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Collecting & Living – [Franky Hill]

By Jarred Howard // 13 Jun 2019

Franky Hill returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with a new visual for his track “Collecting & Living.” The Kam DeLa produced single originally appeared on his debut project ‘USER’. The Ryan Halbe directed visuals depict Franky performing with his band in front of an old fashioned motel. Halfway through the video and on the switch up from the song we experience a plot twist where Franky blacks out and wakes up in the woods. As he stumbles aimlessly through the wilderness he wanders on to the main road and comes face to face with a vehicle that is charging at him. Franky is unable to get out of the way of the car which results in a head-on collision but there’s a plot twist. The person driving the vehicle is another version of Franky Hill. One of the things I enjoy most about his music is the different layers and metaphors he has throughout his music which makes Hill’s replay value high. Watch the music video for Franky Hill’s “Collecting & Living” below.

After God Fear Eve – [Skaiwater]

By Jarred Howard // 13 Jun 2019

Skaiwater is a rapper that you should definitely be keeping tabs on moving forward. He recently dropped his 6 track extended play entitled ‘After God Fear Eve’. If this project isn’t a prime example of how global rap is then I don’t really know what other examples that you would need. Skaiwater is from the United Kingdom and you wouldn’t even know it if you never knew anything about the kid by listening to him. After God, Fear of Eve sonically is similar to the first time I heard of early Travis Scott and his song called “Lovesick” (look it up) on YouTube. No, he doesn’t sound like Travis but because Skaiwater is 18 I can hear influences of certain American artists and music he probably draws his inspiration from. Skai has been taking a lot of label meetings and has been rubbing shoulders with a lot of prominent people in the music industry early on. If he continues along this path he’s sure to run into success sooner than later. Stream Skaiwater’s new project After God Fear Eve after the break.

Harlem – [TJ Porter]

By Jarred Howard // 12 Jun 2019

New York standout emcee TJ Porter is back again with another single entitled “Harlem.” Who else better to depict the New York borough other than one of it’s emerging young spitters in TJ Porter. This track is a prime example of what’s so special about TJ and his ability is that he’s so versatile. Being at a young age and able to flip a switch in between melodic records and records that are more lyrical is a skill. There are rappers even in their primes that have trouble switching up and changing their sound from record to record with this much ease. His debut album ‘Voice Of The Trenches’ is due out on June 21 and is set to be his first full-length debut project on Def Jam. With the new New York renaissance in full effect, I fully expect TJ Porter to be at the forefront of the movement moving forward. Stream TJ Porter’s new track “Harlem” after the break.

stay – [marcos g]

By Jarred Howard // 6 Jun 2019

Hialeah, Flordia native marcos g is back with another soulful single in “stay.” Marcos has been laying low and working since the release of his hit “Single (on the weekend)” which has amassed nearly 2 million plays across the streaming platforms. “Stay” is the next single up at bat and is the next track that will be on his forthcoming EP “another late night” which is set to drop next month. What’s even more impressive is that marcos has only been making music for about a year now. “Stay” is a slight switch up from “Single” with the track’s clever use of autotune in certain areas. This provides a sound that we haven’t heard from marcos before and he executes it flawlessly. Marcos stated to via email “I only started making music about a year ago, and really just for my friends at home. I never imagined that people would actually hear it, let alone even like it – but I’m so glad they do! It’s completely changed my world! I’ve spent the last 9 months working on tons of new material, and I’m so excited to finally share them with you guys. So much more coming soon.” Stream marcos …

Stardust – [Daydream Masi]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Jun 2019

Daydream Masi has been one of my new favorites to listen to this year, and today you should take the time out to give his new single “Stardust” a spin! Akon, Ohio isn’t necessarily a hotbed for musical talent but Daydream Masi is turning out to be a diamond in the rough. What makes Masi unique is when he drops a song you never really know what you’re going to get from the 21-year-old artist. He’s able to cross over genres ranging from hip-hop, electronic, r&b, pop and more making his sonic palette very admirable. “Stardust” will be the second single by the Ohio upstart that has been released under the Interscope Records imprint. With a major backing him, we should really be in for a treat as Masi’s sound and music should continue to flourish. Stream Daydream Masi’s new single “Stardust” after the break.

Getaway Driver – [papichuloteej]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Jun 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada artist papichuloteej returns with a new pop and r&b infused single with “Getaway Driver.” The last time we saw papichuloteej was earlier this year when he released a 6 track extended play entitled ‘1080p’. Now that it’s the summertime Teej is gearing up for what appears to be another roll-out process with this new summer anthem. “Getaway Driver,” tells a story about his love interest in being his serenity. Papichuloteej further paints imagery of young love with lines like “I use to be alone you make me feel at home” and “you’ll be my getaway driver and take me away from all my problems.” Teej continues to show people how strong his pen his with his songwriting ability and as he continues to grow it’s going to be hard to deny him from blowing up soon. The “Getaway Driver” video should be right around the according to the emerging vocalist, but the should serve as a nice appetizer while we wait. Stream papichuloteej’s single “Getaway Driver” below:

Solange – [Madwiz] [Radamiz]

By Jarred Howard // 3 Jun 2019

Brooklyn’s back in the house, as Tough Boy Madwiz and Radamiz connect and drop a lyrical barrage on their new track “Solange.” I was actually in a studio session and actually got the privilege to hear this cut early and I’m glad it’s out to the public. Madwiz and Radamiz were able to flip Solange’s “Dreams” track off of her latest album ‘When I Get Home’ effortlessly as they take turns going back and forth. The two emcees cover topics ranging from hustling, the manifestation of their dreams, ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends and more. Listening to some of the other songs that he currently has out and the ones in his fault Madwiz is really putting a fresh twist on and a new perspective on a hip-hop sound that would be considered dated by a younger audience. Hopefully, Radamiz and Madwiz continue to grow together and the spotlight on their movement will continue to grow even larger. Press play on Madwiz and Radamiz’s new single “Solange” below.

Tell Me – [Devaney]

By Jarred Howard // 3 Jun 2019

Devaney is another R&B vocalist who should be on your radar in 2019 with her video for “Tell Me.” The Mississauga based artist continues the trend of the crazy amount of r&b talent that’s been coming out of Canada. Her sound is described as being heavily influenced by the early 2000’s R&B combined with a tropical undertone. The tropical element throughout her musical catalog was probably inevitable because Devaney actually grew up on a small island in the Caribbean called Bequia. The theme of “Tell Me” is about how Devaney wanting to know where she stands in her situationship with her current fling. She’s opened herself up to him but there’s still a bunch of unanswered questions to what they are and where they are going in their relationship. The Mark Guido directed video comes out beautifully as he captures the young songbird getting ready as she heads out to meet her boo for what could be the last time. Watch the visuals and see how things play out in Devaney’s soothing single “Tell Me” below.