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Avril Lavigne – [TiaCorine]

By Jarred Howard // 13 Jan 2021

TiaCorine is a rising act out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina who is garnering the attention of some of your favorite musicians. Today she offers up her newly released visuals for “Avril Lavigne” which was directed and shot by Josh Seidman of Rocket Reels. This record showcases how versatile Tia’s sound and talent can be, if you were a fan of her ‘34Corine’ project you’ll notice how much this “Avril Lavigne” record differs compared to the rest of the project. This is just a taste of what’s to come for Tia, as this video is the start of the rollout of her deluxe version of ‘34Corine’ which is set to drop later this month. Tia is an artist who has received high praise from acts such as SZA, Isaiah Rashad, Rico Nasty, Kenny Beats, and more. With her exponentially growing fan base and co-signs the South Coast Music Group emcee should be ready to take a giant leap in 2021. Watch TiaCorine take her band from the garage to across the city with a new video for “Avril Lavigne” for yourself after the break.

Barbie – [Je$$e]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Jan 2021

It’s been a couple of months now and I just can’t seem to get Je$$e’s “Barbie” out of my head. It’s the hook that makes this song such an enticing record. The visuals for this record are also what makes this song unique too as the rising video production team Soul Serum took on the task of bringing “Barbie” to life. It may end up looking a little creepy at first with all the different Barbies walking and floating around. However, those shots combined with the other scenes of Je$$e in the dollhouse they really came up with a dope video concept overall. I believe if this song were to catch the wind to the TikTok and meme page crowd it could blow up to be something huge just from how catchy the hook is. “Barbie” is the only song Je$$e has on DSPs so far he has plenty of room to grow as an artist. This next single should be a good indicator of how he plans to build his sound out from this first record. Watch this unique video from Soul Serum on Je$$e’s new record “Barbie” after the break.

Back2Back – [Farrahgamo] [Frais]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Jan 2021

Charlotte duo Farrahgamo and Frais team up and drop an uptempo record and visuals for “Back2Back.” Some people just have a certain star quality or personality that draws people and fans to them. Farrahgamo is exactly that from what I’ve seen early on. What’s impressive about her is that she literally went from being an exotic dancer to rapper in pretty much the last year. Of course, she’s still really raw but she’s a real natural as far as her flow cadence and ability to command attention on a record. Frais is a Charlotte veteran who has been on the scene and people’s radar for some time now. He’s looking to build off of a strong showing last year to see if he can take that next step in his career. “Back2Back” fits the vibe of the sound that’s coming from a lot of Detroit rappers, which I’m not too big of a fan of but this record, in particular, stood out for me. Watch Farrahgamo and Frais go back and forth in the visuals for “Back2Back” after the break.

Ion Know – [Lil Moe]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Jan 2021

Lil Moe is a teenage rapper that’s based out of Chicago that’s been taking the scene by storm. I know I say this every other month but I think it’s amazing how far advanced these teenagers are with creating and structuring music. Lil Moe is a 15-year old whose videos are unfiltered and depict his life on the streets, and are garnering millions of views across YouTube. On “Ion Know,” Moe flexes on his ops with the city as his backdrop, while establishing himself as the next big thing in the Chicago rap scene. Moe embraces the Chicago winter with war-ready verses over a thumping melancholic drill beat with his homies. He’s a visuals artist as the majority of his traffic derives from his YouTube drops, but once this success transfers over to the DSPs you could see Moe skyrocket in popularity. Watch Lil Moe’s new music video for “Ion Know” and give your opinion after the break.

Big Decisions – [Morray]

By Jarred Howard // 8 Jan 2021

Morray may very well be the next mainstream rap artist to breakthrough from the state of North Carolina. Today the Fayetteville, North Carolina artist shares new visuals for his newest record “Big Decisions.” This is only the fifth record since Halloween that the 19-year-old emcee has dropped and his star power seems to rise with each release. He’s definitely in a very unique place in his career because the first record he released “Quicksand” has turned into a viral hit. This has caused some hip-hop talking heads to speculate that Morray is an industry plant. I myself on the other hand am deciding to focus on how moving his music and story. If you’re a fan of rappers who rap about struggle, pain with vivid stories like Lil Durk, Polo G, Rod Wave, Kevin Gates then Morray would seem like a perfect save for your music library. One thing I’ll give Morray an advantage over the rappers I’ve mentioned is how good his vocals are on his records. It makes sense how he’s received cosigns from his other rap peers like J.Cole, DaBaby, Rick Ross, and more. Watch Morray’s new video for “Big Decisions” for yourself after the break.

Race Me To Hell – [Dro Kenji]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Jan 2021

Dro Kenji shows growth and flashes of superstardom on his new project ‘Race Me to Hell’. Dro has flooded the market by dropping two projects in back to back months. On ‘Race Me to Hell’ Dro Kenji continues to find his groove in creating melodic anthems. I feel like Dro improved a lot on his writing within his verses to go along with his skill to create strong infectious hooks. The production of this project is littered with the Internet Money camp and features names such as Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Cxdy, and more. Some of the singles that I gravitated to were “Houdini”, “Acting”, and “Alien Outside” those are the records that stood out the most. Since linking with the Internet Money collective Dro has really found a sound for himself and it’s shown in how much his music and fan base have grown recently. If they keep this up Dro Kenji might be one of the breakthrough artists of 2021. Stream Dro Kenji’s new project ‘Race Me to Hell’ for yourself after the break.

Pegasus Kid 3 – [Tino Szn]

By Jarred Howard // 16 Dec 2020

16-year-old North Carolina rapper Tino Szn returns with a new project to close out the year entitled ‘Pegasus Kid 3’. PK3 is the final installment in the Pegasus Kid trilogy for the young emcee. Tino is able to show off how far he’s come in developing his sound from the first installment. He’s able to show off his raw abilities as a rapper and how much his ear has evolved as a songwriter and producer. This extended play features production from prominent producers such as Lukrative, Harold Harper, Based1 to the rising producers like Vvspipes, Deskhop. If you were a fan of Tino’s previous release with producer collective Flight Crew don’t worry this body of work features sounds from Lucca, Brite, and King as well. This tape is light-hearted and fun and should be taken as a body of work that shows how far Tino has come this early on and not a rapper that’s a finished product. Stream Tino Szn’s new eight-track project ‘Pegasus Kid 3’ for yourself after the break.

Never Even Tought – [Johan Feder]

By Jarred Howard // 7 Dec 2020

Johan Feder is an indie acoustic vocalist whose soothing voice is just want you need on relaxing afternoon day. The 25 year old French songwriter has been fascinated with music as a young child. His inspirations as a musician comes from acts in the 70s and 80s . Those people were Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Jeff Buckley. It’s really difficult to pivot from a social media influencer to a music artist, there are pros and cons to it. One pro is that Johan is bringing a passionate organic fan base to venture with him on a new journey as he expresses himself through music. There’s definitely room for improvement as far as his song creation and structure. That will come over time though as Johan is only two singles into his young career. Listen to Johan Feder’s single “Never Even Tought” for yourself after the break: