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Selfish – [Akinyemi] x [Shane Garcia]

By Chuck Ramos // 24 Sep 2020

The skillful rap ability of Akinyemi and unbelievably lush vocals of Shane Garcia connect on their new collaborative single, “Selfish.” The inward-focusing record carries with it a duality and an important message that asks for more thoughtful intention towards the idea of taking care of yourself. This redefining anthem paints a vivid picture of the kind of misinterpretation associated with being selfish and how, in certain situations, the idea of being selfish can be healing. Supported by crisp production that lays an open space for both artists to operate, Shane Garcia leads things off with a hypnotizing hook that creates a euphoric stage for Akinyemi’s poignant verses. The back and forth between these two is intoxicating, creating a palpable R&B leaning single. “Selfish” is Akinyemi’s first single release from his upcoming 13-track project, Reborn, which further delves into the explorative style of the New York-based rapper. Listen to “Selfish” by Akinyemi and Shane Garcia below.

Norwich – [Lucca Dohr]

By Chuck Ramos // 22 Sep 2020

The alternative style of Lucca Dohr follows up his breakout single releases with a newly delivered two-pack of songs that further introduce listeners into his brand of indie alternative. His newly released pack, collectively titled, Norwich, is comprised of two tracks, “Alexa” and “Loosh98.” The first of the two, “Alexa,” is comprised of thumping guitar chords and Dohr’s metallic vocals that provide a dream-like environment for the song’s ballad-like chorus. The song ends with several seconds of silence that builds undeniable suspense for the calm follow-up, “Loosh98.” Despite the song’s clear separation as two separate tracks, both songs sound eerily similar, not so much in composition, but more so in their relation to one another. This flow allows the transition and overall execution of the two-pack to progress seamlessly. There is no question that Lucca Dohr is taking an exciting step forward that warrants your attention.   Listen to the new two-pack release from Lucca Dohr below.

luh me weak – [quami.xyz]

By Chuck Ramos // 17 Sep 2020

Today’s rapid pace in music can lead you to believe that artists that are not releasing single after single are doing something wrong. In actuality, the artists that are releasing music tactically with months or even years apart are the artists to pay very close attention too. Some of the best things take time, and some of the best artists are those who adhere to the idea that music requires TLC. This idea describes the story of quami.xyz. Quiet for two years, quami.xyz was clearly tinkering on a follow up as impressive as his impactful debut, et cetera. To no surprise, his return, in the form of his new single, “luh me weak,” successfully hits the mark. His newly released single, “luh me weak,” continues to carry an eclectic sonic footprint that is synonymous with quami.xyz style. Ticking snares, hypnotic loops, and an alien-like vocal performance that stories the complicated ups and downs of a relationship’s understanding is delivered in a refreshing new way. His approach is unique in its ability to mirror the complicated feelings in an equally layered way that cleverly exemplifies the tumultuous journey of a relationship’s complicated ebbs-and-flows. Listen to “luh me weak” by quami.xyz below.

It’s Only Up From Here – [DWLLRS]

By Chuck Ramos // 16 Sep 2020

The duo known as DWLLRS have released their accompanying new music video for their incredibly hopeful and uplifting recently released single, “It’s Only Up From Here.” Staying true to the group’s brand of smile-inducing pop, DWLLRS newly released video captures Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon reveling spurts of joy and unyielding optimism. Where some of the group’s earlier video releases created a more narrative-driven storyline, the new music video for “It’s Only Up From Here” captures the undeniable electricity that resonates from the Santa Clemente artists. Shots of the duo bouncing back and forth amongst each other not only successful personify this group’s kinetic energy but also illustrates the overall narrative of the song; “it’s only up from here.” DWLLRS new video undoubtedly solidifies this group’s clear and present moment with a song that we can all get behind. Watch the video for “It’s Only Up From Here” by DWLLRS below.

