What’s the Vibes? – [Ashoka]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Jan 2020

The talented Hip Hop and R&B stylings of Ashoka returns to our pages for his first release of the new year. His new single, appropriately titled, “What’s the Vibes?” finds Ashoka occupying a pocket that allows him to slow things down while maintaining a subtle bounce. In a music landscape that benefits consistency, artists like Ashoka will undoubtedly continue to excel. Opened by a hypnotic reverberating bass that sets an overall reeled in approach to the record, Ashoka enters the two-minute showcasing by matching the elegant and ethereal energy of the song’s production. His cadence, which dips in-and-out of multiple pockets, occupies each space with intention. This combination does not only create an undeniably special moment within the record, as Ashoka responds to the question implied in the song’s title, but also showcases his ability to find a playful balance between mixing things up and remaining structured. Pay very close attention to Ashoka this year because if last year’s output and latest single tells us anything, it is that we have a big year ahead of us. Check out “What’s the Vibes?” by Ashoka below.

READY – [Tre Trax] feat. [Mulatto]

By Chuck Ramos // 23 Jan 2020

It’s hard to deny the strength of a record that combines an engaging beat, a familiar sample and an MC that is willing to leave it all on the record. The combination of New York-born producer Tre Trax and the quickly rising star-power and skills of Atlanta’s Mulatto join forces for a new single that packs a punch. Fans of bars, make sure to lock-in, we have one for you. The Tre Trax constructed production is not only relentless from an attitude standpoint but finds a soft confident mentality through its sample use of “Boadicea” by Enya. Soft hymns from the famous sample not only make this new record feel incredibly grand in scale but also helps create a sinister feeling that is exploited by the sheer aggression Mulatto uses to attack the beat. Each verse from the Atlanta rap artist not only delves into the storied past of her relentless hustle but also shines a light on the achievements said hustle has afforded her. It is very evident that Mulatto looked to engage with this record with the same persistence and execution she has displayed over the past few years making her latest feature a shining example of what …

Not for Sale! – [FRITOGANG]

By Chuck Ramos // 21 Jan 2020

There have been countless times I have come on this site and given flowers to the incredible things that have emerged from my home state of Texas. Artists from every walk of life are creating a variety of sounds and genres that continue to prove to the world that their sound is something to pay attention to. To no surprise, the San Antonio based collective FRITOGANG continues to reinforce a narrative that locals have known for years; Texas has got it. FRITOGANG’s newly released Not for Sale! EP is a sprawling display of the group’s individual ability and collective strengths. Comprised of stirring raps, quotable hooks and jaw-dropping vocal performances the Alamo City collective appears to be finding their stride. Songs like the EP’s opener, “Need” and “Double Date” find the group capturing rowdy electric energy filled with pounding bass while more down-tempo lusty cuts like “Work” and “Body” showcase the true range of this group’s talents. Their ability to deliver a variety of textures and moods, that straddles the fine line between Hip Hop and R&B, within such a concise EP doesn’t only make for an exceptionally enjoyable listening experience but furthers the argument that FRITOGANG is by no means a …

Saviors – [SRNDR]

By Chuck Ramos // 20 Jan 2020

Many things change at the start of the new year; resolutions are made, people choose to refocus but one thing that has remained beautifully consistent is the level of quality output of the Los Angeles based duo SRNDR. The alternative soul tandem’s newly released single, “Saviors,” finds the group picking up the pace and delivering once again. SRNDR’s latest release is certainly a different sonic display than the group’s previous showcasing’s. Their subtle nod to European dance music, which combines elements of pop and their signature sultry brand of R&B, has a pace we have yet to see. Despite the clear change in stride from the group on this record, SRNDR still manages to implement everything that made me fall in love with them when I first heard them; ghostly instrumentation, soaring vocals and an overall euphoria that manages to hold your attention as if in a daze. To no surprise, this electrifying combination is a truly exciting window into their unimpeded ability. Centered around the idea that there is more than one way to be successful, the combination of Lovsky and Chase Aaron freely express the pressures that come with being artists. Check out “Savior” by SRNDR below.

