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By Chuck Ramos // 23 Sep 2022

The name Dave Coresh may be a new one to some of you rap fans but some might remember Dave’s name as it floated through the hip hop ether a few years back. Through tireless dedication and an obvious evolution in his artistry, Dave Coresh returns with his first body of work in a few years, SMOKENMIRRORS. The newly shared six-song EP is an electrically charged, lyrical clinic surrounded by rabid beats and an unmistakable metal mentality.  Dave Coresh spares no feelings on the EP’s opener, “Nobody Cares,” dealing rhymes out with total offense and a smug tone while electric guitar chords crash and collide like bolts of lightning around him. The project carries along with reckless intent with the equally combative follow-up “TALK2ME,” featuring Mother Wata. The EP’s second track mimics the energy of the project’s opener and builds on it by throwing all caution to the wind. The production is wild and unpredictable and the lyricism, naturally, follows suit as both Coresh and Mother Wata yell, “shut the fuck up when you talk to me!” With no hesitation, SMOKENMIRRORS dives head first into the project’s next song, “pymfb.” The EPs third track continues its noise dive mentality into mania as Coresh …

Evergreen, Maroon Too – [Kakuyon]

By Chuck Ramos // 5 Aug 2022

San Diego-based artist Kakuyon returns to the spotlight with the release of his latest single and video for “Evergreen, Maroon Too.” After taking a slight hiatus to focus on other projects, the burgeoning rapper, singer, and producer returns with a cinematic new visual directed by Juan Madrid that adds background to the question, “where has Kakuyon been?” Opened by incredible panoramic shots that capture Kakuyon in several different landscapes, the multi-hyphenate artist sings directly to the camera with true soul, feeling, and a melodic coating that propels the single into the realm of alternative R&B. Accompanied by a backdrop of delicate synths, and a steady bassline, Kakuyon bears his soul in capturing the difficulty in reading a person’s true intentions that are simultaneously represented in the genre-less home where the song resides. “Evergreen, Maroon Too” marks Kakuyon’s first release since his 2018 single, “Rich” and by all signs is proving he is back and has something up his sleeve. Watch the music video for “Evergreen, Maroon Too” by Kakuyon below.


By Chuck Ramos // 11 Jul 2022

Toronto-based alternative hip-hop duo OBRIGADO is back with a new music video for their new song, “VV.” The hard-hitting duo’s latest release is a bass-rattling, tongue-in-cheek example of the pair’s duality both as a production pair and as lyricists. The darker tone of the single is also translated in their cinematic new video that follows the guys as mechanics who stumble upon an intriguing discovery. What proceeds is nothing but sheer raps as the pair go from being bathed in neon light, covered in smoke, and eventually standing alongside wielding sparks as they rattle lines like, “poster child that’s the motto, poster child like a model.” The pair go back and forth delivering boastful verse after verse allowing only an instrumental breakdown to space out the pair’s barrage of raps. The northern burgeoning duo look as ready as ever and their clear dedication to remaining cohesive from a visual standpoint is an exciting trademark this group has firmly set for themselves. Watch the music video for “VV” by OBRIGADO below.

Moon Dragon – [Lush Fleece]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Jul 2022

Making their Lyrical Lemonade debut today is a group whose music has been in my rotation heavy as of late, and I cannot believe I didn’t find them sooner. It is my pleasure to introduce the groovy, pop-neo soul style of Vancouver-based duo Lush Fleece. My first introduction to their music was their single “don’t take back your love,” a lavishly orchestrated production with an emotional weight that is undeniable. The artist-producer duo’s latest release, however, a ten-song mixtape titled Moon Dragon, is an immersive experience filled with moments of minimalistic and grandly intricate layers of production, an array of manipulated vocal deliveries, and lyrics that boast, beg, apologize and profess. The project unfolds with the quick breath of its opener, “Cyclone,” then the love-intoxicated sway of “Saturn,” eventually landing on what feels like the project’s fixture, “don’t take back your love 2.” The continuation of the previously released single is just as moving as its predecessor while simultaneously setting up the remainder of the project with its more pace-driven “Halle Barry.” Lush Fleece inches closer to the project’s conclusion in their  friend-zone questioning, “Friends” a bop-inducing groove that bears the question, “do you wanna be my boo? tell me what you …

The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall – [Pat Ron]

