Beaded – [Lecx Stacy]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Aug 2019

I hope to usher your Friday in with some new music from, what I believe is, a very exciting new artist. His name is Lecx Stacy and his newest single, “Beaded,” is comprised of all the things that make summer nights special. The gifted producer, singer and songwriter conjures up the perfect backtrack to a summer night drive through the city – all you have to do is press play. Beginning softly, Lecx opens his single debut with subtle guitar progression alongside a crisp break-beat that sets the stage for his blissed-out vocals. Finding a balance between rapping and singing, Lecx chronicles the endless ways in which he finds happiness with his newfound love; “bracelet around my wrist with your name / angel around my neck and glitter on my face / I glow when you’re around.” Beautifully orchestrated production captures the multi-layered feelings of Lecx’s new love that is brought to life by the use of various genres and styles. Despite this being Lecx Stacy’s first official single release on digital streaming platforms the emerging musician makes a strong case for our attention as he moves forward. Listen to Lecx Stacy’s new single on Spotify below and be sure …

tHAt SiNkiNg feeliNg… – [Hadji Gaviota] feat. [Ivy Sole]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Aug 2019

My advice? Find some friends and peers with trustworthy ears to help fill in the gaps. My introduction into the artistry of Hadji Gaviota is a result of some pretty talented peers. With an arsenal of guitar-swooning production and dreamy vocals, Hadji caught my attention instantly with his new single, “tHAt SiNkiNg feeliNg…” The newly released record begins with vinyl-like rumblings until ultimately springing forward into the midst of the lighthearted production and vocals. Hadji uses the delicate sensibilities of the record’s orchestration to reminisce on past feelings and the fleeting ideals of memories ultimately reminding us to “stop and smell the roses.” A brief moment of instrumentation opens the floor up for a storied verse from Ivy Sole. The gifted lyricist delves into her struggles, delving further into the melancholy nature of the single. The record comes to a cinematic close with a glittery guitar solo that pierces through your speakers alongside Hadji’s lofty vocal stylings, a truly bittersweet end. This is Hadji Gaviota’s first release since sharing his electronically-infused single, “dRip OR dROwn” in early July. There is no denying Hadji’s continuously growing level of talent and explorative sensibilities. I for one am truly excited to see how …

Pass Go – [Reaux Marquez]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Aug 2019

Today’s deep-dive through Soundcloud resulted in my introduction to the incredible talent of Reaux Marquez. The Nashville, Tennessee native immediately caught my attention when I heard his latest single, “Pass Go.” Comprised of powerful production and gritty bars, Reaux Marquez makes a compelling case for one of my favorite new artist today. The lively record begins fast and loud with drum-heavy production that lays the foundation for Reaux Marquez’s megaphone-style vocals. Inline with the record’s fast-paced tempo, the Southern rapper wastes no time by jumping headfirst into the record with daring confidence and unapologetic subject matter that urges you to “pick a side / it might be your last.” The compelling, almost revolutionary energy behind this record is heightened by Reaux’s aggressive delivery of bars, seamlessly matching the chaotic yet focused energy set by the production. You can hear the thought put into this record and the subtle nuances that make it great both as a standalone single and as an introductory track into Reaux Marquez’s discography as an artist. Do not be surprised when you start to see the name Reaux Marquez more and more because this guy has something truly special. This is his third official solo single …

Froggin – [Garçons]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 Aug 2019

It is my great pleasure to introduce to the Lyrical Lemonade community an incredible duo from Ontario, Ottawa that dub themselves Garçons. The brilliant combination of Deelo Avery and Julian Strangelove result in a lively orchestration of groove-inducing records. Their latest visual offering, “Froggin,” captures the pair at their most charismatic. This beat-driven psychedelic rollercoaster of hysteria begins with the song’s fast-paced production leading in the visual’s aforementioned stars, Deelo Avery and Julian Strangelove. The dynamic duo put forth their best impressions of Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo from the highly popular cult classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The next four minutes of the Strangelove directed visual is as wily as the film’s antics; paranoia induced fleeing, erratic moments of delirium and spontaneous moments of dancing. Possessed by the disco-like production of “Froggin” our main character, Deelo, is inconsolable when it comes to the infectious bass-lines of their spritely new jam. Julian Strangelove commented on the vision behind their latest video, saying, “The energy of the song reminded me so much of those insane drug stories in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so the idea for the video was obvious right away, especially being a massive Hunter …

