Won’t Wait Anymore – [CatchTwentyTwo]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Jul 2020

It is incredibly exciting to find an artist that not only creates compelling music but also can effectively translate their sonic identity into a visual identity. This brings me to CatchTwentyTwo, a Broward County native whose brand of Pop infused R&B captured my attention a few weeks ago. His latest release, a music video for his song “Won’t Wait Anymore,” adds an exciting element to his intoxicating sound. The Anton Anderson directed visual follows CatchTwentyTwo through a series of portrait-like scenes capturing his solitude as he sings of toxic lost love and his assurance towards evolving growth without her. CatchTwentyTwo is unquestionably an artist to keep a very close eye on as he continues to take successful steps towards separating himself through individuality and distinct vocals and vision.  Watch “Won’t Wait Anymore” by CatchTwentyTwo below.

Unrelated – [nodisco.]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Jul 2020

The talents of nodisco. are making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade today for his newest and absolutely infectious single, “Unrelated.” Although his previous releases have found his sound between upbeat Pop and fun-loving electro, nodisco’s newest release is an ode to his love for R&B. While maintaining his Pop-infused elements, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter brings an upbeat element to R&B through catchy lyrics and vibe-inducing production. Artfully characterizing the true definition of a relationship, nodisco. brings to life the unadulterated feelings of a relationship, past the honeymoon stage, and fully engulfed in the true identity of a relationship. “Unrelated” marks nodisco.’s fourth official single available everywhere and is another towering example of his ability in delivering quality songs with high production value and engaging lyrics. Nodisco. said the below about his new single, saying, “When you first fall in love, the euphoric bliss never seems to come down. You always want to be around each other, you drink, you laugh, you may even talk about surface level philosophy, but you know there’s so much more to you that this person doesn’t know yet. ‘Unrelated’ describes the moment in the relationship when the mask and slight facade you put on to this …

Updog – [Yes Please]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Jul 2020

The infectious sound of Yes Please return with their new album, Updog. Formed by Apob and Matt Miggz, the duo are known for their fun-loving sound created by Pop production and memorable hooks. Their latest release furthers the duo’s energetic sound while implementing dashes of heavier production and experimental vocal outings that toe the line between Hip Hop and blissed-out R&B. The 11-track project features the group’s previously released singles, “Bikini Bottom,” “All The Time,” “Half Nelson,” “White Knuckles” and “Susie,” while bolstering five previously unheard tracks that help texturize the kind of dynamic sound that embodies Updog. Opened by the project’s melodic “Life of The Party,” Yes Please sets a firm precedent for the kind of sounds that will proceed the introductory record. Booming production accompanied by Matt Miggz’s sterling vocals assists in setting an upbeat attitude while simultaneously priming listeners for the project’s proceeding, previously released songs, “Bikini Bottom and “All The Time.” Progressing past the aforementioned singles emerges “Cool Off,” a reeled-in sticky slow jam that is characterized by its reverberating bass-lines and haunting vocals. Although the first half of the album’s fourth track feels like a surrogate interlude, “Cool Off” evolves into an entirely different song filled with …

Lost Innocence – [Meech] feat. [Luke Bar$]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 Jul 2020

Those unfamiliar with the Brockton-bred Van Buren Record’s members will surely be nothing if not completely enamored by their exciting approach and candor attitude. The label’s latest release comes in the form of a visual for “Lost Innocence,” a cut from member Meech’s recently released I’ll Be Back Soon, I Promise EP featuring Luke Bar$. Together the two Van Buren record’s rappers put on a charismatic show that follows the pair and company through a monochromatic look at a day in the life of the team. With an in-your-face attitude, Meech and Luke Bar$ rap directly to the camera emphasizing their need to direct the audience’s attention to the lyrics and person rapping. This is messaging is further solidified through the video’s split-screen style that has both rappers weaving in-and-out of each other’s point of view as they occupy the same space. Despite the song and video’s brief stay, Meech and Luke deliver a memorable performance that will have you running the video back several times while also piquing your curiosity into the stacked roster assembled by Van Buren Records.  Watch the new video for “Lost Innocence” by Meech featuring Luke Bar$ below.


