Before I’m Gone – [Ray Emmanuel]

By Nick Mueller // 17 May 2019

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, 14-year-old lyricist Ray Emmanuel swiftly bodies his new self-produced and self-written track titled “Before I’m Gone…” Over a very friendly production, Ray speaks about his journey, goals, and what he expects his future to look like within the next few years. Throughout, Ray delivers powerful lyrics that hit on topics such as peace, love, and positivity; topics in which Ray has a passion for and a desire to spread to the world. After speaking with his team, I learned that “Before I’m Gone…” is in part a tribute to the late great Nipsey Hussle and also a message for everyone listening to take a step back, capture the moment, and accomplish whatever they set out for. To say the least, I am very impressed and excited to watch Ray’s continued growth and success as an artist, person, and influence to his fans. Be sure to stream “Before I’m Gone…” below and follow Ray Emmanuel on Instagram to learn more about what’s coming from the rising lyricist!

See If I Mean It – [Adrian Stresow]

By Nick Mueller // 16 May 2019

Making a strong return to our pages today, Dallas artist Adrian Stresow releases a brand new visual for his Be Safe Out There lead single titled “See If I Mean It”. After taking a break from releasing for a few months, Adrian’s fans have been patiently waiting for his highly anticipated summer album. Announcing it earlier last week, he dropped the only single from the album accompanied by this incredible film below. Throughout the visual, which was directed by Zack Hefley, Adrian takes his fans on a journey through the last year of his life, including scenes from festival performances, private listening sessions, and trips that he’s taken to various cities within the US. Adrian’s upcoming album is set to drop next Wednesday, May 22, with seven additional tracks for a total of eight that will ultimately fabricate the message that Adrian has in mind. Be sure to watch Stresow’s visual for “See If I Mean It” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with news regarding Be Safe Out There!

Dead To You – [IRIS]

By Nick Mueller // 11 May 2019

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut today, New Zealand based IRIS unleashes a new visual for her single titled “Dead To You”. The video consists of IRIS and her old lover in what seems to be a cabin isolated in the woods, while each scene shows IRIS being misunderstood and left ghosted. IRIS describes the feeling depicted throughout this video as “being dead in their lives and having to accept the sad truth that you have to leave certain people behind in order to fulfill your own needs and potential”, something we can all probably relate to. “Dead To You” was released as IRIS’ third official music video, but after speaking with her it became very evident that she’s just warming up. With “lots coming up” and “music dropping frequently that will be accompanied by videos”, the rising artist hopes to drop her debut album by this summer. Furthermore, get familiar with IRIS by watching her impactful video below and following her on Instagram and Twitter!

Play Pretend – [Caleb Cruise]

By Nick Mueller // 11 May 2019

Oklahoma native Caleb Cruise makes his debut on our pages today with the release of his newest project titled Play Pretend. After keeping a close eye on the rising artist for the past few months, Play Pretend serves as arguably Caleb’s best and most promising release to date. Throughout the five records, Cruise showcases his natural ability to fabricate songs that are easy to digest and fun to listen to. Over incredible productions that grant an astonishing atmosphere, Caleb’s infectious melodies and comforting tones provide fans with an incredible listening experience. As Caleb continues to move throughout the coming months, I remain very excited to witness his growth and increased success. Caleb currently sits with just over 20 records available for his fans, yet his release patterns and consistency speak volume as Cruise is making it known that he is here to stay. Be sure to stream Play Pretend below and follow Caleb Cruise on Instagram and Twitter for more!

minimal – [ROLE MODEL]

By Nick Mueller // 8 May 2019

Making his debut to Lyrical Lemonade today as one of my favorite rising artists, ROLE MODEL delivers a very impressive visual for his recent single titled “minimal”. Fitting to say the least, the scenery throughout this film is kept very simple as ROLE MODEL finds himself laying on a bed in the middle of intensely vast plains. The young vocalist steps into an atmosphere full of loneliness and despair as he moves throughout the visual, depicting his own thoughts and creating a message for fans to lean on. Furthermore, ROLE MODEL showcases his ability to fabricate an extremely catchy melody while utilizing lyrics that fans can comfortably connect to. As ROLE MODEL continues to deliver exceptional records, I wouldn’t be surprised if you start to see his name around a lot more as the year goes on. With that being said, do yourself a favor and watch ROLE MODEL’s new visual for “minimal” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter to see what’s next from him and his team!

Borderline – [Baby Rose]

By Nick Mueller // 2 May 2019

Brand new to our pages today, singer/songwriter/producer Baby Rose delivers her impressive new single titled “Borderline”. With roots in DC and Fayetteville, Rose carries a very distinct vocal texture and melodic style that makes her undoubtedly unique and extremely special. Showcased throughout “Borderline”, Rose’s influence comes from legends like Donnie Hathaway and Nina Simone, combining R&B and Soul to create a very soothing, captivating sound that you can only truly experience by actually listening to her records. Along with “Borderline”, Baby Rose also blessed her fans today with two other records titled “Mortal” and “Sold Out”. These two are exactly what you would expect after listening to “Borderline; appealing, charismatic, and majestic. As Rose calmly sails over the three instrumentals, her vocals create an atmosphere that will be noted and frequently talked about in the near future. Starting later this month, Baby Rose will also be joining Dreamville’s Ari Lennox and friends as they tour across all of North America, kicking things off in Phoenix and ending in Charlotte. All in all, be sure to stream “Borderline” below and follow the rising star on Instagram and Twitter as she continues to grow and encounter more and more success!

Lips – [Sachi]

By Nick Mueller // 1 May 2019

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, Philly native and incredibly talented vocalist Sachi offers a new visual for his lone single titled “Lips”.  As a 19-year-old, Sachi possesses superstar characteristics, ranging from his unique voice to his impeccable image. “Lips” is a very promising record that most young fans can relate to as Sachi keeps the lyrics fairly simple and easy to remember. For this specific video, Sachi teamed up with LA-based director Tylor Klipfel to capture an atmosphere very fitting to “Lips”, with the two finding themselves isolated and above the clouds somewhere deep within Los Angeles. Not only does this video showcase some of the most beautiful views accompanied by Sachi’s undeniable falsetto, but it also takes fans on a behind the scenes look into Sachi and his young personality. After the video is done, there’s an extended cut that shows Sachi and Tylor making the hike back to their car while Sachi shows off his vocal range and talks about how they got to the video site. Sachi currently has only the one single out, but after speaking with him it seems as though there will be plenty more coming this year. Be sure to watch this …

ultraviolet – [prettyboyshav]

By Nick Mueller // 22 Apr 2019

Brand new to our pages today, New York native prettyboyshav releases his first ever solo record titled “ultraviolet”. With the help of a remarkable hook, his soothing tone, and his contagious energy, prettyboyshav unleashes an absolute stunner that will have him finding new fans and lifetime listeners. Knowing that shav is also a co-founder of indify, a platform that supports artists as they grow and develop, I wanted to dive as deep as possible into the story and journey behind “ultraviolet” and the purpose that it serves within shav’s world. When I had the pleasure of speaking with shav, he expressed that he “has been writing music and playing guitar since I was a kid. Most people know me for indify, but the truth is that I was an artist way before. I’ve been focusing on growing the platform for the last four years, all while making music and getting better on the artistic front too. The major turning point was when I met Mike Irish and we sat down in the studio together. On our first day of working, Mike put me in front of a mic and told me to do what I feel. It took 15 minutes to …