she’s going to be slowing down any time soon. The up and comer made her DSP debut with a song called “matrix” and today she’s making it onto our page for the release of her brand new song called, “IGNORANCE SONG”. The brand new offering is a perfect look into the world of BXB is she continues to take shape into her artistry. According to LOVE, “Life is a performance, and we can choose the labels and identities that we use to express our being, without being attached to them. We get to grow, evolve, change, shed. And there’s really nothing to prove to anyone once you free yourself of the belief that you need to prove your worth, or validate/justify how you choose to express your being. It’s my anthem to a generation that is rewriting what identity means and the ways in which we choose to express that.” When you take the time to listen to this one, it’s inevitable that you’re going to enjoy it! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give this one a listen and let us know …