Fishes – [F$O Dinero] x [F$O Ka$h]

By Chuck Ramos // 21 Mar 2019

South Florida keeps producing energetic and captivating talent and its most recent emerging natives, F$O Dinero and F$O Ka$h, are slowly but surely creating a lane for themselves. The duo continues to build on their discography by releasing their new melodic collaborative single, “Fishes.” The understated new single finds both rappers rapping with restraint, utilizing a subtle melodic undertone to profess their infatuation with the song’s love interest. The production, which is beautifully accented by a pitched up choir sample, provides an angelic entity to the lusty new anthem. Both rappers are clearly primed with talent and ready to unleash it to the world displaying a versatility with their newest single. Rumors of a collaborative project among the F$O crew have recently surfaced definitely piquing our interest in the possibility of a full body of work from the Sunshine State rappers. This is Ka$h’s first single on DSP’s and Dinero’s second release following his last release, “Blue Bills.” If you’re feeling the new record from F$O Dinero and F$O Ka$h make sure to run their new offering back a few times and share it with a friend.

STEAK AND SHAKE – [PreauXX] feat. [AWFM]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Mar 2019

Memphis based artist, PreauXX returns from a brief hiatus to share his new single and visual for “STEAK AND SHAKE” featuring AWFM. His new NSFW video is a strong declaration from the gifted rapper who is clearly ready for a big return. The video begins with hard-hitting production from C MaJor as PreauXX and AWFM return to their mundane jobs as cooks at the local store. Alternating between their mundane jobs and a dream-like reality, PreauXX and AWFM go from the stove to a vacant parking lot accompanied by a single video vixen. The video reflex’s the two versions of the rappers and producer’s lives as well as the struggles they go through to fulfill their true calling. PreauXX looks to return with a splash by releasing his upcoming EP, LuXXurious Steve Austin, on Monday (March 25). you’re feeling the new video from PreauXX make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.

Dreams – [HeyDeon]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Mar 2019

California native, HeyDeon returns to our site with his inspiring new visual for “Dreams.” The uplifting single, released in early January, is an anthem of confidence and unequivocal love for the things you are passion about. This one is for the dreamers. Utilizing a DIY mentality, HeyDeon inspires in his new video, capturing his infectious self-belief as he raps to the camera. All smiles, Deon is proud to include a special appearance from his mom, who stands stoic and proud as she watches her son turn the things he raps about into reality. The video closes with an inspirational quote from Deon about resilience, encouraging viewers and listeners of his music to continue to pursue their own aspirations. If you’re feeling the new visual for “Dreams” make sure to show HeyDeon some love by following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Don’t Waste My Time – [SAULT]

By Chuck Ramos // 19 Mar 2019

The mysterious trio known as SAULT returns with their second single, “Don’t Waste My Time.” The cloud of mystery surrounding this group and their continued execution of quality record’s proves they are just getting started. The group’s new song is rooted in funky bass-lines with rhythmic orchestration reminiscent of the early 70’s. The funk-soaked ballad revels in self-confidence, powerful lyrics promoting strong-willed convictions provide the song with a necessary edge, providing a refreshing contrast between lyrics and production. The hip-stirring offering shines a light on the dynamic ability of the group who appear to be capable of capturing the most captivating elements of every genre. SAULT’s new song comes off the heels of their debut single, “We Are the Sun” shared in early February. Make sure to show some support for the emerging trio by following them on Twitter and Instagram.

Relax – [Abby Jasmine]

By Chuck Ramos // 18 Mar 2019

With only a handful of singles and an EP out, Abby Jasmine has found herself at the center of everyone’s attention, and today, she’s here to take it one step further with the release of her brand new single, “Relax.” Jam-packed full of an infection sense of energy, the electronic-infused production on this one sets up Jasmine for a stunning performance of her vocal abilities. Complementing this and oozing in self-confidence, the tension-building record crescendos to an eventual release that finds the gifted singer leading listeners through a melodic chorus that resonates a care-free attitude. Jasmine is currently supporting T-Pain on tour in preparation for her upcoming album, Abnormal, which has yet to receive an official release date. That said, “Relax” is Jasmine’s first release since sharing her EP, Trap Mom, last October, so if you’re feeling the single, make sure to show Abby Jasmine some love by following her on Twitter and Instagram.

Wasted – [03 Greedo] X [Mustard]

By Chuck Ramos // 16 Mar 2019

Before 03 Greedo went to prison, he promised fans and listeners that his music would continue steadily, and today, he makes good on that promise. 03 Greedo recruits the talents of DJ Mustard and YG to put together his new song, “Wasted.” The track is a culmination of California rap through and through. Mustard sets up Greedo and YG for an excess flaunting affair where finding both rappers doing what they do best. Greedo leads in the track with a lagging cadence that reflects the song’s hazy title, and YG acts more as an exclamation to the track delivering lethal bars and ad-libs that mirror Greedo’s flow detailing his ideal woman with tongue-in-cheek metaphors. “Wasted” is an undeniable bop ready for the strip club, using its explicit nature and endless personality as charm. Listen to the new song from 03 Greedo featuring YG below and make sure to keep an eye out for Greedo’s forthcoming project, Still Summer In The Projects.

Enemies – [Jay Squared]

By Chuck Ramos // 16 Mar 2019

Detroit rapper, Jay Squared just released his new hazy single, “Enemies.” The single begins softly, as a space-themed set of keys begins the low register track until an inevitable crescendo kicks in the bass giving way to Squared’s equally hypnotizing vocals. The lyrically dense rapper appears to breeze his way through the smokey production, manufactured by Alabama producer Meltycanon. Weaving between elongated chorus’ and rapid spurts of lyrical construction, Jay Squared shows an impressive ability as an artist, and the chemistry between producer and rapper here is incredible, to say the least. The skill of its collaboration only furthers the rumblings of an upcoming collaborative project between the two, as Meltycanon is expected to be behind three of Squared’s tracks from his upcoming project, Squaredboy, tentatively set to release in April. If you’re feeling the new single from Jay Squared make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.

Groovy – [Keynes Woods] ft. [Deelo Avery]

By Chuck Ramos // 13 Mar 2019

Making his name known on our pages today, Keynes Woods just delivered his brand new video for “Groovy.” The cinematic new visual opens up on Woods slumped over a marble pillar draped in proper fencing garb. Things begin to shift when Woods makes his way through this mystical forest that then becomes littered with snow, as Woods is the center of attention throughout the engulfing performance, filled with sporadic shots in the midst of a battle with another masked fencer. The video’s psychedelic undertones provides a glimpse into the metaphor that Woods addresses in the song, and in such a way, the Ottawa based rapper is clearly able to capture our sensibilities as both a sonic entertainer and visual presenter, leaving us hungry for what else he has in store. Watch “Groovy” below and if you’re feeling the new video from Keynes Woods, make sure to show him some love on Twitter and Instagram.