By Chuck Ramos // 16 Oct 2019

The Lonestar State is making seismic waves once again as San Antonio, Texas native rapper HOODLUM shares his highly anticipated new video for “SOUTHSIDE.” The long-awaited, highly teased visual does nothing if not surpass expectations. Brandishing his laid-back flow and clever wordplay, HOODLUM delivers another compelling performance reaffirming his case as one of the most captivating new acts to emerge from South Texas. Reuniting with frequent collaborator and hometown producer XANAXFANCLUB and director Ace The Shooter, HOODLUM unleashes a wave of quiet confidence – rapping with complete ease throughout his new video. XANAXFANCLUB’s teetering bass-driven production sets up the San Antonio rapper for a lengthy display of his ability as a wordsmith and performer. This air of unshakeable confidence is brought to life in the video through a medley of subliminal images; HOODLUM seen draped in Gucci barber capes rapping from various barber chairs as well as on-top of cars echoing the aggression of the song’s production. The video’s entire theme changes during the later part of the song’s sudden but ultimately effective beat change. Light textures turn to darker tones reflecting the more pointed lyrics and spaced-out bass-rattling production of the song’s closing verse. This is HOODLUM’s second time on …

The Fate – [SRNDR]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Oct 2019

The newly formed, quickly bubbling duo of Chase Aaron and Lovsky, collectively known as SRNDR,  are creating a left-of-center hybrid of R&B that is impossible to ignore. The release of the Los Angeles based duo’s latest record, their second official single to date, displays not only their chemistry but promise as well. Their new single, “The Fate,” continues to build on the musical identity of a group whose talents will undoubtedly take them to new heights. Combining their love for a variety of genres, SRNDR delivers a jazz-inspired, guitar-led record that relishes in ghostly synths and pulsating basslines. Listeners are greeted by the euphoric vocal stylings of Lovksy at the start of the record, who effectively creates an ethereal atmosphere for her singing counterpart Chase Aaron. The pair proceed to echo one another, relishing in their shared ambition and continued agreement to cast aside those that would stand in there way. It is hard not to get swept up in the inspiring nature of this record and its equally impressive vocal stylings and driving production. It is impossible to predict the trajectory of any artist or group’s career but we can say that SRNDR’s future looks incredibly bright as they …

Prettysoon – [Myles Cameron]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Oct 2019

The incredible talents of Myles Cameron have returned with the singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Prettysoon.” Cameron’s latest release, which comes only a few months after the release of his six-track, Lonely Suburban Blackboy – EP, is another undeniable example of his jaw-dropping musicality and ever-growing artistry. Opting for a more instrumental-driven production, Cameron’s latest single is an ode to love’s powerful constitution.  Myles Cameron wastes no time in starting this acoustic-like record. Immediately embracing listeners with his warm vocals, Cameron delves into the heart of the song’s subject matter; love. His delivery is calm but firm, vividly bringing to life the heart-warming nature of this record and its equally touching production. Listeners are not just being told this story but living it through Cameron’s eyes. His optimism and steadfast tranquility are felt as well as heard. The courage in this vulnerability not only strengthens the record’s delivery but cements it as a love song that can be played generations from now. Myles Cameron has undoubtedly succeeded in delivering another towering example of his potency as an artist. Listen to “Prettysoon” by Myles Cameron below and show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Alive – [HeyDeon] x [Coastal]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 Oct 2019

It is always refreshing to see artists collaborate and experiment with artists that live in their area – whether in the same city, county or state. The product of such experimentation can result in something truly great, such is the case with the latest collaborative release of HeyDeon and Coastal. The California native’s newest single, “Alive,” is a dance-teaming production that captures both artists at their best. Capturing an electric, pulsating energy, HeyDeon and Coastal develop the perfect song for fans of music’s powerful abilities. Built atop a searing bed of electronic production, HeyDeon manipulates his voice into an angelic tone, gracefully skipping across the bubbling kick of Coastal’s sound bed. The Long Beach rapper proceeds to bolster the beautiful nature of music’s power to move us both internally and externally. Allowing his effortless charisma to ooze all over the record, HeyDeon’s ecstatic mentality leaves you uplifted and buoyant. This is HeyDeon’s second single release within the past few months – a surprising amount of output for an artist who released a ten-track project in late July of this year. Listen to the new collaboration from HeyDeon and Coastal below.

