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Think Good Thoughts – [Isaac Zale] x [Chuuwee]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 May 2021

Isaac Zale and Chuuwee have teamed up for a collaborative project filled with amplifying beats and energizing bars. The nine-track collaboration, Think Good Thoughts, highlights both artists in the best way, exemplifying Isaac Zale’s uncanny ability at constructing hooks, as well as verses, and leaving open room for Chuuwee to do his thing on the rhyming side of things; lyrical precision at its finest. Together the pair compose a project filled with intangibles and special moments; from the previously released but still hard-hitting opener “Ziploc” to more b-side cuts like “Plastic Nation” and “Earth Sign” the project relishes in its surging highs and proves intimacy on its slower jams. As far as tandems are concerned, the joined forces of Isaac Zale and Chuuwee is something to take stock in; as a pair that not only makes great music together but appear to have a natural camaraderie that is clear when listening to them throughout the project. With as many heavy-weight releases as we’ve experienced this Friday, make sure to add growing juggernauts like Isaac Zale and Chuuwee into your weekend rotation as well.  Listen to Think Good Thoughts by Isaac Zale and Chuuwee below.

NORF FACE – [Seafood Sam] feat. [Huey Briss]

By Chuck Ramos // 10 May 2021

Two of my favorite up-and-coming rappers, Seafood Sam and Huey Briss, have collided once again for a new visual for Seafood Sam’s song, “NORF FACE.” The Long Beach-based rap artists first caught my attention for their prolific lyricism and sheer presence on every record they release. Although the new joint visual is not their first time connecting, it is another prime example of two artists who know they have “it.” The Gerald-shot visual follows Sam and Briss through what feels like a hybrid combination of b-roll and behind-the-scenes footage of both rappers on the set of a music video in a spacious, white-colored warehouse. The attitude is laidback, much like the style of the MelloMatt featured production that leans on melodic piano keys, creating that signature West Coast sound. Both rappers deliver their verses to the camera with ease, navigating the warehouse with comfortability and confidence. Watch the “NORF FACE” visual by Seafood Sam featuring Huey Briss below.

Entice – [Saba Abraha]

By Chuck Ramos // 5 May 2021

The collaborative bliss that ensues when singer-songwriter Saba Abraha and producer De’Jour Thomas connect is always something special. To no surprise, their latest work, in the form of Saba Abraha’s new single, “Entice,” is as exceptional as her previous work and a big step forward for the talented musician. Absent for a year, Saba appears to have been growing, as a person and an artist, refining her sound and spirit to deliver a palpable example of her intimate songwriting. Her new single, “Entice,” is a mid-tempo production that exudes growth. Saba’s lush vocals glide over the De’Jour Thomas production with ease as she chronicles her newly found spirit, describing how she is no longer the woman she once was. This step into something bigger and brighter is an enduring message that completely engulfs you when listening, fueling your own need to shed the un-serving wears of life. “Entice” is Saba Abraha’s first single in some time, and her return leaves me, and I’m sure many of you, hopeful for an influx of new music from the compelling R&B storyteller. Saba Abraha had the below to say about her new single, saying, “Entice is a sayonara to all of the people and habits …

Loes n Hies – [Amon]

By Chuck Ramos // 3 May 2021

San Diego native rapper Amon is on pace to release a new single every other week for the next few months and, in doing so, is proving himself to be one of the most exciting new rappers ascending. The personal declaration has resulted in an impressive showcasing of lyricism and storytelling that is expanding the burgeoning rapper’s name with each release. His latest single, “Loes n Hies,” places a magnifying glass on his technical skill in what feels like a storied delivery of what has been on his mind as of late. The newly released introspective record feels testimonial, with simple looped production creating an intimate space for Amon to air his grievances, both personal, and professional as he continues to make strides in the industry. Although the rapper has captivated listeners with more uptempo songs in the past, Amon is proving himself to be a rapper who can make an uptempo braggadocios record as well as something more personal that will have you hanging on every word. Listen to “Loes n Hies” by Amon below.

i know the sound – [quami.xyz]

By Chuck Ramos // 30 Apr 2021

Multi-hyphenate artist quami.xyz has always been an artist to look to for forward-thinking creative pushing sonics and visuals. To no surprise, his latest release, a music video for his previously released single, “i know the sound,” embodies his intention and storytelling ability. The moving visual brings the soft-tempo record to life by documenting quami.xyz as he is consumed by lingering racial inequality and its traumatic still-lasting effect on black men and women today. The poignant visual translates this message through a series of symbolic images mixed in with clips from “Birth Of A Nation,” translating the embedded nature of racism and its infection throughout society. The cinematic new visual is a piece of art that obligates you to watch over and over, with each viewing clarifying the layered metaphors and the weight it places on the psyche of the black community. Watch the “i know the sound” video by quami.xyz below.

Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma – [Topaz Jones]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Apr 2021

Topaz Jones is back and evolved. The 27-year-old artist had not released an album since the spark-inducing release of Arcade back in 2016, although he did satiate fans with the sporadic single and sparsely shared two-pack. The result of those years of refinement leads us to now, and the release of his 13-track visual album, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Mama. Released both as an album and as a 35-minute short film, which won a Sundance award, Topaz Jones tells a compelling and narrative-driven story that explores the complex questions that swirled around his upbringing and adult life as an artist.  Built around a commitment to introspection, Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Mama remains steadfast in its mission to dissect intimate questions about love, destiny, racism, artistic expression, and finally, an unwavering optimism. Texturized by a lush soundscape comprised of layered elements of funk, jazz, r&b, hip hop, and left-of-center alternative, Topaz Jones excels in his ability to mold all facets of these genres to create a melting pot where they not only co-exist but thrive. These aforementioned styles create fertile ground for Topaz Jones to weave in-and-out of soulful crooning to poignant raps that vividly depict adult-realizations on childhood memories. The 70s inspired sounds …

gloves – [kmoe]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Apr 2021

Canadian hyperpop protégé kmoe returns to our pages today for his latest dynamic release, “gloves.” The teenage savant has taken the hyperpop world by storm in creating potent hyperpop bliss and appears to be stepping his sound up by adding grittier elements of electronica that contrast his pitched-up vocals in the absolute best way. kmoe has proven himself to be a rogue agent in the new bubbling world of electronica and his latest release emphasizes that stance with an unwavering conviction. His talent in creating such dense production only pales in comparison when considering his vocal implementation into these records. His new single comes off the heels of his thrilling collaboration with ericdoa and is yet, another tangible example of kmoe’s star-aligned trajectory. Listen to “gloves” by kmoe below.

Brolic – [Abstract Media]

By Chuck Ramos // 27 Apr 2021

It is my pleasure to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readership to Abstract Media. The Atlanta-based rap group recently came across my radar through their single, “Brolic,” and I was immediately sold on the unshakeable energy this group delivers. Composed of hard-hitting drums, melodic flows, and an undeniable x-factor that is shared among the members, Abstract Media creates a bop-inducing brand of Hip-Hop that not only caters to fans of rappers with lyrical prowess but also those looking to set a tone. “Brolic” embodies this duality with ease, creating a song that not only stirs you up but is packed with verses that impress. Although they’ve been releasing music since 2015, it appears Abstract Media has fine-tuned their vision and is ready for the world to catch up – get familiar now, not later. Listen to “Brolic” by Abstract Media below.