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Jupiter Jazz – [Paragon Don]

By Jarred Howard // 10 Jan 2020

Finding music by word of mouth is still one of the best forms of finding new sounds even in 2020. One of the homies suggested Winston Salem, North Carolina’s Paragon Don to me. He released a 12 track project on January 1st entitled ‘Last Year Local’ which ran just under 30 minutes. After listening to Paragon’s album i came to the conclusion that he’s still very raw as an artist. However, as a rapper, he’s pretty solid, one of the tracks that caught my attention and that I’ve had in my rotation is his “Jupiter Jazz” record. On this single, he’s in a pocket of flow and lyricism that’s impossible to ignore. It’s hard to say what kind of lane Paragon will be able to carve out for himself.  All that will come in due time though stream and listen to how good “Jupiter Jazz” sounds after the break!

New Apollo’s – [Smoove L]

By Jarred Howard // 10 Jan 2020

New York is one of the hottest areas in rap right now. Yes, it’s always been, but they have so many exciting new sounds and a youth movement that’s taking over. Not to mention they have the Griselda bring gritty rap cool again. Making his debut on the Lyrical Lemonade pages today is Smoove L and his single and video for “New Apollo.” I’m still waiting on my casual music listening to friends to get on the Brooklyn Drill scene. It’s really the wave that’s coming right now, we’ve seen A-list rappers like Drake and Travis Scott try their hand at records that fall into this lane. Smoove L is the next in line and his songs and videos are going up. They just make you want to dance, to be honest, and it’s putting fun and good spirits back in rap music that Brooklyn is embracing.  Watch Smoove L’s movie for “New Apollo” for yourself below.

Freaky Dancer – [18Veno]

By Jarred Howard // 10 Jan 2020

It always amazes me how young and talented rappers can get nowadays. One of those rappers that’s caught my eye as of late has been South Carolina teenager 18Veno. He doesn’t even have any songs on DSPs and he’s been putting up some real promising numbers across different YouTube curating channels. This method has become popularized by rappers such as Young Boy Never Broke Again and NLE Choppa and many other young rappers in this lane. It’s a smart route to take you to have a fan base in which is dying to see content from you and you’re forcing them to catch you on your Instagram or YouTube Channel. One of my favorite songs and videos to run back by 18Veno is “Freaky Dancer.” 18Veno works close with producer Neekobaby who is under Jetson’s Spaceboy imprint so there shouldn’t be any shortage of beats. Watch the visuals for 18Veno’s “Freaky Dancer” below.

Tears – [Cheeno Ghee]

By Jarred Howard // 9 Jan 2020

Charlotte emcee Cheeno Ghee kicks off 2020 with a new song and video for her single ”Tears.” In 2019 Cheeno’s breakout song was ”Off Tha Strength” a lyrical masterpiece in which she preached change and positivity. With this new single in ”Tears”, we receive more or the same messages and the life experiences of the 22-year-old rapper. Cheeno hits the streets of uptown Charlotte with her posse in a black and white video shot and edited by Aaron Kasey. Whenever I hear her right I feel a warm coat of inspiration and hope covering me with her wordplay and lyricism. She also told me she’s looking forward to showcasing how much she can expand her style with different sounds in the near future. With DaBaby taking off in Charlotte it’s opened up the door for more artists from North Carolina to gain national attention. Watch Cheeno Ghee’s new visuals for ”Tears” after the break.

Valet – [Moe Young]

By Jarred Howard // 9 Jan 2020

The first time I heard Moe Young’s “Valet” I immediately thought that he was going to be a force in the 2020 class of new R&B crooners we’ll get to know this year. Moe’s voice is already incredible but that combined with the hit-making production from the producers over at Internet Money it’s hard not to create something that won’t sound good. Repko does a masterful job on this acoustic guitar-heavy instrumental to compliment Moe’s silky vocals. I feel like the acoustic guitar sound in R&B took over in 2019 and I expect to seek more of the same in 2020. Moe Young should be one of the names on your radar if you’re a die-hard R&B fan. Look for a new project this year as a follow up to his 2018 EP ‘How I’m Feeling’.  Stream Arkansas Moe Young and his new seductive single “Valet” below.

Come Thru – [Summer Walker]

By Jarred Howard // 9 Jan 2020

Besides DaBaby and Meg Thee Stallion Summer Walker had one of the bigger breakthroughs of 2019. Summer also had one of the best R&B albums to drop last year too. Recently she released visuals for my favorite song off of her album ‘Over It’ with her Usher assisted record “Come Thru.” Off the rip, this was my favorite song the sample alone from Usher’s “You Make Me Wanna” captivated my attention. Not only that London On Da Track is one of the producers that make the sound of the new generation. I don’t want to spoil the video for anyone but the Summer and Usher make night time at the Flea Markert alluring and euphoric as they play a flirtatious game of cat and mouse. Hopefully, Summer doesn’t take too much time away from music so we can continue receiving great music like this. Maybe time to recharge and re-evaluate will do her some good. Check out Summer Walker’s video for “Come Thru” after the break.

Bad Behavior – [Freshie]

By Jarred Howard // 22 Dec 2019

Ohio rising rapper Freshie is back as he drops off his highly anticipated album before the holidays in ‘Bad Behavior’. This 13 track effort is the third and final album that will be released from Freshie in 2019. The game Freshie seems to be playing the flood the streets method, in which he’s looking to put out as much solid music as he can and looking for fans to stick to his movement. With his new project “Clickbait” seems to be the song people have been gravitating to the most. The track was the lead single and dropped in early November but the record has already amassed over 75,000 plays to date. I believe the project overall is yet another solid effort from Freshie, but I believe he’s going to have to step outside his comfort zone more if he’s going to attract more attention to expand his audience. Stream Freshie’s newest body of work ‘Bad Behavior’ and judge for yourself below.

I Know – [Rence] ft. [RIZ LA VIE]

By Jarred Howard // 22 Dec 2019

Pop and R&B newcomer Rence makes his return to our pages here on Lyrical Lemonade with a new video of a rework of his song “I Know.” It’s only been a little over two weeks since we received the first version Rence’s video for “I Know” and now we’re back with a fresh revamped version. This record was already one of my favorites off of Rence’s major-label debut project Fall 2019. This album was one of the underrated bodies of work that came out this year in the pop and r&b field. The oversaturation of how much music was released in the industry as a whole is what caused Fall 2019 to fly under the radar. Rence taps crooner Riz La Vie to lay a couple of verses and harmonies on this version of “I Know.” Watch Rence and Riz La Vie’s new video for the new version of “I Know” after the break.