10:45 – [Sky McCreery]

By Nick Mueller // 4 Nov 2019

It’s always a special day when we’re able to shine light onto artists that make amazing music and have the desire and drive to succeed. Sky McCreery, a young 18 year-old writer, producer, and vocalist, has been releasing music since 2018 and released his most recent collection in July of this year. The two songs, collectively known as 10:45, exemplify Sky’s melodic and lyrical abilities as he soothingly runs over his appealing production. Both tracks are very relatable as Sky reflected on a “previous relationship that had a lot of conflict over what we wanted from each other.” He added that “there was almost a loneliness in her that I couldn’t keep company and 10:45 is the time that I find myself sitting with my thoughts and reflecting on what I believed was love.” For McCreery, this is only the beginning as he plans to release one or two more singles before his next body of work. Follow Sky McCreery on Instagram to stay updated with release dates and announcements and get familiar with Sky by streaming 10:45 below!

Yellow Hearts – [Ant Saunders]

By Nick Mueller // 4 Nov 2019

New Jersey native Ant Saunders is slowly becoming a very well known face to the public eye. After releasing his hit single titled “Yellow Hearts” in June of this year, the growth as of recently has been hard to miss since it has reached the number 1 spot on the Global Viral 50 Spotify charts. I had the opportunity to speak to Ant the other day about his journey and his musical process, nonetheless something I’m sure everyone is curious about at this point. In regards to getting into music, Ant said that he “started producing around middle school and he would just record with a USB mic.” As it is for most kids, Ant said music was “always a dream of mine but I never took it as serious as I should have”, until now of course. Saunders does everything himself, keeping the production, writing, and engineering in-house and self-sufficient. This song specifically is one of those that you hear once and remember forever, just the same affect that any big record has. Furthermore, he noted that “Yellow Hearts” is a friend zone anthem and based on “an experience that took place in my life that I knew other …

Known Like This – [Ben Kessler]

By Nick Mueller // 2 Nov 2019

Ben Kessler joins our pages today after releasing a brand new visual for his incredible single titled “Known Like This”. As a Nashville native, Ben has been making a name for himself as an artist and shows no signs of slowing down. This song spoke to me, as I’m sure it has to many others, in a way that allows me to feel as if what others think shouldn’t matter at all. “Known Like This” contains simple, feel-good production that gives Ben a very vivid path to deliver his enchanting vocals. The visual, shot and edited by Mossflower Pictures, remains simple and easy to digest. As a fan, this is precisely what I would be looking for from a song of this nature. Ben gave us a glimpse into his mindset as he said: “‘Known Like This’ is a meditation on how I don’t want to be known, and the anxiety that comes with that.” He then added that “Luke Harvey (Mossflower Pictures) and I sought to create a visual that completed this idea, how I do want to be known.” With only two songs to his name, Ben is already off to a massive start. Be sure to follow …

When It Rains – [Ethan Ross]

By Nick Mueller // 1 Nov 2019

Ethan Ross, a rising melodic genius, is definitely an artist to keep on your radar after his latest release titled “When It Rains”. The New Jersey native wasted no time with this one as he quickly delivers an exciting, memorable hook only a few seconds after the song begins. Ethan then showcases his rapping abilities as he punched a few lines before bringing the hook back in and leaving no space to find yourself bored. As far as what thing song means so Ethan, he notes that it’s “about how toxic relationships as a whole have made me feel in the past.” For “When It Rains”, Ross says that he was “specifically talking about how I went the extra mile in hopes of avoiding stress and conflict, while the other person was craving the exact opposite.” He added something that I think we can all relate to, being that “eventually it may be best to reconsider how you use your energy in the first place.” Coming next from Ethan will include multiple singles and music videos that will all take place before the end of the year. For now, experience “When It Rains” for yourself by streaming below and get …

Walk Away – [Kylie Spence]

By Nick Mueller // 31 Oct 2019

Los Angeles resident and rising vocalist Kylie Spence recently released a brand new single titled “Walk Away”. From the first lyric, Kylie delivers an enticing melody that’s accompanied by a nothing short of relatable verse. Through her power and passion, Kylie immediately gives off a very welcoming energy which forces you to continue listening. This specific song was written back in her native state of Montana and is “literally about walking away”, she says. “It’s about being in a toxic relationship and choosing to walk away for the better.” Kylie explained that she “wanted to keep it really universal so anybody in any situation could empathize with it and make it their own.” For her, it “empowers” and makes her “feel like a bad ass”, only “hoping it does the same for others.” Without giving too much away, Kylie wanted to let listeners know that she has another single coming out in November and many more songs to follow in the new year. Be sure to get familiar with Kylie Spence by streaming “Walk Away” below and by following her on Instagram and Twitter!

S!ck – [whiterosemoxie]

By Nick Mueller // 30 Oct 2019

Making one of the most promising debuts so far, Detroit superstar whiterosemoxie recently released a brand new single titled “S!ck”. The young 17 year-old carries himself with passion and abilities that I haven’t heard in a long time. This song felt special from the first listen as it brings light to moxie’s melodic nature and his understanding for the power of repetition. Furthermore, the hook on “S!ck” is one that will be stuck in your head for days on end, keeping new listeners engaged and excited for more. Moxie made it clear that “the main chorus repeats the words ‘now I’m falling in love’ which symbolizes my past experiences with falling for a female.” In addition, he commented that “the feeling was unexpected because I was not looking for a relationship, just partying and living how I wanted.” To wrap up the song, he added that he was on his own but “still making moves and finding success” until “that one girl came into my life and flipped the script.” Following this single, moxie is releasing a music video for his biggest song titled “whitegold” sometime in the near future. For now, stream “S!ck” below and start supporting moxie before …


By Nick Mueller // 28 Oct 2019

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today, New Zealand native and rising star Josh Mac drops off his incredible, energetic collection titled PARTY BUTTER. After finishing his degree in Musical Arts and winning many awards, Josh went on to release his first few singles. To say the least, they began to grow quickly and would eventually land on some of the top radio stations in New Zealand. Although it was released a few months ago, PARTY BUTTER is one of my new favorites and is a must-listen. When I spoke to Josh, he stated that PARTY BUTTER is a “very fun, personal, feel good, and emotional collection of songs that birthed what people now know as Josh Mac.” He then added that “these songs are relatable and others will enjoy the fresh, new vibes.” From a fan perspective, Josh executed this project with ease; smoothly keeping the branding and creative direction very cohesive and easy to recognize. On another note, Josh noted that he is currently working on a whole collection of new songs to release once he has an EP or two that he’s happy with. Be sure to get familiar with Josh Mac by streaming PARTY BUTTER below and by …

Lightyear – [Kyle Lux]

By Nick Mueller // 25 Oct 2019

I had the pleasure of writing about Kyle’s last release titled “Say It’s Fine” and I’m honored to take care of his newest delivery titled “Lightyear” as well. The young 19 year-old brings a soft, lighthearted feeling to the table between his simple melodies and charming vocal execution. The visual, directed and filmed by Ourros, does exactly that too as it’s accompanied by a gloomy sunset in the hills of Malibu and slow, focused edits that keep Kyle and the song as the center of attention. Furthermore, Kyle stated that this song is “about post-separation and convincing yourself that you’re okay even when you’re not.” Every time Kyle releases I become more and more of a fan, and this release did nothing less. Make sure you watch Kyle’s exceptional visual for his new single “Lightyear” below and follow him on Instagram and Twitter!