By Chuck Ramos // 8 Jun 2022

A collaboration between a producer and rapper isn’t a guarantee in quality but the pairing of Pat Ron and producer Por Vida is the closest thing to a guarantee you can get. Pat Ron’s latest project, The Highest Flyest Fly on the Wall, entirely produced by por vida, is a cinematically constructed, lyrically sharp, hazy collection of songs that is certifiably un-skippable. From the moment you press play on the eight-track project, you are immediately engulfed in a truly vivid soundscape with Pat Ron at the center of it all delivering laid-back rhymes with an undeniable punch. The project in its entirety progresses beautifully, its pacing is more focused on Pat Ron and the production, forcing the listener to match their pace, and step into their world rather than the other way around. Sonically, the 19-minute project re-instills that feeling of the blog era when mixtapes like Taylor Allderance, the Finally Famous series, and K.I.D.S. were all freshly released and blared from every speaker. Songs like, “Mirror Mirror,” “SwatMeOutTheSky,” and “Mr. BigShit” all exude this mixtape feeling as Pat Ron is surgically precise with his timing, cadence, and overall rhyme schemes that will have you completely entranced from the start of every song.  …

1763 – [Meaghan Maples]

By Chuck Ramos // 30 May 2022

There is an incredibly intimate feeling when listening to Meaghan Maples. The R&B singer-songwriter just released her seven-track album, 1763, and to put it simply, it’s incredible. From start to finish the album exudes raw emotion, intimacy, unbridled honesty, and Meaghan Maples’ warmly delicate voice that acts as the centerpiece of the 20-minute album. Personally described as an “artistic rebirth” by Meaghan Maples, the prolific singer-songwriter is backed by mostly groovy neo-soul production such as the project’s opener, “1763,” “Say So,” and “Mona Lisa.” Each song is able to be rhythmically stimulating while remaining undeniably poised. The album’s deeper cuts feature a more illustrious bed of production, accentuating Meaghan Maples’ awe-inspiring vocal chops and heartwarming words of unwavering love and commitment such as on “Someone” and “On Your Side.” Meaghan Maples’ 1763 is a collection of shimmering records composed by a truly remarkable singer and songwriter who is simply in a league of her own. Expect this showcasing to invoke outbursts of applause and several gasps of astonishment. Listen to 1763 from Meaghan Maples below.

evolve – [quami.xyz]

By Chuck Ramos // 12 May 2022

The storied talent of quami.xyz returns with the release of his latest single, “evolve.” The introspective release finds the Oakville, Ontario native delving deep into the tumultuous journey of self-growth. Much like his previous releases, quami.xyz is powerfully descriptive in detailing his evolution, fearing the unknown while simultaneously embracing the hopeful spirit of change. Backed by equally introspective production that swells and crashes on quami.xyz’s every word, like a conductor of an orchestra. The cinematic composition is his third single, coming off the heels of his second-single “selfless,” to come from quami.xyz’s soon-to-be-released to be born EP. With the conclusion of quami’s 2021 sophomore project, no one asked ending with the impending release of his soon-to-be-released EP, quami.xyz has masterfully weaved a two-part narrative that details life’s toughest moments, that ultimately result in something powerfully hopeful. As you dive into quami.xyz’s new single make sure to circle back to the release of his previously released EP to prepare yourself for the complete story to be told. Listen to “evolve” by quami.xyz below.

16 – [Selina]

By Chuck Ramos // 2 May 2022

Portland-native R&B singer-songwriter Selina is back with another single that continues to grow my fascination with her gentle voice, introspective lyricism, and overall presence that feels communal. Her latest release, “16,” takes an equally emotional route compared to her previously released single, ”FORGET ME.” Her previous single carries a more upbeat production while simultaneously delivering emotionally charged lyricism, whereas Selina’s latest release is a more somber gradual descent into her memory. Reminiscing on her life at 16, Selina combs through the downs, ups, and unsettling feelings that have persisted. Backed by light guitar strumming, “16” feels like a true reflection of her inner consciousness, a melding of thoughts, feelings, and emotions mixed and individually highlighted by our memory’s flash-like spotlight. Selina’s proven duality, as shown through her most recent impassioned release and passed acclaimed album debut, Solace, illustrates an artist willing to bare her soul, growing our connection to her as fans.  Listen to “16” by Selina below.