Addicted – [Jon Vinyl]

By Chuck Ramos // 20 May 2019

Jon Vinyl is here today with a brand new visual for his recently released single, “Addicted.” The Toronto native is back with a sultry and sexy imagining of his single that finds Vinyl utterly entranced, displaying a powerful representation of intimate bliss and the cloudy nature of the emotion. The video opens on Jon ordering a drink at an empty bar suddenly stunned by the sight of an unknown woman in a black dress who enters. Strutting to the stage with a sensual energy, the woman in black proceeds to dance and entrance lighting up Jon’s eyes with her reflection. The sensual production and lyricism of the video comes to life finding an artful balance between a dream-state and reality, blurring the lines on what is real and what is in Jon’s head. From here, the video concludes with an intimate moment between the pair — a private dance and a moment of delusion that leaves the viewer guessing at the true nature of the events that took place. This is Jon Vinyl’s second music video following in the footsteps of his previous released visual for “Star-Crossed.” Despite this being Vinyl’s only second video offering and eight single the gifted …

Sweet Blue – [Cleo Sol]

By Chuck Ramos // 20 May 2019

U.K. vocalist, Cleo Sol has returned from her brief moment of hiatus with a new visual for her unreleased single, “Sweet Blue.” The cinematic new visual resonates an unparalleled atmosphere that is created by Sol’s dreamy vocal ability and her infectious attitude. The new visual focuses on Cleo as the centerpiece, serenading the camera while moving and grooving to the rhythm of the kick-drum and snare percussion. The nostalgic energy of the R&B production gives way for Cleo to either serenade or throttle her cadence to the point of rapping about her unrequited love. Sol’s ability as a vocalist is on full display, captivating with lofty vocals while rapping about her grittier convictions on the subject of love. The video resonates an infectious energy that is exuded through Sol’s honest songwriting and fun-loving performance. This is Cleo Sol’s first offering since releasing her single, “One,” at the start of February of this year. We cannot wait to see what the gifted West-London singer-songwriter has in store for us next. Check out Cleo Sol’s new video for “Sweet Blue” below and make sure to show the rising vocalist your support by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

BBS – [Phoelix]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 May 2019

Phoelix is no stranger to our page. The multi-faceted artist has played a helping hand in some of our most revered projects; from Noname’s Telefone to Saba’s Bucket List Project. Today the Chicago-based musician returns with an animated music video for his latest single, “BBS.” The video, which was written and directed by the multi-instrumentalist, comes to life through the growing crescendo of the production. Phoelix wastes no time, plunging into the chorus of the song that reiterates its title, “BBS” a call-back to the black rims on his yellow Maserati. The animated version of Phoelix proceeds to pick up his two friends on the way to “club 92” where the trio meet a bevy of women whom they begin to exchange looks with. Locked in on one woman, in particular, Phoelix has a premonition, looking into the future of what a night with the women would entail. Needless to say, things do not go as harmoniously as he imagines. The flex-filled two-minute track is a compact punch detailing Phoelix’s steadfast attitude towards the women he meets, championing himself above all else. This is Phoelix’s second single of the new year following in the footsteps of his previously released single, …

IOU – [Justin Clancy]

By Chuck Ramos // 2 May 2019

Boston-native Justin Clancy is making his debut on our pages with his latest single and accompanying visual for “IOU.” Putting monetary gain on the back burner, Clancy focuses on what’s important, hard work and dedication and his optimistic attitude is only one special part exuded in the new visual. The record begins bubbling, capturing a sleepy Clancy being abruptly awoken by his screaming mother. The screams are deafened by the growing crescendo of the song’s electro-pop centered production that explodes as Clancy launches himself out of bed. What ensues is a medley of falling money and grooving, as the singer-songwriter relishes in his ability to make the best out of not so sweet situations. The glass-half-full charisma of Clancy is on full display in the video that beautifully compliments the energetic nature of the song’s chorus. This is Justin Clancy’s first release of the new year as well as his first offering since sharing his nine-track project, The Color Blue, last June. Check out the new visual from Clancy below If you’re feeling the new single from Clancy make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

