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House On Wheels – [Deb Never]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Sep 2019

Deb Never has captured my attention ever since in early January where she was featured in an emerging artist article by Pigeons and Planes. I really jumped onboard the Deb Never bandwagon when she released her single “Ugly” back in May. Deb’s music is described as a new grunge sound that includes hard-hitting 808s and a hip-hop blend. If you’re a fan of early 90’s gunge music such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam and LCD Soundgarden and the current soundscape of hip-hop and pop today like me, then you’ll be just as enamored with Deb’s music as I am. Deb adds four more singles to her standout single “Ugly” to fill out ‘House On Wheels’. A track for you to look to take off on this EP is her single “Swimming.” With the release of this new EP and landing a surprise feature on Brockhampton’s ‘GINGER’ album Deb Never seems to be headed in the right direction and is finishing up 2019 strong. Stream Deb Never’s brand new project ‘House On Wheel’s’ for yourself below.

Daydreaming As The World Ends – [Levi Watson]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Sep 2019

We introduced you to Levi Watson last week with his new groovy single “Venus Envy.” If you had time over the holiday weekend you should’ve done yourself a favor and checked out his Levi’s new album ‘Daydreaming As The World Ends’. If you’re an avid listener of alternative hip-hop then you should definitely do yourself a favor and check out Levi’s new project. This album feels you’re riding on a futuristic rollercoaster of rap from start to finish. While only being six tracks and twenty-one minutes long this is just enough to see how much Watson has progressed and has refined his sound compared to his previous album ‘No Love Lost, Vol 2’. After listening to Daydreaming As The World Ends in its entirety “Venus Envy” still comes out on top as my favorite single from the album. Tracks such as “Dream Eater” and “Prograde” also rise to the top as some of the standouts on this project. Check out Levi Watson’s new album ‘Daydreaming As The World Ends’ after the break below.

Doomsday – [Ducey Gold]

By Jarred Howard // 4 Sep 2019

North Carolina emcee Ducey Gold decides to closes out the summer with a two-track pack entitled ‘Doomsday’. Ducey is capping off the summer with a strong showing by releasing new two solid singles. The strongest single in my eyes on this two-pack project is “Fear Of God.” The Darkboy produced instrumental sounds like something that could’ve ended up on Lil Uzi’s original Luv Is Rage. On the single Ducey doesn’t way you away with his lyrics but does a great job establishing the tone of the track with his cadence and his melodies. The second single on Doomsday is “War With Us.” This song features more star power as Ducey is able to grab help from 916Frosty and Surf to help him round out this single. “War With Us” leans on the more fast-paced side of the spectrum that nuzzles in well nicely and is on-brand with Ducey Gold’s signature sound. Stream Ducey Gold’s new singles “Fear Of God” and “War With Us” on his new Doomsday EP for yourself below.

Hypnotized – [Weston Estate] [Marco Luka] [Tanu]

By Jarred Howard // 26 Aug 2019

Weston Estate is one of the more fascinating groups to emerge in 2019 so far. Being from North Carolina I started following one of the members of the group in Marco Luka. From then on as I dug deeper into his music catalog and ended up finding out he was in a collective. Recently I’ve seen the Cary, North Carolina posse catch fire on Spotify with their infectious single “Cotton Candy.” The single has landed them in some very prominent playlist on the platform that includes ‘Anti Pop’, ‘Lorem’ and the ‘Alternative R&B’ playlists. Their new song Hypnotize is a hazy raining day ballad that continues to show why Weston Estate will be one of the groups labels should be aware of moving forward. Marco Luka shines on this record and it’s going to be hard to keep him a secret for too much longer. Get hip and stream Weston Estate’s new single “Hypnotized” below before it’s too late.

My Storm – [Tom The Mail Man]

By Jarred Howard // 26 Aug 2019

Tom The Mail Man has been one of the favorite new artists I’ve come across in 2019. I was actually put on to Tom’s music by rising video director Rick Lancaster. The first song I checked out was “Lil Tommy.” I thought it was good traction around to sound but I just thought the song its self was ok. The second song I played is my favorite song by him to date and that song was “My Storm.” After this track, Tom hooked me in, not because the song was good but because I was captivated on his skill set and his ability to make a variety of contrasting sounding singles. If you follow him on his social media platforms there are two things that standout significantly. Those two things are his love for anime and how passionate his fan base is. I got to chance to talk with Tom The Mail Man for a little be and he told me it’s because he actually “tries to develop a relationship with them.” Watch Tom The Mail Man’s video for “My Storm” below.

Don’t Wait For Me – [Connor John]

By Jarred Howard // 26 Aug 2019

The summer of 2019 has been one for the books. With releases coming from all over this hasn’t been our first time hearing from artist Connor John. Following up from his previous release “Don’t Wait For Me” the Minnesota Crooner isn’t missing a beat. Between well-crafted melodies & beautiful instrumentation in his new single “What I Want”, Connor knows exactly how to capture a feeling and deliver it. Hooks still play a big role in today’s state of music as they’ve always had. Connor finds the perfect pocket for his voice to shine as with the crisp production.  Diving into the topics of Love, and not knowing if she’s the one and drugs. The cool part about watching artists grow is watching them find their own lane and that “it factor” that’s makes them who they are. Connor John is on to something special that we all get to watch grow in his early career. Stream Connor John’s single “Don’t Wait For Me” below.

Venus Envy – [Levi Watson]

By Jarred Howard // 26 Aug 2019

Levi Watson has been rapping for pretty much his whole life. His first release of 2019 may serve as a coming-out party for the young emcee with his new single “Venus Envy.” This is one case where you could judge a book by its cover or let’s say a song by its album art would be more appropriate. When I look at the cover art I start to envision and anticipate futuristic vibes to come from this song. Those are exactly the kind of sounds Levi is delivering on “Venus Envy.” If you were to revisit Watson’s prior projects ‘No Love Lost, Vol 1’ and ‘No Love Lost, Vol 2’ this new single remains on-brand with his signature sound. Levi is said to draw inspiration from music from the ’70s and ’80s, that combined with the young artist currently being based in Tokyo perfectly fit the alt-rap lane he’s trying to carve out for himself. Stream Levi Watson’s spacy new single “Venus Envy” for yourself below.

Blowing Candles – [PG RA]

By Jarred Howard // 19 Aug 2019

South Carolina’s PG RA quietly dropped one of the best project rap projects in August so far with his new album ‘Blowing Candles’. South Carolina is following up right behind North Carolina in what will be an outbreak of talented rappers deriving from the state. PG RA might have one of the brightest futures out of the new crop of talent that they have to offer. I found myself running through ‘Blowing Candles’ multiple times and it proves to be a thorough body of work from top to bottom. One of the elements that make this project so special is the production. Jetsonmade who has been one of the breakout producers in 2019 producer the majority if not all the songs on the project. Tracks such as “Still Showin’ My Ass” and “First Class Freestyle” server as a great indication of PG RA’s untapped potential. Check out PG RA’s new album ‘Blowing Candles’ in its entirety below.