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Right Guy – [ALX]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Jun 2021

Alt-Pop artist ALX returns with his new single and video for “Right Guy.” The Florida native made an impressionable introduction for himself with his 2020 EP, The Fantasy, and appears ready for the next chapter in his electrifying career. Although still somewhat new, the rising pop savant continues his brash and unfiltered take on pop music that is personified in his latest visual.  Welcomed by ALX’s metallic vocals over a steady kick drum and breezy guitar riffs, the song taps into a combination of alternative pop weaving in and out of rap-delivered lyrics. Illustrating the internal struggle between being the “nice guy” or the “bad guy,” ALX goes back and forth with good and bad versions of himself while trying to figure out who the “right guy” is. The Neal Farmer-directed video is as fun and exciting as the single in creating a world that exemplifies the who-cares attitude that has become synonymous with ALX’s persona and music. Cutting back and forth between shots of the two versions of ALX, and a garage band, megaphone-led performance, the burgeoning pop star makes one thing clear; ALX is going to do things his way and let his off-the-cuff personality lead the charge.  Watch …

Sugar Rush – [PARTYOFØNE]

By Chuck Ramos // 11 Jun 2021

UK-based burgeoning rockstar PARTYOFØNE grew up with Rush in his ears and an undeniable desire to create. This combination brings us to his debut single, “Sugar Rush,” a heavy pop-rock anthem that is electrifying to its core and an immediately gripping introduction into an artist who appears primed for big things. PARTYOFØNE’s debut captures that lingering tingle, on-set buzz, the euphoric shot of bliss that courses through your veins when doing what you love. The appropriately titled debut, “Sugar Rush,” is an exceptional glimpse at PARTYOFØNE’s vivid lyricism and dynamic voice that illustrates both the excitable feeling of a rush and the inevitable crash. Supported by an array of blink-182 reminiscent drums, layered guitar riffs, and a dash of electronica that helps overture his sterling vocals throughout the chorus, PARTYOFØNE personifies his name to a tee, delivering a sound that can soundtrack any night out. Despite this being PARTYOFØNE’s first single, a song this good only makes me eager for what else is in store. Listen to PARTYOFØNE’s debut single, “Sugar Rush,” below.

it’s Cooler in the Shade – [Joei Razook] & [Kellbender]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Jun 2021

Up and comers Joei Razook and Kellbenders deliver a 14-track project, it’s Cooler in the Shade, that bolsters authenticity and the perfections in in-perfection. Their collective melodic hyper pop-adjacent sound makes them sound like extraterrestrials invading earth through atomized crooning and acidic production.  Stand-out songs like, “Head First,” “Alert!,” and “high w/ me” all capture the vocal and producer duo at their best; Kellbenders electrified form of trap production and Razook’s off-the-cuff delivery and lyricism. The other half of their sonic coin is shown through the slower progression of “Paranoid,” Nowhere,” and “Unsatisfied,” songs that retain their acidic trap soundscape but with an added focus on Joei Razook’s crooning. Together the pair are a formidable example of the dynamics of hip-hop, tapping into the lanes paved by the likes of Uzi and 100 gecs. With experimentation and raw authenticity at the forefront, Joei Razook and Kellbender are hard to ignore and appear ready for the next level.   Listen to Joei Razook and Kellbenders it’s Cooler in the Shade below. 

Season 3: Spring – [thomTide]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Jun 2021

The enigmatic whirlwind of artistry that orbits thomTide is no stranger to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. His return to the blog today is on the merit of his truly cinematic new visual for Season 3: Spring. If you’ve been following the multifaceted artist, then you know his mission; release new music every two weeks, with each release acting as another chapter of a still-unfolding narrative. This abstract look at releases not only challenges the preconceived notion of how artists are supposed to “play the streaming game,” but also sets a new precedent for conceptual artists and their ability to tell a story. thomTide’s Season 3: Spring is the introduction to the next chapter of the story and exemplifies the kind of genre-manipulating style that has hinted at itself through his past releases. His new visual morphs with each flip of the production, beginning euphorically, then shifting into an up-tempo rap-centric style that is interrupted by a growing crescendo that introduces us to the soulful outro of the visual. Visually mimicking the abrupt and psychedelic changes found in the music, the Giles Perkins directed video appears to tell a story of death and rebirth, a fitting motif when considering the chapter-like installation …

