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July! – [JELEEL!]

By Chuck Ramos // 7 Jan 2022

There is no doubt that you have heard or seen the name JELEEL! over the past couple of weeks. The LA-based rapper isn’t necessarily a new name, already delivering massively addictive songs such as “DIVE IN!” and “JELEEL JUICE!” that contains some kind of sonic serum that boosts your energy levels through battery acid-lined production and JELEEL!’s dynamic delivery. His latest release, “July!,” follows in the footsteps of the aforementioned songs, building on the irresistible combination of JELEEL!’s pitched delivery, tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and hard-hitting production, in this case, provided by producer Peyote. Released alongside an accompanying music video, JELEEL! is exploding with energy in the Karl Perkins shot visual of his new single, capturing the electricity coursing through the song’s production and JELEEL!’s delivery. “July!” is beyond addicting and is rightfully gaining traction everywhere you look. This is a single you’re not going to want to turn off, and the accompanying video only adds to the entire picture of what makes JELEEL! an exciting artist; his oozing confidence and charisma.  Watch the new video for “July!” by JELEEL! below.

TheLoveofPpl. – [Anai] [Blake Davis] & [Blank Face Villain]

By Chuck Ramos // 20 Dec 2021

There may not be a smoother project than the one released by the Voltron-formed brilliance of Anai Akuei, Blake Davis, and Blank Face Villain. Collectively titled, TheLoveofPpl., the Chicago trio capture lightning in a bottle with their debut release. Their project is equal parts soulful, spiritual, jazzy, simplistic, and psychedelic. The five-track project is a colorful combination of these individual artists’ styles while finding common ground amidst their differing talents. Anai provides sultry and angelic vocals that transport you into the necessary dimension in which the song lives. Blake Davis is a warm cannon of a vocalist that adds a sense of grounding to Anai’s cloud-orbiting vocals. His tone plants the trio’s feet on the ground, letting his soulful vocal aurora dig deep roots into the sonic construction provided by Blank Face Villain. Of course, the multi-faceted producer is the glue that brings both these artists together while still managing to leave a mark of his own. It’s tough for me to break down every song as its own entity because this project, simply put, must be heard in its entirety from start to finish. In a span of 15-minutes, TheLoveofPpl. take you on a trip through their shared consciousness, …

Cure For Leisure – [Berel]

By Chuck Ramos // 20 Dec 2021

Soft-toned singer-songwriter Berel is an artist consistent in his ability to create swoon-inducing R&B. His poised hesitancy shown through his writing and singing has made him a personal favorite of mine. His soundscape has always relished in the silk-lined glamor, groovy drums, hypnotizing guitars, well-orchestrated strings, elegant piano keys, and a layer of real-world ambiance that pokes through each of his songs. After releasing multiple singles, the Los Angeles-based artist has delivered his five-track Cure For Leisure EP. Packed with the aforementioned elements that make Berel’s music so special, as well as some new tricks, the indie R&B savant adds another project to his buttery smooth catalog.  Opened by the atmosphere-setting “Brooklyn,” the project makes way for the late-night drive anthem, “After All.” Both songs deliver in their own way, the first delivering sonics that transports the listener into Berel’s world, the second letting those listeners lose in his world. What proceeds is the hypnotizing serenade of “Out of Body,” a visual-inducing song that spotlights Berel’s songwriting as he paints a vivid picture of this rightfully titled out-of-body experience. As we leave the astral plane created by “Out of Body,” we are immediately transported to the smokey jazz-club vibe of “Lucky Ones,” …

Bluegrass Acoustic – [E The Profit]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Nov 2021

Throwing all gimmicks aside, E The Profit made me a fan after “Pop My Shit,” his straight to the point attitude when rapping is impossible not to admire. His style feels unconscious as if the words just fall from his brain out his mouth with a hybrid midwestern-southern draw acting as the filter. These reasons alone would make me a fan, but the fact that he doubles down on all of these things by adding his no-nonsense attitude and lyricism – I’m sold. This brings me to his latest visual release for his acoustic version of his previously released single, “Bluegrass.” The original single featured heavy basslines and drums that would destroy any stock sound system, but his newly released “Bluegrass Acoustic” places a microscope around my favorite thing about E The Profit; his lyricism. Set on a ranch, in what we can only imagine is somewhere in his home state of Kentucky, E The Profit raps directly to the camera, acting as the focal point of the video with supporting characters in the form of a stable of horses, a luxury Mercedes and two lion statues made of stone. Who can resist a rapper talking his shit like this, …

