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STUNNA (lyric video) – [Bari]

By Michael del Rosario // 4 Jul 2020

St. Louis’ Bari continues to be one of the most intriguing artist to follow in hip-hop right now. His melodic rap style, eccentric lyrics, and consistent growth maintain his status as an artist truly in his own lane, and he reminds us of his uniqueness with a new lyric video for his single “STUNNA”. With so much going on in terms production, iconic adlibs, and catchy flows, it’s tough sometimes to also pay attention to Bari’s lyricism. But this lyric video re-focusses a listener’s attention to appreciate the outlandish bars that come out of Bari’s mouth every second. Unapologetically vulgar and self-confident, Bari’s persona shines through on this track in a way that you can’t help but become a fan of. The video’s 3D, kaleidoscopic aesthetics take “STUNNA” to the next level and complement the song’s futuristic tone. Watch the lyric video for Bari’s “STUNNA” below, and keep an eye out for his next release, “Starstruck”, on July 10.

Interview: Inside Kota the Friend’s ‘Everything’

By Michael del Rosario // 22 May 2020

Kota the Friend details the process behind his new album ‘Everything’, the impact of fatherhood on his life, and offers advice to artists trying to make it work on their own in our latest interview.

Everything Is Fare – [LOWERLIPDRIP]

By Michael del Rosario // 20 May 2020

Chicago rap duo LOWERLIPDRIP have quickly become one of the most intriguing acts to come out of the city’s underground scene lately, and their latest release only further cements them as an experimental hip-hop group worth keeping an eye on. This two-song project titled ‘Everything Is Fare’ showcases both the raw edges of LOWERLIPDRIP’s industrial sound and the more ambient, understated elements at their disposal as well. “DON’T SHUT ME DOWN” showcases members Dew Haydn and blackrobeBLACKROBES trading some of their most cunning bars to date, supplemented by a mesmerizing beat and dizzying vocal layers. “FERERFAREFAIRFERERFAREFAIR” builds-off this energy with even more moments of memorable lyricism before the song gets obliterated into a distorted, screaming mash of sounds. Both of these songs further establish LOWERLIPDRIP’s distinct sound, and leave a listener with plenty to look forward to from the unique duo.

Hellbent – [PROM D8]

By Michael del Rosario // 12 May 2020

A quick listen to PROM D8’s discography so far offers just a glimpse at the range of sounds that the Chicago-based band has up their sleeves, and now, they’ve refined those sounds even more with their latest single, “Hellbent”.  Falling into the group’s unique mix of rap, electronic, and goth influences, “Hellbent” leaves a listener with plenty to be excited for from PROM D8 as they continue to tap into the aspects of their music that set them outside of genre boundaries. Namely, the collage of soothing melody, aggressive flow, and haunting lyricism coalesces nicely on this song. It’s a difficult challenge to get all of these elements to work in harmony together, but PROM D8 proves to have a steady handle on all the styles at their disposal. The energy on “Hellbent” rises and subsides in a natural wave, and the band sounds less concerned with following a predetermined song format and instead letting the emotion of the track decide where to go next. The result is a punchy, energetic first half that dissolves into a eerily blissful conclusion—it’s a lot to pull off in just under 3-minutes but the group does it with finesse and imprints their name …

Who We Are – [Journey Gz] x [Melvoni]

By Michael del Rosario // 1 May 2020

I think my past five posts have all been rappers from New York, but the thing is you’d probably not know they all hailed from the same city given the sheer versatility of sounds coming out of the hip-hop epicenter right now. Journey Gz is yet another testament to this versatility, and the 19-year-old artist sets his unique melodic rap style aflame with his new music video and single “Who We Are”. Journey Gz proves to have a masterful handle on balancing emotional melody with straightforward lyricism on this track, drawing inspiration from his own come-up and struggles to paint a vivid sonic picture for a listener. By his side is another young and buzzing New York prospect by the name of Melvoni, and once the two link up over the piano-driven trap beat, it seems like there’s no stopping them. Both Journey Gz and Melvoni go bar-for-bar on this song, populating the beat with a barrage verses that come from a place of genuine rawness and pain. They deliver exactly what a listener might expect from a song titled “Who We Are”, spitting a grim and unedited autobiography straight from their hearts onto the track in a way that’s …

not ok – [Peach Tree Rascals]

By Michael del Rosario // 1 May 2020

Rising LA-based collective Peach Tree Rascals continue to establish themselves as a group with distinguishable talent on their latest single, “not ok”. The multi-faceted band continue with the more somber tone set by their previous single, “Things Won’t Go My Way”, with more reflective songwriting combined with downcast trap production on “not ok”. Inspired by a desire to escape reality for a moment, PTR craft a trippy and atmospheric sound to match this emotion integrating alternative and hip-hop production elements to fit the vibe. The versatility of the group’s members also shines through especially well on this song, with equally strong vocal and rap performances that all align with the common escapist theme. Listen to “not ok” below and hear from PTR themselves in our exclusive Q&A below: — This song’s tone is more somber than your other recent releases. What are some experiences that inspired it? We were inspired to write this song about that feeling of hopelessness you have when you’re stuck in your own thoughts / feelings and feel like there’s no out. We’ve for sure all been there before, especially in times like these where many of us feel alone and separated from those we love. …

BQE – [KOTA The Friend] ft. [Joey Bada$$] x [Bas]

By Michael del Rosario // 1 May 2020

No, it’s not summertime yet and yes, we’re all stuck inside but KOTA The Friend is back to make you forget about all that for a few minutes with his latest single, “BQE”. The track marks the first single off his forthcoming album, ‘Everything’, and showcases him alongside his fellow East Coast lyrical masterminds Joey Bada$$ and Bas. It’s one thing for a collaboration to look great on paper and another for it to sound just as good in its execution, and “BQE” exemplifies both of these cases. KOTA, who’s been on a streak with the release of his ‘Lyrics to Go, Vol. 1’ project earlier this year, keeps the momentum escalating on this song. He kicks off the track with one of his one of his most impressive verses to date, attacking the beat with precision while still keeping his lyrical content 100% true to self. Joey Bada$$ and Bas both feed off the young prospect’s energy with two memorable appearances—a gift for any rap fans who’ve been fiending for new top-tier bars from either of them. New York reigns at the center of this song, both in terms of subject matter and overall vibe. From the jump, the …

BLE – [Sleazus Bhrist]

By Michael del Rosario // 30 Apr 2020

New York’s hip-hop scene only grows more prolific with time, and Harlem rapper Sleazus Christ seems determined to add his name to the already impressive roster of rap royalty from his neighborhood. His latest song and video, “BLE” makes it clear that Sleazus is gunning for a top spot in 2020 as he addresses his own road and those trying to get in his way with menacing conviction. The music video directed by Lost Footage captures the nonstop energy of the song with Sleazus’ undying energy at the center of every shot. He raps directly at the camera about getting his revenge on those who’ve doubted or manipulated him in the past, and it’s hard not to believe every word he says. His flow mixes melodic rap with East Coast sensibility that comes through in his punchy lyricism. The combination of these rap styles and Sleazus’ self-assured presence on the song leave a lasting impression—one that stands out for its sheer rawness and refusal to be stopped. Watch the music video for Sleazus Bhrist’s “BLE” below, and peep his project ‘Passion of the Bhrist’ here.