Runnin’ – [sectiontoo]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Dec 2019

The creative, confident and incredibly innovative stylings of Queens native sectiontoo is crafting a truly spectacular hybrid of R&B. His sound, which could best be described as a balanced blend of soulful R&B, Contemporary Pop and Hip-Hop, is an inspiring display of his skill and passion for fusing his love for a variety of genres into a sound that is his own. His newly released single, “Runnin’,” is a shining example of his continued evolution and exploration. It is truly my pleasure to be able to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade community to an artist we should be keeping a very close eye on as we move into 2020. Brought to life by a backdrop of break-beat production that carries a certain amount of swagger and soul, “Runnin’” is a single that is both general and personal. This contradictory achievement not only allows listeners to take what they want from the record but also simultaneously identify with sectinotoo’s songwriting and infectious chorus, “I’ve been unsettled and rattled at the thought of it / don’t know when to call it quits…” This balanced ability, which is present on almost every record released by the singer-songwriter and producer, is what makes sectiontoo’s songs …

Kordo – [Kordoroy Floyd]

By Chuck Ramos // 9 Dec 2019

You can never discount the talent that continuously emerges from the Great White North. Making his second appearance on Lyrical Lemonade, the Vancouver based talents of Kordoroy Floyd is back to deliver a project that embodies his dedication to the craft and continued creative implementation. His new six-track EP, Kordo, does nothing if not convince new and established fans of Floyd’s steady rise and unrelenting pursuit. The culmination of the 13-minute EP from the Ghanaian-Canadian is a sprawling display of his ability to combine upbeat melodic sensibilities with in-your-face lyrical aggression. Songs like the project’s opener, “Free” and the iced-out confidence of “Freeze” along with the championship-mentality of “Rings” all play a part in establishing Floyd’s artful balance. Each record holds your attention, whether, through melodic backdrops or Floyd’s lyrical conviction over production supplied by frequent collaborators Zlender, Juzicy Beats and Kultargotbounce. Kordoroy Floyd leaves it all on the record and that within itself might be the most enduring part of his new EP. He said the below about his latest release, “This EP is simply the product of over 20,000 hours of hard work, dedication and liberation. I’ve been trapped in a horrible mental slump but my family, close friends and …

Real Things – [Kaylee Ameri]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Dec 2019

The powerful vocal stylings of New Jersey-based R&B singer-songwriter Kaylee Ameri is gracing the pages of Lyrical Lemonade yet again for her latest music video for “Real Things.” Kaylee welcomes viewers into a moment of vulnerability and empowerment as she realigns her ideals and tolerance level for the preverbal run-around. Kaylee Ameri’s latest offering, which brings to life the second record off of her eight-track project, Corduroy, is a resounding example of her continued growth as a sonic and visual artist. Compiled of subliminal filtered images that represent moments of happiness and frustration during a past relationship, the Common Courtesy Collective produced visual walks viewers through Ameri’s reprioritization of feelings and emotions. This journey of growth and maturity, which is echoed by the video’s side-by-side comparison of Ameri’s past and present, paints a vivid picture of love’s troublesome nature. Despite the somber attitude of the song’s subject matter, reverberating production from Dub Tha Prodigy and Natra Average helps create an empowering backdrop for Ameri to defiantly speak power into her decision.  Watch the new music video for “Real Things” by Kaylee Ameri below and make sure to show her your support by following along on Twitter and Instagram.

Tech Deck – [Hadji Gaviota] x [Monica Riskey]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Dec 2019

The ever-bubbling and continuously growing artistry of Queens native, Hadji Gaviota returns to the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his latest collaborative single, “Tech Deck.” Accompanied by the equally impressive talents of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Monica Riskey, the two New York state natives capture a magically wholesome and beautiful exchange as they serenade listeners with an anthem for a lovers getaway. Backed by indie-pop production and bright songwriting, Hadji and Monica deliver a single that is romantically picturesque. Contrary to the song’s nostalgia-inducing title, “Tech Deck,” the newly released record uses several ship-themed analogies that are not only exceptionally executed but metaphorically reinforcing to the song’s overwhelming theme. Hadji and Monica sing to each other from the perspective of a timid potential couple during that awkward nervous stage in relationships. This unspoken nervous-rattling attraction is where this single finds its stride, as the two vocalists beautifully exchange verses on their hopeful and willingness “to be spoken for.” Listen to the new single, “Tech Deck,” by Hadji Gaviota and Monica Riskey below. 

