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love u lately – [Laica]

By Chuck Ramos // 9 Apr 2021

The euphorically rich style of Laica returns to the digital pages of Lyrical Lemonade today for her new music video, “love u lately.” Capturing a romantic infatuation that leads to love potions, sleep darts, and a kidnapping, the Cooper Leith-directed video paints a humorous narrative that echoes the song’s love-spell story.  Brought to life by synth layered R&B production, Laica intimately details the difficult world of dating and how sometimes falling for someone and expressing that feeling is the hardest thing to do. Laica describes this grey area with precision, explaining the unrequited back-and-forth felt when trying to feel out a romantic situation. The new single and video come off of the impending release of Laica’s upcoming album, i’m so fine at being alone, set to release in June. Read what Laica had to say about her new song and video below, saying,  “‘love u lately’ is basically about the dating game and trying to figure out how the other person is feeling/thinking but getting mixed feelings so you do the same cause you reciprocate whatever energy or vibes they give you” Watch the new video for “love u lately” by Laica below.

BRA-LESS – [Iamdoechii]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Apr 2021

Many of you by now have undoubtedly heard of Iamdoechii. The Tampa, Florida-raised rapper’s song, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” is making its way across social media and is absolutely deserving of all the attention coming its way. My introduction to the burgeoning rap artist was through her song, “Spookie Coochie,” and from the onset, you could tell Iamdoechii had an indescribable charisma about her that found its way into her raps. With the current success of her previously released single, “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake,” Iamdoechii’s music is being propelled into more ears than ever before, leading her to release a new five-track EP titled, BRA-LESS, that is re-emphasizing her charismatic style. Her calculated effort in putting together a collection of songs that exemplify the kind of production, delivery, and sound that lingers around our favorite mixtapes, makes Iamdoechii’s latest release so special. From her cinematic opener, “BRA-LESS,” to the braggadocios nature of “PMS,” the utter freestyle atmosphere created on “TRUTH,” the energized bounce of “SHIT” and finally, Iamdoechii concludes her project with her previously released R&B single, “GIRLS.” In totality, Iamdoechii embodies all the elements of an artist whose prowess as a rapper combined with her silk-lined vocal ability as a singer culminate …

Lose My Mind – [Odette Peters]

By Chuck Ramos // 6 Apr 2021

My recent music discovery session resulted in my introduction to the absolutely stunning voice of Odette Peters. Those unfamiliar with Odette Peters will become a fan of the London-based artist after hearing her single, “Lose My Mind.” Although she only has two songs, including a feature available right now, the singer-songwriter has already won me over and is incredibly high on my artist-to-watch list for the foreseeable future. The jazzy production of the single catches your attention immediately as the pianist dances back and forth creating whimsical bedding for Odette’s vocals to cut through and stick as she touches on the subject of ignoring the nay-sayers and prioritizing an uplifting communal atmosphere. “Lose My Mind” is incredibly catchy from start to finish, and with each listen my admiration for the song grows fonder and fonder. Listen to “Lose My Mind” by Odette Peters below.

In My Bag – [808vic]

By Chuck Ramos // 1 Apr 2021

808vic has been a personal favorite of mine since I first came across his music a little over a month ago. The Lagos-London-based artist weaves intricate flows in the most left-of-center of pockets, and his new single, “In My Bag,” shows just how versatile and engaging the rapper can be when switching up flows. 808vic sounds incredibly comfortable on his new song, reeling in his flow, allowing himself to have more fun in elongating his cadence to set a vibe over the self-produced beat. The result is a vibe-inducing journey filled with gleeful instrumentation that will put a smile on your face as 808vic proceeds to loop rhymes together with utter ease. 808vic is in a lane of his own and is not afraid to show it, so whether you’re just tapping in or been following him diligently, just know this is only the beginning of an artist on track to leave a mark in music. Listen to “In My Bag” by 808vic below.

Stay Close – [Koastle] & [DLG.]

By Chuck Ramos // 31 Mar 2021

As we inch closer and closer to summer the need for artists who embody relaxing energy while retaining a sense of uplifting bounce are more important than ever. This brings me to the freshly rebranded project of the Orange County DJ group formerly known as the Lost Boys, now called Koastle, and their new single, “Stay Close” with DLG. The DJ duo, comprised of members Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette, have fully revamped their project as a tandem in helping to create a dazzling electro-pop world that plays into the best parts of laidback euphoric pop and blissfully shimmering electronic production. Although the song finds its center in the space of electro-pop, the assistance of up-and-comer DLG. leaves a trail of lingering soulful breadcrumbs throughout the duo’s debut that authenticates the song’s ability to operate in the more niche of spaces while simultaneously remaining competitive on a larger scale. Listen to “Stay Close” by Koastle and DLG. below.

ONE IN THE SAME (WE ARE) – [Jesse Lucas]

By Chuck Ramos // 30 Mar 2021

Toronto-based alternative artist Jesse Lucas emerges with an indie rock flavor with elements of 70s psychedelia. The combination of these elements creates a surf-rock experience with a smile that is hypnotizing and funky in all the best ways. Jesse Lucas’ groovy laid back delivery is bop-inducing, leaving a lasting impression that will have you singing its catchy hook, “we’re one in the same girl, we’re one in the same girl.” Although Jesse Lucas is a new name his abstract visual representation, ear-worm hooks combined with a breezy attitude create an alluring package that will keep you interested in what else he has to offer. With the indie space in such a surge, artists like Jesse Lucas are exciting and refreshing to find as he incorporates a bit of spontaneity and unique flavor into a booming scene. Listen to “ONE IN THE SAME (WE ARE)” by Jesse Lucas below.

BABYLON – [Thunderous Knight]

By Chuck Ramos // 29 Mar 2021

The name Thunderous Knight may be new to you but it won’t stay that way for long. The Long Beach-born, Inland Empire raised rap artist has an unmistakable voice, a lyrical tool kit packed with versatility, and most importantly, confidence that resonates throughout his new single, “BABYLON.” This is the rising rapper’s debut on the site, and it could not come in any better form than his new booming single. Showcasing his ability to not only rap circles around most but also his perceived ease in incorporating dense lyricism into hard-hitting songs that feel like you’re driving 100mph down the freeway. With Hip Hop moving into a grimier place by the day, artists like Thunderous Knight are assisting in leading the charge of a familiar but new sound that is on track to become the standard. Listen to “BABYLON” by Thunderous Knight below.

Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming – [Jacob Sigman]

By Chuck Ramos // 26 Mar 2021

Detroit-based singer-songwriter and all-around jack of all trades musician Jacob Sigman returns with his dreamy new single, “Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming.” Although some of you may recognize him from his work as a member of Hard Car Kids, Jacob Sigman has consistently paved a road constructed by elegant lyricism, encompassing vocals, lush production, and an overall feeling that is reassuring and euphoric in its delivery. I’ve been a fan of the indie R&B multi-instrumentalist for quite some time, and it’s incredible to hear him step into another gear as both a musician and storyteller. His newest release combines everything I admire about his sound – it’s a step into another world that is calmer, brighter, and filled with looming magic that is stitched into every verse and note. As time continues to pass, be assured that Jacob Sigman will keep delivering in every way.  Listen to “Don’t Wake Me Up I’m Dreaming” by Jacob Sigman below.