2 The Weekend – [Porsh Bet$]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Nov 2021

Porsh Bet$ has made a resounding case for himself as one of my favorite new artists occupying the alt-pop space. The Harlem-native had me hooked from his debut single, “Apple Eyes,” and has since delivered nothing but top-tier songs that sway effortlessly between pop, rap, and R&B. His latest single, “2 The Weekend,” hits the mark again as another exceptional example of his genre combining-bliss that radiates with a warm glow through his voice and stellar lyricism that makes you feel like the main character in a coming-of-age blockbuster. Texturized by the subtleties of pop-punk instrumentation, Porsh Bet$ builds a world filled with angsty drums, defiant electric guitars, and his metallic voice that acts as the ringleader of this rebellious ballad. Not far from the release of his six-track I Used To Think Forever EP, Porsh Bet$ is making it look incredibly easy, delivering again and again. If his insane precision wasn’t impressive enough, let me remind you he is only a year and a few months removed from his debut single. If this is just the beginning for Porsh Bet$, I cannot even imagine what the next installments of this artist’s catalog will sound like, but if his previous releases …

Q – [Mei]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Nov 2021

The incredibly talented R&B savant that is Mei has added another dub to his win column with the release of his single, “Q.” There is no doubt the Los Angeles-based artist’s music is one of my all-time guilty pleasures. His artistry has proven a proficiency as a vocalist and song-creator, swooning listeners with ease and captivating them with heartbreaking lyrics that feel good. Mei’s latest release takes an evolutionary step towards a sound we have not heard from the singer-songwriter thus far, and in all honesty, truly exciting. It is an incredible thing to see an artist with an immense amount of talent not only please his listeners with music that they have grown to love, but also challenge listeners with something new. This flip of the switch is a message to his fanbase and new listeners alike; a metaphorical wink and whisper, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Mei digs deep, imploring psychedelic sonics, autotune, and an untapped ferocity that will leave you speechless and excited for what he has in store next.  Listen to “Q” by Mei below. 

Green Line – [Kinrose]

By Chuck Ramos // 5 Nov 2021

One of my favorite things to hear from new rappers is their clear ability to be malleable. This idea leads me to my early fascination with Kinrose and his single,” Green Line.” The DMV-raised rapper’s approach is laid back but harmonious in his new single, capturing the inner monologue he hears when riding the train on his daily commute. His charismatic frenetics, coming both in the form of his singing and rapping is entirely infectious and charismatic. Even atop a more down-tempo bed of production, Kinrose illustrates a spellbinding flow and sound that will leave you excited to hear more. Kinrose is clearly looking to continue to build on the momentum created after the release of his Chopped EP in June of this year, while simultaneously introducing his fans to another exciting facet of his ability as both a rapper, singer, and artist.  Listen to “Green Line” by Kinrose below.

voodoo queen – [STEFAN THEV]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 Nov 2021

STEFAN THEV’s appearance on our radar was nothing short of spectacular. He made an unforgettable impression with his R&B-leaning debut single, “ON THE EDGE WITH U” and to no surprise, his follow-up packs that very same unforgettable punch repackaged in an ethereal body that feels delivered from another realm. The Massachusetts-based artist’s new single, “voodoo queen,” takes heavy breathes in the form of poignant drum instrumentation and STEFAN THEV’s ghostly tone as he opens the song with a striking, “aren’t you afraid of God?” Cutting through the senses and setting an eerie tone, “voodoo queen” progresses with life-embodying sounds of distant shrill screams, funky piano melodies, and a whining guitar solo that acts as the theoretical cherry on top of this eerie sundae. STEFAN THEV’s love-hypnotized ballad paints a vivid picture of a vixen-like love interest he knows is bad news, but is unable to pull himself away. Bouncing back and forth between his supernatural new single and his down-tempo debut, it’s very evident that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to STEFAN THEV’s musical abilities and the various paths in which he can steer his voice and sound. Stream STEFAN THEV’s new single …