7:30 – [Niko Blue]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 May 2019

Niko Blue returns to our pages today with the release of his latest single, “7:30.” The new single finds Blue addressing personal issues learning to grow and prosper. The singer-songwriter and producer is back in his bag with another single that has bobbing our heads. An electrified guitar and break-beat sets the track into motion, laying a sturdy foundation for Niko Blue to flex his storytelling ability. The Atlanta-native then begins to rap through a stream of consciousness, detailing the mistakes and faults he has made in his relationship owning up to it entirely. The avid transparency from the multifaceted artist continues to peak our fascination with his evolving sound. Blue contrasts the easy-going production with the testimonial style of rapping, describing the song’s overall theme by saying, “7:30 is about growth through relationships. Realizing faults, owning your shit and learning from it. I had Dom Kennedy in mind when I made the beat, kinda took a Dom approach to it as well. Super lax vibe that you can just ride to, you know, windows down type music.” This is Niko Blue’s fourth single of the new year and clearly has his finger on the pulse, gearing us up for warmer …

Still Can – [C.S. Armstrong]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Apr 2019

Today on Lyrical Lemonade we look to highlight a sleeping R&B/Soul giant, C.S. Armstrong. The Houston-born, Los Angeles-based musician may have flew under your radar up to this point but will be unable to remain anonymous for long. The gifted singer delivers a powerful new visual for his latest album cut, “Still Can.” The video beautifully and tragically captures the turmoil brewing in the mind of black men in America. Utilizing a plethora of subliminal images that spotlight the racially charged injustices against people of color, Armstrong’s video echoes the fevering emotion in his voice. The video is compelling from the start and only furthers are already lofty attitude about the gifted multi-instrumentalist. We are excited to hear what else he has in store for us. This is Armstrong’s second music video to be brought to life from his recently released debut album, Truth Be Told, released on March 1. If you’re digging the new visual from C.S. Armstrong make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Premiere: Quest II – [Alex Wiley]

By Chuck Ramos // 26 Apr 2019

Alex Wiley takes you on a psychedelic walk down memory lane with his new video for “Quest II.” The song’s dream-like production and Wiley’s seamless story-telling ability are brought to life with a series of visuals that captures fates peculiar timing. The video begins like the start of a home movie, capturing an elderly Wiley sitting amongst friends sipping wine and chatting. It isn’t until the song’s production kicks in that the video is sent through a series of flashbacks that chronicles Wiley’s first encounter with the women of his dreams and their eventual life together. The camcorder style presentation of these intimate moments helps to fully convey the genuine nature of the scenes that we have or will experience as well. Wiley seems to have found the perfect balance between out-of-the-box psychedelia and heart-warming charm. We dare you to try to forget the infectious laid-back chorus, “A vibe got caught but my flight got missed.” “The lyric came from an experience I had in New York a couple years ago where I lost track of time having a very meaningful conversation with some new friends and missed my flight home. In a weird way it was a turning point …

Honeypie – [Johnny Utah]

By Chuck Ramos // 25 Apr 2019

Johnny Utah is bringing electric energy into 2019 with his newest single, “Honeypie.” The lo-fi-pop ballad accentuates Utah’s ability as a musician furthering our fascination and obsession with his music. Johnny Utah seems to continue to deliver again and again. Beginning with a crescendoing of the lead guitar’s ballad, Utah’s electrified vocals come in as a stark contrast to the sun-soaked melody. Blurring the line between electric-pop and alternative, Utah delivers a sound that carries wisps of Daft Punk meets MGMT. His ability as a songwriter is cleverly displayed in the gleeful ballad that exudes the idea of blissed-out infatuation. The musical diversity showcased from Utah in such a short amount of time solidifies our high-reaching thoughts about the truly gifted singer-songwriter. This is Johnny Utah’s first single of the new year coming off the heels of “Crazy for Your Love.” Our giving us a lot of anticipation for more music from the multi-instrumentalist. Check out the charming new single, “Honeypie,” from Johnny Utah below and make sure to follow the eclectic musician on Twitter and Instagram.