New Crib Freestyles – [Tony Tone]

By Chuck Ramos // 5 Dec 2019

The lyrical precision of Tony Tone, who we have previously highlighted on the site for his work as a member of the South Texas rap collective PNTHN, just dropped a five-pack of freestyles in celebration of his new crib. Complete with the grimy, soul-sampled excellence that has accompanied his previous solo outings, Tony Tone’s latest endeavor is a freestyle lovers paradise. Production credits on the new EP go to fellow PNTHN member and in-house producer Por Vida, as well as co-production from Dakota Carley and fellow Texas rapper-producer Wiardon on the projects later tracks. Opened by the elegant yet muddied production and execution of the EP’s self-titled introductory record, Tony Tone dives head-first into a stream of conscious-like flow that balances on a fine-line between braggadocios and ethereal. This thematic element of delivery, which is present throughout the project’s entirety like on “Slowburn” and “Buenos Aires”, is cleverly complimented by smoked-out almost nostalgia-inducing production that calls the senses back to hazy car windows that occupy empty city streets. Whether snared by the hypnotic production, Tony’s levitating delivery or his sheer ability to put a plethora of words together seemingly effortlessly everyone can find something to gravitate to on the newly released …

Moon EP – [Brahny]

By Chuck Ramos // 26 Nov 2019

Brahny returns with another heavenly performance on his latest EP, Moon. The multifaceted singer-songwriter and producer has yet to miss, continuing a streak of releases that capture dream-like romanticism at every turn. If you can’t tell, we are incredibly happy he is back with another shining example of his talent. Despite the EP’s brief stay, Brahny creates an all-encompassing feeling of euphoria with his latest release. Stand out songs like, “Nirvana” and “Paradise,” which introduce the EP, compose a moving example of the ecstasy Brahny creates seemingly effortlessly. His stirring combination of angelic vocals atop funk-laced guitar riffs are both groove inducing and to some extent heartbreaking when taking into account the sheer beauty each record exudes. This engulfing level of romanticism, exuded through Brahny’s warm vocals, makes the orchestration of later tracks like, “Form + Function” and “Prosperity + Rain” even grander in perspective. Whether marveled by the textured songwriting or the cushioned atmosphere created by his playing, the Toronto based stylings of Brahny keep you completely entranced. Pay very close attention to Brahny as we move into the new year because he will undoubtedly be turning heads. Listen to Moon EP from Brahny below and make sure to show …

Darkest Day – [Evoni]

By Chuck Ramos // 25 Nov 2019

As R&B continues to thrive new and emerging artists operating in the space continue to come out of the woodwork. Many of these new artists are not only reinforcing the genre’s unwavering dominance but also the security fans should have in the next wave of talent. One of the most exciting acts, originally from Virginia but currently operating out of Atlanta, Evoni just released her debut EP, Darkest Day. The 11-track EP from the singer-songwriter not only paints a vivid picture of redemption and self-reliance but Evoni’s sheer talent.  Brought to life by pulsating R&B production that feels eerily nostalgic, Evoni commands each record of this debut showcasing through intimate songwriting on love, heartbreak and uncertainty. Despite the projects heart-tugging subject matter, up-beat bass-lead production manages to change the feeling of each record from somber to optimistic. This contrast between songwriting and production not only adds a bop mentality to each record but highlights Evoni’s ability to perform. Songs like, “Pepper” and “Bitch I Did” exude unwavering confidence while “Indecisive” and “Pray” find Evoni at her most intimate. There are a lot of textures to this project, each playing an important role in delivering a body of work that is diverse …

Blink – [Jackie Hayes]

By Chuck Ramos // 22 Nov 2019

Jackie Hayes surprises fans with the unexpected drop off of her new single, appropriately titled, “Blink.” This is far from the first time the Chicago area singer-songwriter has graced our pages but there was no way we could pass up the opportunity to highlight Hayes’  refreshing style that calls the senses back to 90s alternative rock. Transparent songwriting and driving live instrumentation will never go out of style and Jackie Hayes knows just that. “Blink” kicks off with little restraint. Striking guitar strumming and driving percussion casts a razor edge to the newly released single. Incorporating her songwriting ability and lively orchestration, Hayes creates a record that is packed-to-the-brim with foot-stomping intensity. This rugged nature, which is ever-present throughout the song’s production, creates a complementary contrast between Hayes’ bright vocals making the song’s overall delivery even more intoxicating. Caught up in the bliss of nostalgia, Hayes reminisces on past relationships that never panned-out and friendships that feel ultimately unfulfilling. Listen to the new single, “Blink,” by Jackie Hayes below and make sure to show Hayes your support by following along on Twitter and Instagram.