Camilla – [Booggz]

By Nick Mueller // 25 Mar 2019

Toronto native Booggz makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut today with the release of his latest visual for his new single titled “Camilla”. The video was filmed in Havana, Cuba, perfectly capturing the vibe, energy, and feelings that surround this record. Furthermore, this track was produced by the well known Bizness Boi and is filled with Booggz’ catching flows and contagious energy. I’ve personally heard a few other records from the rising Murda Gang member, but “Camilla” has so far been my favorite as he precisely delivered some of his best work here. Between his remarkable releases, heavy momentum, and the solid team behind him, Booggz is setup for what could be his biggest year yet. With a new project titled Father Figure on the way, be sure to watch the “Camilla” visual below and follow Booggz on Instagram and Twitter!

Restless – [Trevor Daniel]

By Nick Mueller // 22 Mar 2019

Houston native and rising superstar Trevor Daniel is back today with his latest EP titled Restless. Over the past few months, Trevor has released multiple records, visuals, and teasers as for what’s to come, but today he gave us some of his best work yet. Restless is by far my favorite release thus far, as Trevor takes listeners on a emotional rollercoaster into the depths of his talents and abilities. Starting with “Closure”, the passion in Trevor’s voice leaves fans in awe and wanting more. Then followed by “Paranoid”, “Come Over”, and “Empty”, the relatable lyrics and exceptionally clear imagery used by Trevor will be sure to grab any new listener’s undivided attention. To conclude Restless, “Body Bag” and “Go On” showcase Trevor’s natural ability to create an everlasting and easily recognizable melody, making these two songs very hard to forget. As the Internet Money artist continues to develop and climb towards the top, be sure to stream Restless below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!

White Lines – [SB]

By Nick Mueller // 22 Mar 2019

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, rising artist SB offers his first-ever release titled “White Lines”. Delivering this offering with intensity and passion between his soulful vocals and intriguing lyrics, the Indianapolis native creates an unforgettable sound, entertaining listeners from the first second to the last. The heavy production also creates a dark, mysterious atmosphere that helps push the narrative of SB as an artist, leaving fans and listeners with a lot of unanswered questions. Most people know little details about the artist himself except that he has an undeniable talent, yet he plans to keep that enigma and image moving forward. For this one only being his first release, I can certainly say I’m very excited to see what SB and his team have planned for the coming months. Be sure to stream “White Lines” below and follow the mysterious artist on Instagram and Twitter!

BREGMA Freestyle – [Grip]

By Nick Mueller // 17 Mar 2019

Brand new to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today, Atlanta rapper Grip delivers his latest offering titled “BREGMA Freestyle”. As I listened through for the first time, his effortless flow and engrossing lyrics kept me completely engaged throughout the entire record. Furthermore, this freestyle is one of those tracks that forces you to play it back multiple times, finding and hearing new sounds, punch lines, and flows each time you do so. As Grip showcases his undeniable talents as an artist throughout this offering, it quickly becomes clear as to why I’ve been hearing his name start to buzz around various cities — with plenty more on the way and a strong partnership with Human Re Sources, it’s not a question as to if Grip will hit the big stages or not, it’s just about when. Nonetheless, Grip’s “BREGMA Freestyle” is a must listen, so be sure to stream below and follow the rising star on Instagram and Twitter!

Weak – [Mélat]

By Nick Mueller // 14 Mar 2019

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Austin, Texas, native and vocalist Mélat gives a glimpse into her future with a brand new visual for single titled “Weak”. After being voted as Austin’s Breakout Artist of 2018, Mélat carries a lot of weight on her shoulders as she moves forward throughout this year. The visual offered below consists of a very simple, relevant, and alluring atmosphere which was directed by Sanetra Longno and shot by Peter Longno. One of the most enticing things about this video is that the energy from the song directly matches the visual direction within the video, therefore giving fans a clear understanding of the message behind “Weak”. As Mélat represents the tip of the spear for the independent R&B movement within the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, she puts her best foot forward with an empowering, soulful delivery with “Weak”. Be sure to watch Mélat’s newest visual below and follow her on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with her growth and success!

Black Lipstick – [Michael Casper]

By Nick Mueller // 14 Mar 2019

Returning to our pages today, rising artist Michael Casper offers a stellar new visual for his single titled “Black Lipstick”. As I came across Casper and the visual presented below, I quickly became intrigued by how cohesive everything was regarding the rising talent and his music. From the image that Casper holds to the sound that he runs with, everything has a steady flow, making him easy to understand and connect to as an artist. Regarding the visual for “Black Lipstick”, Michael stated that “this is a story about meeting someone for the first time and knowing that they’re the one, but leaving with a feeling of dissatisfaction from not knowing what it will become.” Perfectly depicted throughout the video, fans and new listeners will find a sense of comfort and connection knowing they aren’t the only ones feeling the way Michael does. Be sure to watch Casper’s captivating new visual below and follow the rising star on Instagram to see what’s to come!

Fear Of Lonely – [Benedict Cork]

By Nick Mueller // 12 Mar 2019

Finding his way onto our pages today for the first time, London native Benedict Cork offers his latest masterpiece titled “Fear Of Lonely”. The young vocalist has been quickly generating an organic fanbase since his first EP titled Piano Tapes was released during the summer of 2018. Throughout “Fear Of Lonely”, Cork takes listeners on an emotional journey through what he explains as a season when he “was very lonely after a really sad break up in London”. Benedict, along with Stockholm based producer duo Cilverback, wrote this record a few summers ago when Cork moved from London to Stockholm. As most people can probably guess, the lyrics that sit within this song have the ability to captivate fans in ways that bring back memories from times similar to what Cork is referring to here. With the help of his undeniable melodies and fascinating vocals, I can strongly assume that Benedict Cork will encounter massive amounts of success within the coming months, so be sure to stream “Fear Of Lonely” below and follow Cork on Instagram and Twitter!

Hold My Weight – [RONEN]

By Nick Mueller // 10 Mar 2019

One of my favorites has found his way back to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade today with his recent release titled “Hold My Weight”. Residing in the heart of Dallas, Texas, this young artist has been slowly building a fanbase that seems to deeply admire every song he drops. With this release specifically, RONEN showcases his smoothest motions between his captivating vocals and engaging lyrics, and when I asked RONEN what the importance of this song was, he stated that it holds a spot on his upcoming EP titled HIDDEN which is set to drop later this month. I’ve been a fan of RONEN for a while now, but he’s been in a zone for a couple months that has the potential to setup a promising summer for the rising star. Be sure to stream “Hold My Weight” below and follow RONEN on Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with news regarding his upcoming EP titled HIDDEN.