Richard Plain – [PaintitBlues]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Jan 2020

There are moments when listening to a record that grants you a small window into the potential and longevity an artist exudes and will undoubtedly achieve. This undefinable moment, which is a culmination of things, lives and breathes within the latest release from San Antonio based rap artist PaintitBlues. The Alamo City creative’s newly released track, “Richard Plain,” is a stellar display of a sound and creativity that feels familiar but is refreshingly unique. The nearly three-minute outing is chock-full of quotable lyrics, bright production and an ultimately impressive vocal performance from PaintitBlues. His ability to manipulate his voice in a variety of tones and styles places him in a tier few artists can ever achieve. This dynamic ability, which is present both in the new track and previous mixtapes, is so malleable that it can be implemented several times within a single verse-making each record a treasured occasion within itself. An artist with such a range not only stands out amongst the pack but separates himself by creating something unapologetically original. Simply put, no one sounds quite like PaintitBlues and that may be the best and most exciting thing about this utterly impressive showcasing. Listen to “Richard Plain” by …

Look in the Mirror – [Angelo Mota]

By Chuck Ramos // 15 Jan 2020

The incredibly personal stylings of New Jersey-based rap artist Angelo Mota is no stranger to the pages of Lyrical Lemonade. His inventive style and approach to each record consistently results in an intimate display of Mota’s willingness to leave it all out on the record. Angelo Mota’s latest release, “Look in the Mirror,” continues to push the status quo, a feat that will undoubtedly continue to bring him acclaim as one of the most exciting artists to listen to. “Look in the Mirror” operates in a truly immersive place, building synths, soft piano keys and defiant bass engulf you into a sonically driven world that is textured by Mota’s haunting, almost hymn-like, vocals. This ominous nature, which is present throughout the entirety of the record, sets a beautifully overwhelming stage for Mota to enter a stream of conscious-like flow. Placing introspection at the forefront of each verse, Mota divulges into unrestricted transparency on family, life and himself. It is hard to exactly describe the overtly grand scale of this song’s production, subject matter and overall feeling. Angelo Mota has managed to make every release, regardless of it being single, EP or album, truly immersive experience. Listen to “Look in the …

Atelier – [Andy Z6]

By Chuck Ramos // 14 Jan 2020

Although we may predominately associate Atlanta with Hip Hop, much of Georgia’s capital biggest draws as of late, for me at least, have come from the talented artists that operate in the grey-area between Pop and R&B. One of the most recent acts I have come across that I cannot seem to stop listening to is the genre-merging ability of Andy Z6. His latest three-track release Atelier is a truly compelling listen that showcases a clear talent and range from an artist who seems to know exactly what he is doing. The 11-minute showcasing jumps right into the glamour that makes Andy’s vocal strength and ear for production so inviting. The undeniable bounce and bright guitar melody of the three-packs opener, “Let’s Just Say,” is a gripping start to an impressive set of songs that finds Andy showcasing his multifaceted ability as an artist. Atelier’s second record, “Baguette,” contrasts the opener by reeling in the tempo, delivering a more laid-back soundbed that allows the Georgia based artist to flex his ability to captivate even when things are moving a little bit slower on the production side of things. The conclusion to the short-lived stay of the three-part showcasing, “Florence Freestyle,” is a hopeful declaration …

4am – [Ragz Originale] feat. [Eliza]

By Chuck Ramos // 9 Jan 2020

It is extremely important, in my opinion, to make sure to keep your ear to the ground when it comes to exciting acts from across the pond. The UK has consistently been a hotbed for extraordinary artists that, due to their location, can sometimes get lost in all the noise created by the palpitating organ that is the US music industry. One of the most inspiring artists to begin buzzing from the UK is non-other than Ragz Originale. Known previously for his producer collaborative work alongside Skepta, Ragz Originale is looking and by all accounts succeeding at creating his own lane. His latest release, an intoxicating video for his song “4am,” continues to grow the multifaceted reputation of the budding artist. The smooth and sexy production of this record comes to life in the darkly-lit and lustful atmosphere created in the new visual. Truly echoing the song’s title, Ragz Originale and feature-mate Eliza serenade and entrance listeners throughout a poshly decorated space. Subtle impassioned looks shared between the video’s feature performers help reinforce the undeniably sensual energy reverberated by the new single. Ragz Originale may have been previously known for his grittier style of production when working with Skepta but …