By Chuck Ramos // 9 Jul 2020

If there is one thing I will never get tired of, it is seeing the energy created by an emerging rap group. The culmination of multiple personalities, voices, and styles is in no way automatic. Although anyone can start a group it doesn’t necessarily mean that it “fits.” The emergence of VIBE WORLD ORDER is one of those special acts that embody the visual and sonic sound of a group and its importance in highlighting individuality while boasting collective energy. To put it plainly, this group not only “fits” but “fits” incredibly well. Their new music video and single release, “CASH TALK,” is filled with hard-hitting production, charismatic verses, and immense replay value. Embodying the glee and braggadocios attitude of successful heist, VIBE WORLD ORDER creates a video that introduces listeners to the diverse collective of rappers as they count what appears to be an endless amount of hundred dollar bills. Each member showcases their talents while complimenting their fellow member’s verses while maintaining one important facet; lyrical execution. Several members of the newly emerged group spoke on their formation below, saying, “VWO came to be as a passion project between comfortabledude, GINI’ & I around 2015. Then, one summer …

Leaf Man (A Bird in NY) – [MOODindigo]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Jul 2020

Certain artists can capture your attention within the first couple of seconds of hearing their music. It’s an instantaneous reaction that is difficult to describe but impossible to ignore when heard. This special moment was felt instantly upon hearing the jazz-adjacent, ghostly lo-fi atmosphere created by MOODindigo. The Brooklyn-based artist flexes his rapping and production ability on his debut single, “Leaf Man (A Bird in NY),” by creating a space where his cadence and delivery excel. His slippery approach weaves in and out of the song’s flute-lead production that hypnotizes you into hanging on every word and syllable. If the first half of this record did not successfully convince in this artist’s ability the song’s sudden beat change surely will. What began as a lyrical expedition quickly shifts into a vibed-out showcasing of pure bliss. It seems pretty clear that MOODindigo is at the start of an exciting journey that unequivocally warrants our attention. MOODindo said the below about his newest release, saying, “The idea for ‘Leaf Man’ came to me in a space where I wasn’t dealing with some issues very well, and felt like I was constantly falling. I coined him Leaf Man, and the track is basically …

Mabel EP – [Baby Bari]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Jul 2020

The return of Baby Bari was inevitable. My fascination with the Naples, Florida-based artist first began after hearing his four-track EP, Grudge, back in January. One listen and I was completely sold. It wasn’t just Baby Bari’s effectiveness as a producer, writer, or singer but more so the combination of all three with the additive that there was something different and utterly authentic about his presentation. His return is in no way surprising and entirely on-brand with the kind of eclectic precedent he set with his first release. Mabel, his newly released four-track EP, combines the darker textures of Bari’s sound that champion heavy guitar ballads while balancing 90s-esque R&B production. The culmination of these two sounds colliding is utterly daunting. Somehow, someway, Baby Bari has managed to marry two sounds that you would not immediately think of pairing and to no surprise, his boldness entirely pays off. Listeners are immediately gripped by the guitar ballad of “Vampires,” which features frequent collaborator Pink Contrails, who in tandem create a record that feels like a melodic hardcore ballad from the early 2000s. In an instant the energy transitions into the 90s R&B style of the EP’s proceeding record “Lucy.” A brief hiatus in …

SEX – [No Suits]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 Jul 2020

With a clear and present pioneer mindset, No Suits lives and breathes the idea that many flavors always make the best product. The four-person band, made up of former classmates, is getting their Lyrical Lemonade debut today for their newly released seven-track album, SEX. Combining a medley of styles, flows, subject matter, and even languages, No Suits proves their ability in making a project that is undeniably concise while simultaneously sporadic in the best way possible. Opened by the groovy funk ballad, “Sue,” No Suits, sets a prime example of the kind of funky-rock-fueled bravado that lives and breathes throughout their new album. Seamlessly transitioning into the blissed-out and love-struck mentality of “Bad Bitch” the four-piece band finds a center between shimmering alternative and swag-laced R&B. Almost through a natural progression, the project continues with “Sugar,” a rap centric exhibition that combines the group’s predilection for funky bass-lines with Abhi the Nomad’s lyrical chops. After the album’s brief interlude, “Sexually Active,” comes the project’s second collaborative record, “Boat to Bermuda” featuring Kota the Friend. The new jack swing style of production on the album’s fifth record exudes breezy vibes and summer’s warm embrace. Primed with high energy, the album’s proceeding record, …