Skyfall – [Pell] feat. [Ambré] and [Malik Ninety Fifty]

By Chuck Ramos // 31 Jul 2019

New Orleans’ native lyricist, Pell returns with a new visual for his recently released album cut “Skyfall.” The newest visual is chock-full of all the things that make Pell’s musical output a quality affair; quick wit, lyrical precision and an authentic sensibility that can be felt through the record and visual. The Dominic Scott directed video begins with Pell and company in celebration. Draped in a home movie-style of aesthetic, Pell delivers his verse with relative ease; detailing his unavoidable stint away from home, purpose-driven grind and optimistic view. With gleaming charisma he raps, “I’m just stayin’ in my lane / Don’t you curse me Ricky Bobby / Fuck a 9 to 5 / I’m on that 9 to 9 / You tryna make a livin’ / I’m tryna stay alive.” The fun-loving spirit of the record and video is passed to Malik Ninety Five like a baton. Coming on the heels of Pell’s verse, Malik delivers a set of bars laced with dream-chasing ambition. Pell’s latest video allows for every viewer or listener to find something they can hold on too, “even if the sky comes falling down.” “Skyfall” is Pell’s third visual accompaniment from his album, Gravity, released in …

Elysium – [Wavid]

By Chuck Ramos // 25 Jul 2019

I recently stumbled across the lyrically dense and heart-stirringly honest track, “Elysium” by Wavid. Unfortunately I am not to knowledgeable on Wavid, leaving my thoughts to be simply about the record at hand. Comprised of a boom-bap beat, Wavid utilizes the track as a testimonial. Seamlessly maneuvering through the record with ease, Wavid showcases a firm handling of his own technical ability. This of course is stark comparison to his previously released records that fall within the “trap” category. Not to delve to much into the other records without giving his latest its just due, a quick run through of his previous offering compared to this one depicts a range that is always extremely comforting to find. Not only does he deliver the bang he delivers the truth the finite qualities in rap that can help develop a personal relationship between the fan and the artists. If you’re feeling “Elysium” by Wavid do him the solid of following him on Twitter and Instagram and streaming his latest song below.

Big Things! – [Alexander Mack]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Jul 2019

Alexander Mack returns with the latest visual for his album cut “Big Things!” Channeling his trademark debonair attitude and charisma, Mack delivers a striking visual that captures his unequivocal happiness with the trajectory of his career. There’s no denying this emerging artist’s growth and grind making his most recent video something to smile at. The Ryan Harris directed visual captures Mack at the start of his day, energetically hopping out of bed for an impromptu performance for the camera. Surrounded by the luxurious aesthetic of his hotel room, Mack breathes the song’s lyrics of affirmation to life. Mack doesn’t stray from who he is, still relying on his winning game-plan that includes technically sound raps, alluring jazz-infused production and a high-class aesthetic that can be heard as well as seen. Clearly a fan of the finer things in life, Mack indulges in tailored suits, the attention of a beautiful woman, duck-filled bubble baths and the unrelenting support of his equally well-dressed friends. This is Alexander Mack’s latest visual from his previously released album, ’91 Two Forty. The ten-track, 36-minute debut is a titillating combination of jazz-infused Hip Hop that would make any fan of lyrical proficiency smile. Check out Alexander …

Messed Up – [KIITA]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Jul 2019

Visuals are a necessity when bringing a record to life and KIITA’s latest visual offering for her recently released single, “Messed Up” checks off all of the right boxes. The Columbus-native uses the highly popularized and parody-manipulated “Vogue 72 Questions” to reaffirm her grungy-punk mentality. KIITA is not your run-of-the-mill pop star and is perfectly fine with that. Following in the footsteps of the extremely popular “Ariana Grande 72 Questions” parody, KIITA recreates a similarly comical narrative by inviting a team of overzealous cameramen to her illustrious mansion. The superficial interview quickly shifts when the song’s heavy bass-line and guitar-driven production begins to play. Embodying the darker tones of the record, KIITA goes from bright and bubbly to dark and revengeful, echoing the pissed off sentiments of the record. KIITA continues the parody by shedding her pink personality and wardrobe, opting for a chicken suit and a baseball bat that she then uses to shatter and destroy everything in her path. The angsty nature of “Messed Up” is cleverly brought to life in the parody-styled video that is able to convey two messages; KIITA is not your typical pop star and whoever broke her heart and fumbled her trust should …