Saved My Life – [Evryday Saints]

By Chuck Ramos // 4 Jun 2021

Through hymn-like vocals, vivid lyricism, and a lush soundscape behind them, the Memphis duo Evryday Saints have captured my attention like no other. The pair, made up of producer Teddy LOET and vocalist Sonny Lauron, have a friendship that pre-dates their musical collaboration but like any working relationship amongst friends, the pair’s history shines through their work, specifically their latest single, “Saved My Life.” Evryday Saints deliver soulful R&B that feels holistic. “Saved My Life” is the equivalent of a Lincoln convertible with the top down, speeding through lanes as the orange tint of the streetlights above flash atop the glossy coat. With a confident sensibility, Lauron’s vocal tone cuts through the elegant production laid by LOET as he details love, loss, and infidelity. “Saved My Life” is the second single from the Evryday Saints coming after the release of their debut single, “Gathering.” Listen to “Saved My Life” by Evryday Saints below.

Your Heart – [Chris Chand] feat. [Aria Bléu]

By Chuck Ramos // 28 May 2021

Canada-based multi-instrumentalist Chris Chand returns with his new single, “Your Heart,” featuring Aria Bléu. The singer-songwriter made an impressive introduction for himself with his previous release, “Shine,” and is back with another mood-inducing example of his musicality, and ear for euphorically immersive R&B. Co-produced alongside HMLT, Chris Chand and company create a breezy atmosphere as Chand croons about the troubles of the heart and its seemingly endless rollercoaster of ups-and-downs. The soulful feature from Aria Bléu is as fitting as they come, providing a back-and-forth between Chand and Bléu as she enters the single with a warm contrast to Chand’s brighter vocals adding a sweet layer of lush to the kaleidoscope chasm of production.  Listen to “Your Heart,” by Chris Chand featuring Aria Bléu below.

SOS – [Evenson]

By Chuck Ramos // 25 May 2021

The boundary-pushing elements that orbit Evenson are special. The rising singing-songwriting pop savant has vision, a tireless work ethic, and an obsessive love with music that reverberates throughout every release. To no surprise, his recently released music video for his previously released single, “SOS,” captures his enduring star qualities with precision. The Jacob Rodier and Carly Z-directed video follows Evenson through a resurrection. Pulling a knife from his chest at the start of the video, Evenson sets a metaphorical precedent of loss and rebirth. Reenforced by hypnotic production that illustrates his chaotic lows and bright heavy synths to texturize his highs, Evenson paints a vivid picture of an emotional rollercoaster finding its way through the twists and turns of reality. With the house ablaze at the end of the visual, Evenson’s journey is clear, he has emerged from the blaze free of his past and set on his future. Watch the “SOS” visual from Evenson below.

gloves – [kmoe]

By Chuck Ramos // 21 May 2021

Kmoe delivers in a big way on his new visual for his growing single, “gloves.” The distorted melodies and accelerated lyrics are treated to a video that adds weight to the internet artist’s DIY sensibilities and under-the-radar charm. Riddled with various video effects, the “gloves” visual, which was directed and edited by kmoe himself, embodies the medium that birthed the sound; digital distortion and exploration. It’s impossible to look at an artist like kmoe, and not feel moved by the youthful and pioneer spirit that is both, in his music and through his presentation. It seems the industry itself has opened its arms to embrace the rising teenage hyperpop savant. Earning him support from major playlists, landing on the coveted New Music Friday, as well as receiving co-signs from fellow towering figures in the genre. Watch the video for “gloves” by kmoe below.