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What You Did Last Night – [Teddy Fontana]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Dec 2019

Los Angeles based pop singer Teddy Fontana is back with a new single “What You Did Last Night.” This serves as the follow-up single to Teddy’s previous release a couple of months back with “Swerve.” This serves as the perfect song in terms of what a relationship is in 2019. Teddy stated via email that “What You Did Last Night” is about being in a young relationship while being in Los Angeles. She also touches on the grey areas between what’s ok and what’s not okay when your significant other is out and you aren’t around. This is something everyone can relate to because even then you may trust your boyfriend or girlfriend a lot of people can find their mind wandering about what’s going on while they’re absent. Although everyone loves great fictitious narratives in music, I always find it refreshing when people can express the everyday emotions of the average person in an interesting way. Stream Teddy Fontana’s new single “What You Did Last Night” after the break.

Boom – [Lucus]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Dec 2019

Lucus’ has been a Lyrical Lemonade favorite for the 2019 year and it looks like that’s going to continue going into the new year. The teenage crooner is back with a couple of surprises up his sleeve this time. Lucus released his infectious single “Boom” on DSPs which if you’ve been following his movement this is the first record of his that’s on a streaming platform other than SoundCloud and YouTube. The other surprise is that Lucus has a brand new visual for “Boom.” I found myself going back to play this single many times this year on his Soundcloud. This is one of the songs by Lucus that won’t overly impress you at first but the instrumental and the way he carries himself on the track will have you running it back. Personally I’m looking forward to Lucus to take that artistic leap that’s going to propel him into the next phase of his artistry in 2020 Watch Lucus’ new video for “Boom” for yourself below.

Home – [Marc Indigo]

By Jarred Howard // 11 Dec 2019

Marc Indigo is an act to watch out for as we head into 2020. The 20-year-old New York artist by way of the Caribbean is back with a new single entitled “Home.” Home is where the heart is how the old saying goes and that’s pretty much the theme of Marc’s latest release. Even though Indigo has been progressing and developing as an artist over the past few months he can’t help but feel a little bit homesick. This is the young crooners’ first time away from home after all and he can’t help but feel like he’s losing touch with his own creative space and to feel a little bit lost. Marc is able to lay down some soft vocals over an airy sounding production from Sensu. While he’s here Marc can’t help but to also touch on lost love and is left to wonder will he ever feel complete. His forthcoming album is set to drop in 2020 so fans should be in for a treat next year. Press play on Marc Indigo’s new single “Home” below.

Reasons – [Cotis]

By Jarred Howard // 3 Dec 2019

Cotis returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with a new single entitled “Reasons.” I love it when Cotis links up with producer Martin Wave, I truly believe he’s in his bag whenever the two come together to create music. Many of you may know Cotis from his most well known and my favorite single of his “Phone Light Up.” This is Cotis’ first record since the release of his ‘Patience’ EP which dropped over the summer. The Canadian crooner branched out and did some experimentation on his previous project some in which I was a fan of and some I wasn’t but the music overall was still solid. With “Reasons” and reconnecting with Martin Wave began to see what drew me to Cotis’ and the potential he had again. This again is a great close to the year for another promising artist and with the anniversary of his WAIT! EP coming in February we should be seeing another new project from Cotis soon. Check out Cotis’ brand new single “Reasons” after the break.

You Feel Like – [Hojean]

By Jarred Howard // 2 Dec 2019

Hojean might have his best release to date with the release to date with his new single “You Feel Like.” Hojean is one of the most entertaining people to follow on social media, as he takes a Lil Nas X approach with all the memes and videos. Combine that with his alluring voice and how he’s continuing to progress with his songwriting and we could be getting an early look at a potential breakout artist in 2020. “You Feel Like” is a love ballad that slides into the indie-pop grain of music. The instrumentation of this record is incredible from the laid back guitar to the chilling piano backing Hojean’s vocals toward the backend of the track. This record is definitely a positive high note for Hojean and his team to close out the year one as we gear up for the first quarter of music in 2020. Tune in and stream Hojean’s blissful new single “You Feel Like” below.

TrapHouse Jodeci 2 – [Ye Ali]

By Jarred Howard // 2 Dec 2019

Ye Ali has been one of the best-kept secrets of the underground R&B scene for some time now. All that is seeming like it’s setting up to change with the release of his new project ‘TrapHouse Jodeci 2’. The first time I got a glimpse into Ye Ali’s talent is when I heard his single “Ring 4x” which was back in 2016 if I’m not mistaken. Since then Ye has been waiting in the wings and honing skills and dropping sporadically as we waited for him to drop new music. However, what most people may not know is that he’s scored songwriting and production credits with the likes of Chris Brown, Kehlani, Roddy Rich, Lil Keed and more. If you’re still reading this far then you must’ve gathered and assumed the strongest part about this 15-track album is the songwriting. Ye is very intimate and deep with his pen and it’s littered throughout the entire project. I believe if one of these songs can catch fire the whole project could blow up just by word of mouth and people sharing it across social platforms. Stream Ye Ali’s new album TrapHouse Jodeci 2 for yourself below.

Brand New – [Impact RH]

By Jarred Howard // 20 Nov 2019

Impact RH taps his west coast affiliate Big Homie Stone to create a fast pace video for “Brand New.” This is the second time I’ve covered on Impact RH on the Lyrical Lemonade pages, the first was the audio for this record. I can’t tell if the video is in California or Las Vegas but the video seems like one big scene that’s apart of the Fast n Furious franchise. House of Vision Production did a masterful job as director Abu Hill and co-director Sian Dinero. If you missed the first post then don’t fret it’s never too late to join the wave of good music. Impact and Stone are west coast artists through and through and it’s scattered throughout this song and their respective discographies. Watch Impact RH and Big Homie Stone’s visuals for “Brand New “ below!

Parked Car Convos – [Kaash Paige]

By Jarred Howard // 18 Nov 2019

Kaash Paige is a buzzing R&B songbird out of Dallas, Texas who has been garnering a lot of attention as of late. If you have some spare time you should tune into her major-label debut with Def Jam records entitled Parked Car Convos. Spring 2018 was the first time I had heard of Kaash, and it’s amazing how much work and momentum she’s built around her music from then until now. The 18-year old’s single “Love Songs” has recently caught fire across the world wide web and sits at #4 on the Spotify Global Viral 50 charts. If you’re a new listener to Kaash Paige then you should expect to hear a smooth blend of R&B and pop music that’s reminiscent of artists like SZA and Kehlani. This album is a good 8 song appetizer for bigger things to come in 2020 for Paige. Stream Kaash Pagie’s brand new project ‘Parked Car Convos’ for yourself below.