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Dead Roses – [LAKE!]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 Mar 2021

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and producer LAKE! has caught my attention lately with his ability to create vibe-inducing, heartbreak-centered pop songs with an undeniable edge. His recently released music video for his song, “Dead Roses,” illustrates his style, charisma, and ability to create a definitive visual representation for his acidic pop sound. Combining candid shots of the burgeoning artist alongside the video’s love interest, LAKE! creates a visual that matches the simultaneously laid back and upbeat-emotive energy of his latest release, all while entertaining fans with his performance. Acoustic chords alongside 808s create fertile ground for the multi-hyphenate artist to operate, delivering lyrics on loyalty and love and the sad truth in relationships bitter end. This bitterness is further emphasized by the video’s sunset shots, reinforcing the metaphor of fleeting love. Directed by: Jake The Shooter Watch the “Dead Roses” music video from LAKE! below.

1,000 – [Owen St]

By Chuck Ramos // 25 Feb 2021

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Owen St returns with a new music video for a currently unreleased song titled “1,000.” The burgeoning artist was previously featured on the site for his debut single, “Lilac” released in April of last year, and his latest visual proves he has only been raising the bar since. The new visual, directed by Owen St and frequent collaborator Jah Frida, is performed from a narrative-driven aspect that embodies his new single with precision. Romancing a new love interest, Owen St and company indulge in the bliss-filled euphoria that surrounds newfound love and its overwhelming effect on every aspect of life. His infectious opening line, “you taste like watermelon, you’re so refreshing and sweet,” is artfully brought to life as Owen and crew indulge themselves amongst an array of colorful fruits reemphasizing the song’s connection between love and how sweet it feels. The storied-visual takes you along a fun, personable, and humorous journey as Owen serenades viewers as he relishes in the weightless feeling of love. Watch the new “1,000” music video by Owen St below.


By Chuck Ramos // 25 Feb 2021

JOSHUA+ returns with his new high voltage single, “MAYDAY.” Coming off the heels of his debut single, “PHAROAH,” the still enigmatic rapper doubles down on the kind of explosive energy that he initially debuted. With his new single following in the same high-octane style, it is safe to say that we can label JOSHUA+ as an artist who looks to fan a flame with gasoline both from a production and lyrical performance. With the world still experiencing lockdowns and a predominately indoor lifestyle, JOSHUA+ new single taps into cathartic energy that is immensely satisfying during these socially distanced times. Opened by gun-like synth lasers that zoom past your ears, “MAYDAY” relishes in synth layered production over explosive drums and bass that makes the song in its entirety extremely infectious. The electrified production straddles the line between electro house and drum and bass, creating a fertile foundation for JOSHUA+ to unload the lyrical clip with rhyme schemes centered around spiraling out of control while remaining undeniably braggadocios. In summation, JOSHUA+ is synonymous with throwing caution to the wind and letting the chips fall where they may. Listen to “MAYDAY” by JOSHUA+ below.

Penelope Terrel – [Tommy Richman] x [KADOLEAF]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Feb 2021

Tommy Richman is building musical worlds of synths, hypnotizing melodies, and hard-hitting drums. His new single, and video “Penelope Terrel” featuring KADOLEAF, combines elements of multiple genres that are simultaneously dynamic while remaining concise in its ability to texturize the otherworldly vocal delivery from Tommy and KADOLEAF. The new video for “Penelope Terrel” reflects the motley elements that create the single by echoing its style through visual depictions of Tommy and friends. This home-movie creative combination of lyrics and visuals captures candid close-ups, digitalized 8-bit-like versions of people, and everyday day-in-the-life style of footage. The combination of all these elements not only emphasizes the song’s sporadic but gripping sound but paints a realistic picture of the kind of emotion put into the newly released record. Watch the “Penelope Terrel” video from Tommy Richman and KADOLEAF below.

luv story – [Zekey]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Feb 2021

The newly surfaced talents of Zekey take a creative spin on a Taylor Swift classic, cleverly titled, “luv story.” The 21-year-old’s new single is written from the perspective of Romeo, offering a contrasting perspective to Taylor’s original song, but still centered around love. Brought to life by steady guitar strumming and down-tempo drums, Zekey channels his ability to glide atop production by weaving in and out of singing and rapping. Delivering his verse with unwavering confidence and then quickly pivoting to more euphoric harmonies, the Williamsburg native crosses genre boundaries by reimagining the country hit into an alternative-indie-hip hop hybrid that highlights Zekey’s talents as a singer, rapper, and songwriter. Zekey said the below about his new single, saying, “This song means the world to me, it was the first song I wrote and recorded when I reinvested in myself and new equipment. It was also the first time I really had a song that just sort of came out naturally, and took me where it wanted to go, opposed to me taking the reins. It shows a softer side of myself.” Listen to “luv story” by Zekey below.

You – [DWLLRS]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Feb 2021

Southern California duo DWLLRS return with their new emotional single, “You.” The surf-rock-inspired tandem maintains a steady breezy atmosphere with their new song, expanding the depth of their artistry while remaining true to the bright sound that has become their trademark. Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon tap into a more down-tempo euphoric R&B production that swells and crashes. This combination alongside piercing acoustic guitar plucking aids in drawing the duo’s new song back to the center. Their emotion-stirring production sets a fertile stage for Bren’s heartfelt crooning, which he throttles in delivery, mirroring his internal turmoil, illustrating a deeper and more vulnerable side to the duo as they delve into the chest-tightening subject of lost love. As DWLLRS continues to drop music, they are only further proving their chops and ability to pivot while remaining true to the themes that drew us to their dynamic pop sound in the first place. Listen to “You” by DWLLRS below.

Purple You EP – [Borges]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Feb 2021

Toronto-based singer-rapper and songwriter, Borges may be a new name to most of you, but his music sounds like it was created by a soul that experienced artists like Sly Stone and The Isley Brothers in real-time. The burgeoning artist’s new three-song EP is a bite-size example of the kind of musical world he looks to create – full of funk, spirit, and style. Combining live instrumentation made up of reverb-drenched horns, groove-inducing guitars, and funky bass-lines, Borges plants a shimmering purple-colored flag in the ground that is followed by vivid hooks and a nostalgic delivery that is utterly infectious. Immediately launching listeners into the project with the bright horns and stellar guitar accompaniment of “FALL FOR IT,” Borges sets a stern precedent, establishing right away the kind of music you’re going to be submerged in. Transitioning into the more down-tempo nature of “MINE (IN TIME),” the multifaceted artist finds his rhythm between hip-hop and R&B, combining both elements to make a sway-inducing record about world dominance. The final record, “STRANGE DREAMS,” plays the role of outro perfectly, unleashing psychedelic bursts of instrumentation, spacey vocals, and a peek into the expansive ability that is quietly bubbling beneath the surface of …

everybody knows – [Baby Storme]

By Chuck Ramos // 16 Feb 2021

The New York talents of singer-songwriter Baby Storme have already captivated fans across TikTok but the burgeoning artist is paving a road for herself that proves she’s an artist with the bandwidth to continue to deliver again and again. Her latest single, “everybody knows,” is minimal from a production standpoint but contrastingly fruitful from a lyrics standpoint as she highlights the tough ups-and-downs of a relationship. Her euphoric harmonies and delivery are simultaneously calming and entrancing allowing for her words to carry you into her world as she bares her soul atop of subtle piano keys, gentle guitar chords, and reserved drum patterns. Although the new single departs from the left-of-center groovy style that propelled her to the top of the TikTok charts, Baby Storme appears more ready than ever to prove herself as an artist with versatility and substance. Listen to “everybody knows” by Baby Storme below.