Greatest Hits – [Boski]

By Chuck Ramos // 16 Sep 2020

The eclectic style of Boski returns on the release of his new ten-track compilation album, Greatest Hits. The Tennessee based artist creates a carefree brand of music that sonically can flow in between addictive lo-fi drums, alternative striking guitar progressions, and stripped back vocals delivered at a throttled pace. The ultimate result of this medley of sound is Boski; honest and true. His new album, Greatest Hits, plays very much like a greatest hits album would sound; it peaks at moments with reckless rap adjacent lyricism towards past lovers and financial frustrations while simultaneously addressing the more sorrowful subject matter. Songs like “All The Time,” “Your Loss,” and “When It’S Raining,” all relish in a more slowed down approach while expressing utter heartbreak. Although the project finds itself in an indie lo-fi world at times it also successfully creates a breezy brand of hip hop with songs like, “Run A Switch” and “No Drama.” Boski’s ability to weave in and out of genres seamlessly is as impressive as these song’s ability to live and breathe on the same project. In a matter of 25-minutes, over ten tracks, Boski plugs listeners into a varied world of sonic catharsis. The Tennessee native’s new album, Greatest …

The Remedy – [Qdajuice]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Sep 2020

As with any genre, an artist’s ability to stand out is dependent on a culmination of facets, but especially in Hip Hop, where the weight of the genre surpasses simple popularity and acts as a driving force of culture. Qdajuice, the Cleveland, Ohio-based rapper, is proving himself worthy of all the looks he is getting as he continues to elevate his alien-like music sensibilities with a hypnotizing flow. His newly released video for his song, “The Remedy,” brings to life the style of world Qdajuice’s music vividly creates. The recently released video, directed by the Live Rejects, plays through like an ever-shifting collection of memories, straddling the line between a dream and a nightmare as Qdajuice raps with perceived ease, echoing the song’s hypnotizing mantra, “life ain’t fairytales and rainbows, that’s just how the story goes.” Watch the new video for “The Remedy” by Qdajuice below.

you’d walk right over me – [bloody white]

By Chuck Ramos // 9 Sep 2020

Wielding unbridled honesty, raw emotion, and an experimental sonic style, bloody white has made his presence known. The Santa Barbara, California-native has finally released his first, six-track EP, you’d walk right over me. Combining his brand of emo-pop singed with electronic elements, the jack-of-all-trades who produces, writes, sings, mixes, and even masters all his work plants a poignant flag in the ground that screams; I am here.  The 14-minute project embodies unfiltered emotions that draw on bloody white’s high school years and the flurry of emotions felt throughout life’s most formative moments. Feelings of betrayal and heartbreak are translated through songs like the project’s opener, “gravity,” overdosing,” and “funeral.” In contrast, songs like “tongue tied” and “first time” embodies upbeat energy that feels both nostalgic and enduring of not only life’s weight but of growing up and the complex feelings that attach themselves to adolescence. Alongside the release of his newest EP, bloody white also shared a five-minute animated short film that further texturizes the feelings of empty loss and monotonous wandering. Snippets of the project’s records come to life in the pencil-drawn style of the video that follows an animated bloody white throughout a day reminiscing, heated arguments, and reconciliation. Watch …

Memory Foam – [Dad]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Sep 2020

The soulful R&B style of Dad comes to life in his new music video for his sixth single, “Memory Foam.” Comprised of lush plants surrounding a white linen bed, Dad serenades viewers as he while draped in emerald silk pajamas. The Jonathan Lewis directed visual does an impeccable job of translating the intimacy of the song and its overall birds-eye view of Dad in his space. The song itself is, to no surprise, an artful complement to the video’s storytelling element. Lush production matches the video’s equally lush-green set, effectively communicating the intimacy and personal nature of the record. Dad’s delivery is entrancing, and ultimately soothing, creating a familiar nostalgic brand of R&B that is coated in a new-age feel. The release of “Memory Foam” marks Dad’s sixth official single to date and an exemplary showcasing of an artist who is not only immensely talented as a musician but primed to make a lasting mark on the R&B space. To put it simply, now, more than ever, feels like it’s Dad’s time. Watch the new video for “Memory Foam” by Dad below.