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Just Friends – [Eli Major]

By Jarred Howard // 17 Apr 2019

Chicago’s own Eli Major singer and songwriter drops his first single of 2019 with “Just Friends.” This new offering embodies the perfect mood for the Springtime. “Just Friends” is a smooth laid back ballad that combines contemporary r&b with melodic and soulful sounds. The narrative of the track explained by Eli via email is him “telling a story of rekindling feelings from a past relationship that has to begin to resurface over time.” “Just Friends falls into the alternative r&b category and Major has expressed his desire to continue experimenting with this style of music. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Eli Major stated to me some of his musical influences include Frank Ocean, Khalid, Coldplay, and Daniel Caesar. It should be interesting to see what path his musical journey takes as we travel deeper into the year. We should expect a project from Eli around this Fall so that gives us something to look forward to. Listen to Eli Major’s soothing track “Just Friends” after the break.

Boston George – [LBS Kee’vin]

By Jarred Howard // 17 Apr 2019

Historically, Florida has been an absolute hotbed for emerging rap talent stemming out of the sunshine state. Today I’d like to introduce to one of the next names you need to have tabs on with LBS Kee’vin and his infectious single and video for “Boston George.” Like most trends in rap, I feel like myself along with a lot of other rap fans get tired of hearing an oversaturation of certain sounds within the genre. Now it may be easy for you to cast off LBS Kee’vin and box him in the same category as Roddy Ricch or Youngboy Never Broke Again (NBA Youngboy), but that shouldn’t dim the light on the hit-making potential he possesses. In addition to that after doing some digging, I stumbled upon some loosies of his like him remixing SZA’s “The Weekend” and snippets on his Instagram that showcase more versatility. Watch the visuals for LBS Kee’vin’s “Boston George” below.

Rotation – [NateTaylorr]

By Jarred Howard // 17 Apr 2019

NateTaylorr is a rising crooner based out of New Jersey with an intriguing new single in “Rotation.” NateTaylorr gained a lot of traction and notoriety at first when he released his single “Famous” back in 2016 so he’s been grinding for a good while. If we fast forward to 2018, that’s when the Jersey vocalist released a short but impactful extended play with 4 For 1. After a couple of singles which dropped earlier this year, he’s back with a brand new offering in “Rotation.” If you’re into or accustom to the “trapsoul” sound that‘s become so prevalent in R&B now then “Rotation” will satisfy your musical needs. In all honesty, the hard-hitting 808s mixed with the autotune on the track this is similar to something that I’d hear from Travis Scott or even Bryson Tiller. This could be a downside in the future because to some people it could come off as derivative, but it’s still early in Nate’s career where he can still tweak and fine-tune his sound and might I say, he sounds promising so far. Stream NateTaylorr’s new track “Rotation” after the break.

Lifeguard – [Skaiwater]

By Jarred Howard // 16 Apr 2019

Skaiwater is a buzzing emcee out of the United Kingdom with a new bouncy single in “Lifeguard.” If you think Skaiwater’s name looks familiar then you might have seen him before collaborating with Lil Nas X. This song was sent to me and the first thing that hooked me on this song was the album cover art. Being that it’s pulled from an anime, it quickly appealed to me as an avid anime watcher, and when I dove into the song, I thought it was crazy because he doesn’t sound like most of the rappers from overseas. Instead, he actually sounds like he’s from America and his music is heavily influenced by the sound and culture of the new wave of rap music, too. I received some context via email where Skaiwater explained “It’s a desire for a girl that will always be there for him and always will be there to pick him up even when he’s down or drowning just like a “Lifeguard” would.” Stream Skaiwater’s bubbly ballad “Lifeguard” below.

What I Deserve – [350heem]

By Jarred Howard // 10 Apr 2019

350Heem is a rapper based out of Lakeland with a possible anthem on his hands in his brand new single and video, “What I Deserve.” I actually found out who he was based on one of my friend’s accounts on the popular music dancing application, Triller. After listening to the song once, I could instantly see other people jigging and turning up to this single, leading me to check out 350heem’s project that dropped back in mid-January this year — Taking Chances 2. Once I hit play on the project, I was left with the impression that 350Heem has a niche in the rap game. At this point in his career, he’s a solid street rapper with quotable lyrics that can last, and beyond this, he has to energy to thrive so long as he can continue to separate himself from the competition. Watch 350Heem’s video for “What I Deserve” after the break.

Super Sad Generation – [Arlo Parks]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Apr 2019

Arlo Parks is a teenage poet and songbird from London who has a talent for making smooth and captivating songs. Today she didn’t disappoint with the release of her 4 track extended play ‘Super Sad Generation’. If you’ve been following the young crooner then you actually received two new singles in which we haven’t heard before in “Super Sad Generation” and “I Like.” If you are just arriving at the party of Arlo Parks then that’s fine too, better late than never right. Her music and voice are so mellow this is the epitome of perfect rainy day ballads. If I had a gun to my head I’d tell you that my personal favorite cut from this would be “Cola.” The guitar riffs and drums just set the tone and prepare you for the overall mood of the project since it’s track number one. Stream Arlo Parks’ new EP ‘Super Sad Generation’ below.

3 Nights – [Dominic Fike]

By Jarred Howard // 5 Apr 2019

Naples, Florida star Dominic Fike returns to drop not one but two different videos for his smash hit “3 Nights.” 3 Nights was one of the better songs that were released last year and if you’ve heard it the chorus was probably trapped in your head at some point. For the video Fike takes an interesting approach he drops two whole alternate versions of the video. One video is directed by Brockhampton front man Kevin Abstract, and it’s kind of freestyle version of the video. We see Dominic attempting to do back flips and wandering aimlessly in the streets while singing. In the second video, there’s more of a plot and it goes along with the narrative of the song. Fike is seen leaving a hotel hopping in a car with a mysterious woman watching him ride off in the distance. He later on links with another woman spends a couple of nights with her and repeats the same process. Which version of “3 Nights” is your favorite? Watch to decide after the break below.

Black Jesus – [Franky Hill]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Apr 2019

Franky Hill is one of the next great storytellers hailing from New Jersey, and he’s able to back it up with his visuals for “Black Jesus.” When you listen to Franky’s music it makes sense that some of his favorite emcees are Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill. Last year he can on to the scene with an impressive project entitled ‘User’. On that body of work, Hill flourished and showcased his ability to create intricate subject matter while keeping the music entertaining. I’m drawing comparisons to Joey Badass when I dive into his discography. Although he’s capable of making singles with hooks and melody in “Black Jesus” he raps straight through. If you are unfamiliar with Franky Hill’s backstory you should take time to look into it. He’s going through a lot and has lost a lot of people early on in his life. “Black Jesus” touches on some of those tough topics and more through his eyes. Watch Franky Hill’s video for “Black Jesus below.