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After All – [Berel]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 Oct 2021

Berel is not a name that should be new to any of our readers. The talented R&B savant has been laying down sensually coated tunes for some time now, and his latest single is just another potent testament of his expertise. His new single, “After All,” leans fully into string-assisted lush production, creating a euphoric space for Berel to lay down laid-back rhymes that teeter the line between rapping and singing, toeing-the-line with a trance-like approach. With Fall in full effect, the West Coast artist’s latest release perfectly soundtracks a breezy drive through the city, setting an addictive vibe that will have you coming back for more every time you put the key in the ignition. If there is one thing you can count on from Berel, it is his consistency in setting a mood and delivering every time. With R&B in such a special place right now, don’t forget early pacesetters like Berel as we move into crisp temperatures that require the perfect sonic backdrop. Listen to “After All” by Berel below.

SUE ME – [Chow Lee]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Oct 2021

New York’s own Chow Lee came across my radar recently, and I am elated that he did. The rapper’s introduction to me was through his latest project, SUE ME, a seventeen-track project that flips some of the most recognizable songs from Mariah Carey, Drake, Fountains of Wayne, who were responsible for the massive hit, “Stacy’s Mom” and Pretty Ricky. It’s these very clever flips that completely sucked in, keeping me on my toes while keeping me steady with familiar sonics. The sprawling project, although admittedly dense, has something for everyone and is a truly trailblazing new mutation of the drill sound that is addictively melodic but still packs a punch. Although this may have been my first introduction to Chow Lee’s music his choices in production and pioneer spirit to shake things up have solidified me as a fan. Check out the rising rapper’s latest project below, and make sure to keep your ear in tune for some of the most subtle flips. My personal favorites are “JUE LAN,” “WHY CAN’T I?,” and “POWER CREW.” Listen to SUE ME by Chow Lee below.

Delaney – [Zekey]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Oct 2021

For fans of the surging reemergence of the pop-punk sound will be compelled to add Zekey’s name to their list of new acts aiding in bringing back the sound. The Los Angeles-based artist first gained traction for his reinterpretation of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” rewriting the song from the guy’s perspective and titling it “Luv Story.” The song made a monumental impression for the up-and-comer and appears to only be setting the bar even higher for himself, with his latest single and simultaneously released video for, “Delaney.” Zekey grabs your attention with muddy guitar riffs that instantly trigger the sonic nostalgia of bands from the early 2000s, immediately propelling you into the catchy hook of the single. The Daniel Dimitri-directed visual follows Zekey and Delaney as the soon-to-be-married Delaney puts forth her best Julia Roberts impression from Runaway Bride, leaving the alter and running into Zekey’s arms to begin a new and much more exciting life. The visual is the perfect visual representation of the song’s high-octane production and elated lovestruck lyricism. There’s no denying the heavy-hitter status Zekey’s new single and the video is such a great way to take this absolute banger to the next level. Watch the …


By Chuck Ramos // 4 Oct 2021

There is never a short supply of talent coming out of the Great North, especially when it comes to new artists beginning their journey, and cementing moments along the way. This brings me to the Toronto-based duo OBRIGADO. The two-man alternative Hip-Hop team, comprised of Jesse Lucas and Ryan Borges, completely stole my attention with their debut music and single, “HUSH.” The nearly three-minute outing is packed with cinematic visuals of the pair through a psychedelic-fueled adventure with a backdrop of confidently quick-paced and simultaneously laid-back raps atop loopy drum patterns. Operating as complementary contrasts to one another, the pair pass the baton in their unique way, delivering in their individual brand and style. The combination of the two is charismatic as their on-track performance and visual-debut both exude the same unbridled, sour-face-inducing energy. Watch “HUSH” by OBRIGADO below.

MALDEAMORES – [moanday] feat. [GOMZ]

By Chuck Ramos // 17 Sep 2021

The beauty of the internet is tapping into the creativity of artists anywhere in the world, leading me to the funk-centric single from Madrid-based duo moanday. The pair made up of Rafael Pérez Santonja and Pablo Vergara de Cantos, have released their latest single, “MALDEAMORES,” featuring GOMZ and the collaborative effort is nothing short of a groove-inducing anthem that teeters the line between English and Spanish lyricism atop funk-soaked guitar riffs. With an eclectic background in music, the quickly ascending duo spent their formidable years in the United States, returning to Spain after their College careers, then immediately forming the funk-pop tandem you hear today. Although the duo’s latest single is my personal favorite from the pair thus far, there is no denying the group’s earlier releases, “Blue Ceiling” and “Tell Me,” both monumental flagships in the duo’s budding discography. Listen to “MALDEAMORES” by moanday featuring GOMZ below.

Beauty Rains – [DWLLRS]

By Chuck Ramos // 27 Aug 2021

The name DWLLRS should by no means be unheard of to you by now. The South California duo, comprised of Bren Eissman and Joey Spurgeon, has caught attention through various platforms for their voices alone and has been incredibly consistent in delivering explorative and more-tamed surf rock lullabies. Their latest release, “Beauty Rains,” brings their growing fanbase back to the basics of the group; elegant guitar-driven melodies and sterling vocals delivering words of introspection. For curious new listeners still-discovering or more seasoned fans, “Beauty Rains” is another cornerstone record from a duo whose trajectory is unstoppable at this point and who continue to prove themselves along the way. Listen to “Beauty Rains” by DWLLRS below.

Lost City – [John Dek0]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Aug 2021

UK-based singer-songwriter John Dek0 is artistically moved by reaching for the unique. This allows his creative output to range from personal melancholy and the more fever-dream style he presents on his latest single, “Lost City.” The music of the single is littered with funky basslines, loops that mimic the feeling of a late-night out when you’re caught between crippling sleepiness and spaced-out intoxication. Dek0’s vocal approach mirrors this whirlwind by keeping pace with the driving instrumentation while adding his mixture of raspy calm as he weaves a sway-full story of two lovers taking on a city, wielding their conquering love as their weapon of choice. With his artistry in a consistent state of flux, John Dek0 makes a really compelling case for an artist to revisit again and again. Listen to “Lost City” by John Dek0 below.

clothespins – [quami.xyz]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Aug 2021

There has never been a way to properly label quami.xyz’s music and that facet alongside the dynamic orchestration of his music, and poignant lyricism has always made him an artist to admire. The Toronto, Ontario musician’s latest release, “clothespins,” weaves an impressive story centered around the black experience in America and the sociopolitical battles that come along with it. His delivery is one-part grieving testimonial and another part stream-of-conscious pride, giving listeners a transparent look into his mind and how he sees the world before him. The production mirrors the intimacy of the record balancing between acoustic guitar strumming and analog taped drum loops, creating a fertile space for quami.xyz’s subject matter to breathe, adding weight to the already heavy lyricism. quami.xyz said the below about his latest release, “When I was making this track, I thought about how we can easily convince ourselves that we are helpless in a situation. In this case, as a black man, I often feel weak, or maybe it’s more of a numb feeling as I have become more used to the trauma and the social aggression that is imposed on the way I look—the history behind that dynamic and how it applies today. The …