Be Human – [Garçons]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Oct 2019

The dynamic ability of the Ottawa-based duo Garçons returns with their new seven-track EP, Be Human. Their latest marvel in genre-bending is a towering example of this group’s ability to create freely, disregarding preconceived ideas of what can and cannot be. To no surprise, at least in my opinion, Garçons has successfully delivered another jaw-dropping exhibition of their ever-evolving musical brilliance. Garçons’ overarching theme of “being human” comes alive in the 25-minute genre-bending expedition of their new EP. Applying the core foundation of the group’s credo, band members Deelo and Julian Strangelove concoct a stellar showcasing of not only their unhinged creativity but their ability to package that sprawling spark into something cohesive. Each record comes to life on this project, from the guitar-led opening of “Ladybug,” the funk-soaked nature of “Firestarter” and electronic pulsating of “Froggin” – there is something for everybody. This commitment to versatility and true unfiltered expression is no easy feat, both members must shrug off the implied pressures of creating music in this industry to remain steadfast in their crusade for authenticity. Groups like these are far and few in between, meaning when you hear something this eclectic you pay attention. Garçons’ attempt to not only …

Jolly / No Peace – [Myke Bogan]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Oct 2019

The need to be multidimensional as a rapper today is almost a necessity. Towing a fine line between melodic and lyrically precise, Portland-based rapper Myke Bogan encompasses this ability to a tee. His latest release is a double-feature of his two most recent singles, “Jolly” and “No Peace.” Duality is the nature behind these contrasting yet complementary records exemplifying what makes Myke Bogan’s story so unique. This double feature release opens with the sultry and sentimental sway of “Jolly.” Engulfed in the glimmer of newfound love, Bogan leads this opening visual in by showcasing his softer side. The snap-led production of this record not only sets up a smooth introduction for listeners but also successfully creates an airy atmosphere for Bogan to still deliver from a storyteller perspective. Despite the delicate nature of this visual and its accompanying production and lyricism, Bogan still manages to illustrate his skills as a rapper even when the tempo is on the slower side. As softly as “Jolly” is introduced, the guitar lead strumming of the proceeding visual for “No Peace” is a stark contrast to the bright opener. Where the first visual revels in bright colors and soft textures, the second visual’s embodiment …

in a seashell – [Jermisdope]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Oct 2019

Jermisdope is proving that it doesn’t take a million-dollar budget to create something memorable and impactful. The Detroit based artist recently shared his five-track EP, Jermtown Beach, in early August of this year. To no surprise, the release of the new body of work is accompanied by his new music video for the project’s introductory record, “in a seashell.” The bright orchestration of this record’s production launches us into the home movie-style of this visual. Spellbound by the video’s love interest, Jermisdope becomes caught in an endless reoccurring loop with the woman of his dreams. The stolen glances between the two throughout the video brings to life the subject matter of the song. Comprised of bouncy production and longing lyricism, Jermisdope concocts a ballad of passing love that I think we can all resonate with on some level. This relate-ability not only garners immense replay value of the record but of the equally powerful video as well. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Jermisdope about his latest video where he explained a little more about the direction, meaning and overall goal in its release, he said the below, “This song is about a woman that I was in love …

Forever Blue – [Jacob Sigman] x [Datsunn]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Oct 2019

As the genre of R&B continues to surge with captivating artists creating equally enthralling music the motivation to become more adaptive and creative in the genre is at its height. One of the most exciting acts that I have come across over the past few weeks is Detroit-Windsor native Jacob Sigman. Incorporating nostalgic sensibilities with new-aged mechanics, Sigman creates an intoxicating hybrid of R&B and Pop. His most recent single, “Forever Blue,” is the musician’s latest example of continued development and jaw-dropping talent. Jacob Sigman’s new single opens with a metronome-like ticking before the song’s dreamy guitar progression sets a stirring precedent for the remainder of the record. Upon first inkling, you may believe this song follows in the lineage of popular bedroom pop anthems before it – until the song’s one minute mark. The introduction of the record’s full scale production backs Sigman’s peaking vocal exhibition, creating a ballroom-like orchestration filled with piercing strings that firmly support the sentimental lyricism and thematic elements of the record. Recruiting the talents of fellow Windsor-based producer Datsunn, the pair of Michigan based creatives marry their styles together to create something truly memorable. I had the opportunity to ask Jacob Sigman about his …