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Parked Car Convos – [Kaash Paige]

By Jarred Howard // 18 Nov 2019

Kaash Paige is a buzzing R&B songbird out of Dallas, Texas who has been garnering a lot of attention as of late. If you have some spare time you should tune into her major-label debut with Def Jam records entitled Parked Car Convos. Spring 2018 was the first time I had heard of Kaash, and it’s amazing how much work and momentum she’s built around her music from then until now. The 18-year old’s single “Love Songs” has recently caught fire across the world wide web and sits at #4 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 charts. If you’re a new listener to Kaash Paige then you should expect to hear a smooth blend of R&B and pop music that’s reminiscent of artists like SZA and Kehlani. This album is a good 8 song appetizer for bigger things to come in 2020 for Paige. Stream Kaash Pagie’s brand new project ‘Parked Car Convos’ for yourself below.

Traveling Alone – [Tom The Mail Man]

By Jarred Howard // 18 Nov 2019

Tom The Mail Man comes through on his promise and pours his heart out on his new single “Traveling Alone.” The first time I covered Tom on Lyrical Lemonade was for his infectious single and video “My Storm.” Since then he’s 2 for 2 with his single drops in “Rain Down” and now “Traveling Alone.” When you dive into his discography then you can catch a glimpse into how music a proficient songwriter and creator that Tom The Mail Man is. “Traveling Alone” falls on the indie-pop side of the things and I can easily see this being placed in Spotify playlists like ‘Pollen’ and the ‘Anti Pop’ playlist. The wordplay and imagery that he’s able to create with his hooks and lyrics are ahead of the curb compared to where a lot of artists are at his level. Listen to Tom The Mail Man’s new carefree single “Traveling Alone” after the break.

Dictator – [REI AMI]

By Jarred Howard // 18 Nov 2019

The Seoul-born Maryland-residing pop vocalist REI AMI returns with another haunting but pleasant single entitled “Dictator” Since the release of her previous single “SNOWCONE” REI has won over pop’s brightest new star Billie Elish and Finneas and their fans alike. “Dictator” earns the right to be premiere on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show. In true fashion, REI AMI shows off her range as an artist and gives us listeners an array of sounds with her new single. “Dictator” stars off hard-hitting and embodies and portrays a bold hip-hop persona. As I said in the previous article for her single “SNOWCONE” REI is known for her switch-ups in the second half of her songs. This time we receive light DIY bedroom pop tones for the second part of this record. Stream REI AMI’s new single “Dictator” and judge for yourself below.

Scoreboard – [Kembe X]

By Jarred Howard // 12 Nov 2019

Kembe X continues his strong 2019 return to music with a brand new video for his single “Scoreboard.” This track is the latest to receive a set of visuals from his album ‘I Was Depressed Until I Made This’ that dropped back in late October. One thing that stood out for me on Kembe’s 13-track album is the range of his song making ability. After you watch this video for “Scoreboard” listen to records like “Killscope” and “Spotlight.” None of those songs sound remotely the same but Kembe’s able to keep the same narrative throughout the album. The Chicago veteran is able to illustrate the different ways he maneuvers through struggling with mental awareness. By doing this he also shows how it reshapes his perception of the world around him. Psycho Films and Kembe were able to create a great video for this record and the lighting and colors for the video were very hypnotic in a lot of scenes and transitions. Watch Kembe X’s video for “Scoreboard” after the break below.

On and On – [Bianca Jade]

By Jarred Howard // 6 Nov 2019

Rising Cuban-Jamaican R&B crooner Bianca Jade makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with her visuals for “On and On.” The vibrant, dreamy video was filmed at Root Studios in Brooklyn, NY. The video was directed by Jillian Iscaro while being creative directed by Melissa Marin. Bianca Jade takes us into a fanciful world where love is always the answer, even when it doesn’t make sense. “On and On” is from Bianca Jade’s acclaimed new EP JADE Vol.1. Jade’s music focuses on bringing light and empowerment to her listeners, especially women. The lighting and the whole atmosphere of the video is so alluring. For most of the video, Bianca is up on stage with her band seducing us with her sultry vocals. In other scenes, she can be seen lounging around in the clouds which add to the dream-like approach of the video. Watch Bianca Jade’s fresh video for “On and On” after the break.

Raleighwood Hills – [LesTheGenius]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Nov 2019

Raleigh, North Carolina emcee LesTheGenius teams up with fellow North Carolinian artists Jaxson Free and Sonny Miles to drop “Raleighwood Hills.” I’m glad I’m finally getting some time to write about this record and video because it features three promising artists from my home state. The first time I heard this single was from a mutual follower, shortly after I started following “LesTheGenius and found out this single had landed on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji playlist. Jaxson and Sonny set off the mood of the track by harmonizing and rapping over these enticing and blissful guitar riffs and drum kicks. This track definitely makes me feel like I’m driving around in Raleigh with the windows down in the summer and these three do an adequate job at painting the imagery of that with this single. Les rounds out “Raleighwood Hills” with a respectable and potent verse of his own. Watch the video for LesTheGenius’ single “Raleighwood Hills” below.

Come Over Sober – [Amber Ryann]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Nov 2019

Los Angeles based singer Amber Ryann drops a new smooth and traumatic record entitled “Come Over Sober.” Amber’s new single it an intimate take on the mess of traumatic thoughts and feelings that come to head in a relationship that’s nearing an end. “Come Over, Sober” infuses all the colors of anger, sadness, and resentment to paint a vivid picture of the darker side of love. The search for closure is a journey through the darkness of pain and out into the light of self-acceptance and empowerment, and Amber is here to help you cope with the drama. Ryann’s meaningful lyrics over a smooth, melodic instrumental guide you through your latest break-up, fight, or anything someone is currently putting you through. This is the second single released off Amber’s forthcoming seven-song extended play ‘A Call To A Friend’. If you checked out her first single “B.N.W.” you should expect deep and meaningful content on the rest of the project-based off the two singles released thus far. Stream Amber Ryann’s new single “Come Over Sober” below.

Roxanne – [Arizona Zervas]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Nov 2019

Arizona Zervas’ new song “Roxanne” is probably one of the more catchier songs that have recently been released. This song actually blew up on TikTok, and when you listen to the song you won’t be surprised that it did. I admit I wanted to be against the song at first because I was skeptical about what was making the song go so viral. The song is only two minutes and forty-five seconds and I looked up and it had been on repeat for ten minutes. Arizona Zervas had pulled me into the virality hoopla of this song too. This isn’t a bad thing because I actually think the song is good and I’ve been playing it often. I always find songs with women’s names and colors in the hook to are the easiest to get stuck in the listeners’ heads. Stream Arizona Zervas’ infectious record “Roxanne” below.